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MY 1st RMT


Her shoes Christian
well i am kinda failing to win matches so ima do my first rmt i play ou tier

GENGAR item black sludge
Ability: levitate
EVs:4 hp,252sp attk,252 speed
Nature: timid
- focus blast
- disable
- shadow ball
well gengar is made for annoyance its really good set and used against bulky fighting types and for terrakion


BRELOOM item toxic orb
Ability: poison heal
EVs:200 sp def,200 defense,108 attk
Nature: adamant
- spore
- substitute
- seed bomb
- focus punch
breloom is made for bulky water types and steel types also for terrakion since its a nightmare he also has the orb to heal some damage from the sub it will also lure away weaker pokes and that gives me a turn to set up a sub


METAGROSS Item air balloon
Ability:clear body
EVs:4 hp,124 attk,128 def,252 sp def
Nature: jolly
- meteor mash
- earthquake
- ice punch
- agility
this pokemon is made for dragon types tat use dragon dance since he wont die by a outrage he can hit them back with ice punch or use agility to sweep
the air ballon is to fool ground types bcuz their most likely gonna use earthquake so i wont be affected and ill use agility to sweep also to kill gliscor


suicune Item leftovers
Ability: pressure
EVs:4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Nature: timid
- surf
- ice beam
- hidden power(fire)
- calm mind

leftovers are to increase my survival.icebeam for dragons surf stab,calm mind for power up and hidden power to hit grass types and scizor and forretress.


tyranitar item leftovers
Ability: sand stream
EVs:236 hp,236 def,38 attk
Nature: impish
- pursuit
- stone edge
- fire punch
- ice punch

ttar is my psychic killer and who helps out my next guy he scares away psychic types and uses pursuit to kill em also kills ferrothoorn and other steel types if gyrados is an issue he"ll kill it with stone edge evs are for to take a physical hits from ground types


rhyperior item leftovers
Ability: solid rock
EVs:236 hp,252 sp def,21 defense
Nature: careful
- stone edge
- earthquake
- megahorn
- curse
rhyperior is my last guy and as u know ttar is his best friend bcuz of his permanent sand storm which boostes his special defense to a 343 and curse is to boost up his attk and defense so it doesnt care of his nasty speed this guy is used for walls so it can break em shaymin wont like a boosted megahorn or bronzong wont like a boosted stone edge gyrandos is not an issue since its a physical attacker the evs are so it can last longer

so my problems are vaporean blaziken and gaRCHOMP and excadrill and scarf terrakion but my major problem is toxicroak. i also win but mostly lose so tell me wat u think and thanks for rating

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so my problems are vaporean blaziken and gaRCHOMP and excadrill and scarf terrakion but my major problem is toxicroak. i also win but mostly lose so tell me wat u think and thanks for rating

Just wondering, what tier do you play in? Half of those are banned.


Why does your team have 3 Earthquakes, 2 Stone Edges, and 3 Ice Punchs?


accually is dolan
For the Gengar replace Psychic with Destiny Bond. That way he sweeps and then he can take down anyone he really sweep once the Focus Sash is gone. It works for me and I kill more with that Gengar.


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Gengar- Alright, so, change Thunderbolt and Psychic to Disable and Substitute, respectively. It will allow you to take advantage of Pursuit users and avoid paralysis. Change Focus Sash to Leftovers as well. By changing the moves, it will make Disable easier to pull off. Walls like Blissey and Ferrothorn that can easily take care of Gengar in one hit will find it harder to do so since they're attacking move will be Disabled.

Breloom- Change the EVs to 12 HP / 244 Atk / 252 Spe. It lets you put stuff to sleep faster than you would with your EV spread and then Substitute and Focus Punch them.

Metagross- Fine

Tyranitar- Change Fire Punch to Crunch and Ice Punch to Stealth Rock. Crunch isn't necessary if you really want to keep Fire Punch but it would give a more reliable STAB move. Stealth Rock is there because Gengar would like it. And it would help with the rest of your team.

Rhyperior- You can change this guy to Landorus since he will pretty much do the same thing except a bit better and faster. He gets EdgeQuake and then some. You can use Hammer Arm and U-Turn/Swords Dance to switch fast (U-Turn) or set up and have more power (Swords Dance).

That's my two cents. Sorry if they sucked.


Her shoes Christian
Yup but landorus is pretty fast but who's gonna be my the one who takes physical hits ttar cant cuz a fighting move will screw him up I need a rapid spinner too any ways rhyperior can take on landorus after 2 curses so yea I need a rapid spinner


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Same EdgeQuake coverage and Hammer Arm and U-Turn/Swords Dance. He's a monster and. An hit hard and sweep. I've used him many times.