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My 2nd Pokemon White Team


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Hey this is my second pokemon white team. Once I finish with the other team after teaching them tms and level up I'll use this one but I want to make it better. I also have doubles of pokemon (some with differant moveset so I might post both and you can choose what one) I'll put items on later.
So here I go!
Zoroark: Ability: Illusion. Level 62.Hasty Nature
Attack: 163, Defense: 90(Can improve a bit)Sp. Attack: 175. Sp. Defense: 99
Speed: 177. Total HP. 170
Calm Mind
Night Slash
Grass Knot
Zoroark: Ability: illusion. Level 100. Total HP 274. Hasty nature
Attack: 294. Defense:: 152. Sp. Atk: 289. Sp. Defense: 163 Speed. 298
Night Daze
Double Team
Samurott: Torrent. Jolly Natures. Level 92. Total HP: 315
Attack: 246. Defense: 212. Sp. Atk. 201. Sp. Def. 151. Speed: 184
Hydro Pump
Ice beam
Ampharos:Docile nature.Static ability. 197 Hp. Level 59
Attack: 123. Defense: 107. Sp.Atk: 160. Sp. Def: 127. Speed: 98
Discharge, Thunderbolt,Signal Beam,Thunder wave
Metagross: Hardy Nature.Ability: Clear Body. 201 HP. Level 66
Attack: 190. Defense: 187. Sp. Atk: 142. Sp. Def: 141. Speed: 105
Sludge Bomb
Meteor Mash
Hyper Beam
Lucario: Level 70. Total hp. 188. Ability: Inner Focus.Jolly nature.
Attack. 195. Defense: 119. Sp. Atk: 175. Sp. Def: 125. Speed: 179
Extreme Speed
Close Combat
Haxorus: Level 61. Quirky Nature. Ability: Mold Breaker.Total Hp 183
Attack: 203. Defense: 128. Sp. Atk: 100. Sp. Def: 97. Speed:142
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw


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You really need to use line spacing... trying to read a solid block of text ain't exactly the easiest thing in the world. In addition, listing their stats is useless information, since without their EVs or IVs, they're just arbitrary numbers. Try a format like this:

Pokemon Name
Ability (if more than one option)
-Move 1
-Move 2
-Move 3
-Move 4



Both Zoroarks have problems.

For the first Zoroark, you should replace Night Slash with Night Daze or Dark Pulse. If you're using a calm mind boosting set, you don't want your main STAB to be physical, since it doesn't take advantage of the boosts. Nasty Plot can also be an option over Calm Mind for more power over added special bulk. Neither boosting move is really necessary in-game though, but it is an option. I would replace Grass Knot with Focus Blast or Hidden Power Fighting (N's Zorua will always have fighting as its HP), due to better neutral coverage.

For the second Zoroark, Double Team is not terrible useful on Zoroark, as it just causes the battle to become longer and more tedious, since it 1) Doesn't aid in killing in any way, and 2) Can be very hit-or-miss (pun intended), since a lucky hit can screw you over due to Zoroark's low defenses. Boosting moves that always give you the benefit tend to be more reliable. If you're aiming for a mixed Zoroark on the second one, replace Double Team with Low Kick or Low Sweep, since Dark/Fighting have pretty much perfect neutral coverage together. Low Sweep doesn't have the best power, but it's more consistent than Low Kick, whose damage varies. And the speed decreasing effect is an amusing novelty.


Metagross should not have Hyper Beam for any reason, ever. It's just a terrible move with a terrible downside, since you turn yourself into dead weight the following turn, which means anything with 75 power or more outdamages Hyper Beam across two turns. It's not worth using. Not to mention you gave Metagross an almost entirely special movepool when it's a primarily physical attacker. Try something like this:

Metagross @ Expert Belt
Adamant Nature
-Meteor Mash
-Zen Headbutt
-Ice Punch

Better coverage, and it actually takes advantage of your dominant attacking stat. Meteor Mash and Zen Headbutt are your obvious STAB attacks, while Earthquake will dispatch steel types who otherwise wall you (in addition to letting you hit fire and electric types hard). Ice Punch deals with things like dragons and Gliscor who otherwise would give Metagross trouble.


Haxorus has no business using Toxic. It's got so much raw power, there's no reason to waste time trying to Toxic stall. Replace Toxic with Rock Slide, which has great coverage alongside Earthquake, and can allow you to hit pretty much everything for at least neutral damage. An Adamant or Jolly Nature is also much better than Quirky, but you'd have to re-breed for that. Just something to keep in mind. It could also take advantage of a Muscle Band as its item, to add on to its raw physical power.

And I'll leave the rest for someone else while I go out to take care of things.
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Basically what Draco said. Edit the OP and use that format.

Samurott @ Leftovers
Trait: Torrent
Nature: Jolly
- Swords Dance
- Waterfall / Aqua Jet
- Return / X-Scissor
- Superpower / Revenge / X-Scissor

Since your Samurott has Jolly, the SD set is most suitable. You acn run Aqua Jet if you think Samurott is a bit too slow, though Waterfall hits harder. The lats two slots are basically preferences. Return gets excellent coverage with your STAB, and Superpower rounds off that coverage, though X-Scissor can also be used to hit Grass Types.

Charge Beam > Discharge on Ampharos. You already have Thunderbolt as a primary STAB and Chrge Beam at least gives you a form of setup.


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KillerDraco said just about everything I was going to say.

For a Physical Samurott, you should use this set:

·Return/Dig/Aqua Jet
·Swords Dance

Ampharos seems alright except that Discharge needs to be switched out with eithrr HP Ice or Focus Blast.

Lucario should run this set.

Inner Focus
·Close Combat
·Ice Punch


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Another option is Megahorn over X-scissor if you want more power for a little less accuracy


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You might want to use Swords Dance > Earthquake on Lucario. You lose SE coverage, but the general coverage is almost the same and neutral CC does nearly the same damage as SE EQ. SD allows you to hit harder in general, but it's your pick.