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My 5th Gen Team

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Spacial Rend, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Spacial Rend

    Spacial Rend Ultra Trainer

    Garchomp ;445; Draco Plate
    252 Atk 252 Spd 4 HP
    Fire Fang
    Swords Dance

    This is a standard Swords Dance Garchomp. Basically, I run it as fast as possible, so it can outrun as much as possible after a Swords Dance. Outrage is its most powerful STAB, while Earthquake backs it up. Stone Edge has great coverage, and Swords Dance gives Garchomp a menacing attack stat.

    Azelf ;482; Life Orb
    252 SpAtk 252 Spd 4 HP
    Hidden Power (Ice)
    Nasty Plot

    I run it as fast as possible, so it can outrun base 110s and non-max 115s. Nasty Plot makes its SpAtk rediculous, while backed up by 3 good coverage moves. Psychic is extremely powerful STAB, while Flamethrower destroys resisting Steels. HP Ice is for the all-common Dragons who haunt the OU tier.

    Porygon 2 ;233; Eviolite
    252 SpAtk 252 HP 4 Def
    Tri Attack
    Ice Beam

    This is a more offensively oriented version of Eviolite Porygon 2. Max SpAtk makes it hit hard, while Eviolite and HP EVs make it a defensive beast too! Download > Trace because I love the SpAtk boost when I can get it. Tri Attack is STAB. BoltBeam has awesome coverage to back up Tri Attack, and Recover heals it of the stacked up damage it takes.

    Zaptos ;145; Expert Belt
    252 SpAtk 252 Spd 4 Def
    Heat Wave
    Hidden Power (Ice)
    Volt Switch

    Thunderbolt is an awesome STAB, while Heat Wave covers most types that Thunderbolt doesn't hit effectively. HP Ice takes out the common Dragons and also has really good coverage against a lot of Pokemon. Volt Switch is beastly for scouting, as it allows a switch and deals insane damage to the opponent.

    Scizor ;212; Leftovers
    252 Atk 252 HP 4 SpDef
    Bug Bite
    Bullet Punch
    Swords Dance

    Swords Dance boosts Scizors attack to uncalled for levels. Bug Bite is the most powerful STAB move for Scizor after Technician and is incredibly powerful after a Swords Dance. Bullet Punch gets priority, nice power after Technician boost, STAB, and can kill a lot of not-bulky sweepers after a Swords Dance boost. Superpower destroys Steel types and has nice coverage in general.

    Cloyster ;91; Focus Sash
    Skill Link
    252 Atk 252 Spd 4 SpAtk
    Icicle Spear
    Rock Blast
    Hydro Pump
    Shell Smash

    Cloyster is my lead Pokemon, and has the Focus Sash to ensure survival in order to set up Shell Smash. After Shell Smash, it can kill a ton of stuff. Icicle Spear is BP 125 STAB and 1HKOs a lot of stuff. Rock Blast has great coverage, and again a BP 125 after Skill Link. Finally, Hydro Pump is for Pokemon that have a much lesser SpDef than Def (Skarmory, Fortress, etc).

    Please feel free to comment on this team, giving any suggestions. So far, this team is undefeated on Wifi Battle and on Random Match-up. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about it!
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2011
  2. cantab

    cantab Well-Known Member

    You might take this over to the competitive RMT forum, since as you mention WiFi play is what you use it for mainly.

    Steel Plate is good on Scyther, to boost his Bullet Punch.
  3. Final

    Final I Submit to No One

    Suggestions in bold. Not a bad team. Covered a few nitpicks and possible problems in bold.
  4. Doctor Han Solo

    Doctor Han Solo Smuggler

    am i missing something? or is there a lack of any walls on this team? i see nothing that can really absorb a strong hit
  5. cantab

    cantab Well-Known Member

    You're missing Porygon2. Its stats don't look like much, but after the Eviolite buff it's none too shabby, even without defensive investment. Trace makes it especially good against Intimidate Pokemon, notable Salamence and Gyarados.
  6. 3.14kachu

    3.14kachu 2.72pic √(-1)nventor

    A really minor suggestion, but put the 4 EVs in Scizor's Defense into Sp Def instead. It needs that more. Normally, I don't comment on OU teams, but this seems pretty solid.

    Also, have you thought about setting up some entry hazards? Pokemon like Scizor are going to make your foes tend to switch, so I would make more use of that. Still, on an offensive team, it's not that much of an issue.
  7. SexyWingull

    SexyWingull One fine bird

    Bad news man but Garchomp just, and I mean just hours ago, got banned from Ou.
  8. Typhlosionvsworld

    Typhlosionvsworld Y u mad bro?

    Garchomp Draco Plate
    252 Atk 252 Spd 4 HP
    Dragon Claw
    Stone Edge
    Hone Claws
  9. Spacial Rend

    Spacial Rend Ultra Trainer

    Swords Dance is better... with Hone Claws only boosting Stone Edge, which I changed because of the rather useless coverage, Aqua Tail/Fire Fang are better, and wouldn't need the acc. boost.
  10. mew72

    mew72 The One and Only

    Get a DW Porygon2.
    If you run a relaxed nature, with 0 speed IVs your usually guranteed to go slower and get the analyctic boost;258;
  11. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks for bumping a thread from April -_-
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