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My Alakazam, tell me what you think. :)


New Member
Well I breeded my first Alakazam with A Medicham so I could have little Abras with fire punch so they could take care of that bug weakness.

Anyway I ended up hatching out four Abras and picked out the one with the highest stats.

Spaz - Alakazam Hardy
Wide lense

HP 5 - 62 EV
Att 20
Def 29
Sp A 24,25 - 224 EV
Sp D 28,29
Speed 23 - 224 EV

Psych up
Focus Blast

When I got to looking at his moves I realized that fire punch on an Alikazam is pretty useless in the new games so I replaced it with Focus Blast to combat his dark type weakness plus giving him a super effective move to 4 more types ( I think it's four?) And Psych up he got as an egg move from his father and I thought I'd just go ahead and keep it to deal with buffers.

Recover and Psychic are standard obviously. Now I realize Spaz's HP is on the low side with only a 5 IV but over all I think his stats are pretty good and he's pretty fast now that he's been trained so with his high Special attack he might not be hit that often... I hope.

This is the first pokemon I've ever raised while looking at IVs and training EVs so tell me what you think and give me some tips if you have any please :)


Arcane Trainer
Try to get a better nature if you can. I understand that its difficult.

Alakazam@Choice Glasses
Modest (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
Trait: Synchronize

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball