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My attempt at a new Pokédex Order

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by ShiningShinE, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. ShiningShinE

    ShiningShinE Uppercase Pokémon

    My attempt at a new Pokédex Order

    Hello everyone,

    Some of you might know me from the Pokémon Factory forums. Over at that site, one of my projects is to create a new Pokédex order. I loved how Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver took all Pokémon, the 151 old one and the 100 new one, and completely reordered them. But alas, in subsequent generations a Pokédex that reordered all Pokémon was lacking. Instead, we got the Regional Pokédexes that only included part of the Pokémon of previous generations. But I always wanted to see a new, complete Pokédex order.

    Therefore, I took a shot at reordering all 649 Pokémon.

    First of all, a couple of comments regarding the order:
    - The order is, as you will see, quite heavily based on Johto's Pokédex, as that one is in my opinion still the most logical one. The other Pokémon have been added to it, based on their own regional dexes, and I tried to put them at spots that seemed most natural.
    - At first, I had tried to put the legendaries in some sort of order too. However, that proved to be very hard and it didn't look very nice either. So, apart from combining the legendaries from Gen I and II, they have been ordered mostly based on the generation they appeared in.
    - All formes have been included too, along with gender differences whenever the difference is as major as for example Unfezant (Pokédex 3D Pro did the same thing). However, I've also included two Combee, since evolving or not evolving seems pretty major to me too.
    - Sometimes I did not place the forms Pokémon with multiple forms, such as Deerling and Swasbuck, next to each other, but instead I placed Spring Deerling and Spring Sawsbuck next to each other. There's no reason for this, it just looked better on the image.

    Some comments regarding the sprites:
    - I've mostly used B2/W2's sprites. Whenever I didn't like the sprite Nintendo picked, however, I used the HG/SS, Platinum or D/P sprite.
    - Some sprites have been edited by me. Sometimes I didn't like the outline (Wartortle comes to mind) and sometimes I felt the sprite was lacking some detail (Rotom Frost for example now has white highlights on its 'arms').
    - If you like my image and want to use it yourself, I can provide you with a version that has a raster in it. You can then quite easily change the sprites chosen to your own preferences or change the order to your own liking.

    Well, I hope you like looking at it as much as I liked making it. And, of course, I'm interested to see comments and feedback!

    Image is found here.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
  2. -Raiga-

    -Raiga- Well-Known Member

    The image couldn't be found. I'd try photobucket, it never lets me down.

    Its a shame too, its an original idea. Though the sheer idea of a pokemon game with 600+ pokemon is kind of hard to fathom, as you'd cap out at lv.100 pretty quick.
  3. ShiningShinE

    ShiningShinE Uppercase Pokémon

    The image isn't visible? Hm... I've uploaded it to a different directory now, please tell me if it works.

    Regarding your comment: I agree that regional dexes are a good thing, because the need to complete a dex of 649 Pokémon would be too tiresome. Yet, I see this more as an alternative to the National Dex you receive. You'd have the National Dex based on the numerical order, or the National Dex based on a new order.
  4. jakovu

    jakovu Well-Known Member

    It still doesn't work. Have you tried Imageshack?
  5. ShiningShinE

    ShiningShinE Uppercase Pokémon

    Okay, a .png version and .gif version on the PF site now, and I created an Imageshack account which contains the same versions. I normally don't have any problems posting images, but maybe the 1+ MB .png is too heavy?

    Anyway, I hope it works now!
  6. the ash man83

    the ash man83 Avid TCG Fan

    The PF site pics come up with a 404 error, the gif imageshack is a bit grainy, so I would kust keep the link for the png imageshack.

    I also think a list of sprites you edited so we can tell would be useful. (I'm not looking at every sprite on 400% zoom)

    From a general overlook, everything seems to be ok, though out of personal preference I would put Arceus last.
  7. ShiningShinE

    ShiningShinE Uppercase Pokémon

    Thank you for your reply, the ash man83! I've removed those other images and only kept the Imageshack png.

    I edited Wartortle, Cyndaquil, Sceptile, Marshtomp, Swampert, Zigzagoon, Beautifly, Ludicolo, Claydol, Matine, Rotom Frost, Shelgon. Please note this is all a matter of personal preferece. Any other sprite I didn't like I simply didn't use, but picked a different sprite.

    I get what you mean about putting Arceus last, being the alpha pokémon and all. However, it would be very far from the two trios it is the master of. I more people agree, I could definitely put it at the final slot.
  8. Cursed

    Cursed Heroic Sociopath

    To be honest, I really like the ordering for the most part, especially since I attempted a similar project back during Gen IV. However, I feel a bit disappointed by the fact that of the sprites shown, only 12 of them are actually YOUR sprites. (Also, for some reason, you used a shiny Stantler, it appears?)

    I looked at Wartortle through Zigzagoon on the list of Pokemon sprites you modified, though, and saw nothing that stood out, so you did a great job maintaining consistency with the official sprites.
  9. ShiningShinE

    ShiningShinE Uppercase Pokémon

    Thank you for your reply, Cursed! I get what you mean about the sprites, but despite the that I put it in this subforum (which seemed to be the only fitting place), this project was only meant to discuss a possible Pokédex order for all Pokémon ^-^
    The edited sprites I mentioned only featute a different outline, for example.

    But anyway, I'm glad to hear you like the order!
  10. Cheez Puf

    Cheez Puf Just lurking.

    I gotta say, I'm a big fan of your work at PF. /shamelesshobnobbery

    I like the reorder, and the edits look great. I would've loved to see a few scratches in the mix, though. Minor nitpicks, though. Maybe we'll see some in the future here...?
  11. ShiningShinE

    ShiningShinE Uppercase Pokémon

    @Cheez Puf: I'm happy to hear you like the order (and my work at PF ^^).

    If by scratches you mean new sprites of Nintendo pokémon, then I'm afraid I'll have to dissapoint you. PF has such a backlog that making new Pokémon there needs all my attention. If by scratches you mean adding PF pokémon to the image above, then I'll give that a thought.
  12. shiningsloth13

    shiningsloth13 Rock on.

    This is fantastic, and frankly, I've been thinking somebody needs to do something like this. Good job! I'd love to see you try and make custom sprites for all of them now, haha.
  13. Digit

    Digit Well-Known Member

    I apologize if this is off topic, but I don't know if this can be even considered pixel art/fan sprites. To some extent I would agree the reorder could be helpful with all starters at the beginning and legendaries preceding the starters at the end. However, I just want to point out how lackluster this place is and how easy it is to rearrange sprites thus rarely ever have it considered to be fan sprites.
    Sorry, mods.

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