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My ChaoPokemons


From Finland
Here is some of my Chaos.. I'm gonna make a tutorial too ^^ Oh, and btw im not very good at English, so try to understant..

Zangoose; This was my first and I love it :)

Pikachu; I dont really like it course of his tale..

Spinda; For Flare88

Jynx; Well.. It's good

Poochyena; Eh ^^; Not very good

Chimchar; Err, odd

If you want, I can make ChaoPokemons for you
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no promises
Loeon they have no mouths ?
Second they are really good and i'm glad you scratched parts because it makes them just look oh so much better.
Great work and i'd like to see more when you have finished some because there great.
Keep up the great work.


one fire at a time
PurpleMew: you normally don't see a chao's mouth unless it's open (at least in the advance versions)

as far as the chao themselves, you've done really well on them Loeon. I agree with Purple mew about the scratching, the fact that you didn't try to copy+paste makes them look very good ^_^

I don't really notice anything strange 'bout pikachu's tail but maybe it would look better if you moved it up a tiny bit?


Well-Known Member
Aaaw. Theyre so cute ^_^ keep up the good work.


Obey... or Else!

Those are awesome! I like them. You should like totally make more. I love your Zangoose one! Could I use it in my sig? Also you should make a spinda one! It be sooo cute. They rock! Go chao!!!!!!!


When They c r y.....
lol they dont have mouths *.*
I really like how they're scratch and its cute!
Above POster; Thats strange, you registered earlier than me but you have only 5 psts and i have 100+ :/


From Finland
Thanks to everyone!

PurpleMew & PikaHeart: Read KauniKais post
Flare88: I think you can use that Zangoose, but you have to put 'By Loeon' next to the Picture(s). I'll try to do Spinda ;)

EDIT: Spinda is ready :D
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Make a Jynx one, it'll look really intresting.NTW you're chao are awesome but make more!


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Make a Jynx one, it'll look really intresting.NTW you're chao are awesome but make more!


From Finland
Jynx.. Well, I'll try. It's very difficult
There really good!You have talent.I love all of them but jynx isn't my favorite.
Maybe you could try to make a chimchar one?


From Finland
Okay :) I'm just now working on Munchlax

EDIT: Munchlax transformed into Poochyena o_O
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From Finland
And Poochyena is ready!

I did Deoxys too, but I was stupid: I didn't do this: "File" -> "New" so I saved Poochyena first whit "ChaoDeoxys" name -.-' You know what I mean?
Chimchar isn't ready..