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my competitive battling team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by {PB}shinop, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. {PB}shinop

    {PB}shinop awsome person

    maybe i should get a spiritomb in there anyone think i should
  2. {PB}shinop

    {PB}shinop awsome person

    im just wondering am i still mixape weak
  3. Digital Love

    Digital Love Jew 'Fro's Graduate

    You're much better off now with Tenta and Azelf

    And Spiritomb is usually just blah, IMO, but I've never used one
  4. {PB}shinop

    {PB}shinop awsome person

    ok so im finding this team is much better now with azelf and tentacruil
  5. Flamethrowa55

    Flamethrowa55 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but please make the picture in your sig alittle smaller its really big right now. But yeah, the teams looking good, I just dont understand why gross is naughty, when it could be adamant since it doesnt have any special attacks. And the standard heracross with choice scarf may work alittle better, since even though it has a speed boosting nature, itll probably still be slower than most opponents that have been EVed in speed.
  6. excadrill798

    excadrill798 Member

    If you want azelf to be a sweeper shoudn't you have some special attack boosting moves?

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