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My Deck. Help Wanted


New Member
So i have this idea for a deck. any ideas on adjustments?
this deck is about gengar using his put one counter on all pokemon, then gallade damaging them all too with his unwavering blade

Pokemon - 22

- x3 M Gallade EX (ROS 35) Main attacker
- x3 Gallade EX (ROS 34)
- x3 Bat line (PHF 31,32,33) damage
- x2 Gengar (BKT 60) damage all
- x2 Gastly (BKT 58)
- x2 Shaymin EX (ROS 77)
- x1 Latios EX (ROS 58) To start game with

Trainers - 26

- x3 Judge (BKT 147)
- x4 Professor Sycamore (XY 122)
- x3 Ultra Ball (ROS 93)
- x3 Super Scoop Up (FUF 100)
- x1 AZ (PHF 91)
- x2 Xerosic PHF (110)
- x2 Muscle Band (XY 121)
- x2 Rare Candy (PCL 135)
- x3 Dimension Valley (PHF 93)
- x3 Gallade Spirit Link (ROA 83)

Energy - 12

- x8 Psychic Energy
- x4 Mysterious Energy (PHF 112)

So what do you think. Do I need any changes?
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