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My desktop icons keep on reorganizing themselves?

Sceptile Master

Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression
So um... yeah. Title says all really.
No matter how I organize them, whenever I turn my PC back on it the icons end up going in this sort of formation: http://oi42.*******.com/n6x3bq.jpg

As you can tell i really need to clean it up too though lol

Why is this happening? I have Windows 8[.1] if that helps any. I defrag my pc pretty often too, so I have no idea what's going on.


New Member
Does it shut down properly, like completely? Do you close all open programs before shutting down? Right-click on desktop, is auto-arrange icons unchecked? You could use a 3rd party app if it's that necessary anyway. Something like Fences.


The First Pokékid
It sounds like you have auto-arrange icons on. However, the formation isn't in auto-arrange layout.

One thing to consider is your account. Usually if you're signed into a guest account everything you rearrange is automatically restored to default once you log out. Besides that, how long has this been going on?