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My Dolls

What do you think of this?

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    Votes: 9 40.9%
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I know, Yoru ryu has a doll thread already and you'll say I copied her but... I started a doll shop. Heres my work:

Please provide a pic if your requesting. Please?

Up for adoption:
http://*******.com/fm3yc9.png Aerodactyl

http://*******.com/fm3yhl.jpg Ho-oh By Brinda
http://*******.com/fm3y9e.gif Arbiter By Armagedon
http://*******.com/fm56kz.png Summoned skull by IceDragon
http://*******.com/fm57kk.png Shadow Lugia by Kirby JR

Request list:
Typlho doll-~Hanatchi~

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Emo Saria

Be my Penguin <3
The ho-oh doll is cute, can i please adopt it?
Brinda said:
The ho-oh doll is cute, can i please adopt it?
Sure! He's yours! EDIT: Screw it, I'm adopting my Arbiter. HEHE, He's mine!
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Graphics Fan
Armagedon said:
http://*******.com/fm56kz.png No need for waiting! Here's Summoned skull.

kool thankz it look cool but can u make the color like Summoned skull