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my egg fusion/recolor shop reqest here is what I can do


Biggest lucario fan!
Yes 1st post:
i some fusions:
1.celebi & mew
2.celebi & manaphy
3.manaphy & mew


Biggest lucario fan!
there is no need for codes i do right click on the image,then click on propreties,after i highlight the adress(url) and copy it and finally put it in my sig with the img tags

ps:you need more work also don't recolor them
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put the code in then put a * in the first tag so it looks like this:
I used your mew-Celebi one for that ^_^


Need Arceus Headshot
Oh, you have lil' cute shop <3

Can I have Suicune with accesory of somekind~?


Need Arceus Headshot
Do I? I love it ^^
As a hint: Keep it up, and pactise a lot. Then you will be great one. Sorry for yelling to you, but I was pretty angry because you don't use forms, they're one of most impontart things in requests.