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My Egg Shop

Well, i already collected almost all the event pokes so now it's time to complete the pokedex, but i want to complete it with pokes that have good egg moves.
this is what i've got

munchlax with: odor sleuth, tackle, rest and sleep talk
lotad with: synthesis, TICKLE, leech seed and razor leaf.
growlithe with: FLARE BLITZ, HEAT WAVE, flamethrower and ember.
mareep with: tackle and light screen
taillow with: peck, growl and double team
rhyhorn with: EARTHQUAKE, STONE EDGE, HORN ATTACK and tail whip
cranidos with: leer, iron tail, STONE EDGE AND EQ
magby with: FLARE BLITZ, thunderpunch, SMOG and focus punch
croagunk with: astonish and swagger
venonat with: disable and foresight and tackle
porygon with: conversion, conversion2, sharpen and tackle
finneon with: captivate and waterpulse and safeguard
treecko with: dragonbreath crunch leer and pound
teddiursa with: scratch, leer, NIGHT SLASH and COUNTER
riolu with endure
houndour with; flamethrower, ember, sunny day and solarbeam
murkrow with astonish and peck
mankey with low kick and swagger
trapinch with sandstorm and bite

and i want in exchange: egg moves pokes lvl 1 untouched and legit.
only pokes that are difficult to get, like version exclusives (i have pearl so i need diamond), cart insertion pokes, some honey tree... etc. i won't accept starters except a good chikorita, and the only fossil i need is kabuto.
just offer or post a link to your list.
i can clone easily mine so it's almost infinite offer of everyone i listed above.
happy trading
(don't offer or ask for things that haven't been asked/offered above, please)
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numel master

Active Member
well i want the magby u have. i have a male cranidos and a female heracross

numel master

Active Member
the heracross is lv 15.it has a quirky nature
cranidos is lv 20 and has a docile nature

Blue Gengar

Gengar for presidant
Phione that somhow know's surf for Houndour


New Member
kabuto&sneasal w/icepunch.

for treeko & teddiursa