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My F-Zero Story


"Could it be... the legend...?"
I tried to do a story before, but I got bored of it. This time i'm doing a story for one of my favorite games. Most things in the story are fact, others I improvised. I hope you enjoy my first chapter, and i'll try to get more out soon. :D



In the 28th century, the most popular sport exists. A sport that is a dictionary of speed, risk, and wealth. A dictionary that list many under words such as "champion", and some under words few would bother saying. The dictionary everyone can find a page with an answer. F-Zero.

Chapter 1: Our Hero, F-Zero

The green hover car screams down the track surface, with the alien Pico snug in his cockpit, watching the deformed track and city lights blaze away from view. He curses as victory seems out of reach. The car trades a heavy blow with another and Pico watches the display panel confirm the worst, for him and the viewers watching the televised race.

"I hope the capacitor is charged enough for me to --- almost bought it that crazy monkey! At least he's off my tail now. The engine looks fine, energy is low. Hold together. That monkey again. HAHA, say hello to the wall for me Billy!" The pink car boosts down the track, the leading car centered on its front windshield. The lead car called Fat Shark lives up to its name as its rear end smashes the trailing car's front end back, and the driver of the pink car watches the lead car pull away.

"Ahaha, there's the finish line and no one to challenge me.", the driver of the Fat Shark says as he hurtles towards victory. Don Genie looks far on down the track as a guard rail opens, allowing him to travel on a track leading to the middle of the circuit. He stops his car and climbs out as eight other cars come down the same path.

The driver of the pink number five car from his open cockpit looked towards Don with a not so pleasent expression. "Rah, you''ve done well your last few races since you joined the circuit, Genie. But don't count on your car winning for you if you qualify for the big league!"
Don Genie looked over and laughed. "Goroh, I don't have time for your excuses, haha."
"You'll find out the hard way. Beating lower ranked drivers is one thing!", Goroh shouted.

Genie looked away without care, and watched his crew loading his car into his trailer. Near the entrance of the inner track, a box shaped hover craft towed a very damaged car, and parked. Pico climbed out of the hover craft and looked upon the left side of his car as the tractor beam released it. "This engine very damaged, but good not too expensive. Don Genie lucky this time. Not cross me again!", Pico thought, as the other drivers prepared for departure.

"Welcome back to Channel Four Nine O' Clock News! In the world of F-Zero racing, Rookie driver Don Genie, the famous head of Universal Traders, is appearing to be quite a force in the Ruby League as he has won two straight races. In todays twenty lap race at the Split Oval in Casino Palace he managed another first place finish. Pico, driver of the number six car, fought Don Genie for position, when the rear section of Pico's car exploded. Pico amazingly managed to achieve his last place finish before he required trackside assistance. Samurai Goroh, driver of the number five car put on a good show holding off other drivers for second place. The number two car driven by Jody Summer was in fifth place when Billy Yia, as you can see her in slow replay, slammed head on into the trackside wall which in turn collected driver Jack Levin. Jody Summer was able to avoid the wreck and drove into third place."

In a large bar room, a hand rested on a women's shoulder. "Way to go Jody! She's out flying them all and her car doesn't even have wings!", the man chuckled while the room began laughing, and the light green Pico snarled.
"I least not busy looking self in mirror. Maybe why crash Jack ahahaha!", he said, causing many oo's and aah's.

"The rest of the results can be seen on the official website shown here at the bottom of the screen, w-w-w-dot-f-zero-racing-dot-com. In a related story, world renowned company Engineering Advancement Distributors, creators of the android Mr. E-A-D, has unvailed the android again as an improved model. The company is hoping to prove the android capable of limitless applications. So far, the android has proven to far exceed expectations. The company has announced that the android will be entered in this seasons F-Zero competition. I'm sure that will prove to be an exciting year for this years race... Thi-this just in. Just twenty minutes ago, an explosion occured at Black Shadow Laboratories in Mute City. When the head of Black Shadow Labs, David Racknard, was asked for comment, he denied interviews. Local authorities are investigating the matter further. Now for a commercial break. Please stay tuned for this weeks local weather report..."

Something stired in the glowing light, a clicking sounded and the light disappeared. Something disturbed the silence of the room, looking far out from high up in an office. It overlooked the gaping hole leading from the buildings roof all the way down the wall facing the spectators building. A crew of inspectors and workers began working around the area, removing from the hole what appeared to be remains of a vehicle. The office seemed to contain something, what it was, was only acknowledged by the window closing.
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Iron Justice

Peoples is peoples.
That was good, I love the game F-zero, in fact I'm playing it right now, well I was playing it a couple minutes ago