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My Fakemon Gallery

Pokemon SR Version(FAKEMON) [ UPDATED: November 8, 2010]

Pokemon SXR(Sunny and Rainy) Version
by noahflash14

~Inspired by Satoshi Tajiri's Pokemon~
Date Started: September 25, 2010 - Present
Updated: Added 1 sprite


Pokemon SXR(Sunny and Rainy)
*I got this idea in the two seasons of the philippines which is wet and dry season.

Region: Luzo Region
I'm still researching and working on it's Geography.
For now, what I can only say is that there are many islands in this region that you can explore.
Luzo Region is Luzon(one of three island groups in the Philippines) flipped 90 degrees clockwise.

Region Map
*The name of the cities/towns are from the last name of some Philippine Heroes.
*Star Cup Gyms will be unlock after you became the Luzo League Champion


*Male Protagonist
Name: Niño
Age: 14
Hometown: ?
Bio: Niño and his twin sister Niña(the female protagonist) leave their town at the age of 14. Their father is the Pokemon Professor in their town and the one that gives them their very first pokemon as a birthday present. They both have a dream of becoming the Best Pokemon Master in the world; And maybe someday, they will face each other in a Pokemon Battle and see who's stronger.

Character name origin:
Click the names: Niño and Niña

total fakemon=49
FaKeDex Entry:
#001-FARMICE http://i54.*******.com/2d6ljip.jpg
#002-FARAT http://s7.*******.com/2nq702o_th.jpg
#003-FRABAT http://i52.*******.com/20aupaf.jpg
#004-MATTEN http://i56.*******.com/2qbx9vs.jpg
#005-CABURN http://s7.*******.com/27ytk3_th.jpg
#007-SWIPPY http://i55.*******.com/2eajbih.jpg
#008-SEADOG http://i55.*******.com/10sb38m.jpg
#012-MAYAM the bird on the right.
#013-MEUSO - (normal) Mouse
#014-MALBINO - (normal/fire) Albino Mouse
#018-PIUPANT - (bug) ant pupae
#019-FIRANT-male?(bug/fire) fire ant
#020-FLYANT-female?(bug/flying) flying ant
#024-SAHA - (poison) mangrove snake
#025-BRAKO - (poison/ground) ulupong or Philippine Cobra
#026-HAMUSU http://i55.*******.com/j94x1f.jpg
#027-RAIMUSU - (electric) hamster
#???-KARABAT- (poison/flying) tagalog:maskara(englsih:mask)+bat
#???-MASKABAT- (poison/flying) mask+bat
#???-DEESEE - (psychic/flying) - dream catcher
#???-DREESEE - (psychic/flying) - dream catcher
#???-MUSHAI- (water/ground) mussel+shy
#???-MUSHELL- (water/ground) mussel+shell
#???-GOUPANG - (water) gourami fish
#???-SEAREBEL - (water/grass) siren
#???-HOKUS - (psychic) clown
#???-POKUS - (psychic) clown
#???-SHAZAM - (psychic) magician
#???-GHOUL - (ghost) soul
#???-SKUTTER - (ghost) skull
#???-DEATAN - (ghost) death
#???-JELLIBY(poison/water) jellyfish
#???-JELLYQUEEN-female (poison/water) jellyfish
#???-JELLYKING- male (poison/water) jellyfish
#???-?????(water/ice) rainy season goddess
#???-?????(fire/grass) sunny season god


Visit my DeviantArt Page to see more of my artworks. ^^ Leave a comment if you have a time. :p


I will post all of my fakemon design here. And maybe someday I can you them if I try to make a pokemon fan made game.

Yesterday, I started to make my first fakemon ever. And to start it, the first thing that comes in my mind is an eeveelution so I try to make two. And here are the first two:

Griffeon - Flying type - The Griffin Pokemon

Unireon - Ghost type - The Unicorn Pokemon

I hope you like it guys.
Please post you comments, suggestions or any violent reactions.^^ It'll help me a lot.

And don't forget to visit my DeviantArt Page.
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Ok! I'm done with the Ground, Rock and Steel Type. Hmm. I'm having a hard time naming them and for choosing what species of pokemon they are.

* Fenneon - Ground type - Desert Fox Pokemon
comment----> It's name "Fenne" is derive from Fennec Fox. A Fox who live in the desert(correct me if I'm wrong).


* Graveleon - Rock type - Cave Cat Pokemon
comment----> I like this one. ^^


* Steeleon - Steel type - Blacksmith Dog Pokemon
comment----> Maybe I change it's tail into a Hammer if it's a blacksmith. ^^

*This is just for fun!*

Generation I - Electric/Water/Fire - What do they call them? argh! I can't remember... 3 Elements?

Generation II - Psychic/Dark - Day and Night

Generation IV - Ice/Grass - Winter and Summer

Generation VI - Ground/Rock/Steel - Hmm... How to make an Iron? lol ^^

Generation VII - Ghost/Flying - Demons and Angels

[size=medium]Click the image to zoom![/size]
Okay guys! Here comes the FaKeMoN PH. I'll stop making the other eeveelutions and concentrate on this new fakemon. I just finished the first two pokemon. And I hope you will like them all(maybe no one likes them at all?). And don't forget to comment. More (positive)comments means I'll be more motivated to do more.

001 - FARMICE (farm and mice)

HT - 1'04"
WT - 15.8 lbs.

DEX DATA - The leaves on it's head can cut the hardest stone and farmice can throw it like a Boomerang. This FaKeMoN wants to fly someday.


002 - FARAT (farm and rat)
Farm Rat FaKeMoN

HT - 3'05"
WT - 31.4 lbs.

DEX DATA - When it's dark farat uses SUPERSONIC to check/examine the surroundings. Farat lose it's tail but gain an incredible speed.


Hope you like it guys. Comments and reactions are very much welcome. ^^



moonlight walk
i'm not the big art expert, but i like what i'm seeing! ;D
keep 'em comin'! :D
Ok! I'm finished with the grass starter. I can't decide yet, what kind of fakemon/animal is the next one.




Wish you like it. ^^


Bad Username
You're an amazing artist, you really are, but the fire starter of yours looks waaay
to much like a certain Digimon. Maybe you can make some good changes to its evolution? Its really good...


Poké Master
I'm not sure if you are going to do this later and these are just digital drawings (I forget what they are calle) but you need to sprite these if they are going to be in a real game.


The Awesome Atheist
OMG! your rock and steel eveelutions look similar to ones i did a long time ago. they errily similar, even the positions. Don't worry, i never shared the pics on the internet so i know you didn't plagiarize. :p

Any way, those are some pretty good art.
@FireTheAbsolLord - Thanks! And yes I agree, that fire starter give me a headache when I'm making it.

@pokepal13 - I'm going to make their sprites after I finished all my 100+ fakemon. aw! I'm planning to use them in my Game Development subject next year. ^^

@evolutionrex - Thanks! I'm glad to hear that. ^^ I use the original eeveelution as my base when I make them. And I don't have a scanner neither a tablet that's why I use some base as a guide.

Here's the fire starter's evolution:



Bibarel's adorable.
Those are pretty cool.
I'm diggin' the final evo on your fire starter.
I also like the way you have your Eeveelutions catergorized, it's a neat idea. The designs themselves are merely average (save for your Poison one, I thought it was pretty awesome).
Not a big fan of the Grass starter, but then I'm also not a big fan of rodents.

Keep it up, you're one of few people on this forum with quality FakeMon art.
thanks for a good feedback guys! ^^
I hope you like this new fakemons I've made.



I try to make a sugimori srt style but I think I'll stick in my own style of art. Here they are:

thanks evolutionrex!^^

Question: Is it ok if I didn't use the sprites in my future game Pokemon SR? I want to make it unique and different from the actual game: the battle system, the animation and more. I want it to look like in the anime to match my art style. After all, you cannot play this in Gameboy, Advance or DS so that's why I'm going to make it a little different. Any suggestions? What can you say guys?

I forgot, I will not try to make a sugimori art style(like snide and gubail) again and insted, I'll stick in my own art style. ^^