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My fakemon, plus random other stuff


**_ IS FEMALE _**
Name: Diubio
Type: Dark/grass

Normal appearance:


Info: Diubio obtains most of its energy from sunlight. Therefore, its mouth is usually only used for drinking. It especially likes to drink stagnant and muddy water, because it has no external roots and must obtain its minerals some other way. On rare occasions, most often on a dark, rainy day, one might glimpse a Diubio poking its snout in the mud and digging for worms.

Name: Specateurs
Type: ghost/steel

Normal appearance:


Info: The four orbs and four blades symbolise death and misfortune in some cultures. Specateurs like to float across the surface of large, still lakes, never causing a ripple in the surface of the water.

Please don't crit the works below this line... They're really, really old, and I've improved since then. Almost all the sprites have now been moved here to the sprites section, which means about 99% of my old fakemon and their descriptions.

My relatively large pics:



My (non-sprite) Fakemon:

Harpent (harpoon + serpent)



My dancing flygon:


(Sure, it's a sprite, but the ones after it don't make any sense without it. Can you endure this one thing, please?)

the sequel:


another anti-trapinch picture:




More stuff



The rainbow wing:

Buizeru! (sprite here

Stylised skarmory :3

(the first few pages of posts will be referring to my sprites, though)
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Yes they are sprites so move this to Sprites section please! Also they are OK but a bit basic. Need more shading and better creativity.


**_ IS FEMALE _**
well, i did rush it quite a bit. shading added!

Autumn said:
maybe just stick to your flygon pics...
NO. if i stick to any one thing, it gets boring, doesn't matter what it is.

but heres the original image that my sig pic is based on:

and the sequel to the picture in my sig. its a REALLY rushed scrawl, the dots floating around in the shadow from time to time gives that much away...

*New York theme plays* da da daanana da da danana da da danana ... if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere...

i like the gun on the stick most.

and while i'm at it, i've also got

murkrow evo!

hmmm... i know the first few are sprites, but i was unwilling to put it in the sprites section because i've also got pics that are definitely NOT sprites, and this was a more general forum to post art in.
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;330; You spelt my name wrong... anyway your fakemon are cool, so keep it up! And try Murkraven for the Murkrow evo.


**_ IS FEMALE _**
Whoops!! that was embarassing... anyways, i still like the name darkraw/klaw better... it sounds like a raven crowing when you say it out loud (at least, the ravens in Australia...)

(lol its funny how crows caw, and ravens crow... *birds fly around head to indicate confusion*)

now heres one of my finest. probably one of the only ones not mouse drawn (i mouse draw most because i dont have a scanner at home, only at my dad's workplace and my cousin's house):
currently my desktop wallpaper.

and another fakemon:

Flashifly! (name open to changes). the bug is based on the bombadier beetle, and its got pre evos but they're not really interesting. they'll be up here in a while. and my friend at school said it looked like it was farting. which wasn't kind. but the bombadier beetle doesn't fart anyway, the combustion is caused by mixing two chemicals just as they are getting sprayed out of the abdomen, so the fire doesn't actually touch the insect or else it would fry itself. (explain that, evolutionists! kidding.)

and its stuffed-up sprite from scratch.

Darkraw's sprite (also from scratch)

i like the little sleepy-hat on it.

i've also found an old mouse drawing of umbreon (see top post).

edit: also fixed up a trapinch animation.

i was thinking about having two threads... one for my non-sprite work, and the other for my sprites, and have a link to the other one in each. but that would be just confusing; i'd be controlling a total of three threads in the fanart forum (incl. my request thread).

edit: redid the tail of darkraw. now its not just a flat grey haze with white plusses on it!
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SF: Murkraw sounds the best. And for the beetle, how about Bombaetle? And if it's not too much trouble, if I ever get a picture of my Fakemon, could you sprite them? You are really good at spriting from scratch.


I have to agree you're a great spriter too :D I love you're flygon pics, well mainly because I'm a flygon fan X) Yes, as Joltien said, your shading needs to 'show' more ^^l


Norbert is so so so cute all your other stuff is awsome and/or cute too


**_ IS FEMALE _**
Kidodi-sempai said:
I have to agree you're a great spriter too :D I love you're flygon pics, well mainly because I'm a flygon fan X) Yes, as Joltien said, your shading needs to 'show' more ^^l
well, its hard to get black to show up on dark grey.

Norbert is so so so cute all your other stuff is awsome and/or cute too
thank you!

i've got another fake pokemon here, but the only good pic i've got is this black-and-white animation:


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In return for these great pics(and listening to me) I will help you name all yoour Fakemon, Bombaetle's pre-evo I think should be called Cattapyro, and the animated one should be Snair.(because it looks sneaky and is very hairy from what I can tell).


**_ IS FEMALE _**
nah, that animated fakemon i've already named. its an alternate evo of sandshrew, and its called sendupine (the e started as a misprint, but stuck cause it sounds better than sandupine). and those are quills not hairs! its supposed to have rough skin with high HP.

hmm, the pre evo of bombaetle is more of a worm than a caterpillar. caterpillars eat leaves and hang around in forests, this one eats venonats (and other things that get stuck) and lives in caves.


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Ok then, let's try again, hmm.. try Pyrorm.

Catapult Turtle

AbLªh GenerªL
Personally, I like them. You're really good with shading and making things not look too flat. I really like Darkraw (I really like ravens and other corvids). The blackness is just really cool. And I like the relativlely large picture of Ho-Oh and Lugia. Your style + paints= WOW!

Keep posting, I love your Fakemon!

Chaos Zero

Your...um sprite is so, so lifeless! It has no distinct feeling! It's boring! But thats just your card. Your vineon is better. But it is smeared up at the peak of it's head and between it's eyes. I know it is supposed to be a different color, but you got it smeared.


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No need to recommend a new name, Vineon is great. I really like it. I'm not one to make up Eeveelutions, I made up my own Eevee, Flameevee! Unoriginal I know, it starts as just a fire type Eevee. But when it evolves into either Flamma, Molta or Inferna it gets interesting. 3 foxes, one pure fire, one Fire/Psycic and the other Dark/Fire. Then they have a third stage! Flammanator, Moltanator and Infernator. Fire/Fighting, Fire/Dark and Fire/Psycic, they have a signiture move(Volcanic Slash), and are like werewolves. But enough about my first ever fakemon(finally finished after 5 years!), Flygonzilla's rock!