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My first attemp at a Pokemon music video

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Pokemon Trainer Robert, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Hey all I'll leave the introduction at the right thread, Any way I made my very first AMV of Season 1 pokemon with the 1st movie theme song full version and did my very best to make everything sync with each other I hope you all enjoy

    Title: Pokemon!
    Song: "I want to be the very best (Movie version Full)"
    No spoilers

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/?v=k0Emym8fHPU

    I hope you pokemon fans enjoy 1 clip is a bit blocky on the account of my codec.
  2. Poliwhirl

    Poliwhirl Well-Known Member

    pretty good
  3. Thanks took me awhile to make everything look good and the syncing came random when I finished it. I'm working on a new one but need to re-upload all the clips again. so might take awhile.
  4. Booncy

    Booncy Cascade Trainer

    Not bad, you show real potential :)!
  5. Wow Thanks I really apperciate it, I'll make sure the next one will do good (As they say news ones can never beat the original)
  6. Horus

    Horus Brotherhood of Steel

    dude that was totaly awsome!!!!! it makes me want to watch the fight between brock and ash (the first one)
  7. It is pretty good
  8. Thanks everyone the next AMV is done and will be up probably late tonight So stay tune.

    Edit: Well I was right about it being late and all, So I'm gonna post it but for those who all know should be with your family and friends tomarrow since it gonna be Thanksgiving, Thats where you all should be with of that time of day to be thankful of who you are and your family so be with those you love and spend time with your family^_^

    Title: Path to be a Pokemon Master
    Song: 2b a Master
    No spoilers:
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/?v=4BzNLPqhsnQ

    Happy thanks giving everyone!
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2005
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