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my first fake card


Artsy Smeargle
its not good but i like it i hoep you guys do, i love oppinions

Cipher 2008

Well-Known Member
It's alright for a first time, but there are some problems.

1) A Pokémon can't have 55HP.
2) The illustration is nice, but Budew's clearly just stuck on.
3) The placement and fonts are all wrong.
4) 50 damage for 1 Energy? Don't think so.
5) Attack has incorrect wording.
6) It's not a Pokémon-Star as the blank says.
7) Budew doesn't have those Resistances in the TCG.

But like I said, for a first card and someone who clearly didn't use Photoshop, it's not too bad.


Blaziken rules!
I give it a 6,5/10.


bassface OWNZZ
Pretty nice. As Cipher said, Awesome for a start. I bet you could make great fakes. I didn't like the way that budew was put in the way of the backround meaning tha it didn't keep up with th ebackround. I really liked the way you got the budew because it had actually looked like you did a GREAT job of getting the backround off. 8/10 Keep up the good work ;)
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is back.
I'm sorry, I just laughed so hard when I saw all those errors, especially the Pokemon* thing. Sorry. I give it a 6 for actual effort. It good foor a first though, I'll give you that.