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My First Fakemon

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I just made this first Fakemon


Fix Out line

Rate it 1/10

Still working on it
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Crystal Aura

wow thats really good for a first, just try to put some outline shading in and then it will be fine!


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That's not really good.

In fact, it's rather poor.

There is no shading, all black (sometimes double-lined) outline, the design is unoriginal... Yeah, add shading.

Good thing that you didn't use default paint colors though.


guess whos back?
Neopolis is right. You need to shade the body and outline.


PhanpyLover06 said:
Wow that new one looks really good!!! I really like it!

P.S. Are you going to make more???

uhhh seth you do know theres no shading right?


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No, there isn't. Seth, you should really evaluate a sprite fully before saying how good it is. The sprite itself is unoriginal and has no shading whatsoever. In order to shade well, you need to identify a light source, and then shade from there. Most official sprites have 3-4 tones of each color. Also, the sprite should face at an angle, not completely sideways. However, don't make the sprite facing straight on. So, I guess it's mediocre for a first scratch. Keep listening to advice from experienced spriters, and don't value all the 'this is amazing, you're one of the best spriters ever' as an accurate assesment. Keep it up! I'm sure that you'll improve.

Oh, and by the way, number ratings aren't allowed, so you should remove that from your first post.

-aocom v2-

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It's horn should either be more straight, or curve upwards.
The fire needs to look more... fiery. Just copy the type of coloring they used on typhlosion and moltres and such.
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