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My first Nuzlocke Run

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Starmie's Jewel, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Starmie's Jewel

    Starmie's Jewel Snowman

    I decided to do my very first ever Nuzlocke Run, and did it with Emerald. I'm regretting doing it at all now.

    My first casualty was Shenzi the Hasty Poochyena. We were attempting to defend the Devon Researcher in Petalburg Woods from Team Aqua, but unfortunately, she was brought down by a lucky blow from the opposing Poochyena. Quagmire the Relaxed Mudkip swiftly avenged her.

    However...the real nightmare began in the Dewford Gym. I had befriended Sumo the Jolly Makuhita in Granite Cave, and we had trained together in that cave for quite some time before attempting to take on the Gym. However, Sumo fell all the same to Black Belt Takao's Machop, unable to withstand the battery of Karate Chops after his defenses were reduced by Leer.

    But the worst of it came from Brawly himself. His Machop showed no mercy, unleashing a barrage of Fighting attacks that my Pokémon simply could not weather. I ordered my Pokémon to bolster their defences and reduce the accuracy of his attacks. I exhausted my supply of healing items. It was all for naught.

    One by one I watched my Pokémon fall, until finally, all that remained was Flopsy the Bashful Magikarp. We faced death together, and we faced it with dignity.

    Now I'm just sitting in the corner, trying to pretend I wasn't just emotionally traumatized by a video game.

    R. I. P.
    Quagmire the Relaxed Mudkip ;258;
    Stardust the Jolly Zigzagoon ;263;
    Olie the Naughty Marill ;183;
    Shenzi the Hasty Poochyena ;261;
    Boombox the Careful Whismur ;293;
    Flopsy the Bashful Magikarp ;129;
    Sumo the Jolly Makuhita ;296;

    You will not be forgotten.
  2. alkranite

    alkranite New Member

    what is a nuzlocke run?
  3. Starmie's Jewel

    Starmie's Jewel Snowman

    Basically, you go through the game with a bunch of rules set for yourself to make it more challenging/realistic. The most common rules are:
    1) You can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in a new area. If you mess it up, too bad!
    2) All fainted Pokémon are treated as if they died. They can be deposited into the PC or released, but they can never be used again.
    3) All Pokémon must be given a nickname for bonding purposes/emotional investment.
    That last one is more a 'general guideline' than a rule, and you can add as many rules as you want, such as 'no TMS', 'no healing items', etc. I just used those three.
    If you're wondering about the name 'Nuzlocke Run', it came from this guy: http://www.nuzlocke.com/
    It's really quite fun, and obviously quite challenging, as my little 'Game Over' story up there can attest. :p
  4. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

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