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My first scratch Fakémon...


<- Best DP Legendary
My first scratch Fakémon...

Yep, I recently found that I have somehow acquired the ability to sprite fake Pokémon without using bits and pieces from pre-existing ones.

Sooo... here's the first few I've made.

(note: whenever "_____" shows up in a description or anything, that means it doesn't have a name yet... so the _____ is just a placeholder thingie.)

Also, the "First one -> Second one -> Third one" pictures will eventually be replaced by single, transparent-background pictures for each one... once they're all polished to the point where I won't need to be changing anything about them very often (or at all.)

The poison-drooling dogs:

Name: Slurpuppy
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Sweat (Powers up Poison-type moves in a pinch)

Drool Pokémon
Height: 2'00"
Weight: 16.0 lbs.
Its saliva glands produce nearly a gallon of
drool over the course of a day. However, it
is still young, so its drool is not yet poisonous.
In the past it was seen as a symbol of loyalty.
However, recent studies have discovered that
food was their main motivation for aiding humans.

Evolves at level 16 into...

Name: Droolog
Type: Poison/Dark
Ability: Poison Sweat

Slobber Pokémon
Height: 3'04"
Weight: 62.0 lbs.
Its saliva contains a mild poison, which it uses
to weaken its prey before attacking. If threatened,
its entire body will begin to drip with poison.
Because it is always drooling, a musty scent
follows it everywhere. It is said that DROOLOG
can identify each other using this scent.

Evolves at level 32 into...

Name: Slobberuff
Type: Poison/Dark
Ability: Poison Sweat

Attack Dog Pokémon
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 248.0 lbs.
A massive pack hunter in the wild. It developed
the ability to control the production of its poison
so that it wouldn't waste any on weaker prey.
Despite its size and appearance, SLOBBERUFF is
safer with children than DROOLOG. This is because
it can choose not to produce poison in its drool.


Burrowing, wall-breaking rodents...

Name: ______
Type: Ground/Fighting
Ability: Aftershock (Powers up Ground moves in a pinch)

Forager Pokémon
Height: 1' 00"
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Often seen in small towns, where they burrow
up into houses to find food. Though seen as a
pest, they help control the insect population.
Eats a variety of grains, as well as bug Pokémon.
If enough of them work together, they can even
take down bugs as large as an adult KRICKETUNE.

Evolves at level 14 into...

Name: _____
Type: Ground/Fighting
Ability: Aftershock

Wood Rat Pokémon
Height: 2' 02"
Weight: 15.6 lbs.
Though considered a pest in many cities, it
is actually responsible for keeping certain types
of bug Pokémon from growing out of control.
Known for its skill at catching bug Pokémon by
surprise. Ancient warriors were known to watch
groups of _____ to develop new battle tactics.

Evolves at level 36 into...

Name: Whamster
Type: Ground/Fighting
Ability: Aftershock

Hammer Pokémon
Height: 3' 02"
Weight: 75.2 lbs.
Each nest of _____ and _____ is led by a single
WHAMSTER. The heavy hammer it holds is used
to smash open passageways and build walls.
WHAMSTER's hammer is hand-made from the
toughest wood it can find. In cities where wood
is hard to find, it may use metal or stone instead.


The planty kitties! Which rounds out the Poison/Ground/Grass starter trio; one of only four type triangles that actually works as starter types. (The other three, in case you were wondering, are the well-known Grass/Fire/Water, the all-physical Rock/Fighting/Flying, and the oddball Fire/Rock/Steel.)

(I might need to fix the third one... no comments on it yet, but it looks a little weird to me.)

Name: _____
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow

Seed Kitten Pokémon
Height: 1' 06"
Weight: 7.6 lbs.
The spores on its ears grow progressively larger
as it gets older. When it is about to evolve,
they begin to flicker and glow occasionally.
As _____ grows, the spores on its body will
sprout into small, fern-like leaves. Females grow
additional spores underneath these leaves.

Evolves at level 18 into...

Name: _____
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow

Fern Cat Pokémon
Height: 2' 07"
Weight: 42.5 lbs.
The spores on its ears glow brightly when it
is happy. If threatened, they shrink and grow
dull to help it hide from danger in dark places.
It attracts small insects by making its spores
glow, then pounces. If insects grow scarce, it
will hunt small Pokémon such as RATTATA instead.

Evolves at level 30 into...

Name: _____
Type: Grass/Psychic
Ability: Overgrow

Jungle Cat Pokémon
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 98.2 lbs.
When hungry, it lures children and young
Pokémon deep into the jungle by flashing its
spores in patterns that look like fireflies.
The spores on its ears will occasionally grow
too large and fall off. These spores can be
eaten if they are found soon after falling.

A Poison-type snake (which becomes Poison/Rock, a type combination that doesn't exist in the games yet!) Both are somewhat based on both copperheads and rattlesnakes; the first one is more copperhead and the second one is more rattlesnake.

_____ and _____
(No extra info yet)


The Weird Yellow Things. First of many Sound-type Pokémon...

_____ and _____
(No extra info yet)


Bleh heh heh heh heh! BLECK!
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The Pinoy

<--- Spookie
they are really good...
considering theyre your first scratches...
but something bothers me about the last evos of the rodents and dogs....
the ideas are good though...


some of these are fairly decent. i believe if you keep working at them that you will become a very talented spriter in the future. I perticularly like the first of the dog evo line and the first two of the rat line. The next evo line isnt so great. I belive the second one needs a serious re doing. Also, I they need more of a black out line.


<- Best DP Legendary
but something bothers me about the last evos of the rodents and dogs....

Hmm... I'm guessing it's the positioning of the hand and hammer (for Whamster); I'll probably need to change the angle of it and move it around a little. With Slobberuff it's probably the legs... I'm not so good with drawing the legs of four-legged critters (especially dogs; the legs the dogs have NOW took two or three re-drawings, so it'll probably be two or three more before they really look right.)

I perticularly like the first of the dog evo line and the first two of the rat line.

Heh... I liked how the middle rat turned out (and Whamster, though I need to go back and fix the hammer's angle later) the most. I was actually kinda worried about the first dog and rat, but then again that's probably just because I'm not a fan of small, unevolved Pokémon in general.

The next evo line isnt so great. I belive the second one needs a serious re doing. Also, I they need more of a black out line.

The weird yellow things were actually the first ones I made (somewhere between several days and a week before the rest), so yeah, I might need to fix them up a little....

As for black outlines; now that I look at them again, it looks like the yellow things probably do need darker outlines in some places. Those were the first ones I made and I haven't touched them up any since, so they're probably a little worse than the rest (as far as outlining and shading at least.)


The Shiny Espeon!
I like them, with a few details that bug me. Droolog's head looks too small compared to its body. And Whamster's arm holding the hammer and hammer is a bit weird.

But other than that they're pretty good.


<- Best DP Legendary
Well, it's been two days since my first post... and the rules say "wait at least one day after your last sprites were posted before bumping," so that means...


Bleh heh heh heh! BLECK!

Yeah, completely random: I made Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario, but at the right size for him to be a trainer sprite in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl... which makes him the first Pokémon trainer who can win all his fights without ever sending out a single Pokémon. Heh.


theyre great,but the first dog and the second rodent are cartoon characters arent they?>??

Northern Lights

ninja rat!...excellent

these are really good for your first scratches

but the second dog in the poison dog line, it's legs look a little bent if that were real it would fall over...and the shading on it's last evo looks a bit wrong on it's legs too try keeping the same angle of light throughout the sprite


<- Best DP Legendary
but the first dog and the second rodent are cartoon characters arent they?>??

I know they're not based on any that I've ever seen... so if they look similar to a cartoon character, I guess it's some weird coincidence.

but the second dog in the poison dog line, it's legs look a little bent if that were real it would fall over...

Hmm... not sure I see exactly what you're saying, but I generally have a hard time drawing the legs of four-legged creatures (dogs most of all.) I'll probably end up re-doing the bigger two dogs at least one more time before they're done...

and the shading on it's last evo looks a bit wrong on it's legs too try keeping the same angle of light throughout the sprite

Yeah, I've been having a load of trouble with this one's legs; I'm thinking of maybe moving the front right leg forward a little, but it'll probably be a while before I can get them to look right (though the left legs both look okay to me... it's just that the right legs both look weird and mess the whole thing up since they're the first ones people see x_x)

Also; there should be some Plant Cats and a Snake in the first post sometime within the next hour or so, unless AOL and the forums glitch each other up again and I'm not able to edit the first post.


<- Best DP Legendary
It's been 4 or 5 days, and that means...

"Go, Fattata! BUMPER!"

Heh. Anyway, I finally got around to fixing the dogs' legs and I added the second of the two snakes; they're all in the first post.


somewhat backwards.
Bumping this thread somewhat with this C&C because it is worth reviving.

I was lurking in here when you started the thread and I saw the dogs' legs how they used to be, and seeing them now, it's a great improvement.

The mouse line is good, but Whamster bothers me, probably because it's too flat. The highlight colour you used is too light which makes it seem more like it has a pale patch on its belly rather than that being shading.

The grass kitties are nice too, but once again the last one bothers me. The thing sticking out of its neck, which I assume is meant to be a leg, looks REALLY odd. In fact, the whole pose looks like it's just about to topple over.

The snakes are awesome, especially the second one. The only nitpick I have is that the first one's shading looks a bit flat on it's mid-section. But I really do like them.

The yellow things are original, the first one looks OK but the second one's outline looks wobbly and in need of re-doing.

Overall, pretty good for first scratches, and with practice you could become a great scratch-spriter.

Also, not exactly a comment on the sprites as such but I love the Pokedex descriptions. Looking forward to seeing some for the snakes :>

Northern Lights

DUDE! don't post your own work in someone elses thread...what the hell is wrong with you!

anyway...i'm loving that snake evo it is superbly scratched and brilliant shading, but the last grass evo again with the legs but mainly the fiont leg that is bent, just move it down a couple of pixels and bring ins front body down slighty too then it will look alot better


Where is the rum?...
wow for first scratches these are god...well better than my first scratch ^^''...


Yes I use MS paint
DUDE! don't post your own work in someone elses thread...what the hell is wrong with you!
he's from Crater, he knows not of what he does.

hmm the grass starters are good, but the final evo's left forepaw looks like its in an alkward position. Try studying the anatomy of the animals a bit more


Well-Known Member
These are awesome for your firsts. I am just not sure about the last 2. And they look a little to much like the real thing for Pokemon but still really really good. Just not quite Pokemon style you know what I mean? Some of them look more cartoonish then the traditional style. But you definitly have potential to get better.

Pearl's Perap

Well-Known Member
For your first attempt, these are all rather good, though some are a little larger than the in-game sprites usually are.

I'm rather intrigued about your sound types, so I am going to keep an eye on this thread.

Keep at it!


wow, these are aswome! 9/10!

but, something bothers me with the last in the grass line, his body looks abit to long, and it looks like he has only 3 legs

and the lat of the ground type, he is ok but, it seems wired for a pokemon to use a (made) wepon to fight