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My First Sunny Day Team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Chaos_Angel773, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Chaos_Angel773

    Chaos_Angel773 New Member

    My First Sunny Day Team(EDITED a bit)

    this is a sunny day team i'm planning for Gen 5 but i think it needs some work but im not sure what to change(remove/add). This team is untested since I don’t wanna play the game or that before it comes out. This is also my first RMT so sorry for any mistakes or such



    Ninetales @ Leftovers
    Nature: Timid/Modest
    Evs 252 Spe, 252 SpA, 4 Hp
    -Energy Ball
    -Fire Blast
    -Psycho Shock/HP <type>

    Ninetales main job is to set up sun with drought and hit things with STAB fire blast and energy ball adds coverage and don't worry about being stuck in after choosing solarbeam if the weather changes. Hypnosis is for some support and the last slot I’m not too sure about.


    Ferrothorn/Nattorei @ Leftovers
    Nature: Sassy
    ~Steel Thorns
    Evs 174 Hp, 150 Def, 180 SpD(made this up out of thin air, could use help)
    -Leech Seed
    -Gyro Ball

    I think this a pretty basic wall like set for Nattorei(I prefer over Ferrothorn). He can take the hits/moves well that are aimed for other members of my team, besides fighting which Dusknoir can come in on. Leech Seed is to help get hp back. Gyro ball is to deal damage and it works good on Nattorei since he’s slow as all hell. Toxic helps spread status and wear things down. Protect helps with toxic stalling & leech seed/lefties recovery


    Chandelure @ Choice Scarf
    Nature: Modest
    ~Shadow Tag/Flash Fire
    EVs 252 SpA,252 Spe,4 Hp
    -Energy Ball
    -Shadow Ball
    -Hex/something else?

    Chandelure is pretty much a Hit & Run/Revenge Killer. Overheat is their for a powerful STAB move that will hit most things pretty hard. Shadow Ball is secondary STAB. SolarBeam/Energy Ball is for some coverage, not sure which to use yet. I was gonna use solar beam for the power and it doesn’t need a charge in the sun but then I read that if the weather changes the turn you select solar beam it takes to turns so I’ll probably be going with energy ball. Hex is their to deal more damage then shadow ball on things that have been statused(is that a word? =S) and i couldnt think of much else to put for the last move Psychic? Hyper Beam(lol XD)? Hp <type>?


    Dusknoir @ Leftovers
    Nature: Impish
    EVs 252 Hp,228 SpD,28 Att
    -Ice Punch
    -Pain Split

    Dusknoir is my second like wall pokemon and speads status with Will-o-Wisp.Ice Punch adds some more coverage and can hit dragons for some damage. Pain spilt is for recovering hp while dealing damage. Earthquake adds good coverage along side ice punch and it's one of the strongest attacks he can learn


    Conkeldurr @ Flame Orb
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs 252 Att,252 Hp, 4 Spe
    -Drain Punch
    -Mach Punch
    -Stone edge

    Conkeldurr is kind of like the physical sweeper of my team. Drain Punch for STAB and recover hp. Mach Punch for priority + STAB. Stone edge is for coverage and to hit flyers that switch in. Earthquake I just put on because I wasn’t sure what else to put in the last slot. Maybe paypack but earthquake seemed like a better option in my mind. I don't run bulk up because of flame orb


    Heatran @ Life Orb
    Nature: Timid
    ~Flash Fire
    Evs 252 SpA,252 Spe,4 Hp
    -Earth Power
    -Fire Blast
    -Stealth Rocks
    -Dragon Pulse

    Heatran is hear for more type coverage and his resistances. Fire blast is his STAB move that deals good damage from his good special attack + sun(even without the sun). Earth Power is for hitting other fire types and such. Dragon Pulse is for those dragon types + coverage. And stealth rocks to well get rocks up because they'll probably help even though i don't like using them

    POKEMON THAT HAVE BEEN REMOVED(in order):Exeggutor

    Well thats about it i think, thanks in advance for any help
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2011
  2. dragontamer98

    dragontamer98 Modern Genocide

    Before I start I must put int that I use Japanese names, so please bear with me...
    I have quite a few comments on this:

    *If you are battling in 5th gen, you can just use Ninetales for automatic permanent sun.

    *If you aren't going with Ninetales, you have only two Sunny Day users, which isn't good for a full Sunny Day team without Ninetales. Replace Spiritomb as I see now purpose for him here, IMO. Use Ninetales or something like Eruufun to set up Sunny Day.

    *Any Sunny Day Grass or Fire type should have Solarbeam over Energy Ball. There is no debate between Solarbeam over Energy Ball, especially with Ninetales on the team.

    I can't really go on if you don't make any changes from here on because there is so much diversity to a team like this IMO.
  3. Chaos_Angel773

    Chaos_Angel773 New Member

    hmm alright, i had been thinking about ninetales but i wasnt sure what to replace and if their would be other changes that id have to make. Should i remove sunny day from meganium & dusknoir then if i use ninetales?

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