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My first Wifi battle


Heat Trainer
Ive never battled online yet, and thought today id give it a go,

3vs3 Single battle
No Ubers

Hopefully I wont get my *** kicked.


Urban City Breeder
i'll battle you.

my info is in my sig.


Grass/bug trainer
I'll do it.
darn 10 charcter limit.


Heat Trainer
ok ill just add you and ill be right on


Heat Trainer
i dont mind battling you all, ive added cyberbell225, and am waiting online, after we're finished ill see who still wants to battle
ill battle you too ya mite aswell get as much experince in battling people who arnt terrible (cough every trainer in the game)


Heat Trainer
sorry bout that didnt realise that i had to take 3 in, thought i could select them. who wants to be next?
hahaha wooo im goood haha, so cxoa add me and ill add u


Heat Trainer
i added the end of nothingness and mysticalman luigi

im on wifi now, see you there hopefully


That Dark Side
hey, never battled online b4, wanna battle?