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My first wifi team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by fireson360, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. fireson360

    fireson360 MY HAIR ON FIRE!!

    Hello battlers across the world,

    I just got done with my first wifi team. And i'm here to see if you guys like it or if it needs changes.

    ;464;Rhyperior @ leftovers
    Ability: soild rock
    Nature: adamant
    EVs: 252 att, 113 hp, 68 def, 77 sp. def
    - earthquake
    - stone edge
    - hammer arm
    - avalanche

    ;466;electivire @ expert belt
    Ability: motor drive
    Nature: adamant
    EVs:252 att, 252 spd, 6 hp
    -ice punch
    -thunder punch
    -cross chop

    ;065;Alakazam @ wise glasses
    Ability: inner focus
    Nature: Mild
    Evs: 252 sp. att, 252 spd, 6 hp
    -energy ball
    -charge beam
    -focus blast

    ;392;Infernape @ choice band
    Abitlity: blaze
    Nature: jolly
    Evs: 245 att, 252 spd, 13 hp
    -close combat
    -flare blitz
    -Iron tail

    ;242; blissey @ leftovers
    ability: nature cure
    Nature: clam
    EVs: 252 hp, 100 defs, 158 sp. def
    -water pulse
    -thunder wave

    ;121; Starmie @ choice specs.
    Ability: Nature cure
    Nature: Modest
    Evs: 252 sp. att, 129 hp, 129 speed
    -grass knot
    -rapid spin

    Tell me if there needs to be any changes now ^_^
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2008
  2. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    For starters you can read up on the EV guide here, like how having EVs in numbers not divisible by 4 is pointless.
  3. Icosahedron

    Icosahedron レミオロメン♪

    In this case, it doesn't really matter since he DOES have 508 EVs spread out properly among stats. He just chose to place those extra 2 EVs in odd places, resulting in ugly-looking odd-numbered EV counts. I see where you're coming from, though.


    Rhyperior is a pretty bad lead. Also Life Orb works best with an offensive set like that imo.

    Electivire doesn't need that much Speed. Assuming your Speed IV is 31, you only need 152 EVs to outspeed everything that is non-boosted after Motor Drive activates. Put the spare EVs into HP so it can take some weaker special hits.

    No reason to lower Alakazam's Defense even further; use Modest/Timid with Choice Specs. Consider Trick or Shadow Ball over Charge Beam.

    Iron Tail is a horrible move on Infernape, who has much better options. Nasty Plot/Flamethrower/Grass Knot/Close Combat imo, standard MixApe.

    I wish I had a Clam Blissey. Water Pulse is lol, use Ice Beam or Seismic Toss if you can get it.

    Starmie's EV spread looks bad and unspecific, though I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. Spinning Starmie should have move EVs in HP and the defenses and less in Sp. Atk. Also, Leftovers > Choice Specs always on spinning variants, because being locked into a nonboosted base 20 physical attack would suck. Period.
  4. fireson360

    fireson360 MY HAIR ON FIRE!!

    Well rhyperior isn't my lead. I just haven't decied what to do for my lead. I was thinking probopass for lead, because of sleath rock. Plus I use stuff to side like yu-gi-oh. I have a siczor with life orb and the good stuff, and another inferape with the same stats. also I use inferape for phycial sweaper
  5. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    Physical sweeping Infernape is inferior to the mixed variant because it gets walled silly by common physical walls that are not weak to Fire or Fighting aka Hippowdon, Swampert, Weezing, etc. The set that Icosahedron suggested takes care of that.

    Though, if you still want to use physical Ape Flare Blitz / CC / U-Turn / Stone Edge or T-Punch is the best set. Stone Edge hits both Salamence and Gyarados hard, but T-Punch helps it deal with bulky waters like Suicune.

    Heracross is a major pain for your team though, as you have four pokemon that are weak against Fighting + Bug with nothing solid to resist that type combo. Gliscor / Weezing are all out Heracross counters, but if you want to go with resistances, defensive Salamence / Gyarados and Jirachi work well.
  6. fireson360

    fireson360 MY HAIR ON FIRE!!

    Half of the time I run my scizor instead of inferape. Before I go into battle I just flip a coin to see what to use. But if they do run Heracross I will use scizor and just aerial ace it and its dead in one hit because life orb and technician. and Icosahedron I don't understand this whole thing of IVs.
  7. Icosahedron

    Icosahedron レミオロメン♪

    To be honest, if you don't understand IVs then you won't do very well in competitive battling (i.e Wi-Fi battles). I suggest you read one or all of the following pages to familiarize yourself with IVs, which can have a fairly significant impact on your total stats:

    The SPPf EV Guide's quick and dirty explanation of IVs. Scroll down a bit to the bottom of the first post to find the section on IVs.
    SPP's guide to IVs.
    Smogon's introduction to IVs, as part of their comprehensive Breeding Guide.

    Note that all of these are fairly complicated. However, the payoff of learning about IVs (and consequently, breeding for better ones) is very rewarding. You will win more battles if you have better IVs, it's as simple as that.
  8. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    Suggesting that Scizor can somehow switch into a STAB Close Combat from Heracross without any form of HP or Def EV investment is simply ludicrous. The bottom line is, it can't.

    Max Atk Adamant natured Heracross with Choice Band using Close Combat against minimal HP / Def Adamant Scizor: 112.10% - 132.03%.

    I think you get the idea by now. Just because X has a move that counters Y doesn't mean X is a counter to Y. It has to be able to switch into Y in the first place.
  9. Shinobi5878

    Shinobi5878 Resident Bad A**

    Well...I understand. And I do think that your Infernape needs to run earthquake and grassknot...takes care of hippodon, swampert and i belive wheezing. And the only question I have is to someone who posted something about the bliss. How does it learn seismic toss. Serebii shows that it dosn't...and Smogon says that it does but dosnt tell us how. Really wondering about that.
  10. fireson360

    fireson360 MY HAIR ON FIRE!!

    So would I have to re-breed my inferape for navie nature and give him those movesets or can i just teach it grass knot because the IVs he has boosted his special attack to 116. I know its sounds stupid but I like my Infernape
  11. UltimoVenusaur

    UltimoVenusaur DracoFist FTW

    1 - Weezing's Ability is Levitate, so EQ doesn't hit it.

    2 - Blissey learns Seismic Toss via the Gen III move tutors.
  12. Braulio

    Braulio Devil's Advocate

    Wow... Re-Breed.
  13. fireson360

    fireson360 MY HAIR ON FIRE!!

    Is there anything esle wrong with my team?
  14. Gren Draco



    was tempted just to put that but didnt feel like being infracted xD

    u need evs divisable by four btw, thats a really silly mistake 2bh.

    does its evs make rhyperiors hp 404? coz i dont see anypoint in that if u dont run sub.., and are those SpD evs for anything special?

    e-vires ok...

    ala should just be timid@choice specs with trick, its the only real set that seems to do any good in OU, coz its other sets are just shadowed by azelf etc.

    definately use mixape,

    -GrassKnot/HP (ice)

    Blissey...replace bold with Clam....lol
    IceBeam or Seismic toss over waterpulse

    r u trying to rapid spin or sweep?
    dont do both, it doesnt work
    look at the sets on smogon coz i cba to put them

    hope that all helps
  15. fireson360

    fireson360 MY HAIR ON FIRE!!

    Well see here I was told to use 2 phy sweapers, 2 sp. sweapers, and 2 tanks/wall. I was thinking giving ala focus slash, because he take atleast two pokemon with him before he dies. And I'm trying to use starmie for rapid spins because I don't have anything to get raid spike, rock, and toxic spikes. I would like to keep rhyperior in because hes my first eved pokemon, I was going to rebreed blissy because her hp was ten pionts away from being maxed out. I gave rhyperior sp. def evs because he can stand two hits from aqua tail from an dragonite. And I'm trying to keep some of my team bl and ou.
  16. Gren Draco


    aqua tail is physical lmfao, and u never see dragonite anyways, no matter bout it with aqua tail, which is even rarer.

    no just use specszam, because he cant even 3hko the usual special walls, who will just switch in and merrily 2hko him.

    and yh just use bulkyStar with rapid spin
  17. Googleusedeat!

    Googleusedeat! Flaming Guitar Hero!

    Thats what they made switchig out for. In any event,Infernape can be walled, its true(half my team does this) but only consider it if you really have trouble taking out those pokes. I personally don't, but see ing the way the team is structured, than yes. The only reason I don't run it i because on my sweep set, I like that spot open for Thunderpunch. Try this set:

    Infernape@Life Orb
    255 Atk, 255 Spe
    Move 1: Swords Dance
    Move 2: Flare Blitz/Fire Punch
    Move 3: Close Combat
    Move 4: Thunderpunch/Grass Knot

    That should do it. Try it and you'll be hooked
  18. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    That EV spread made my eyes bleed.

    Before you 'lecture' me learn about the basic stuff first.
  19. Googleusedeat!

    Googleusedeat! Flaming Guitar Hero!

    excuse me, I like totaling my EVs to 510. It helps me know if i misscount or no. I don'tcare if you bleed to death because of your eye. and maybe I did overdoit a little. I check smogon
  20. fireson360

    fireson360 MY HAIR ON FIRE!!

    With the 510 evs a pokemon you can only max it out with 252 evs for two stats, but you have six left over evs.

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