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My Fuzedex


Ok here is what i call a fuzedex i am using for a fanfiction where a scientist finds a way to fuse pokemon together but an evil organization steal it and use it to create powerful pokemon while also fusing every other pokemon on earth

Enough about that here are some of the fused sprites i have made



Number1: Quaksta <still in progress
Number2: Turcano or Volturt
Number3: Gekflo <LOL I SUCK AT NAMES
Number4: i have no explanation!

LOL i think im terrible but they givme inspiration for my fan fic so there good enough for me C+C pleas


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The 2nd one is decent the others are pretty bad. Keep trying though.

The Pinoy

<--- Spookie
turtwig is awsome :)(but not that awseom)... its better than the rest...
btw.. what is geodudududude fused with?
(lol quaksta)