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My Gyms/Elite4 Teams fr my friends to battle.


;359;The Gyms get harder and so does the elite four, so it starts off easy And gets harder and harder and...Yeah. So, Please tell me what you think.

Also, I Want the gyms to be hard but not TOO Hard, Thats why most have a crap moveset.
Every gym they beat they win a pokemon of the gyms type, holding a rare Item.

(A Rival battle every 2 gyms)

Gym 1 : Type - Eletric
(Double battle)
Minus-Lvl 22-Quirky-Sitrus berry
Thunder Wave
Quick attack
Light Screen

Plus-Lvl 22-Quiet-Sitrus berry
Shock Wave
Thunder Wave
Quick Attack

Static-Lvl 26-Docile-Sitrus Berry (Yes Again -.-)
Thunder Wave

;310; Manetric
Static-Lvl 26-Docile-Chesto Berry
Quick Attack
Thunder Wave

I'll Be adding the other gyms info Later.
Any suggestions for items, moves, Stuff?
Oh, And no Adding pokemon, I Want the gyms to be gym like. (Well most)
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Hey Micky!

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As parasectdude said, this is a far cry from Competitive (and in turn is going to be placed in In-Game rate). In all honesty, this thread makes very little sense to me but whatever.


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What are we doing? I don't get you...