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My Hand Drawn Art~

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Lightning Dragon, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Heyoo all, it is I; Cobali, here to show you some of my hand drawn stuff Pokémon, and maybe some non Pokémon wise stuff by me.

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u.../IMG_20130202_130809_881_zpsfb205249.jpg.html here was my first try at a Serperior, its small... but oh well <_>

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u.../IMG_20130202_130749_824_zpsc6a77809.jpg.html my awesome PMD Sky one! :D loving this one.

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u.../IMG_20121230_090815_437_zps8f6c62f7.jpg.html A Dragonair I did for my friend, Sapphire. Alas, I'm very proud of this art.

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...03_144525_475_zpse5d1617e.jpg.html?sort=3&o=9 here is my colored in Ampharos... >~>

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...02_130901_901_zps3bb3038f.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 Pansage~

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...02_130836_502_zps15a302bf.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3 Latios, and Latias.

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...02_130823_469_zps886169e2.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4 PMD Explorers of Time And Darkness - Chimchar and Piplup

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...2_112619_201_zps41ec9ddf.jpg.html?sort=3&o=15 Reshiram

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...9_221413_676_zpse3b5815b.jpg.html?sort=3&o=30 an Absol I drew for my friend, Silver. Darn thing keeps on making me depressed ;^;

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u.../IMG_20130205_060805_112_zpseccecd7f.jpg.html Cheren fans, DONT KILL ME NOW. I know I failed ;^; I'm sorry.

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u.../IMG_20130209_155817_454_zps034ea4c0.jpg.html Here is an Axew.~

    I'm... not sure if this is the right thread... ^^; sorry if it ain't.

    I have a lot more to show you all... just very pain full to place here ;^;
    Do feel free to give me some pointers, I really want to go to college for art >~>​
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
  2. Escheria

    Escheria Ray Tracer

    I really like your drawings, you certainly have the talent for drawing! However, I see some technical parts that you should work on (the easier part to work on :3). You're a little sloppy with your lineart and colouring, so make sure you practice that a lot. Here are some tips:

    *For lineart, try to make the lines in one go and do them as smooth as you can get.
    *Colouring with pencils looks pretty if you do all your lines in the same direction. Also try not to leave any white spots in the colouring and keep the pressure more or less constant unless you're doing shading. Be patient and you'll get pretty results!

    Here are two examples of my pencil drawings to illustrate what I mean.
    This one is the style you're aiming for I guess, it's all pencils with clean lineart and solid colouring.

    And this one has more of my style in it, but I have it here to show you that you can do some neat shading using the same colour by varying the pressure, see the leaf.
  3. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Ah, I see... thanks >~> yeah, I just... get this odd habit of not staying in one line of shading >~> its just not what I do <~<

    I've got 2 I just finished for a friends birthday present... I'll show you all in the next post.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2013
  4. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    If you're getting into marker art, I'd first like to mention I was recently reintroduced to the medium three years ago while I was studying in art college. If you can ever afford them, even just one, you should definitely try out Tria, Pro or Copic Markers. Felts are generally a big no-no since they're difficult to control (Don't get me wrong, some people do fantastically with them, I'm just not one of them). They also leave behind an undesired streakiness.

    Pro and Copics, deeming you actually keep the surface wet with ink until you're done with the surface you're colouring, lay down a flat solid colour with no streakiness; which I believe is just the thing you're aiming for. I covered the materials I use for traditionally use in this quickly put together tutorial, where I drew using my Pro and Tria markers. Trias, while not quite the solid colour you're looking for, are excellent for layering and gradients. You can check the tutorial i put together here. I'll admit I still have a long way to go myself.

    Last of all, keep up the work. Don't be discouraged and keep drawing. As long as you keep going you'll always get better.
  5. moneylesswario

    moneylesswario Shudo's Powerhouses

    Ampharos link isn't showing me an Ampharos.

    I think I like the Serperior one the best, though. It's so short and chubby, but it gives him a unique flair, to say the least. I can still tell it's a Serperior, but it's different (in a good way). It reminds me of the manga-like style of the Generation 1 and 2 sprites, but with better graphics, obviously. Suddenly, I think the ofiicial Serperior is too tall...


    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
  6. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Kk. Fixed it

    Thank you very much! P:

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...05_060755_206_zpsfbc56386.jpg.html?sort=3&o=7 and http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u...05_060743_765_zps376bf699.jpg.html?sort=3&o=8 .
  7. moneylesswario

    moneylesswario Shudo's Powerhouses

    Oh, now I see Ampharos. I like the approach you took with it, but the lines (particularly the ones on its neck) are too straight.

    Zorua and Zoroark look odd, though it might be just me.
  8. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Thought so too, but they failed P:

    But... my Zoroark is supposed to resemble a card...
  9. Rai+

    Rai+ Well-Known Member

    I quite like these, and I can see you improving with each drawing :) I really like the PMD ones, I think the colouring is pretty good and I like a picture that fills a whole page! Would have been nicer if the picture was taken at a better angle, but that's neither here nor there. Your Latios and Latias have also been coloured in well, good choice of shade :) And I definitely love your Reshiram, there's so much going on with its shape I think you've done really well to get all that detail in.

    Perhaps you could try and make your lines a little more fluid? Try and use your wrist to curve the pencil once you've marked the general outline of the shape, and you only have to press on lightly otherwise it gets harder to control the pencil. You could try and use tracing paper for this if you didn't want to make preliminary marks on the page and have to rub them out. Sometimes the lines won't go away properly and the indent gets in the way! You could also try using mixed media, pencils are all well and good but I never really was able to get on with them because I tend to press down to hard or not enough...I don't know how you feel about paint? Can be messy and fun at the same time, and you don't have to worry too much about evenness.

    I agree with marioluigifan05 about the Servine, and how it's like the original art for pokemon. Cute and chubby!

    I didn't feel like lurking and thought I could try and give you a few tips and stuffs :p So, yeah! Keep it up and you'll get even better. Start experimenting :)
  10. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Thank youz :3

    I got nother drawing! :D

    http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/u.../IMG_20130303_134331_139_zpsd64584c6.jpg.html Shiny Larvesta <33333
  11. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Alright! I dunno if I can double post in my thread, updating what I drew... but here we go in case I can;

    Miles "Tails" Prower.
  12. yasei

    yasei Trainer and Artist

    Those are amazing drawins! I may suggest that if your pkemon has white parts (like Larvesta) dont leave the background white, try to add other color for contrast or paint the "white area" of the pokemon a bit grey-ish
    (Hope i explain myself n_nU i know my english is not the best)
  13. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    So I shouldn't leave the background white? D:

    Shaymin Skyforme, probably second best to my Dragonair.
  14. I personally like the Latios and Latias one! They look so pretty ;]

    AND I LOVE LATIOS AND LATIAS<3 Positioning looks great! ;D

    BTW I like the Shaymin Skyforme too~ Really great for being hand drawn >w<
  15. *=Pichu=*

    *=Pichu=* I love the Internet!

    Very good, I'd like to see you draw Pichu.

  16. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

  17. absolalone111

    absolalone111 Well-Known Member

    The shaymin skyforme is imo your best drawing. I'm not sur eif it's the angle that you've taken them at, but a lot of them seem quite disproportionate. Some of them also seem quite 2D and lacking in depth. You are definitely improving, the shaymin is proof of this. I'm also going to say now, you posted some of the pictures with captions about how you know you messed up, if anything, it would be better to avoid posting them at all. I have a rule for posting art, if I'm not proud of it, it isn't worth posting.
  18. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Thanks ^^

    After a year... Or, over... A f*ckin year... Or maybe all 16 years of my life...

    ...........I FINALLY MADE AN OC!!!!!!!!!!

    Arkis Epsilon Xyloto... [tw, she's on FB for you guys to friend and talk to me on there if you want ^^]
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2014
  19. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Bumping threads is against the rules, therefore I will be closing this.
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