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my have and want list.


New Member
have :

shiny charizard lvl 100 timid
shiny sceptile lvl 76 modest
shiny milotic lvl 41 bashfull
mew lvl 31
lugia 10aniv
celebi japan coloseum bonus dics

shiny pidgey
shiny taillow
shiny scizor
shiny sneasel
shiny starly
other shiny maybe
your milotic legit?
i have a shiny sneasel with a nickname


Heroes Clan Leader
i have a shiny starly but theres no way you would trade it for your shiny charizard is there


im just testing my new team on a diff ds in battle tower.

Im on last fight, think you can hold on a sec?


I want my badge! '-'
How about a shiny Latios for your Celebi? It's legit right?


I want my badge! '-'
Okay, just a sec, I'm with a little problem on WFC right now, it happens sometimes and it's very annoying... but it will be better in a few minutes, I'll post here when it works
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