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My Hero Academia!- The Federal Academic Institution of Extraordinaries (PG-15)


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When the luminscent baby was born, everything changed forever.

Humanity began being born with strange and supernatural capabilities. The Age of Heroes had begun. Over time, the amount of people with Quirks outnumbered the people who were born without them, confirming that it was just the rise of the new human (though when animals became born with Quirks, this also caused quite the stir to say the lea

With the rise of Quirks, various institiutions and organizations have rose up to deal with the rising population of people with Quirks. With the rise of heroic individuals, there were those who tried to exploit their fantastic new powers in the name of evil or for selfish purposes. While locations like U.A. High are open for talented youngsters to join in, other places are not the same and follow procedure differently.

Such is the case with the Federal Academic Institution of Extraordinaries in the United States of America. Founded by government agent and educator Xavier Clarkson, it was created so the government could safely take care and instruct gifted individuals. While some go on to join Hero organizations upbroad, others end up being becoming civil servants for the various Quirk-related factions of the government or become part of the local Hero agencies somewhere in the Unites States. While considered among the top-tier with some comparing it to the legendary U.A High School, a good deal of secrecy regarding logistics and higher purposes as well as the special mandates on being a government facility have made it unable to be judged by traditional academic standards.

Nonetheless though, the school is highly spoken of and they are relatively transparent on matters such as everyday life, the duties and so on regarding becoming a student and later graduate of the FAIE.

While the institution initially accepted students with powerful Quirks, as the population shifted and a greater number of unlicensed vigiliantes were able to succeed with moderate or mild quirks, the educational system was revamped to be more inclusive. Formally known as the Educational Federal Bureau of Quirks, everything changed when a certain incident happened. When a former valedictorian turned villain, she was stopped by a Quirkless unlicnesed vigiliante, relying merely on constructed technologies. The Bureau was thoroughly revamped into the FAIE. This was done not only to include Quirkless extraordinary individuals, but others who possessed specific anomalies, such as cyborgs leftover from the Tomorrow Foundation and other uncategorical individuals who possess Extraordinary capabilities.

Either through application or examination by agents, you have been selected for your capabilities to become a student of the FAIE.

While public and private schools now have programs for Quirk-users, the FAIE looks for the best and brightest to be let in. They see past the various troubles and problems to bring out the inner good each young person has to offer to the world. Whether you have a Quirk, whether you are a normal human with inciredible smarts or talents, or whether you became a cyborg or however you were experimented on, you have the potential to benefit society and start a new life for yourself, hero!

You will face various dangers from current and former organizations, rebellious factions and unforeseen evils who threaten US and even the world. However, with your comrades, you will stand tall!

As the World's Symbol Of Peace And Justice, the great All-Might said, "You Can Become A Hero!"


Today is the first day! The first day at the Institution. You have been packing all weekend with what you will take with you to go to the dorms. You're standing in front of your home or designated area. It doesn't take long before a sleek black car arrives in front. It was a bit armored and on the doors was the logo for the FAIE. Stepping from the drivers' door was a man dressed in a suit came up.

"Today is the day!" he said as he is at the door.

"We have come to pick you up to take you to Faie City," the man said. Faie City was a large city constructed around the Institution. Filled with various businesses, recreation areas and other places, usually maintained and owned by current or former extraordinaries or other various individuals, such as retired veterans or government agents. Usually available by flight, you were going to be driven to the airport to be taken there.

Usually one or two cars arrived, namely when parents insisted on investigating the institute for themselves. Such as was the case with Diego's parents, who were helping carrying what he was going to be taking with him to the Institute.


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Lenny McConnor

A huge smile crept across Lenny's face as the car pulled up to his house. A trunk in his hands and a backpack on his back, his eyes glimmered with anticipation of what was to come. He set down the parcel, quickly turning around and giving his parents behind him a huge bear hug.
"Thank you so much, guys! I couldn't have gotten here without you!"
Lenny's mother smiled back and kissed him.
"Oh, Lenny, we're going to miss you..."
Lenny's father, a large man of stern attitude, nodded.
"Absolutely. I have the utmost faith in you. Make us proud."
Turning back around, Lenny grabbed his trunk, swiftly putting it and his backpack in the trunk of the car. Getting in the back of the car, Lenny rolled down his window and waved goodbye to his parents, and the home that he wouldn't see again until summer.


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Fenris Arkwright
Arkwright Household - Front Door

It was early morning. Both Fenris and his sister Akane were standing outside the door, a duffle bag slung over their backs as they waited for a car to come pick them up and take them to where they would spend the next few years of their lives - the FAIE, the Federal Academic Institution of Extraordinaries, where the best of the best from all around the country were gathered. It would be the first step on their journey to become a hero, although neither was quite sure why they even wanted to be one of those often-crazy men running around kicking bad people’s asses like some sort of justice dispenser.

Fenrir had insisted that they take the black car provided by the FAIE instead of just going to the airport themselves. The cool wind that signalled the end of summer and the coming of autumn blew over them, causing his loose shirt and long hair to fly in all sorts of directions, like a scene from some action movie. He chuckled slightly - his sister was sure to be enjoying this. After all, it almost reeked of the 'hero sets out on adventure' vibe that characterised almost all the beginnings of the shounen manga she loved. With a sigh, he stepped back a bit to stand side-to-side with the red-haired girl who was no doubt nervous AF at the moment.

His sister Akane had always been his father’s prodigy, and he had been left to the side. That was fine with him - he didn’t want the limelight, in fact, he detested it. This girl comprised all of his meagre ambitions and hopes for the future, something he kept telling himself was unhealthy but could do nothing about. At this moment, she appeared calmer than he had expected her to be, although her two long braids kept tying themselves in knots and then untying themselves - a sure sign that she was nervous. He was glad that she allowed herself to let down her guard around him. While he was sure he would still be able to figure her out even if she insisted on keeping her mask on around him, the fact that she chose not to spoke volumes about their mutual trust, and made his ‘job’ easier.

The black car pulled up with a screech, and Fenris could immediately see that it was an armoured vehicle - these guys were wasting no time on precautions, even though Fenris was pretty sure that they knew anything that could pose a danger to the talented youngsters they were ferrying around wouldn’t be fazed by something like an armoured car. The driver’s door opened and a man dressed in an immaculate suit stepped out. He had a toned dark skin and a perfect physique, his chin angular and features like stone. Had he been wearing sunglasses, Fenris was sure to have thought he was some sort of secret agent, but right now he just looked like some sort of really fit businessman.

His sister seemed to think the same way, and she turned around to talk through the side of her mouth, as if not wanting to be heard. “He looks like some bad guy out of a James Bond movie.” she muttered, sounding both exited and scared at the same time. “Wonder where he’s taking us.”

"We have come to pick you up to take you to FAIE City," the man said, his tone still formal and businesslike despite addressing two scruffily dressed and still half-asleep children. Fenrir couldn’t help but feel that his own loose white shirt and his sisters even stranger choice of clothing was horribly out of place here, but didn’t quite show it.

“Crap, did he hear me?” Akane muttered again, sounding a little bit more scared than was probably expected for a situation like this. Fenris could tell that she was probably just joking, but pretended not to notice it. Just let her have her fun - she didn’t do things like pretend to be scared in front of other people. In fact, it would probably be a while before they could joke around like this again. Boys and Girls most likely had separate dorms (security was tight around the FAIE, and despite his better efforts, he had been unable to find out a lot about the institute), and although he had requested that they be allowed to stay together, he was pretty sure the request wouldn’t be granted.

“I doubt it.” Fenris replied, keeping his voice low as well, although his was more of a stage-whisper than an actual one. After all, there was no harm in letting that guy hear him, and if he was smart enough to respond, it’d help break the proverbial ice between them. “Unless he has some sort of hearing aid on the insides of his ears or quirk, I doubt he’d be able to pick up on it.”

The man chuckled good-naturedly and waved his hand. “I do, actually.” he said, grinning, and turned around to gesture for the two of them to enter the car. “But that’s not important right now. Feel free to talk about anything you like on the car - I’ll keep it confidential for you.” His tone was like that of a knowing grandparent allowing the kids to get away with something their parents disapproved of, and there was something vaguely patronising about it, but Fenris didn’t mind. A kid would have to be stupid to complain when his grandma offers him candy that his parents had forbidden him to eat.

He smiled back at the man and got into the car, pulling his sister in after him. He didn’t say goodbye to his adopted father - the old man slept in late, and he had taken his leave the day before. As the door slammed shut after them, he lay back on his seat and closed his eyes. It was early morning, and he wanted some more sleep.
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Fairy type Trainer
Leo Silverstone
Silverstone Household - Front Door

Leo was standing outside his house with his pink backpack on his back, and carrying his luggage in both hands. His sisters were standing outside with mom. His mother had to work that day, so she wasn't there. He said goodbye to her yesterday.

"Do you really have to go?!" Lucy, Leo's youngest sister asked her big brother.

Leo smiled warmly at her. "Yeah, I do... But Lilly will be here with you! I'll be back during the summer, and I'll write, skype, and call when I get a chance. You won't even notice I'm gone."

"But who's gonna watch MLP with me?!" The younger girl protested. "Lilly never wants to do anything fun!"

At this, the bespectacled middle sister rolled her eyes. She was also the first one to notice the black car pulling up to the front of the house. "Oh look, your ride is here..."

Leo immediately pulled both of his sisters into a group hug. "I'll really miss you guys so much!" He then let go of them and made his way towards the car. "Bye! Take care of yourselves! And be good while I'm gone, K! I love you guys!" Leo frantically waved good bye to them before getting inside the car, and then the driver drove away while Lucy waved goodbye in response, and Lilly just walked back into the house.
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Silas Denver
Denver Household

Today was the day. Today was the day. Today was the day. Today was the day. There were no words to express Silas' hype at this moment. He was practically vibrating in anticipation. After he had nailed the entrance exam, there were only a matter of time until he would receive his acceptance letter. His parents were thrilled, though a little worried. They did, however, always support him, and today was no exception. Today was the day of celebration. His mom had whipped together his favorite meal and his dad was telling legendary stories of his time as... a supervillain. Though Alain didn't care or even understood, he was hyped that in his eyes, his dad was this amazing retired superhero, more awesome than All Might himself. His mother could only roll with her eyes over the sight. They looked like twin brothers now, telling about that one time they robbed a bank and got away with it, while the other interpret it as a heroic deed.

When the time came, the doorbell rang, and alain was first to the door, practically ripping it open. "We have come to pick you up to take you to FAIE City,", the man said. he was huge! With dark sunglasses, a dark suit and one of those ear-bud things. he looked like a superspy, it was so awesome!. Alain quickly straightened his back and shook his hand, formally introducing himself. His dad then came over with his luggage. The suit-guy seemed to recognize him, as they exchanged nods to each other in a stern fashion. Alain picked his bags up and sprinted to the car.

Almost forgetting to hug his parents goodbye, he sprinted back to the car and jumped into the backseat. The sentence "It's happening" was playing on repeat in his head, and he knew he'd have to regain his cool for when he got there. Being too hyped over something often hindered ones preformance. He'd experienced this in the entrance exam a week earlier, although he managed to salvage the situation. He didn't know what kinds of trials would be at the school, but he knew he would have to be focused for them. His dad hadn't gone there, for some reason, and his mother was quirkless. I'll wing it as it plays out, he thought, as the car drove off.


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Diego Vendrix
Atlanta Airport

The drive was mainly quiet as Diego was in the car with the Agents of the FAIE. However, he was mainly focused in listening to his music, and it allowed him to get lost in it, bringing a sense of contentment. Diego did look out the windows to see his parents talking in the car behind them with the agents in that car. Diego figured that his parents were getting their questions answered and being reassured. Diego took a deep breath while he continued to the music. He had everything packed. He looked down on the schedule given on how orientation would basically end up going as. First would be the actual move-in process and once everything was brought in, the students would then be summoned to the main building for a grand speech before informing being assigned their homeroom and then would began the week of testing. Showing off their powers and abilities while also preapring and designing their costumes with the help of the Department of Extraordinary Technologies.

When they arrived in the airport, Diego and his family followed the Agents into a nearby elevator. The agents then unlocked a secret panel and scanned their eye, handprints and vocal recognition before it went down ad revealed a secret floor. It was sleek and pretty high tech.

"All new students are taken here," an Agent said before Diego saw that he wasn't alone. There were various Agents coming in with various families and so on. "How are we all gonna fit on the plane?" Diego asked the Agent. The Agent smiled before he presseda button. The hall opened... and revealed a saucer-shaped aircraft.

"Who says the FAIE rely on airplanes?" he said before the Agents corralled the new students and the families inside the large flying saucers.


Why not both?
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Akane Arkwright
Armoured Car Transport Thing

This was the coolest thing that had ever happened to her since the day she realised she could set herself on fire. She was inside an armoured vehicle, driven by a guy who looked like an ex-spy, on her way to the place where she was about to begin her hero training. It was almost like a dream come true. She thanked god for the strange mutation she had been born with - had she not been able to consciously control all her body parts, she was sure she would have looked like a little girl who was on her way to see her childhood idol. Right now, the only thing that betrayed her excitement and nervousness was the fact that her two ankle-length braids were tying themselves into knots behind her back.

Her brother Fenris was asleep in the chair besides her. He had always been remarkably calm, so the fact that he was able to drop of to sleep casually in a situation like this did not surprise her. In fact, she had pretty much expected him to nod off the instant he got the chance.

Finding that the passing scenery was not enough to distract her, Akane turned and looked herself over in the mirror that she had ended up sitting in front of. She was wearing what could be called her 'normal' attire - a white shirt that had a elbow-length sleeve on the right and a long one on the left, the black cuff on the longer sleeve adorned with several orange stripes. It was unbuttoned all the way up to her chest, allowing the breeze to flow over the majority her torso, which helped with her chest pains. An orange tie was looped half-heartedly around her neck. She wore a pair of long, baggy grey trousers, with several tears in them, and a pair of nondescript black trainers. She was wearing a single fingerless black glove with an orange swirl on it on her right hand, which she had picked out at random earlier in the morning. All in all, it wasn't exactly what might be considered appropriate for such an occasion.

The driver, who seemed to notice her apprehension, broke the uneasy silence that had descended over the three of them. "Don't worry about that." he said, without looking over his shoulder. "I've had people show up in stranger outfits before." His voice was jovial, like he was chatting with an old friend.

"Is that so..." Akane replied, not really putting much heart into it. Her mind was elsewhere, busy trying to arrange her facial features and gestures in a way to hide her growing nervousness. Her left hand reached into her pocket, searching for her iPod and earphones.

"I heard you've got quite an interesting quirk." the guy continued, evidently trying to make some sort of conversation to ease her nerves, probably under the assumption that every recruit had them and she was just hiding it better than most. After all, she knew from experience that her mask of indifference was perfect. "Can I have a light?" He raised his right hand, which held a cigar, off the steering wheel and over his shoulder. So he had been given knowledge about the quirks of the kids he was ferrying around, and probably a bit about their personalities as well. That wasn't really a problem, so Akane put that thought to the back of her mind. It wasn't like she'd be seeing the guy often. As her hands plugged her earphones into her ears and turned up the volume, her left braid reached forward and burst into a small flame, lighting the guy's cigar for him.


They arrived at the airport a few minutes later, and Akane was the first one off the car, her duffle bag haphazardly slung over her shoulder, her brother following lazily behind her. The man parked the vehicle and lead them both to an elevator, making idle chatter along the way. She responded to all of his questions easily and good-naturedly, allowing Fenris to take over when she wasn't sure what to say, but her attention was elsewhere - namely, the AWESOME tech that the FAIE had at their disposal.

First off, the agent unlocked a panel hidden in the walls of the elevator with a tap of his ring finger (which had a ring on it. Akane had assumed it was a wedding ring, but now she was beginning to have her doubts). A machine popped up and blasted a small and harmless beam into each of their eyes, then beeped and released a small panel on which the three of them pressed their fingerprints. Throughout this entire process, Akane was spellbound, and she was pretty sure her eyes were sparkling like a child's - this was by far the coolest tech she had ever seen in her life, and she had seen some pretty cool stuff in her father's mansion. She almost felt like she was in some sci-fi novel, being prepped for entry to a space port. It was that cool. They even had a voice recognition test. Everything had a sort of sleek, glossy shine to it, which only added to the 'cool' factor.

"All the new students are taken here," the agent said, the neon lighting reflecting off his bald head. The elevator opened to reveal an entire floor that Akane had never known existed underneath this airport, and it was pretty damn cool. Other agents dressed in similar suits were escorting other, similarly confused/awed/tired looking students through the complex.

She had to make a conscious effort not to have the ends of her braids burst into flames when she saw the UFO. It was black, glossy, and ludicrously awesome, like something straight out of an alien movie. Needless to say, she was the first one into the flying saucer, her eyes glowing like those of a kitten looking with wonder at a new and shiny bed and litter-box it had been given.