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My Illustrations and a Prize Draw for you to win some Pokemon Art!


New Member
Hey everyone! I'm an Illustrator/designer who creates whimsical and cutesy Illustrations. Pokemon has been a HUGE influence on my work and therefore I'm going to do a fun prize draw where you get to win some digital artwork and choose the Pokemon who gets Illustrated in my style.

Here is a flock of diverse Sheep I finished the other day. Please give my facebook page a look if you want to see more: www.facebook.com/mikomiji

As a bit of a fun, I want to draw a Pokemon in this cutesy chibi style. Please comment on this Thread here telling me what character you would like to see. I will pick one at random by using an online random draw website.

If you like my facebook page, you will get the chance to win the completed piece as an original digital file! It will be signed and sent to you through email in high quality! The winner will be randomly drawn and announced in a few weeks!

Thank you to all who like and share!