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My In-Game Team


Agh! Almost had it!
Hoping for some feedback on the team that I used all through the game. I need some help on Held Items and I don't EV train...that is, I don't pay attention to the EVs I get.

Torterra (Sassy Nature) @ Miracle Seed (hoping to replace)
-Wood Hammer
-Leaf Storm
-Rock Climb (Forced to use HMs)

Staraptor (Naughty Nature) @ Shell Bell
-Close Combat
-Brave Bird

Azelf (Hasty Nature) @ Scope Lens
-Nasty Plot
-Shadow Ball

Luxray (Calm Nature) @ BlackGlasses

Toxicroak (Hardy Nature) @ Poison Barb
-Double Team
-Bulk Up
-Brick Break
-Poison Jab

Gastrodon (Adamant Nature) @ None
Storm Drain
Oh My God! Your Team Is Horrible! The Natures Are Disastrous!


Exams already?!
Oh My God! Your Team Is Horrible! The Natures Are Disastrous!

You could've been a bit nicer, you know? Plus, since it's in-game there's no reason to care for natures.

Anyway, for the actual rating...

First, three basics of moveset building:
Number 1: Don't put two attacking moves of the same type on the same Pokémon (like having both Leaf Storm and Wood Hammer on Torterra). If you have different typed attacks, you can score more super-effective hits on different types.
Number 2: For sweepers (i.e., Pokémon whose main role is attacking), choose whether you're gonna use Physical or Special attacks, depending on which of its stats is better. For example, Torterra has a higher Attack, so use Physical moves like Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Crunch, etc., instead of Special moves like Leaf Storm and the like.
Number 3: Don't use HMs on Pokémon for your team other than Surf and sometimes Waterfall. I know you said you were forced to use them, but you can always delete them at Canalave, and use an HM slave like Bibarel to use every HM.

What I mean is...

;389; Torterra @ Leftovers? (I'm not that good with items, really...)
- Wood Hammer
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Curse

Wood Hammer and Earthquake for STAB, Crunch just because it's a Physical attack it learns through level-up, and Curse lowers Speed (which couldn't already be lower anyway), but raises Attack and Defense. It's also learned through level-up.

For Staravia... Basically the only thing "wrong" are the two HM's, since the other two moves are good physical attacks running from its stronger Attack stat... Just replace one HM with another good physical attack like Return (for Normal STAB), and replace the other replace with Swords Dance to raise its attack.

I might do the other ones later... Hope I helped. :)


Agh! Almost had it!
thanks! My Staraptor used to know Roost, but i had to get rid of it for fog clear...and i'm going to alter my torterra now. I honestly can't remember why i decided to keep Leaf Storm...probably to kill time or take out someone with bad sp. def. Thanks again for the help