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::My Lame attempt at drawing Pokemon::

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Kaiviti, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*

    Okies well here it is....yeah its pathetic (the drawing not the ship...hugs ship)
    Yeah there are ALOT of mistakes...i can them see them myself!!
    Never was good at drawing Pokemon characters anyways.

    soo yesh Kaiviti shutup now and on to the piccy >.<


    maybe i will fix it up later........>.> (runs away)
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2005
  2. Lady Renegade

    Lady Renegade Beware the Lady!!

    well it sure aint lame...i really like this
  3. bass_forte

    bass_forte Guest

    *takes out eyes with spoons and replaces them with easter eggs*

    If that's lame, the rest of us are doomed. =P Awesome stuff, although's May's face doesn't look like her face.
  4. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*

    Thankyou Lady Renegade & bass forte!! ^^
    I was never good at drawing Pokemon...i find it very difficult...soo yeah i sorta tried drawing these two in my own style..well tried thats why May doesnt really, or doesn't look like May ^^;

    But thankyou everyone *hugs you all*
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2005
  5. Sinthirster

    Sinthirster Wondering...

    This is great! And you think that they are lame? o_O I love the anatomy of the two of them. It's alright that May doesn't look like her, I like it better this way XP Great work, I hope to see more of your pictures in the future ^_^
  6. umbreot

    umbreot God of Fusions

    He's being modest guys.

    But those pics are really good, but may doesn't look the same...she looks better! (sexy, mind you :D) Keep it up!
  7. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Kaiviti, that is AWESOME! Pokemon does seem hard to draw...but maybe it's just because I can't draw. XD It's cool to have your own style and everything. Shuu looks great. X3 Keep it up! :D
  8. Jetx

    Jetx hooray, it's Jetx!

    Stop being modest, just admit it, these pics are awesome!
  9. blueguy

    blueguy used Metronome!

    How DARE you call it pathetic! It's really excellent! If it were inked and colored it would make it even better.
  10. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*

    Thankyou everyone...and im not trying to be modest really...i've had bad experience in drawing Pokemon....thats why i stopped <.< and thats why i was afraid to post but i got encouraged by close friends to post it anyways!!

    Thankyou everyone for commenting, it means alot to me!!^^
  11. Xiang

    Xiang Well-Known Member

    CONTESTSHIPPING! CONTESTSHIPPING! *goes on for another six days* Yes! YOu drew a contestshippy pic! I'm so glad that such talent goes to such a worthy and kawaii cause. ^^

    AKEBOSHI Guest

    I don't know if you're just bluffing, is a hypocrite, is trying to be modest, that you just have low self-esteem, or if you're trying to lower other people's self-esteems, but that is not the equilvilent of lame D= Lame is when you find someone else's art, right click>save picture as and claim the crap as your own. You art continue to amaze me more and more, I can nevah make clean drawings that are as decent as yours; or at least not in a LONG time. I don't know your standards, but this is really amazing, and I mean it. i really love May's natural pose and how you blackened out places that are meant to be really dark or black. Her hair is very flowing and pretty, and not stiff the way I draw hair XD I also love your detail on the rose. However, even though May's pose is possible, the way you position her is kinda...I mean, she could easiliy fall over, but that is all.

    Loosen up! You're not drawing realism, so you don't need to stress that much to make the character "look like" the character, since the only thing you can probably do to his/her face is mimic the eye shape and the nose shape, if you know what I mean if you don't want to copy the style, which most people bite and flame at if the artist does copy the style.
  13. Emo Saria

    Emo Saria Be my Penguin <3

    *crosses out the word lame, changes it to the word, awsome!*
    These are really good! Would probably look a little better colored, but this is the best hand drawn drawing of may and drew i've seen in all my life being here, very good!
  14. Valkyrie X

    Valkyrie X Well-Known Member

    Dude, this is absolutely AWESOME. This isn't lame at all. You drew both May and Drew wonderfully...And they look so cute together!^_^

    Are you going to update this thread with more pics? If so, can you draw more May/Drew stuff? You don't have to, but I'd really appreciate it if you did.

  15. Evanji Axu

    Evanji Axu Guest

    Holy poomonkeys, that's awesome! *goes off and cries* I'd love to see a colored version.
  16. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*

    yep I love contestshipping too^^

    umm...I'm no hypocrite and no i don't bluff!! *sighs* I just had a bad experience drawing Pokemon thats all!! I use to draw Pokemon, i enjoyed it but stopped coz some one said i sucked <.< soooooo thats why i turned to drawing Sailor Moon!! So now i'm just cautious about posting Pokemon drawings, but thankyou for commenting Kidodi-sempai^^

    thankyou ^^

    Alto Mare Warrioress
    I have no idea if i will update this thread...drawing is like a on, off thing to me.

    Evanji Axu:
    Thankyou...the day i colour this piccy is the day i learn how to use photoshop^^;

    Thankyou everyone for commenting, and i'm sorry about the "lame" part, didn't mean to offend or make anyone angry, like i said i didn't have a good experience in drawing Pokemon so i didn't know what to expect.
  17. Maveryck85

    Maveryck85 Guest

    Well, if you guys read the thread... it says lame "ATTEMPT" not lame "ART"

    I've been in her position as well. Some artist like her and me are like that, we draw something and somehow we always think is crapy :p

    And Kaiviti, your attempt might be lame, but that art isn't. You did a great job. And besides, May is just wonderful. ^^

  18. Ket Shi

    Ket Shi Come on and SLAM!

    May's legs seem a little awkward, and something bothers me about her chin...

    But overall, a good and solid piece. It's not lame.
  19. Dude thats not lame thats AWESOME!!!!
  20. Solla-chan

    Solla-chan Coral Eye Trainer

    Damnnit girl it ain't a lame attempt or pathetic drawing! O_O why you always gotta say stuff like that about your art? You give yourself way too little credit. =(
    >=0 AND WHO DARES SAYS THAT KAIVITI CAN'T DRAW POKEMON CHARACTERS!? I'LL KIL...I mean give them a piece of my mind. ^^;
    Anyway, I love how you drew your renditions of May and Drew, instead of copying the "Pokemon anime" style, it makes the drawing more original. =D
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