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My latest happenings in FR/LG

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Go for it, it does sound good but only if you can trade for Larvitar and Taillow.

Thanks :)


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FR: I'm still hunting for Tangela. I think I'll just go on with my game and beat the Elite 4, go back to the Sevault Islands, and complete the Network Machine, so I can trade with my Emerald and clone my shiny Lapras and Venusaur. I'll do that once my shiny Lapras and Venusaur hit level 65. They're at level 56 and level 57 respectively as of right now.

LG: Still hunting for a shiny Zapdos. I'm almost positive that I'll never get a shiny one.


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LG: Still hunting for a shiny Zapdos. I'm almost positive that I'll never get a shiny one.

That's how I feel about my Squirtle. Part of me wants to give up and part of me wants to just keep trying until I get a shiny.

Anywho, Shiny Squirtle soft reset update: 400. Can't even do more than 100 a day without dying of boredom.

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i'm in the safari zone trying to get a Female Dratini...


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I've decided not to be so stale with my team, planning it beforehand, i'm just going to go with the flow :)

- Charmander, female, Naive, level 13.

Current location: Route 23


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I just got Fire Red and I am starting for the first time. I want my team to turn out like this:

Tell me what you think...


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Current location: Mt Moon

Charmeleon is at level 19, Pikachu at 18 and Clefairy at 17.

Which is the best pokemon from these; Dewgong, Poliwrath, Seadra (no evo :/), need a surfer and i've nominated those three.

Also possible additions will be Tangela, Exeggutor, Scyther, Dragonite and Weezing.
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I started a Scramble Challenge on my LF.

My final team will be:


My current team is:

Charmender Lv 12
Metapod Lv 7
Pidgey Lv 3

I'm currently training Metapod in Viridan (sp?) forest.
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