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My Little Pony: A Tail of Two Realms [RP Thread, Rated PG-13]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Billy Mays, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    In the magical land of Equestria, everything is at peace. Nightmare Moon has been transformed back into Princess Luna, Discord has been turned back into stone, and the Queen of the Changelings and her minions has been banished to regions unknown. All the ponies and other denizens of Equestria live in harmony; at least for the time being. But in a land far away, in the plane of another dimension, things aren't so fine and dandy.

    In another realm, there is a land called Sapiera. This is a land where humans are the main race, similer to the one we know. However, the realm of Sapiera has many key differences. Most technology in Sapiera is the same as Equestria's currently is, with early 1900's technology, with no traces of guns and limited explosive weaponry. Instead, the humans of Sapiera still fight with swords and bows, and also have magic. Not all humans can use magic, but select few have the power to wield it. These few "magic bearers" are held in high regard and are often well respected. Their magic works very similer to the magic of a unicorns, except they require special wands or staffs enchanted and designed to cast spells to be able to use magic.

    And unlike Equestria, Sapiera is not in a time of peace. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The land was for the longest time run by the royal bloodline of the Caer (pronounced K-air) family, And at the current moment, it still is; but that is the problem at the moment. When King Renais took power 11 years ago, everything went to hell. The mad king began to enslave villagers, and turn them into mindless slaves. He also began to create hordes of undead armies, turning them as well into mindless slaves, except in their case their fate is eternal. The border regions of the kingdom broke off, and formed a resistance force to fight the king. But in midst of all this, something else even worse was going to happen.

    It was 4 years ago when the people of Sapiera realized that their realm was dying. Entire provences would start to lose their color, and eventually...completely cease to exist. Holes formed in the land, entire black voids where there used to be land. Forunately, the spread is slow, and at the presant only 5% of the kingdom is currently...well, nothing. But the people of the land realized that they needed to do something about this. As the Resistance tried to come up with a way to save their world, they discovered that the mad king's kingdom was already coming up with a plan of their own. They had discovered how to travel to other worlds through portals created by magic, and were apparently already making plans on invading an alternate dimension. The Resistance was horrified of the idea of the kingdon taking claim of another people's world and leaving the Resistance in their realm to die, so they began to make their own portals to travel to this world as well.

    This is when the Sapierians discovered Equestria, And this is when Mohrieh, an old and wise wizard of the Resistance, foretold of a prophecy. He stated that there was a select few people in Equestria that held the key to not only stopping the Sapiera Kingdom, but also stop the "void" from destorying their realm, and that there were also a few humans destined to join them in saving both realms. With this, Mohrieh created the Destiny Emblems, which each one responded to the person they are linked to, who is "destined" to go on a quest to save both realms. Even though he himself created these emblems, Mohrieh stated that he did not know who any of the heroes were; except one, his only pupil Xavier Owens. Mohrieh gives his student his Destiney Emblem, as well as most of the other ones as well. Mohrieh tells him to go to Equestria, warn the ponies of the incoming invasion, and use the Destiny Emblems to find the heroes that Mohrieh talked about. Mohrieh keeps a few of the Destiny Emblems himself, as they belong to humans still in Sapiera.

    This is where you come in. Whether you're a simple farmer pony in Appleoosa, a regal unicorn in Canterlot, a human knight fighting for the Resistance, or any other person/pony, you always have one thing in common: for some reason or another, you're one of the heroes that Mohrieh told of. Will you be able to help the Resistance stop the invasion, or will you be powerless against their army, causing Equestria to fall into ruin? And what of the mysterious voids appearing in Sapiera? Can they be stopped, or is Sapiera doomed to disappear forever, and if it does, will Equestria be next? All of this and more will be revealed in...

    My Little Pony: A Tail of Two Realms

    There are five choices for what race to be: Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Human, and Other.

    Earth Pony: Should be self explanatory. Earth Ponies have the advantage of being strong and athletic, however they don't have any special powers. If you are an Earth Pony, you should probably be starting in either Ponyville or Appleoosa.

    Pegasus: Once again, self-explanatory. Pegasi can fly, and control the weather, and they tend to be more athletic than Unicorns, but not as much as Earth Ponies. If you are a Pegasus, you should probably be starting in either Ponyville or Cloudsdale.

    Unicorn: Again, self-explanatory. A Unicorn's advantage is probably the most obvious; they can, and specalize, in using magic. However, Unicorns tend to not be as strong or as athletic as other races. If you are a Unicorn, you should probably be starting in either Ponyville or Canterlot.

    Human: A Human from Sapiera. One day, a wizard came to you to tell you that the great wizard Mohrieh wishes to see you at Fort Darius (a fort for the Resistance). When you get there, you see that Mohrieh is waiting for you, and that you weren't the only one told to come. He tells you that you are a "Hero of Destiny" as he calls it, and gives each of you a Destiny Emblem. He tells you that he has already sent his pupil into Equestria, and that you must go as well and try and find him. You ask why, but he tells you that "all will be revealed in time". So you head into the portal, and end up somewhere in Equestria. Humans have the advantage of being essentially a jack-of-all-trades. Humans can do pretty much anything, but generally not as well as other races. Some humans are strong, some can use magic, and some can even fly through the use of enchanted items. For how your character would fight, think of D&D classes. Theives, Wizards, Archers, Paladins, etc. That kind of stuff. Note that although a Human can pretty much be anything, it's pretty much impossible for one to be more than one thing (like you wouldn't have a Wizard Knight). You can pretty much start at any point in Equestria, but I'd suggest starting at the same spot as the other Humans (besides Xavier), and that you start somewhere near a town (like Ponyville).

    Other: Pretty much all the sentient races in Equestria that aren't Earth Ponies, Pegasi, or Unicorns. Alicorns, Dragons, Changelings, Griffins, Minotaurs, and Diamond Dogs are just a couple of examples. What you can do and where you start depend on what you are. I can give details about a race if asked. I'd like there to be a higher amount of regular ponies over Humans and Others, and more Humans than Others.

    NOTE: I will probably not be accepting Alicorns. You can sign up as one, but your sign up needs to be extremely exceptional for me to accept it. I'll probably be pretty picky with most races that classify as "Other" in fact

    There are 12 forms of magic in the RP; 9 of which can be used by anyone from the start. You can either specialize in one kind of magic, or be able to do two different kinds, at the cost of potentcy. The races that can use magic at the start are: Unicorns, Humans, and for Other races, Changelings and Alicorns.

    Later on, you may be able to learn other forms of magic. It may even be possible for races that normally can't use magic to be able to later.

    Light Magic
    Light: Controling light (Example: Blinding enemies with light, bending light into a consentrated beam to burn enemies with).
    Mind: Contol of memory spells and mind altering spells. Users of Mind magic are also better at Telekinesis (Example: Using a memory spell to make someome remember/forget something, being able to lift much more with telekinesis than most magic users).
    Restoration: Healing or mending living things (Example: Healing a wound or curing an illness with magic).
    Spirit (Not avalible to players): Being able to communicate with the dead and bring back spirits into physical form to fight with. Is an extremely rare form of magic, that only a select few Humans called "Windwhisperers" can use. (Example: Talking to the dead, bringing back spirits to fight for you).

    Neutral Magic
    Elemental: Control of the elements (Example: Creating Fire to launch at opponents, creating blizzards to freeze opponents).
    Guardian: Using spells that are meant specifically to prevent you or allies from getting hurt (Example: creating force fields, being able to teleport self and others).
    Alteration: Being able to change the form of self or others. This can range from minor changes, like giving yourself wings or fins, to complete tranformations, such as turning yourself into a bird or a fish (Example: Giving wings to fly with, or transforming into bird so target can fly).
    Dimensional (Not avalible at first, will be avalible later on): Control over dimensions. Is a very new form of magic, which is used to travel between realms (Example: Traveling between dimensions, using dimension bending powers to warp from one location to another).

    Dark Magic
    Shadow: Control of shadows or dark entities to fight with (Example: Enveloping opponents in shadows, hurting them and blinding them, creating a black hole to suck opponents into the center (but not destroy them)).
    Illusion: Using magic to trick or decieve (Example: Creating clones of self, or making self turn invisible).
    Destruction: Harming or maiming living things (Example: Using a spell to confuse and harm the opponent, using a spell to give an opponent an illness).
    Conjuration (Only avalible to Humans at start, can be used by others later on): A relitively new form of magic, used commonly by Sorcerors for the Sapiera Kingdom. Can be used to bring back and control the dead, or create odd malevolent entities to fight with (Example: Bringing back the dead, controlling those you bring back to life to do what you command against their will).

    Nothing here yet, I'll add stuff later.

    1. Standard Serebii rules apply.
    2. Try to make your posts long. Please. I'm not going to enforce this too hard, but you need to keep a post at a decent length.
    3. No bunnying without consent. As the GM, I reserve the right to do a small amount of bunnying (such as saying that the group as a whole arrives at a location), but normally when something comes around I will ask for your permission if I plan on doing anything with a character.
    4. Don't attack or belittle fellow RPers. I reserve the right of killing your character and kicking you out of the RP for repeated offences.
    5. CERTAIN NPCs are allowed to be bunnied. But not all. I'll probably add a part to the Index where I state whether a character is a bunniable NPC or not.
    6. Do not Godmod. Seriously, it ruins the fun for everyone else.
    7. The start of all posts should look like this:
    (Character's Name)
    (Character's Race)
    (Character's Location)
    Here's an example:
    Xavier Owens
    8. Have fun!
    Accepted Players:

    Xavier Owens, Male Human - Billy Mays
    Dr. Dawn Starshine, Female Unicorn - Billy Mays
    Halt Drakeson, Male Human - deltakurumiru4
    Narga Cuga, Female Pegasus-Dragon Hybrid - deltakurumiru4
    Prince SkyFall, Male Alicorn - SoulMuse
    Soaring Melody, Female Pegasus - Thecatteam
    Shadowflare, Male Pegasus - Krazy95
    Prince Cometspark, Male Alicorn - Krazy95
    Apple Bon Bon, Male Earth Pony - Chili
    Cynder, Female Zebra - Nightfall_​


    Beginning of Act 1: The Gathering of Heroes

    Xavier Owens
    Fort Darius, Portal Chamber

    "Good, you have arrived Xavier," my master Mohrieh said as I walked into the large room. The place was big, like a throne room, but instead of a throne for a king at the end of it, there was a large door like device with a glowing light eminating from the center. "Did you gather everything you require for your journey?" I nodded in responce. I didn't have too much with me, some food and water, a few changes of clothes, some other stuff.

    "Alright then. Xavier, come forward. I must give you something." I walked forward, and Mohrieh pulled out a necklace from a bag he held. It was golden colored, with a circle shaped piece on it that had two gems on it, one kind of a dark red, the other completely clear. "This, Xavier, is your Destiny Emblem. Take care of it, for it hold a great importance. Now take these as well." Mohrieh held up the bag carring several more of those Emblems. All of them looked the same except the ones other than mine had only one gem on it, and all of the gems were different colors. "These are the ones belonging to the heroes who reside beyond our realm. I shall keep the remaining ones for myself, as we have yet to locate the heroes of our realm whom these belong to." I nodded once more and started to make my way to the portal, when Mohrieh stopped me again. "Oh! I almost forgot. I have two more items to help you on your journey." I turned around, and saw Mohrieh take out two arm bracers and a ring with a ruby on it. "First, are these magic bracers. They work similarily to your wand, allowing you to use magic by shooting it from your hands while wearing these. These aren't as powerful as your wand however, so only use them in case of emergency. This other item," Mohrieh held up the ring. "is a Ring of Invisibility. It allows you to turn invisible for a short time. When you activate it, you and what you are wearing will disappear to others, but you will be able to see yourself just fine. When on, the ruby will glow. As you wear it's charge, the light will dim, until it fades completely and the cloak wears off. This item is very important, as there are many dangers ahead, including possible scouts from the Kingdom."

    Mohrieh gave me both items, and I put them on right away. They looked pretty cool actually. "Now go, my student! Go into the portal, and find the heroes! Warn them of the incoming invasion! Go...and save both our realm and theirs of certain doom!" I gave him one last nod and said, "Goodbye master. Thank you for teaching me all these years," before walking into the portal. As I stepped inside it, I felt a strange feeling of nausea, until everything went black...


    Xavier Owens
    Somewhere in Equestria

    I came out of the blackness to find myself several feet off the ground. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" I splashed into a river, which thankfully happened to be right under me. I climbed out, shivering intensely from the cold water, and checked my surroundings. I looked like I was on the outskirts of a forest, and it was in the middle of the night. Suddenly, I could hear a weird sound. I suddenly realized it was the necklace I was wearing, and held it up. I could feel the presence of others, but not here. They were somewhere far away, but in one direction in particular, the way the river was flowing, I could feel a bigger presence. Maybe Mohrieh was actually right about this thing having special power... I thought to myself, while staring at the necklace. I used a simple fire spell to warm myself and prevent me from catching hypothermea (which I don't know is possible here, after all, this IS a completely diffrent world, maybe hypothermea doesn't actually exist here), then make my way along the path of the river to whatever I'm feeling is over in that direction.

    (OoC: Only the intro post and probably one other post will be recycled. Everything else will be new.)
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
  2. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    OOC: YES. I'll post as Halt first, then with Narga when i have a good post for her planned out.

    Halt Drakeson
    Road to Fort Darius

    A single horse rider rides down a long road from the Royal City. The horse is a large stallion, about five feet tall at the shoulder. It's hair was light tan, with the mane and tail as well as small tufts above the hooves being white. A young man held onto the reigns as the war horse kicked up a large amount of dust as it ran through the forest. The fort was hidden, but that didn't keep it from the Kingdom. The young man riding the horse was a Royal Knight, said to be loyal to the King personally. At least, that's what the towns folk said. Halt was a spy of sorts. He was publically a member of the Kingdom, but he was a strong supporter of the Resistence. He felt that if he defected, it would draw too much attention to the Resistence, and they were getting enough pain as it was. His metal armor caught the rays of moonlight, and glinted. The large crest on his head shone partically bright, reflecting the light off of the sharpened surface. "I can see it in the distance. Attack speed Horace" said the man, leaning down to talk to the horse. It whinened, and flicked it's mane away from it's face. It added a burst of speed, and charged at the distant fort.

    At the fort, a small group of soldiers, about ten, guarded the gate. They heard the thunder of hooves, but it was too late. Halt descended upon them, disarming with downward strikes of his sword, cutting spears away and lashing out at soldiers. Two fell in the initial charge, both on the ground bleeding. Halt hacked at another trying to alert the rest of the Resistance, but fianlly they cornered him. "Seven left? You slacked off, Halt" mentioned one of the soldiers, before burting out into laughter. Halt joined in, as did the three men he knocked down. Halt dismounted.

    "Thanks for nothing guys. Take care of Horace for me, alright?" Halt chuckled. The men nodded, and Halt went into the fort.

    "Halt, you attacked our base and nearly cause a full army alert, and yet you come in here smiling?!" roared Moraih. Halt shrugged.

    "The soldiers that guard the gate are friends of mine, it's a little game we play" Halt defended.

    Moriah sighs. "Anyway, you know where you are going. Here." Moriah hands Halt a golden circle, with a small attachment that had a jewel. The jewel was silver, with a single silt of shapheire along it. Halt nods, and prosides into the teleporter.

    Halt Drakeson
    Somewhere outside of Ponyville

    Halt landed with a heavy *thud* as the teleporter landed him. He looked up, and took a quick survey of his surrondings. He looked about a mile walk from a small town. From what he could see, which wasn't much from the visor, it had only a few main buildings. A lot of houses, but not much else. He looked around. Closer to town and close to him was a large accard of apple trees. Halt shurgged, and drawing his blue claymore, marched into the accard.
  3. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Apple Bon Bon
    Male Earth Pony.
    Center of Ponyville.

    "Great! Thanks for all the help Apple Jack!" I said putting the Apple Pies in the cart. I walked to the center of town. "Sweet Delicious Apple Family Pies!" I called out through the streets. Three ponies came walking out to the center with hungry stomachs. "That'll be 3 bits for 2 pies sir." I smiled. "Good Price, my friends will be happy I got some fresh Apple Family Pies!" I couldn't help smiling and moved my cart. "Time to put this away!" I pushed the cart in the barn and raced down kicking up dust everywhere. "Today's the day I find a friend!" I laughed running towards the center of Ponyville. I wasn't looking where I was going and crashed right into a cart of Carrots. It littered over the ground. "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" "Watch where you are going kid." The angry Pony grumbled. I helped and walked away back to Apple Acre Orchards to be alone with my head down. I walked into the orchard and sat next to a tree. I turned and looked to the right. "What is that?"
  4. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Shadow Flare
    Male Pegasus
    Everfree Forest

    "Finished at last.... I said I'd get it done one day, and I have." Shadow Flare smiled at the log cabin in front of him. He then grinned, and stepped inside the small front room, the shack he once built as a child. Staring around, he realised just how small it actually had been. "Then again, I was only eight, but it was cramped when Nar was here... Hmph, better than the orphanage." Shadow sighed, and then walked through the rest of the cabin, going through his assorted boxes and belongings, turning his cabin into a proper house. By the time he had finished, it was getting dark. He lit the small light outside, and turned on a few lights he had managed to get working. He collapsed onto the sofa in the main room, spreading his wings out and relaxing himself. After a lot of work, albeit with help from a few Earth Ponies, he had finished his cabin and fulfilled a promise. But as it grew later, he readied himself for a night-time flight. Stepping outside, he flew up into the air slightly, and stared into the night sky. A mass of stars shone in the clear night sky, the bright specks dazzling him in the perfect darkness. Shadow flew faster and faster, until he was racing around the sky, before unleashing a small aura around him, turning his appearance into a fireball, blazing across the sky.

    At last, my life as a free pony begins.

    Prince Cometspark
    Male Alicorn

    "Prince Cometspark! Get back here, NOW." As the young Alicorn dashed past a guard, he froze, and his face paled. He knew he was in trouble when she shouted. He was in trouble as soon as someone used his full name anyway. He turned around slowly, holding a piece of fallen star in his mouth, and saw Princess Luna looming over him, glaring. Staring up at her, he dropped the rock into one of his hooves and smiled up at her.

    "Heya, Princess. Uh, do you want the rock back?" He smiled sweetly, trying to worm his way out of the situation. Luna sighed, and grabbed the rock.

    "You know very well I want it back, Sparky. You stole that piece of fallen star from the Observatory. For the fifth time this week." Sparky scowled, and tried to take the rock back.

    "But, Princess, I need it for my collection. It's one of the only things I haven't collected; a piece of fallen star is precious to my collection of all things astronomical and stuff!" Sparky kicked out angrily, and Luna sadly stared at the young Alicorn. She knew how much the piece of glowing blue rock meant to him, but it was one of only three fragments that Luna had in her possession in the Observatory. She turned to look away, before she felt Cometspark tug on her tail.

    "Yes, Prince?"

    "Um, if I can't have a piece of fallen star fragment, can I get a piece of mana-charged obsidian? It's still rare, but there's got to be some spare somewhere..." Luna chuckled slightly, and nodded her head.

    "Fine, I'll try to find you a piece of mana-charged Obsidian. Now, talking of your collection, in your room, off to bed. it's late." The young Prince nodded his head, grinning, and darted out of a window, flying up to his room. There was a static trail behind him, and Luna shook her head in disbelief. Before she could say anything, she heard one of her guards laugh. She turned to ask him what he was laughing at, then saw her tail. Where Cometspark had grabbed it, it had puffed up massively. Luna glared, and left swiftly. Her guards followed her, snickering all the way.

    OOC: To announce my bunnying of the NPC Princess Luna, this is due to the fact she spent a long time banished on the moon, and controls the night, so it would be viable to have her as having possession of the rare spatial artifacts Cometspark is enthused by.
  5. Thecatteam

    Thecatteam Well-Known Member

    Soaring Melody
    Female Pegasus

    As Melody's last student left for the day, she slumped back in her chair with a sigh. Running a shop and teaching lessons was exhausting! She didn't do both at the same time, of course. The shop alternated daily from open to closed; shop closed days were lesson days. Melody shook her head. This crazy schedule was getting to be too much, especially with more and more ponies requesting music lessons! For the hundredth time, Melody thought about getting an assistant... and finally decided. Today was the day she asked for help. She loved teaching, but she needed more time!
    Melody rushed to her room above the store and grabbed a pen and paper. She penned a notice reading:

    MELODY MUSIC Assistant Needed!
    I need somepony to run the shop part-time while I teach!
    No musical experience required; free lessons if desired.
    Come around to Melody Music to apply! Don't be shy if the shop's closed, I'll probably be around.
    Signed, Soaring Melody

    Melody read over the notice again, satisfied with her wording. She could no doubt ask her students if they wanted the position, but she felt the notice would be more fair to everypony who was enthusiastic about music, even if they weren't already taking lessons. Plus, she didn't want any of her students to be offended if she forgot to ask them! She penned a few more copies, grabbed some tape, and donned her saddlebags to distribute the flyers.
    On her way out the door, Melody surveyed the shop. Physical instruments were displayed at the front; racks of wind and brass instruments hung over a few pianos, while string instruments occupied the opposite wall. Further back was a display case full of reeds, mouthpieces, rosin, mutes, and other accessories. The rest of the store was taken up by shelves of sheet music; everything from Beethoofen to Hearth's Warming Eve carols.
    Melody shut the shop door and made sure the sign was flipped to closed. She taped a flyer on one of her display windows and headed to Ponyville town square.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
  6. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Narga Cuga
    Pegasus-Dragon hybrid
    Somewhere deep in Everfree Forest

    A few animals scampered around a small meadow, eating little bits of grass here and there. It was deep in the Everfree Forest, only having a small patch here and there still open to the sun. The meadow was such spot, and the animals enjoyed the momenterry patch of warmth. However, a new arrival stepped into the meadow, and growled. The animals looked, and scared by the sound and smell of the new commer, ran into the forest. Narga stepped more into the meadow, and started nibbling on the meadow grass.

    "How i wish to have sweet peaches again. Too bad, i can't buy them, with no bits" Narga rasped to herself, her raspy voice another deliteful by product of her transformation. Narga shivered, and curled herself into a small ball. Her scaled tail curled between her hind legs, and her three feet long wing extanded over her body. She tucked her head under her wing as well, and slowly drifted into sleep.

    When she awoke, she looked around. Her small mid afternoon nap turned into sleeping away the entire day. The stars shown in the sky, and Narga just looked up. She didn't know what she was looking for, she guessed her old friend Shadow. A tear fell down one of her eyes, and she spoke out to the night. "Shadow...where are you? I'm so scared...." Narga whispered to herself. She kept looking up when she saw what looked like a comet blaze through the sky. Her heart lept, and Narga ran in the direction of the nearest village, Ponyvile.

    OOC: Like Krazy's post, this takes place the night of the current day
  7. Nightfall_

    Nightfall_ Gamer Extrodinare

    Female Zebra
    Sweet Apple Acres

    "Thanks AJ." Cynder called, getting her daily worth of bits for helpin' out of the farm.

    "No problem, pardner." Applejack called, giving a slight wave. "It's gettin' dark, ya'all better be headin' home."

    "IT IS DARK!" Cynder yelled back, getting a chuckle in return.

    Cynder grumbled. Ponyville is always in peace and no lawyer is ever ever needed. She is forced to do work elsewhere, and she can't dream of surviving without work here. She looked and saw the white paint dripping letting a bit of the stripes shown. She sighed. She hated being known as a Zebra and hid her stripes. Few knew she was a zebra, but everyone thought she was odd. Probably AJ and Twilight were the only ones to know, but she had to tell Rarity...Cynder sighed and turned to the left, nose-to-nose with an unnaturally tall creature. [Halt Drakeson].

    She looked down and saw an odd creature. She cleared her voice, preparing the neccisary amount of volume needed to produce this amount of conemptment.


    She cleared her voice by 'ahem'ing, and then turned to the creature. She stepped right in front of the creature with an unaturally stern voice.

    "Who the buck are you? You seem to be tall and skinny, with a unnaturally...plump body. Er, no offense. I've never seen anything like you before. What properties do you have? Can you breathe fire? Use a great finger of justice? Have a great sense of smell? Can fly? Answer me." She told sternly and loudly, drawing up herself.

    [Don't know if I can bunny AJ or not, but I had to.]
  8. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Apple Bon Bon
    Earth Pony
    Heading to Ponyville once more.

    "The Zazapples are in season!" I smiled. "Better go and see if anything's new in town." I walked down the long rode to Ponyville and saw nothing but sales on food and a couple of other usual things. From far away I saw a note pinned on my mailbox. I ran up to it. It read: MELODY MUSIC Assistant Needed!
    I need somepony to run the shop part-time while I teach!
    No musical experience required; free lessons if desired.
    Come around to Melody Music to apply! Don't be shy if the shop's closed, I'll probably be around.
    Signed, Soaring Melody
    "Wow! Looks super fun and helpful! Maybe I could become a music teacher and it could be my time to earn my Cutie Mark!" "Soaring Melody!"
  9. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    (OoC: This post takes place the day after Xavier first came to Equestria.)

    Xavier Owens
    Everfree Forest

    I had been wandering in this forest for awhile now, and I was starting to get impatient. It seemed like it was daytime now, although I could barely tell since the canopy in this forest is so thick almost no light could get through. I continued to follow the river, hoping that it'd actually lead me towards a settlement.

    Suddenly, I hear rustling in some bushes.

    "Crap..." I say while thinking out loud, hoping that whatever was in the bush wasn't dangerous, and I take out my wand, just in case it is. I stand there in silence for about a minute or two before decide to keep moving, as thankfully it seemed that whatever was there didn't care about my presence.

    As I continued, I began to see light a light ahead. Hoping it was the exit to this dark forest, I run from the river towards the light as fast I can, eager to finally leave this miserable place. To my dismay, I find that it was simply a light from a cabin. I figured I could use a rest though, so I continue towards the cabin to check it out. It looked surprisingly new, despite myself assuming that it would look worn down, since it was in the middle of the forest. I walk up to the cabin, and knock on the door.

    "Hello? Anyone home?"
  10. Thecatteam

    Thecatteam Well-Known Member

    Soaring Melody
    Female Pegasus

    Soon after Melody finished posting a copy of her notice on the Ponyville message board, she heard someone call her name. She turned around to see Apple Bon Bon waving from the opposite side of the square. She trotted over to him.

    "I'd like to work at your shop, please!" he said earnestly.
    "That's great!" Melody replied. She didn't know Apple Bon Bon very well, but his enthusiastic reputation preceded him. He would be excellent at lending the shop some much needed excitement. "Come on by the shop tomorrow and I'll show you the ropes. If you do well, then you're hired!"
    "Thanks! See you tomorrow!" He galloped off.

    It was growing dark, so Melody returned to her shop. She left the notices up, just in case other ponies wanted the job as well. She made sure everything in she shop was tidy before going upstairs to her rooms. After a supper of greens with shredded carrot, she walked to her bed, ready to go to sleep. She happened to look out the window, and was struck by how bright the stars were.

    "It must be a new moon..." Melody thought while gazing at the night sky. "I haven't flown in--gosh, it must be three weeks..." She spontaneously thrust open the window and flew out. She made a few circuits of the town, noticing again how small it was compared to Canterlot. It was her home now, though; at least, it had a place in her heart.

    After a few loop-de-loops, Melody lay down on a cloud, exhausted. She was really out of shape. She had forgotten that while music was her special skill, flying had its charms as well...

    She stargazed and soon grew weary. When she was about to fall asleep, Melody was startled by a streak of fire arching across the sky in the direction of the Everfree Forest. By the time she was fully awake, it was gone, and she decided it was a dream. She stretched her wings, flew back down to her shop, and went to sleep.
  11. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt Drakeson
    Apple Acres, orchard

    Halt walked cautiously through the apple orchard, his claymore drawn. The shapphiere blade glinted in the waning sunlight, looking more beautiful than when it is covered in blood. "Moriah said in his letter that his apprentice knows that i'm a friend, but i never met him, so unless Moriah described me, he might still make a mistake. I hope to avoid a fight." Halt said to himself. His nerves were calm and unbundled, as was part of his training. Halt chuckled to himself a little at the memory of his good times in the acadamy. However, his calm memory was suddenly intruppted by a very loud...pony?

    "HOLD IT, FARE THEE WEE!" bellowed a very loud pony. Halt stumbled back from the sheer volumne, and took a defensive stance, the blade held diagonally over his body. The pony cleared her voice by 'ahem'ing, and then turned to Halt. She stepped right in front of him and with an unaturally stern voice, started speaking.

    "Who the buck are you? You seem to be tall and skinny, with a unnaturally...plump body. Er, no offense. I've never seen anything like you before. What properties do you have? Can you breathe fire? Use a great finger of justice? Have a great sense of smell? Can fly? Answer me." She told sternly and loudly, drawing up herself. Halt stood there for a few seconds, a little stunned by her...bravado? Arrogance? Courage? Halt didn't know what to call it, so he decidded to awneser, though he kept his sword drawn.

    "My name is Halt Drakeson, Son of Drake, leader of the Royal Knights, personal guard to King Renias, and agent to the Resistence. I need to reduce that title somehow. Anyway, as for properties, I suppose being a cavaler is one, though i doubt you know what that is, thought it would be funny if you did. I'm a swordsman by trade, a knight by practice, and guardian by choice." Halt anwsered, relaxing his guard. He sheathed the claymore, and looked down to the pony. She was short to him, but he knows abot horses, and for her size, seemed to be a bit big. Her body was covered in white and black stripes, and her mane...just looked weird to Halt. "If you would, could you lead me to the nearest town? I'm afraid to say i'm a bit lost"
  12. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Apple Bon Bon
    Earth Pony

    "Soaring Melody! I'm ready!" I stumbled into her shop and saw a unusual instrument. "A tuba?" I touched it but was scared when a pony blew in it. "Eek!" I laughed and followed Soaring Melody. "Now this is an Oboe. It sounds like a duck." She played it. "I like ducks." I said looking at it. She kept showing me everything until I couldn't help it. "Is my cutie mark there yet?" I told her to look. "Nope." She said shaking her head. I sighed. Would I ever earn my cutie mark?
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