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My Little Pony: A Tail of Two Realms [Sign Ups, Rated PG-13]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Billy Mays, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Finally I have restarted this! I'm looking forward to seeing this Rp alive again.

    In the magical land of Equestria, everything is at peace. Nightmare Moon has been transformed back into Princess Luna, Discord has been turned back into stone, and the Queen of the Changelings and her minions has been banished to regions unknown. All the ponies and other denizens of Equestria live in harmony; at least for the time being. But in a land far away, in the plane of another dimension, things aren't so fine and dandy.

    In another realm, there is a land called Sapiera. This is a land where humans are the main race, similer to the one we know. However, the realm of Sapiera has many key differences. Most technology in Sapiera is the same as Equestria's currently is, with early 1900's technology, with no traces of guns and limited explosive weaponry. Instead, the humans of Sapiera still fight with swords and bows, and also have magic. Not all humans can use magic, but select few have the power to wield it. These few "magic bearers" are held in high regard and are often well respected. Their magic works very similer to the magic of a unicorns, except they require special wands or staffs enchanted and designed to cast spells to be able to use magic.

    And unlike Equestria, Sapiera is not in a time of peace. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The land was for the longest time run by the royal bloodline of the Caer (pronounced K-air) family, And at the current moment, it still is; but that is the problem at the moment. When King Renais took power 11 years ago, everything went to hell. The mad king began to enslave villagers, and turn them into mindless slaves. He also began to create hordes of undead armies, turning them as well into mindless slaves, except in their case their fate is eternal. The border regions of the kingdom broke off, and formed a resistance force to fight the king. But in midst of all this, something else even worse was going to happen.

    It was 4 years ago when the people of Sapiera realized that their realm was dying. Entire provences would start to lose their color, and eventually...completely cease to exist. Holes formed in the land, entire black voids where there used to be land. Forunately, the spread is slow, and at the presant only 5% of the kingdom is currently...well, nothing. But the people of the land realized that they needed to do something about this. As the Resistance tried to come up with a way to save their world, they discovered that the mad king's kingdom was already coming up with a plan of their own. They had discovered how to travel to other worlds through portals created by magic, and were apparently already making plans on invading an alternate dimension. The Resistance was horrified of the idea of the kingdon taking claim of another people's world and leaving the Resistance in their realm to die, so they began to make their own portals to travel to this world as well.

    This is when the Sapierians discovered Equestria, And this is when Mohrieh, an old and wise wizard of the Resistance, foretold of a prophecy. He stated that there was a select few people in Equestria that held the key to not only stopping the Sapiera Kingdom, but also stop the "void" from destorying their realm, and that there were also a few humans destined to join them in saving both realms. With this, Mohrieh created the Destiny Emblems, which each one responded to the person they are linked to, who is "destined" to go on a quest to save both realms. Even though he himself created these emblems, Mohrieh stated that he did not know who any of the heroes were; except one, his only pupil Xavier Owens. Mohrieh gives his student his Destiney Emblem, as well as most of the other ones as well. Mohrieh tells him to go to Equestria, warn the ponies of the incoming invasion, and use the Destiny Emblems to find the heroes that Mohrieh talked about. Mohrieh keeps a few of the Destiny Emblems himself, as they belong to humans still in Sapiera.

    This is where you come in. Whether you're a simple farmer pony in Appleoosa, a regal unicorn in Canterlot, a human knight fighting for the Resistance, or any other person/pony, you always have one thing in common: for some reason or another, you're one of the heroes that Mohrieh told of. Will you be able to help the Resistance stop the invasion, or will you be powerless against their army, causing Equestria to fall into ruin? And what of the mysterious voids appearing in Sapiera? Can they be stopped, or is Sapiera doomed to disappear forever, and if it does, will Equestria be next? All of this and more will be revealed in...

    My Little Pony: A Tail of Two Realms


    There are five choices for what race to be: Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Human, and Other.

    Earth Pony: Should be self explanatory. Earth Ponies have the advantage of being strong and athletic, however they don't have any special powers. If you are an Earth Pony, you should probably be starting in either Ponyville or Appleoosa.

    Pegasus: Once again, self-explanatory. Pegasi can fly, and control the weather, and they tend to be more athletic than Unicorns, but not as much as Earth Ponies. If you are a Pegasus, you should probably be starting in either Ponyville or Cloudsdale.

    Unicorn: Again, self-explanatory. A Unicorn's advantage is probably the most obvious; they can, and specalize, in using magic. However, Unicorns tend to not be as strong or as athletic as other races. If you are a Unicorn, you should probably be starting in either Ponyville or Canterlot.

    Human: A Human from Sapiera. One day, a wizard came to you to tell you that the great wizard Mohrieh wishes to see you at Fort Darius (a fort for the Resistance). When you get there, you see that Mohrieh is waiting for you, and that you weren't the only one told to come. He tells you that you are a "Hero of Destiny" as he calls it, and gives each of you a Destiny Emblem. He tells you that he has already sent his pupil into Equestria, and that you must go as well and try and find him. You ask why, but he tells you that "all will be revealed in time". So you head into the portal, and end up somewhere in Equestria. Humans have the advantage of being essentially a jack-of-all-trades. Humans can do pretty much anything, but generally not as well as other races. Some humans are strong, some can use magic, and some can even fly through the use of enchanted items. For how your character would fight, think of D&D classes. Theives, Wizards, Archers, Paladins, etc. That kind of stuff. Note that although a Human can pretty much be anything, it's pretty much impossible for one to be more than one thing (like you wouldn't have a Wizard Knight). You can pretty much start at any point in Equestria, but I'd suggest starting at the same spot as the other Humans (besides Xavier), and that you start somewhere near a town (like Ponyville).

    Other: Pretty much all the sentient races in Equestria that aren't Earth Ponies, Pegasi, or Unicorns. Alicorns, Dragons, Changelings, Griffins, Minotaurs, and Diamond Dogs are just a couple of examples. What you can do and where you start depend on what you are. I can give details about a race if asked. I'd like there to be a higher amount of regular ponies over Humans and Others, and more Humans than Others.

    NOTE: I will probably not be accepting Alicorns. You can sign up as one, but your sign up needs to be extremely exceptional for me to accept it. I'll probably be pretty picky with most races that classify as "Other" in fact.

    The Destiny Emblems

    The Destiny Emblems are medallions that hold a secret power. Each Destiny Emblem is made of gold, and is at the end of the chain is a round, disc like piece that has one or two gems on it. The gems are diffrent with each emblem, and are what is diffrent between each chosen's emblem. For example, Xavier's Destiny Emblem has a single light grey jewel on the center of it. Every character has a Destiny Emblem. Although they appear benign at first, they hold a secret power that is unlocked when all of the emblems meet their bearers...


    There are 12 forms of magic in the RP; 9 of which can be used by anyone from the start. You can either specialize in one kind of magic, or be able to do two different kinds, at the cost of potentcy. The races that can use magic at the start are: Unicorns, Humans, and for Other races, Changelings and Alicorns.

    Later on, you may be able to learn other forms of magic. It may even be possible for races that normally can't use magic to be able to later.

    Light Magic
    Light: Controling light (Example: Blinding enemies with light, bending light into a consentrated beam to burn enemies with).
    Mind: Contol of memory spells and mind altering spells. Users of Mind magic are also better at Telekinesis (Example: Using a memory spell to make someome remember/forget something, being able to lift much more with telekinesis than most magic users).
    Restoration: Healing or mending living things (Example: Healing a wound or curing an illness with magic).
    Spirit (Not avalible to players): Being able to communicate with the dead and bring back spirits into physical form to fight with. Is an extremely rare form of magic, that only a select few Humans called "Windwhisperers" can use. (Example: Talking to the dead, bringing back spirits to fight for you).

    Neutral Magic
    Elemental: Control of the elements (Example: Creating Fire to launch at opponents, creating blizzards to freeze opponents).
    Guardian: Using spells that are meant specifically to prevent you or allies from getting hurt (Example: creating force fields, being able to teleport self and others).
    Alteration: Being able to change the form of self or others. This can range from minor changes, like giving yourself wings or fins, to complete tranformations, such as turning yourself into a bird or a fish (Example: Giving wings to fly with, or transforming into bird so target can fly).
    Dimensional (Not avalible at first, will be avalible later on): Control over dimensions. Is a very new form of magic, which is used to travel between realms (Example: Traveling between dimensions, using dimension bending powers to warp from one location to another).

    Dark Magic
    Shadow: Control of shadows or dark entities to fight with (Example: Enveloping opponents in shadows, hurting them and blinding them, creating a black hole to suck opponents into the center (but not destroy them)).
    Illusion: Using magic to trick or decieve (Example: Creating clones of self, or making self turn invisible).
    Destruction: Harming or maiming living things (Example: Using a spell to confuse and harm the opponent, using a spell to give an opponent an illness).
    Conjuration (Only avalible to Humans at start, can be used by others later on): A relitively new form of magic, used commonly by Sorcerors for the Sapiera Kingdom. Can be used to bring back and control the dead, or create odd malevolent entities to fight with (Example: Bringing back the dead, controlling those you bring back to life to do what you command against their will).

    The Index

    This is a system I plan on employing for the RP. Basically, it will be a little dictionary for locations, objects, characters, and events in the story. This is meant for you, as the player, to be able to keep track of the plot easier, which is especially helpful when you're falling behind.


    1. Standard Serebii rules apply.
    2. Try to make your posts long. Please. I'm not going to enforce this too hard, but you need to keep a post at a decent length.
    3. No bunnying without consent. As the GM, I reserve the right to do a small amount of bunnying (such as saying that the group as a whole arrives at a location), but normally when something comes around I will ask for your permission if I plan on doing anything with a character.
    4. Don't attack or belittle fellow RPers. I reserve the right of killing your character and kicking you out of the RP for repeated offences.
    5. CERTAIN NPCs are allowed to be bunnied. But not all. I'll probably add a part to the Index where I state whether a character is a bunniable NPC or not.
    6. Do not Godmod. Seriously, it ruins the fun for everyone else.
    7. The start of all posts should look like this:
    (Character's Name)
    (Character's Race)
    (Character's Location)
    Here's an example:
    Xavier Owens
    8. Have fun!

    Sign Ups

    Alright, here's where you sign up. Note, I'm looking for a BALANCED group. Probably about 20% for each kind of character (1/5 Earth Pony, 1/5 Pegasi, etc.) I will allow you to have two characters, but no more then that.

    Name: Obvious.
    Age: Obvious (For dragons, please be 18 or under. It'd be too hard to deal with a 100 foot dragon.)
    Gender: Obvious.
    Race: Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Human, or one of the other races.
    Magic(If a magic user): Name one or two kinds of magic. Note that I mean specific forms of magic like Elemental and Shadow; not the general categories like Neutral or Dark. Only magic users need to put this part in.
    Skills: Any mentionable skills the character has. Not 100% nessesary, but I'd like to know what your character can do.

    Personality: What your character acts like. 5-7 Sentence minimum.

    Appearence: What your character looks like. Please be sure your character actually looks like a member of their race. Also be sure to describe what your Destiny Emblem looks like. 5-7 sentence minimum.

    Cutie Mark: What your cutie mark is. No real limit, but try to be descriptive. Take note that if you're young, you may not have your cutie mark yet. Only put this in if your character is an Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Alicorn, or Zebra.

    History: What happened to your character in the past, leading up to the events of the RP. 10-12 sentence minimum.

    Misc Info: Anything else you'd like to add, or ask.

    Accepted Players:

    Xavier Owens, Male Human - Billy Mays
    Dr. Dawn Starshine, Female Unicorn - Billy Mays
    Halt Drakeson, Male Human - deltakurumiru4
    Narga Cuga, Female Pegasus-Dragon Hybrid - deltakurumiru4
    Prince SkyFall, Male Alicorn - SoulMuse
    Soaring Melody, Female Pegasus - Thecatteam
    Shadowflare, Male Pegasus - Krazy95
    Prince Cometspark, Male Alicorn - Krazy95
    Apple Bon Bon, Male Earth Pony - Chili
    Cynder, Female Zebra - Nightfall_


    None currently.


    None currently.

    Get going with them sign ups lads!​
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2012
  2. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Bam! Claiming two spots. Probably the same two as previous, but I'd like to try for Alicorn, if possible. Besides, I have a couple of other characters that seem good to try, including said Alicorn. If need be, I'll make a more detailed reserve than usual, or whatever :)

    The other reserve will be a Pegasi please.
  3. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Reserved. As I've said before Soulmuse will be able to keep SkyFall as a character, if he so chooses. Other then that I will probably only allow one other Alicorns; possibly two, but that's unlikely.
  4. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Yes! It restarted! A reserve for a human as before, and maybe a Pegasus. I have a design I want to try out. I'll send you a VM Billy mays, about it first, but a reserve for a pegasus would be nice.
  5. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Hm. If I can't think of a new Pegasi to work with, I may use Shadow Flare, if that is still acceptable?
  6. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    @delta - Adding both reserves. Good to see you.

    @Krazy95 - Of course. Anyone from the old RP is allowed to use their old characters, with the probable exception of Zekshirom's.
  7. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Alrighty. I think Shadow Flare could work on his own without Zephyrix, although I have a very detailed SU for her now. But that'll just depend on... stuff.
  8. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Thank you. I think I just need a few edits to Halt's SU before I post that, but the Pegasus project might take a while.
  9. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Reserving Earth Pony. I'm thinking of doing a Unicorn too, but I'm not too sure. I'll see how the Earth Pony goes first.
  10. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Alright, SkyFall is here, and I am working out if I want to reuse Ian or not. Can you VM me with some more specifics on what Conjuration magic can do? I have and idea, but I am not sure if it would work. Anyway, SkyFall:

    Name: Prince SkyFall.
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Race: Alicorn.
    Magic: Neutral: Guardian and Elemental
    Skills: SkyFall is not exactly an incredible flyer; he prefers to use his magic for transportation or whatever it is that he happens to be doing. His moderately skilled in Guardian Magic and Elemental magic, but is not really near mastery of either. His skill in Guardian magic is limited to localized force fields (Covering one or two ponies), and teleporting over short distances with up to two extra people. The more people involved in teleporting the more exhausting. With Elemental Magic he can create fire balls, and bolts of lightning that can do varying amounts of damage. If the substance being changed in directly present the amount of energy used is significantly less.

    Personality: SkyFall spends most of him time secluded and avoiding contact with any other ponies. When he does have to interact with others, he tends to be curt and somewhat rude, as he just wants to get the conversation over with as fast as possible, so he can get back to being alone. Very independent and disliking the concept of relying on others, SkyFall will none the less ask for help if something is out of his depth. Despite his recluse tendencies SkyFall does care about what others think, although his blunt nature and mannerisms would tend to indicate otherwise. SkyFall firmly believes in being just and fair not matter the situation, and has a strict moral code that he does not deviate from; it should be noted that his morals do not include politeness.

    Appearance: SkyFall is tall for an Alicorn, standing about five foot six at the shoulder, and the top of his head is about six foot four inches above the ground. His coat is a deep purple, almost black, that seems to suck up light around it. His eyes are a shade of grey that strongly resembles storm clouds. His mane is a lighter shade of blue, with a streak of silver down the middle of it. SkyFall’s wings are typically folded tightly against his body, but when spread, appear to have little dots of silver on them, almost like stars.

    Cutie Mark: SkyFall’s Cutie mark is a sword stuck in the middle of an open book.

    History: SkyFall was born in Canterlot, as a part of the royal family. From an early age, not only was he was obviously fairly intelligent. He showed a great aptitude and interest in magic. His skills in magic were quite impressive by the time he was ten, impressing his teachers, and drawing the interest of Princess Celestia to him. He found his Cutie Mark about this time, and began to devote all of his time to learning magic.

    After two more years, the ruling Princess had a proposal for SkyFall; He could have an entire tower to himself to study and learn about magic in peace, as long as he provided public knowledge of his findings, and dug through the Royal Archives and translated old tomes that hadn’t been touched in hundred of years, and determined what was safe and what wasn’t. SkyFall took to the task with vigor.

    Over the course of the next decade or so, SkyFall’s research unveiled some fairly mundane spells, and some that should never have been invented at all, and were hidden away. His knowledge of the intricacies expanded from simple spells in just the fields he had studied, to having a theoretical understanding of all forms of magic know to ponies.

    Around this time, the Princess asked SkyFall to start looking into magic to help ponies that had problems, such as spells that might be able to restore vision or hearing to ponies that lost either one, or even a way to create a viable form of prosthetic limbs. Other ideas included creating fire that didn’t generate heat, but burned forever. The intellectual in SkyFall took to the task of gusto. He hasn’t had much success yet, but with some help, SkyFall is adamant that he can succeed.

    Misc Info: SkyFall does not often use his title, but instead has everyone refer to him as SkyFall. He is the foremost magical authority in Canterlot Castle, and spends a lot of his time locked up in his room learning everything he can about magic. While unable to use any magic beyond Elemental and Guardian magic, SkyFall understands and can lecture all day about any branch of magic known to pony kind.
  11. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    I am reserving a Earth Pony!
  12. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    @Norns & Chili - Earth Pony Reserved for both of you.

    @deltakurumiru4 - Halt is Accepted.

    @Soulmuse - SkyFall is Accepted.

    Just thought I should mention for returning players that I changed the Magic section a bit and I added a section about the Destiny Emblems because I realized I needed to describe them. I'm saying just in case because for the most part everything else is just copy and pasted from the original so you might've thought that rereading it wouldn't be nessesary, which I can understand.

    As for my characters, Xavier is definately returning. Golden Spire...well, it depends on how many other people sign up and how many Earth Ponies there are, or aren't. I'll post Xaiver's sign up either just before the RP starts or when I feel the thread needs a bump and don't really have much else to say otherwise. :p
  13. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Name: Narga Cuga

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Pegasus-dragon hybrid

    Magic(If a magic user):

    Skills: Narga is a little slower than a pegasi of the same age, since she isn’t used to her wings being so long and wide. The edges of her wings are sharp enough that with little momentum, she can cut through most objects with little effort. She also has control of the weather, and she excels with controlling the wind, which she uses to help her fly and compensate for her large wingspan.

    When angered to a certain point, the dragon DNA causes Narga to go into a ‘rage mode’ where her body empowers itself with the rage, causing her to move faster, become stronger, and her skin becomes tougher. The spikes along her tail stand up, and are capable of priecing steel. Her eyes glow red, and as she moves, the light traces behind her eyes.

    Personality: Narga hates her very existence, knowing that she was created just to win, win, win. She speaks in soft tones, hiding her voice, which is a mix between a dragon’s growl and a pony’s voice. Its grainy, but it has a female tone to it, like a young smoker. She has tried to kill herself once, but her only reason for being a freak, to be perfect, gave her a little strength to not go through with it. She now just shoulders the fact that she will forever be nothing but a freak, and even other ponies run away from her. She is very sensitive, and cries a lot in the forest alone. She rather be with some pony or with friends, but every time she tries, her kindness is never seen because of her body. She is very kind, and sees the needs of every other pony or any creature above her own, and will hurt herself just to do that sometimes.

    While she is very kind, she can be easy to make mad. When this happens, her rage starts to build, though her fragile self will break before this happens most times. When she wants to get angry, she loses control and enters a sort of ‘rage mode’ where all rationality is stripped from her mind and she goes ballistic. Her dragon DNA emflames, and she can’t even remember her own name during this. It lasts a short time, and afterwards, she usual slinks away and hides.

    Appearance: Narga was infected with dragon DNA while in the womb, so her body is a messed up combination of the two. Her body is an average four feet tall, though she looks smaller from her thin physique. Her body is a black color, while her underside and the inside of her legs is a pale grey. Her tail is not made of hair, but a thick black scaled tail, an inch thick, with several flat spikes along it. Her eyes are red, and glow when she is angry. Her wings are leathery, with sharp edges. They are black, and are each three feet long and one foot wide. Her mane is pitch black, and falls around her neck. Her tongue is forked, but while she never licks the air with it, its noticeable whenever she talks, earning her the nickname ‘Lizard Tongue’. Her Destiny Emblem has two chrystals in the shape of wings, one black, the other cream white.

    Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a cream white tornado with red eyes looking out from it. A black dragon extends out one side.

    History: Narga was the child of two pegasi, but her father wanted a child that could outperform the Wonder Bolts in every way. He eventually got a unicorn to use magic to bond the child while she was still in the womb with the abilities of a dragon, so she would become perfect in his mind. When Narga was born, her father was horrified at what he had done, and threw himself off of Cloudsdale. He was saved, but after they learned what he did, he was thrown in prison to rot for life. Her mother also hated what she had helped create, and when Narga was just three, threw her into an orphanage. While there, more of her dragonic traits began to show through, such as her lack of a hair tail, a forked tongue, and her voice began to sound grainy. She was constantly being made fun off, often called ‘Worm tail’ and ‘Lizard Tongue’. She was very lonely, but managed to find a friend in a pony known as Shadow Flare. He never saw her as a freak, and was able to help her through several hard times.

    But his help could only go so far. She may have loved him, but she knew that if it ever was, then he would be pulled down too, and she wasn’t worth that. She was a freak, a messed up abomination of an attempt to create perfection. She knew she should hate her father for doing this, but the fact that he just wanted her succeed made her hate herself for failing at what she was designed to do. Eventually, at the young age of ten, she decided to kill herself. She bought a small amount of rope at a store with the very little money she had, and walked back to the orphanage, prepared to hang herself. However, when she saw a sign for the Young Flyers competition, she decided to compete to see that despite herself, she might be able to accomplise one thing. She didn’t train for it incredible hard, but she did prepare herself for it none the less. Shadow Flare was able to give her plenty of needed morale support, and she loved him even more for it.

    That day Narga will never forget, for it was the day that she learned that she could try all she could, but she will always be the freak. She did alright during the first portion, but during the part where she had to spin the clouds, her wings cut through the cloud, and spilt it in half. Not only did she fail miserably, but she revealed to everyone, even the princess, that she was a freak. She couldn’t take it, and fled onto the ground, where she hid in the Everfree Forest ever since, only going into town for supplies. She hopes never to face Shadow Flare again, as she thought herself even lower since she simply ran when she exposed herself to everyone.

    Misc Info: To everyone really, is the origin story alright?

    And i lie again, and put forth the pegasus i have been working on for a while.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  14. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    That is certainly an interesting sign up delta. I am confused however how simply ejecting dragon sperm into the womb could casue a full blown mutation. It'd probably have to be more scientific than that. Or, you could even explain that it was caused by magic; after all, in Equestria (and somewhat in Sapiera, but not as much) magic itself seems to be treated like a form of science. Other then that, it looks excellent. I'll put it as Pending for now.

    I know for sure Xaiver would be simply fascinated by Narga, being a man (or rather teenager) of science. By the way the name is fine, but out of curiousity, does Narga Cuga mean anything, or is just a name you made up?
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  15. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    You know what? Thinking of Alicorns is a tough business. Is it okay to specialise in specific types of Magic within magic, like, being particularly good at Fire magic within elemental magic, but being awful at ice/water spells and so on?
  16. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Of course. But do you need to use Elemental Magic? Xavier and SkyFall already use that. :/
  17. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    True - I was thinking of an Alicorn who was electrical, but I guess another type could probably work well. I thought of shadows and the like, but Luna seems to have that role...

    Also, if I do keep my changeling character, naturally she has illusion as it is what her species do. She still has control over another type of magic right? As I'm struggling to narrow it down between these three.
  18. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Alright, i'll see what i can do. Actual, my friend wanted me to make her cursed, but i wanted it to be more grounded than that. Bite me. But in terms of her name, her design and concept of the bladed wings comes from a game known as monster hunter. A monster in that is called Nargacuga, and it has bladed wings, glowing red eyes, and the such.

    EDIT: i changed it to a unicorn used magic to infuse her with dragon DNA.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  19. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Alright, that sounds good. You are now Accepted.

    I want to put Xavier's Sign Up on the first page, so here it is.

    Name: Xavier Owens
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Magic(If a magic user): Elemental and Spirit
    Skills: Xavier is an extremely rare kind of human called a "Windwhisperer", which has the ability to channel spirits. He also has extensive knowledge with Elemental spells, being able to use fire, ice, lightning, and earth spells.

    Personality: Xavier is very wise and intelligent despite his age, so he tends to try to act logically. He has a sence for doing good, and wants to help others when needed. Although he loves to help others, he can also sometimes be cynical and looks down on others for stupid actions. Xavier generally tries to stay positive, and tries the best he can to look on the positive side of things. He's also a natural born leader, and likes to come up with plans to further his goals. Xavier is extremely determined to complete his quest, even if he does not understand it yet, for Xavier has faith in his master.

    Appearence: Xavier is 5'9, with a tall but skinny build. Like all Windwhisperers, Xavier was born with pale white skin and sky blue eyes. He also has messy, unkept dark brown hair, and some slightly noticable facial hair. Xavier always dresses in style! tends to wear a simple reddish brown robe (because, you know, wizards wear robes). However, if he isn't wearing that he'll just wear a simple shirt and pair of pants, he dresses more for confortablility than to look good. He knows all his spells my heart, so he doesn't need to carry around books, but he does have a backpack for carring other items, like the Destiny Emblems he's been entrusted with. Xavier's Destiny Emblem is a single grey gem on the center of the medallion, that almost has a mysertious aura to it.

    Cutie Mark: N/A

    History: Xavier Owens was born in a small village in the far south-west in the land of Sapiera. He lived the first few years of his life not even realizing the potential he held within, until at the age of 10, when he started to have odd dreams. In his dream, he could hear a distant voice calling for him, but he couldn't tell who it was, or why it was there. This continued for a couple of nights, until he started to hear the voice when he was awake, while no one was around and everything was silent. Xavier began to grow tired of it, and began to do research. One night, a week after he started having the dreams, Xavier was staying up late, reading some books, until he stumbled upon a book about spirits. As he read the book, suddenly Xavier heard the voice again, except it was growing louder. It grew louder and louder, until a white aura filled the room, and when it cleared an old friend of his older brother Payton, a man named Josh Hallard appeared. Josh had left to fight in the Resistance's military with Payton five months ago, but as he found out from Josh, Josh had died in battle two months ago. It was then from what Josh said and what he read in the book that Xavier realized he was a Windwhisperer.

    A few years passed since then. Ever since discorving his power, Xavier went to become the pupil of the great wizard Mohrieh, who also had knowledge with Spirit Magic, despite not being a Windwhisperer himself. It was only one week ago however when Mohrieh told Xavier about his prophecy, and Xavier's part in it. Eventually, Mohrieh brought Xavier to Fort Darius, gave Xavier his Destiny Emblem, as well as several others, and told him to go to the portal at the heart of the Fort into the strange land on the other side, find the other "Heroes of Destiny", and warn the people of that realm of the incomming invasion.

    Misc Info: Currently, the only spirit Xavier can call is Josh Hallard, an old friend of his brother Payton. Although if he was alive he'd be 23, he looks 18 due to him being 18 when he died. Josh Hallard is a soldier, who fights with a full suit of armor and a halberd. Xavier also casts his magic with a wand entrusted to him by Mohrieh.
  20. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Name: Prince Cometspark
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Alicorn
    Magic: Shadow Magic, Elemental Magic (only electric.) (I've VM'ed you about a change in this).
    Skills: Cometspark is a very fast flyer, but has to avoid landing on a cloud, as he has the ability to turn a normal rain shower into a thunderstorm, albeit with excessive draining of energy on his behalf. He is also very stealthy and quiet, when he needs to be.

    Personality: Prince Cometspark is not what people would expect from a member of the Royal Family. In fact, he is much like Cadence in that he is relaxed and much more informal in his attitudes. Cometspark tends to get very excitable when things go well for him, and he shoots around in the air, electricity crackling round him as he does. He tends to take life at a steady pace, at least, until his energy builds up and he lets it out in a massive rush. For someone in the royal family, he does have to keep control of his behaviour to an extent, but there are situations where he simply does what he likes, forgetting this, and ends up in trouble. His love of flying and space also means he ends up spending a lot of time at night flying. Yet, for a rather bouncy individual, out of the royal estates he is rather timid, and often struggles to cope in social situations. It isn't that he struggles to talk; it is more that he is scared of someone treating him with respect and honour more so than with the common chatter of the ordinary people. He doesn't like his royal blood making him different, and this makes him quite quiet and shy to the people around him, until something coaxes him out of it. He also has an obsession with machinery and ruins, spending a lot of time looking for mechanical relics from the past which he can start to make work again with his natural electrical charge. Cometspark has a slight stammer, until he talks about something he is passionate about, or is in a relaxed situation. he also likes to hang in the air upside-down when greeting someone if he was flying at the time of introduction. His antics are a little immature at times, but he still has an open mind and does respect others wishes, although reluctantly agreeing at many points.

    Appearance: Cometspark is a rather small Alicorn still, with a few years left to grow before reaching full height. He has a dark yellow fur, slightly tufted, that fades into black when it reaches his hooves, and the end of his face. His eyes are a bright red, his ears are black. His horn is a metallic black and his wings are similar to his body, but the opposite way round, being black until it reaches the tips. Cometspark's mane and tail, however, are perhaps the most striking thing about him. Both a deep blue colour, they stand out against his yellow and black body. His hooves are also of the same colour, and are zig-zagged. He wears a small scarf, much like the other Alicorns do. His is long and much more scarf-like than the others though.

    Cometspark's Destiny Emblem has two crystals in it – one is a small yellow crystal in the shape of a lightning bolt. The other, surrounding this one, is a large blue sapphire, in which the gap for the lightning bolt has been carved into.

    Cutie Mark: Cometspark's Cutie Mark is a black comet emitting blue thunderbolts in a sun shape.

    History: Prince Cometspark, known as Sparky by his friends, and Prince Sparky to the rest of Equestria, is the youngest Alicorn in Equestria at this time. The younger brother of Princess Cadence, and nephew to the Princesses Luna and Celestia, Cometspark had always been in the shadows of them, at least, after Luna had been returned from her banishment. His older sister was popular among the civilians of Canterlot, whereas the young prince was seen as a shy and quiet boy, with an annoying hyperactive edge. He was, however, good at flying and running, and had a natural spark. Literally. Cometspark would jolt electricity when embarrassed, angry, deeply upset, or when he was very happy. Since his birth, Cometspark had taken an avid interest in space and the stars, and would often fly over the equestrian skies from a young age, as young as four. In fact, by the time he was five, he had made appearances to people in places as far away as Ponyville and Cloudsdale. But during the day, Cometspark was the average young Alicorn. He studied a lot, and read a lot of books, and was asked to learn a type of magic. Loving the idea of stealth and surprise attacks, he chose to study Shadow magic. While learning, he became adept at cloaking himself in shadows, and became a big fan of creating small black-hole-like portals to attack with. This grew even more so when his interest with space piqued after studying astronomy. After the return of Princess Luna, Cometspark studied under her, and his knowledge of space vastly expanded. He spent a lot of time with Luna at night, flying across the skies, learning constellations and more about the Shadow magic he had started to learn.

    At the age of twelve, he finally gained his Cutie Mark, setting on learning about the cosmos and his own natural ability at controlling electricity. During the wedding of his older sister Cadence, Cometspark was a long way away, studying the cosmos from a mountainous perspective. He had even talked to dragons about their ancient knowledge of the stars, and studied documents they had kept on an ancient race who had powerful machinery, of which he wrote a document about, and gave to Celestia on his return, who added it into the Canterlot Library. His return came after hearing of the mass banishment of Changelings, and the events at Canterlot. Due to this, he helped to protect Canterlot, and accompanied his sister and her husband on trips, and, aged fourteen, he decided he wanted to attempt to mix in with normal people once more, heading into Cloudsdale to live there and learn of the electrical storms they made. However, his natural electrical charge interfered with the equipment, and created a large thunderstorm, of which it took a week to stop. Currently, Cometspark is spending his days capturing sparks and making machinery work, and is flying around at night, exploring the skies that he loves and knows from a deeper and much more personal view.

    Misc Info: Um, none? XD

    And here is character two, differed slightly from last time.

    Name: Shadow Flare
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Pegasus
    Skills: Shadow Flare is a very fast flyer and runner, and he has a fiery aura when travelling above a certain speed. He seems to be able to create fire when angered, and can make smoke pour from his mane, giving him a very intimidating aura.

    Personality: A teenage Pegasus with an attitude to suit his look, Shadow Flare is an overly dark and fiery member of the Pegasi. He is hard to communicate with, sarcastic, and aggressive. He finds trusting others hard, which often results in problems when he has to rely on others for his welfare. Shadow Flare has a fiery temper, and, when provoked, will often have to be held back by his allies and friends he has made. His aggression can get him into trouble, and often leads to him having to apologize, leaving him feeling humiliated. However, despite his arrogance and sarcasm, and the tough outer layer, he is a warm and friendly Pegasi, and will make sure the ones he shares a friendship know his loyalty to them, even if it results in him backing down and letting others beat him down. He is rather quirky, often making dark humorous comments and sharing his sarcasm among the others around him. He also is well-known among the population of Cloudsdale for his significant damage to market stalls and to the Cloudsdale Orphanage, of which he set parts of on fire multiple times during his life there.

    Appearance: Shadow Flare is a pitch-black furred Pegasus, with red irises and pointed ears. His mane, flowing over one of his eyes, and messily flowing down his neck and back, looks like a fiery pattern when still. His tail is coloured the same. When flying, Shadow Flare's mane and tail look like actual fire. His feathers are slightly ragged, but this is just from the fact he doesn't look after his appearance very well. He prefers to look rougher and a bit more intimidating as it suits his personality well. The bottom of all four legs also has a fiery pattern on, as does his snout.

    Cutie Mark: Shadow Flare's Cutie mark is a black Phoenix, which is visible due to be surrounded by a red, orange and yellow fireball.

    History: Shadow Flare was an orphaned Pegasus as a child. His father had left his mother while she was pregnant, and his mother didn't want him, upset by the lack of a father figure, and unwell. Shadow Flare spent most of his young childhood in Cloudsdale at an orphanage, slowly filling with anger and a negative view of the world, as with many others being happy, he viewed his life as an empty shell. Becoming withdrawn, he protected himself by not speaking to many other ponies and Pegasi. As he grew older, he calmed down more, and despite still having a relatively negative view on things, he was content to talk to others and make friends. He found that his dark humour and sarcasm would help him approach others, but equally, it could land him in trouble. There was a point, aged eight to thirteen, where Shadow Flare enveloped himself into a thick, withdrawn shell, excluding a single member of society.

    For a few years, Shadowflare kept only one creature close to him. The creature was a Changeling who had been living in Cloudsdale disguised as a Pegasus of unique form, helped by Shadow Flare. However, when Shadow Flare was aged eight, she vanished after a thunderstorm, and he lost contact with her. This spiralled his emotions randomly, and it was during this time period that he rapidly withdrew from everyone and his aggression and sarcasm became sharper and more common. However, his bond with a friend in the orphanage, Narga, strengthened.

    At the age of fifteen, Shadow Flare started work at the Weather Factory, much to his own reluctance. But with nothing to do, it was a chance to not waste time and meet people. He started work in Climate Control, an area much suited to his own fiery self. Narga would meet regularly with him to talk and relax, and the two forged a very close friendship. However, when Shadow Flare decided he was to leave to travel, she decided against going with him. he left alone, albeit reluctantly, and upon his return aged seventeen, found that she had gone into hiding. Much to his disappointment, Shadow Flare withdrew himself from everyone again, hiding in a small house he had built within the Everfree Forest.

    Misc Info: Shadow Flare is currently out in the wilderness, in a house he has built just within Everfree Forest.
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