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My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic - Lets go to 2 : Electric Scootaloo!

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Which of the background characters do you all enjoy most, if I may be curious? (e.g.: Jet Set and Upper Crust, Zecora, Braeburn, Cheerilee)

Well, I wouldn't really consider Zecora, Braeburn, and Cheerilee to be background characters because they don't really appear in the background. They had legit roles in their respective episodes. I would consider Golden Harvest, Derpy, Heartstrings, Bon-Bon, Minuette, and Berry Punch to be background characters.

Anyways, my favorite is Golden Harvest. She had such a cute voice when she said "We couldn't fit it all in."
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Nurse Redheart.


I will be herd.


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Agreed. I like how they took the time to talk about recessive genes and family history in a children's show instead of just brushing by it without an explanation. Still, Pound and Pumpkin were adorable, and I hope to see more of them whenever the Sugar Cube Corner is visited.

Speaking of background ponies, my favorite is Orion, seen in the episodes "Best Night Ever" and "Sweet and Elite". Though I also like Lyra and Bon-Bon.

Nurse Redheart needs more screen time.
Agreed. She was hilarious.


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I would consider Golden Harvest, Derpy, Heartstrings, Bon-Bon, Minuette, and Berry Punch to be background characters.

Ah, Derpy Hooves. I’ve wondered about that light yellow-maned, cross-eyed gray pegasus, and even now, I’m not quite certain what to opine about her. I had to hold my face as she and that other pegasus dropped those heavier items on Twilight during the latter’s attempted observations of “Pinkie Sense”, but otherwise, the level of attention that she and other background ponies have received from the fans I find just about amazing.:

Spike: Here, let me help you. (cranking device to raise Twilight’s bandaged arms)
Twilight: (straining to see through binoculars) Okay. Take this down. Twitchy tail.
Spike: Twitchy tail? (letting crank go in panic) Twitchy tail!!!
Twilight: (feeling arms drop onto bench) Hush, Spike. We can’t let Pinkie know we’re here, remember?
Spike: Something’s gonna fall! Something’s gonna fall!! Run for your lives! (screaming before running off)
Twilight: Ugh, Spike, honestly. You’re overreacti— (feeling flower pot and anvil fall on her, then buried by hay cart and piano)

Maybe the other characters won’t necessarily mind asking for Derpy’s help should they conclude that she really can assist them, but someone like, say, Trixie may present more of a problem than they’d prefer should she return with whatever new showmanship she has in mind, fair or unfair.
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I'm quite hoping that Nurse Redheart will be explored more. She seemed like an interesting one, with a short fuse! And of course we need more Derpy Hooves. But before that, we need more Fluttershy!!!


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I'm so behind on this show, I only just finished Episode 9 of Season 1. My exams will be over by next week though, so I'll have lots of time to catch up then.


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I watched baby cakes yesterday and it was a good episode
-Pinkie Pie Songs was good even for 30sec songs
-Pinkie Learns a leason
-A 10 year old pony can't fly but Pound cake can


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To me, Nurse Redheart will always be Nurse Joy ponified. I just can't get the comparison out of my head...

Anyway, can't wait for tomorrow's episode. AJ <3


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Oh, RD happens to be my fave. Maybe because I like Mario Kart so much.


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I have to say, after watching this episode, Ditzy is no longer my favourite pony.

Derpy is. =)

In case you're wondering, that's her name now. Definitely. As in, it was said in the episode. She has a voice, too, that makes her sound like the loveable idiot she is. Not bad for an animation goof up, huh? I'm starting to like her even more. ^_^ I wouldn't mind seeing her like this in future episodes, not having a huge role, but a small scene is okay.

The rest of the episode was okay. Not one of my favourites, but I didn't hate it.

Last week's episode was good, though. Quite funny and cute, not nearly as frustrating as I thought it might be. =D I'd gladly watch that one again.
well i completely missed it, so feel less sad :)
could i have a link please?
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