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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic- The Battle for Tambelon


Philosopher Knight
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic- The Battle for Tambelon Character Sign-Up

Why not? Let's try and do a fun MLP RPG. Hope everyone enjoys it!


It was mere months after the defeat of the shadow of the late of King Sombra. The Crystal Empire returned to normal and the ponies moved on with their lives. The young dragon Spike was rewarded for his courage and Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor watch over the Empire. As the Empire reconnected with the frigid northlands and spread out, it seemed as if things were going to last pleasantly.

However, he has appeared in the nightmares of ponies and said his master would come for them. He would come for Equestria. Princess Celestia and Luna prepared themselves and the bearers of the Elements of Harmony for the battle to come. However, the being that arose was from ancient time. From before the ancient times... For this dark and sinister being came from a world before the current one. He was from the 1st World. He was the greatest practioner of magic and one of the largest threat the world has ever faced.

The Demon Ram Necromancer.


Despite having remained dormant and time-locked for several millinea, he sooned learned of his student's demise and saw a brand new world to conquer. Now that the legendary warrior of another world was no longer around, he stood a powerful chance of winning. However, he has grown wiser and his powerful dark magic has grown even stronger since then. After sending his spy Bray on the town, he decided he needed to take care of the Elements of Harmony. And so he set a trap for them. In the small forest town of Sunnydale, he manipulated the lifeforms there and used it as the basis to create an undead legion. After a filly wandered in and he saw the results, he was initially displeased.

Until the bell rang. The bell of his beloved city, Tambelon.

The city rose above and the small town of Sunnytown was in the center. Free of their curse, they swore their loyalty to the dark one, who used his magic, amplified by the bells, to turn them into forgotten monsters.

The Vukodlak.

Undead vampiric horse-wolves, he once again tripped the Bearers of the Harmony and succeeded. He transformed into Vukdolak and his brainwashed subjects. Having created dark counterparts to their elements to amplify his own power, he waged war and sealed Celestia and Luna into the moon. Cadance and Shining Armor hold their best, but it seems all is lost.

But there is Hope.

There is always Hope. In the forgotten chambers of the Crystal Palace library, laid a book on forgotten artifacts. Discovered by the survivor Spike the Dragon...

A counterpart to the Elements of Harmony... the Fundamentals of Unity...

Humility, Forbearance, Forgiveness, Perserverance, Integrity and Hope...

As the locked Elements glowed, the Fundamentals reacted and have gradually made their way to the ponies who would wield them. The one ones who would free the Princesses, free the ponies, free Tambeleon and defeat Grogar once and for all.

Do you have what it takes? To accept this gift, unite with those who would become like brother and sister to you? To outsmart the dark one and defeat him?

Of course you do.

Now go forth courageous heroes.


Hope you like this. Now time for the informational stuff. You will play as a pony, one of several equine races.

Earth Pony- The naturally strongest of the ponies, they have purely innate magic, allowing them to communcate with nature. This leads to being able to grow food and raise animals. In addition, they are the most physically able. Earth Ponies with mixed hertiage may have subtle touches of their ancestors such as the handling of exotic minerals, plants or animals.

Pegasi- The winged warrior ponies, their innate magic allows them walk on clouds and manipulate them while their wings grant them flight. Usually working in the heavens above, they are a rowdy bunch. Mixed Pegasi tend to have stronger bodies or detecting magical anomalies in weather. Rarely, Pegasi may be born without wings, but because of their innate magic, they can still manipulate clouds and classified as Pegasi.

Unicorns- The magical race, they actively rely on magic, usually of basic and rudimentary skills along with their talent. Very powerful, their horn serves as a weak spot and can be neutralized. Despite this, they are not defenseless. In addition, they still retain their innate talent in magic. In fact, some Unicorns are born with mere stumps on their heads, only to discover that the magical material in their horns have been transformed into their hooves instead.

Thestrals- Informally known as Batponies, they are a scattered and secluded races. However, Grogar's rise has led to them fleeing into several safe havens and began to mingle with their other brethren. Possessing a mildly thicker coat, sharp eyes, bat wings and mildly dark cloaks, these mountainous ponies were thought to be related to Princess Luna. It was recently discovered that their nocturnal appearance was a evolutionary advantage of their innate magic. Thestrals serve to watch over the magnetic fields of the world, which they can see with their special eyes. Their activity at night is due to the cosmic energies of the stars.

Zebras- While very uncommon, zebras are not that rare in Equestria. Prefering more wild lands, some zebra families have long been in Equestria. Prefering to speak in rhyme as part of tradition, some of the younger ones have rejected this. They are connected to the land and to the spirits, usually pracitcing through herbology and magical medicine. It is believed zebra shamans achieve an elemental alignment, allowing them to control it, such as the fire zebra shaman criminal Braze. Zebras are always striped, but not always black and white. They too possess cutie marks, but are often more abstract than of their pony relatives.


Okay, so there are five spots open and I want you guys to be dedicated to this, so be sure you are willing to put the effort and perserverance before signing up.


Cutie Mark:
Special Talent:

Appearance: (paragraph or two)

Personality: (remember to keep it aligned with your fundamental and one-two paragraphs)

History: (least two paragraphs)


Fundamentals of Unity

1- Perseverance: Fringe Truth (DVB)
2- Hope: Happy Golucky (Monster_Guy)
3- Forbearance: Indigo Knight (Tangeh)
4- Humility: Surge (Billy Mays)
5- Integrity Thunder Wing (VampirateMace)
6- Forgiveness Blue Moon (VampirateMace)
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Happy Golucky
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Earth Pony (His mom is a Unicorn)
Cutie Mark: A slice of cake (Details in appearance section)
Special Talent: In addition to the usual Earth Pony traits like being strong and physically able, Happy Golucky is a Baker. As such his Special Talent is baking. He can whip up all kinds of delicious sweets and pastries, which he often does to cheer people up. He can also cook foods that aren't desserts, but those are his favorites. In combat, he often throws baked goods at enemies if he has any on him. If getting hit with a pie in the face doesn't hurt them, they'll surely die of laughter. Due to his mixed heritage, he has the ability to bake treats that have magical properties. (Such as healing wounds and ailments, giving boosts to allies, or less often exploding on impact.)
Fundamental: Hope

Appearance: Happy Golucky has a tall athletic physique, and as expected of an Earth Pony, is quite strong. He has a Crimson colored coat that is smooth and soft to the touch. His mane is messy and fairly short, with the bangs only reaching to his eyebrows, and the back part reaching to the beginning of his neck. Both his mane, hoofs, and his medium length tail are black. His eyes are big and round. Their color being a light shade of blue, and they have a sparkle which conveys his cheery nature. His face has a youthful look to it, which is helped by the constant smile he always seems to have. His cutie mark is a picture of a slice of vanilla cake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles. The mark represents his baking skill, but it could also represent his sweet personality. Like most ponies, he doesn't wear clothes unless it's for a formal occasion. He'll occasionally don a chef's hat and an apron when baking though.


Personality: As his name would suggest, Happy is a bright, cheerful pony, with an optimistic view on life. He can often be found with a smile on his face, even when things look bleak. He can't stand to see another pony sad, so he tries his best to help them out however he can. He believes there is some good in everypony, and for that, he is very trusting of others. A genuine nice pony, he is always willing to help somepony in need. Often putting the needs of others ahead of his own. Sometimes though, he can be too nice, to the point of gullibility, and people often take advantage of him for it. Happy is very outgoing and social. He likes meeting new ponies, and making new friends. He is not afraid to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Being used to having to watch over his little sisters, he's become accustomed to taking care of people. He is loyal, empathetic, and very protective of those he cares about, making him a good friend to have.

Happy is very energetic, some would say hyperactive even. So much so, that it is very difficult for him to sit still and concentrate on one thing for long periods of time. Because of this, he likes to actually do stuff, instead of sitting there reading about it. While he is able to think quick on his hooves during intense situations. he often acts impulsively, and jumps to conclusions without thinking first. Happy is the type of stallion who wears his heart on his sleeve, His feelings are there for everyone to see, and he's pretty easy to read. For example he cries openly when something upsets him, and he is affectionate towards close friends. Due to his cheerful nature, it is usually difficult to anger him. Happy is not perfect by any means, is prone to having bad days like everyone else. So when things become too much, he has really bad angry outbursts where he just lashes out at the appropriate target. That said, Happy isn't one to hold grudges for very long, and is very quick to forgive people.

Happy has an affinity for cute things, as well as other things most would consider fillyish, and he is not ashamed about it at all. He has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, however, he does get defensive if someone makes fun of him for it. He's had bad experiences with bullies as a colt, and he fears having to experience that again. He also likes fantasy and fairy tales, and he developed most of his idealistic beliefs from them. He can also cook well, due to having to make dinner for the family when his mom was working. He particularly enjoys making and eating sweets and desserts. Though, he tries to keep it in moderation.

History Happy was born in Manehattan. He was the oldest of three siblings, and the only male among the three. His mom is a Unicorn while his Dad is an Earth Pony. His sisters inherited a Unicorn horn, but Happy didn't for some reason. His parents' relationship became strained after his father lost his job shortly after the youngest daughter was born, and the family started experiencing financial troubles. It was not helped his father turning to Cider to drown his sorrows, which worried the rest of the family. He and his wife often argued loudly during the night. While things never escalated to physical violence, but the yelling still made the three foals uncomfortable. Despite the drama, Happy tried to put on a brave face, and hoped things would work out in the end. Eventually, his mother got a promotion at her job that made up for the loss of income, but by then, the damage was done, and his father filed for divorce.

Happy currently lives with his mom, and his younger sisters. He is much closer to his mother than with his father. They were not wealthy, but they weren't poor either. Being a single parent, his mom often had to work long hours, leaving Happy responsible for looking after his sisters, and taking care of household things while she worked. Unlike a lot of other Colts though, Happy didn't really mind this, and actually enjoyed doing it. As a result of this, he became accustomed to taking care of people. He also learned a lot of domestic skills, and became very good at cooking. He earned his Cutie Mark when he baked an elaborate cake for his sister's birthday party all by himself. All the guests loved it, and Happy loved making it as much as he did eating it.

He was a rather scrawny colt, and he was often picked on by bullies who thought he was weaker than them. It did not help that he was a sensitive foal, and he had a taste for things that are usually considered fillyish by others. He would come home with bruises on a regular basis. His father did not help matters by suggesting that living in a house full of Mares was turning him into one. While all the bullying upset him, he kept up a cherful demeanor in front of others, not wanting to burden others with his problems. He believed that if he thinks positively, things would get better.

Around the time Happy started growing into a stallion, things started to change. His mother announced that her business was transferring her to their new branch in Ponyville, and that the family would be moving there. His situation began to improve when he started High School. Deciding that he no longer wanted to be a wimp, and a constant bullying victim, he started working out and getting into sports, which resulted in him putting on a little muscle, and making new friends. Due to his social personality and the fact that he regularly brought in desserts to share with his fellow ponies, he quickly became quite popular on campus. Particularly with other mares. He also maintained good grades. Things were actually starting to look up. Despite how well things were going, he didn't let it get to his head. He still remained the same sensitive foal he always was on the inside.

After he finished school, Happy tried to figure out what to do with his life. Then he heard the Cakes were looking for a temporary assistant until Pinkie Pie comes back. He applied for that job, and thanks to his baking skills, he was hired on the spot. While he loves working at The Sugarcube Corner, he knows Pinkie Pie is the one that truely holds this job, and would happily give it back to her when she returns.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Any chance you'd let me RP for Vukdolak?

I don't like MLP but feel like RPing, so this might actually work really well.


Philosopher Knight
No, we're not RPing as Vukdolaks, sorry Avenger.


Well-Known Member
Name: Indigo "Indi" Knight
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: Three chess pieces (a red rook in the middle of a black pawn and a white pawn). Taken from http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/File:ponyMaker_Chess.png
Special Talent: Playing chess. Indi can use her unicorn magic to sense dangers to help her plan moves ahead of time. Although illegal in regulated chess matches and therefore useless for that purpose, she will use it for practicing chess and developing strategies. It's also useful for practical situations such as walking in dark alleys at night. She can also do basic unicorn levitation, illumination, etc.
Fundamental: Forbearance

Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/aUVka7o.png

True to her name, she has a deep indigo coat. Her mane and tail are a soft shade of pink. Her mane is short for a mare, but she has thick bangs that don't quite reach her eyes, but do partially obscure her horn. Her tail is long, but thin. She has steely-grey eyes and wears violet prescription glasses (she is practically blind without them and has had them for most of her life). She rarely smiles or displays outward emotion. She isn't into fashion, and wouldn't bother wearing clothing unless it was for a formal occasion (though she would have no idea what she would wear).

Personality: Indi is a very serious and focused mare with a calm, seemingly unrattleable demeanor. She spends most of her free time studying or practicing chess, and dislikes going outside as factors such as the sun, rain, and wind make it difficult to read. Most of her friends are chess acquaintances, and she considers their relationship to be more business than casual. Though tone-deaf herself, she does have a soft spot for music and will occasionally take time to see concerts of all genres and is fairly well-versed on most of Canterlot's musicians. She passed her classes with straight As and earns extra money on the side by tutoring young ponies, which she is very good at considering her patient and intelligent nature.

History: Indi was born into a Canterlot family of royal unicorn guards. They named her 'Indigo Knight' in expectation that she would follow her parents' career paths. She was introverted from foalhood, and though she didn't show any interest in becoming an actual knight, she tolerated private tutoring sessions on the topic until she joined the chess club at her school and earned her cutie mark. Her parents reluctantly allowed her to focus on her special talent, and instead gave their attention to Indi's younger sister, who was much more enthused with the idea of becoming a royal guard and eventually earned a shield for a cutie mark. Indi didn't mind that her parents favoured her younger sister simply because she thought it made sense, but it did distance her relationship with her family and they only barely stay in touch nowadays.

She moved to Ponyville for a change of scenery, though she travels frequently for chess matches. Her goal in life is to become an Equestria-renowned grandmaster. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment near the center of town by herself. She visited the Ponyville library frequently for chess books *until it was destroyed or *until Twilight vanished ((depending on which continuum we're on)), and was on good terms with both Twilight Sparkle and Spike and has even played chess with Twilight before. She vaguely knows of the other elements of harmony considering they lived in the same town, but has never spoken to them.
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Philosopher Knight
Name: Fringe Truth
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: A stylized magnifying glass resembling a question mark,
Special Talent: His special talent was in deduction and investigation, especially in esoteric, obscure or otherwise strange cases.
Fundamental: Perserverance

Appearance: Fringe is the size of an average pegasi stallion. However, he is slightly bulkier than the average, being slightly pudgy. His coat is a chilly slate gray while his mane is a dark shade of indigo, resembling a stylistic similarity to black hair. Fringe has rather fine hair that tends to have a somewhat spiky nature, not unlike an anime character. Fringe's tail is smoother than his hair however, but still the quirky shade of black. Fringe has slightly larger than normal eyes and they are a shade of chocolate brown. This is accompanied by his glasses. Whenever he goes to work, he wears a trench coat along with a fedora.

Personality:Fringe is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and an adventurous spirit. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help out anyone who needs it. However, he also can act shy and introverted during times of stress or in situations regarding talking about his past. He is often a gentlecolt and acts well-mannered, but his quirks sometimes messing things up. Not used to praise, he acts mildly shy about it. However, when he is in one of his fields of expertise or trying something new, he gets into headfirst and shows more confidence, even having an element of showmanship to it. He is quite smart, albeit also rather eccentric about it. He sees situations in different perspectives and tends to lean toward alternate solutions to problems with ambiguous answers. His reasoning indicates reality is influenced by perspective and tends to view certain matters as arbitrary. During matters of crisis, he is serious and uses his intellect to try and deduce answers for the problems. He also doesn't give up, having an inane level of willpower and hope. He will fight until the bitter end. He is very loyal to his friends and enjoys being around them. Part of this comes from growing up without friends when he was young.

He has his faults, however. One is his blunt and sarcastic attitude he has when he is impatient. He stands by his opinions and is headstrong and stubborn about them. Another is his laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. Beyond that, he also has moments of self-righteousness, showing frustrated toward some of the less-than-savory characters, but holds his tongue when he needs to. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with everyone else, so he will often unintentionally make matters worse or for the bizarre. He also tends to be clingy with any girls that he likes. More so, he seems to have a dark side, appearing only in his night mares.Ultimately, he doesn't let these qualities stop him from being the best pony he can be.

History: Fringe was born to a pair of Pegasi. His parents came from Mexicolt (the pony world equivalent of Mexico) and lived for a years on the west before moving to the western side of Equestria. In Equestria, Fringe was born and then later, his younger brother was born. Fringe and his younger brother Silver Tongue were kinda opposites. Fringe was nerdy, intelligent, having problems with social skills and a deep thinker. Silver on the other hand was practical, athletic, charismatic and a fast thinker. Because of this, there was a rift between the brothers while they were growing up, but were still close. Back when Fringe was very young, before entering school, his parents went over east to Cloudsdale. Fringe didn't fit in with the other Pegasi. He didn't fit with how pegasi normally were, regarding how they were athletic and such. Fringe doesn't remember much of his youth. He does remember a bit of flight camp though. Despite being somewhat overweight, he was a decent flier.

Flight camp was important for two reasons. He earned his cutie mark there. Back then, he noticed there was something strange going on at night. He often saw strange balls of light that would freak a few of the ponies out. It was often over on his side. Many dismissed them or said it was just some ponies with thunderstorm clouds. However, Fringe noticed there was something off and went to investigate. He'd went to the library and would often get the big books. He'd read over them, but they didn't have a lot of info he needed. However, he found what he needed on a single page and proceeded to go forth.

Not alot of ponies were interested. They just assumed the local 'bad boy' did it. However, Fringe didn't think so. He approached the bad boy, a dark-colored pegasi known as Thunderlane and talked to him. Thunderlane said he didn't do it. Fringe heard of Thunderlane being rather rowdy and strong, but believed him. The two worked together and it wad discovered that Fringe was right. He pointed out to his campers that it was something unusual: ball lightning. A rare and unusual form of lightning, it refers to strange balls of light that appear during thunderstorms. Fringe saw something appear on his flank.

His cutie mark, symbolizing his need to find the truth, to never give up, no matter what strangeness came at him.

Fringe ended up on a trip to Manehatten and stayed for a while. He apparently got involved with a mysterious organization of like-minded individuals. Ponies, griffins and the like who wanted to investigate the mysterious and forbidden truths while protecting all sentient beings. Fringe became a member of the 'Hermits' Order of the Golden Horizon' or simply 'The Golden Horizon', Fringe began delving deeper and deeper into the mysteries. What caught the attention of the group was the small sleepy town of Ponyville. Discord's rebirth and defeat was well-known to them. Furthermore, they learned the Elements of Harmony that stopped Nightmare Moon, the Changelings and Sombra originated from there. To that end, they sent Fringe there. Fringe's role in the society was as one of their eyes and ears. So he went over to Ponyville and immersed himself there. He found work helping out between movies or as a private eye.

Fringe found himself in a few battles when Tambelon, the lost city rose and the ram known as Grogar appeared, having covnerted the Element and other ponies into Vudkolaks.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Name: Surge (has the title of Sergeant in the Royal Guard)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: A horn and a lightning bolt, that can be seen as either the bolt coming from a spell casted by the horn, or the horn absorbing the lightning bolt like a lightningrod depending on how you look at it.
Special Talent: Surge's special talent is protecting ponies. He has high physical and mental fortitude thanks to his training as a guard and quick reflexes. He can use telekinesis and cast barrier and tracking spells rather well, but he specializes in electricity spells.
Fundamental: Humility

Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/rRYug7R.png

Surge is above average in terms of height and bulk for a unicorn, possibly due to his mixed heritage. He is rather strong thanks to constant exercise and generally tries to keep a good posture. His fur is a jungle green color and his straight haired mane and tail are a darker shade of green with lighter green streaks running through them. Surge's eyes are a bright blue color and his horn is long and pointed, looking almost like a lightningrod. Normally he is wearing his guard armor while he works, though he also has a formal dress uniform for more formal occasions. Otherwise, he doesn't have many clothes and tends to go without them when off duty.

Personality: Surge is first and foremost a kindhearted individual who prioritizes the needs of other ponies above his own. He believes it's his duty as a guard and as a pony to help others whenever he can, sometimes at his own expense. He doesn't blame other ponies if they don't try to help themselves, but can be hard on himself if he fails to find anyway to help a pony in need. Selfless and modest, Surge almost never boasts and is content as long as ponies are safe (though he always appreciates a thank you for his work).

Surge takes his job as a royal guard very seriously. He always follows the rules and procedures he's meant to follow and is a stickler for the rules of the law. Sometimes he can even startle ponies sometimes as he suddenly jumps in when someone seems to have a problem. Normally Surge is very patient, but one thing he does not tolerate is ponies getting in the way of doing his job. With how important he considers his work to be, he can hardly stand when ponies try to get in the way of his work, so this is one of the only instances where someone would ever see Surge truly aggravated.

Surge is fairly self-conscious about his personal interests and opinions. Normally he tries to be honest, but when it comes to potentially upsetting ponies he will sometimes hide his personal feelings to avoid upsetting anyone. He does not like to ask for help, as he considers himself the one who's supposed to be helping others, not the other way around. He also likes to keep himself neat and clean and dislikes getting dirty, but besides a quiet grumble wouldn't hesitate to get dirty if he had to.

Charismatic and friendly, Surge loves talking to ponies and making friends. He won't push anyone into a conversation who wants to be left alone, but Surge would never pass up the opportunity to have a friendly chat with someone. He is an admirer of beauty, and won't hesitate to compliment a mare for their good looks. Despite his normal charisma however, Surge is rather reserved when it comes to romance. He wants to be romantic, but the fact he can be slow to show his true feelings and is easily flustered by flirting often gets in the way of that.

History: Surge was born in Canterlot to a moderately wealthy family. His father was a Pegasus in the Royal Guard, while his mother was an earth pony who came from a farm and fell in love with Surge's father on a trip to Canterlot. His father's lineage had a long history of ponies from various races; his grandfather was a unicorn (which is where Surge got his unicorn blood from), and he had an uncle and cousins who were bat ponies. Surge spent his early childhood raised mostly by his mother along with his older earth pony sister Goldenrod and his younger identical twin pegasi sisters Lightningbolt and Thunderbolt. His father wasn't around too often due to him spending so much time at work, but Surge still looked up to him and wanted to be like him when he grew up. When he was younger, he wasn't very good at magic due to his mixed bloodline. However, he was determined to eventually learn how to control the magic powers of his race.

Some point while he was still a colt, one day Surge was walking home on the way of school when he heard shouting from a nearby alleyway. When he peeked in to investigate, he saw a mare being mugged by a larger stallion. Without thinking, Surge leaped into action and, without being able to be able to do the spell before, fired a lightning bolt that severely shocked the stallion and caused him to run away. The mare thanked him, before pointing out that a cutie mark had just appeared on Surge's backside.

When Surge was a teenager he enlisted in the guard as soon as he was old enough. Beyond going through boot camp like all new recruits, Surge went through extra training of his magic among other unicorn recruits. Though he was a slow learner at first, Surge pushed himself to excel and eventually managed to get a good grip of what he was taught. His magic training being through the royal guard is the reason why all the spells Surge knows have a practical use in his job. It was around the time of his training as a recruit that Surge began to realize he might be more interested in other stallions than mares. He kept quiet about it, for fear of not being accepted by his colleagues, or worse, his father. He was after all his only son and the only one who could pass on the family tradition of the males of his family serving in the military.

Starting as just a private, Surge's exceptional work as a guard quickly earned the interest of his commanding officers. Though he was still fairly new it didn't take long for him to be promoted to Lance Corporal, and not much longer than that to become a Corporal. He became friends with several of the guards he worked with, some of whom he became close enough with to come clean about his sexuality, which he was relieved to find that they did not have a problem with. He eventually built up the nerve to tell his family as well, and although the response was relatively accepting, he was still unsure of his father's true feelings on the matter. The older, hardened stallion didn't tend to show extreme emotion very often.

One day, news spread of an incoming Changeling invasion amongst the citizens of Canterlot. Surge had no experience with them beforehand, but figured they must be dangerous from what he heard about them. When the barrier was put up and the royal city was on lock down, Surge was one of the many guards stationed at the walls. Though somewhat sad he wasn't one of the guards who were guarding the palace (who due to their station would get to attend Princess Cadence's wedding), he was content enough with the idea of keeping an eye out from the walls of Canterlot to keep the city inside safe.

Then on the fateful day of the wedding, all Tartarus broke loose and everything was in chaos. Many of the guards on the front line were taken out almost immediately by the oncoming changelings hurtling down like meteors, Surge barely managing to dodge them himself. It didn't take long for the remaining guards to retreat in order to regroup back in the city, though when Surge got to the rendezvous point, he found himself to be the only one that arrived. Surge wanted to run, he wanted to go find his family and make sure they were ok, but he knew he had to follow orders. Finally his commanding officer and several other members of his squad came, but as Surge turned to move out he was struck from behind. Protected by his armor, he stumbled and turned back around to find his officer's eyes glowing bright green and giving off an aura of the same color from his horn.

As it turned out, his squad never made it to the rendezvous point after all. Surge managed to fend off the Changeling doppelgangers, if only barely, before stumbling into an alley to catch his breath after knocking them out. Thankfully, before he could be attacked again a pink wave stretched across the city, banishing the changelings to a place far away. He rushed back home and was thankful to find that his father had managed to fight his way back to the homestead to protect the rest of the family, and besides his father having a couple cuts and bruises, they were unharmed. Still, the fight against the imitators of his squad mates and close friends, many of whom he later learned suffered grave injuries and even severe love draining at the hooves of their attackers, left an impression on Surge's opinion of the Changelings that he wouldn't soon forget.

For his service in the defense of Canterlot, Surge was awarded medals and was promoted to Sergeant. Though he personally thought he hadn't done enough to protect Canterlot to earn such awards, Surge was determined to prove himself worthy of his promotions, if not because he had to impress others, then to impress himself. Recently, Surge was transferred to Ponyville due to a need for more guards there. Canterlot wasn't that far away still though, and he could hardly complain about being somewhere where ponies needed him.
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Okay, you get a reserve then! Either Pegasus or Thestral is fine, though probably Thestral I recommend.


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Name: Thunder Wing (aka Thunder)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Thestral

Cutie Mark: A bolt of lighting emerging from a storm cloud
Special Talent: Thunder Wing's specialty is using her ability to see magnetic fields to predict weather patterns, especially incoming storms. While Pegasus, and even Unicorns, control the weather over many towns and empires, the natural weather patterns of Equestria (and those weather patterns influenced by creatures such as dragons - I'm looking at you, disturbing 90's MLP Christmas Special) can be somewhat unruly. This has lead her to devote her time to researching weather.
Fundamental: Integrity

Appearance: Thunder Wing is around normal height for a pony, with a slender build, though she may look a little closer to average weight due to the Thestral's thicker coat. Her coat itself is a dull dark purple, and her mane and tail are light grey to white. Her mane and tail are both long, though somewhat thin and wispy in contrast to the thicker coat fur. Her eyes are vivid shade of magenta, that almost seem to glow. Her cutie mark is a white bolt of lighting emerging from a stormy grey cloud.

Around other ponies, Thunder has sometimes found it convenient to wear a cloak, which hides her wings, since Thestrals have long kept to themselves and are unfamiliar to many. She still looks a little different that way, but the more easily flustered ponies have a harder time figuring out just what is different about her, until she tells them. She also has a pair of flight goggles, quite necessary to her research. She keeps a small leather bound journal and quill in an inside pocket of her cloak.

Thunder Wing is a curious and observant pony, having learned early on that her special vision gave her insight into how the world works. She prefers more to watch and listen to other ponies, than to engage in conversation, though she has no real aversion to socialization. But she may come off as bit harsh in conversation, not being particularly into tact. If it feels like lying, isn't it?

She doesn't really like to lie or keep secrets, and really only wears her cloak to make others comfortable while they get to know her for her, not for her strange wings. She usually tells them at the end of their first conversation, or the beginning of the second. She's generally friendly, and would prefer to be friends if possible, and therefore wants to remove any secrets from the relationship as soon as possible, though some ponies seem a little to shocked to handle her appearance.

Thunder may also come off as a bit of an overconfident daredevil, flying in and around dangerous situations, such as storms. But she's not particularly competitive, and will really only engage in sports and games for fun.

Thunder Wing was born among her kind in a mountain community, somewhere in northwestern Equestria. For years Thunder was raised with no real knowledge of the ponys outside their small community. She knew there were other village, towns, and empires even, but no-one ever told her the ponies living there were different.

Thunder engaged much of her time flying and watching the magnetic field, which the adults had assured her was important, but told her that she was too young to really understand it. Stubbornly, she was still sure she could figure it out. Eventually, she noticed that it changed based on current weather. Thus her curiosity sparked, and Thunder determined she'd investigate these storms. Surly they held some clue about the importance of the magnetic fields. So she flew right into the next storm she came across.

Of course, what she hadn't planned on was the fierce wind blowing her about so badly she really couldn't focus on her investigation at all. Not to mention the rain stinging her eyes and giving her a chill. Thunder sought the nearest shelter she could find, an old gardening shed, and waited for the storm to pass. The next morning, peeking out from her hiding place, she found a new wondrous world, full of ponies like she'd never seen. She listened in on some nearby ponies:
“Quite the storm last night, I know we had one scheduled, but I didn't expect it to be quite so big,” commented a wingless pony with a horn. A feather winged pony replied, “Yeah, that wasn't really intentional. Our storm merged with a cold front from up north.”

Whatever were they talking about? Who schedules a storm? In her wonder, Thunder leaned to far out of her hiding spot, and crashed to the ground, surrounded by dusty old garden equipment. “I say, were you spying on us?” nagged the horned pony. Thunder smiled sheepishly as she pulled herself out of the tool avalanche, “yes.” “Well, it's rude,” returned the bird winged pony, “you ought...” She stopped. She and the horned pony were both just staring at Thunder, “...What are you?” - It was a rocky start to relations, to be sure, but Thunder soon learned that a simple cloak over her wings was enough to put ponies at ease when visiting new places, at least until they seemed comfortable enough to handle it.

Soon after she acquired some flight goggles and started to practiced flying around the outside of storms in order to better study them. She started to learn the signs, and even before you could smell the rain of a storm coming, she could see the changes in the magnetic field caused by the storm's energy. When she felt ready, she flew into one again, using everything she'd learned to navigate safely through. She was already celebrating her success when she learned there was even more to celebrate. She had her cutie mark!

Since then Thunder has traveled around Equestria, studying artificial and natural weather alike. Of course, recent events have her concerned, but as one lone pony, she doesn't feel like there’s anything she can do on her own...


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Name: Blue Moon (aka Moon)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Zebra

Cutie Mark: Moon's cutie mark may seem abstract, a splash/splatter of light blue, but it represents her skill in brew rare and unusual potions.
Special Talent: Brewing rare and unusual potions. She can of course, brew more common potions as well, such as simple healing elixirs.
Fundamental: Forgiveness

Appearance: Blue Moon is a older Zebra Filly, not quite to full height yet, and a bit stocky looking. Her coat is white with dark blue stripes (technically, dark blue with white stripes), with a light blue splash or splatter on her flank. Her frizzy mane and tail are striped similarly, and cut short so they don't get in her way, whether she's brewing potions, or just running around being a kid. Her large eyes are bright green, and she wears small triangular gold earrings near the base of her ears.

Personality: Moon is a complex filly, both a rambunctious young teen, and a dedicated student. She always tried hard in school, getting relatively good grades, and tries even harder at her potion brewing endeavors. She's already master the few potions her mother was able to teach her, and even manage to improve one of them. But all work makes Jill a dull filly, and Moon is no exception. She loves nothing more than to hang out with friends, go hiking, or just relax with the latest Daring Do book.

She is friendly, and excited to make new friends, and really doesn't care about age or gender, or much at all when making friends, just that they're a fun person to be around. And her idea of a fun person is pretty broad, so she can be slightly annoying to more somber ponies.

Moon caught a lot of grief from both her parents and the other fillies in school. She understands now that her parents weren't intentionally denying her of her cultural heritage, but rather trying to live out the Canterlot dream. And she understand now that the other fillies were just bored, immature, and often insecure themselves. Moon has decided its best not to bottle these thing up and dwell on them, that the best route is just to let it go and forgive.

History: Moon was born in Equestria, specifically Canterlot, but her parents came from the same distant land as Zecora. Having sought to make a new life for themselves, they took to following pony customs and speaking like normal pony-folk (though sometimes breaking into rhyming patterns or the old language when over-emotional), giving their daughter a name more fitting the residents of Equestria. Young Moon herself knew the family was different, being striped unlike the ponies, and knowing a bit of the old language, but was taught relatively little of their homeland and culture. Something that eventually started to irritate Moon, since there were not many other Zebras around she could ask.

As she grew she became frustrated that she couldn't seem to earn her cutie mark as fast as the other fillies had, and was starting to get teased in school about it, on top of being the only one with stripes. She tried everything and anything, occasionally getting herself into trouble. One day, while digging through the house, looking for ideas of new things to try, she came across an old trunk in the back of a closet. It was full of mementos from her parent's homeland; trinkets, clothes, masks, and an old book. She was bit miffed that her parents had never shown her these treasures before. So, Moon took the book back to her room and attempted to read it. It was a lot of work given her less than stellar knowledge of the language, and the fact that it was hoof-written, and she ended up getting help at the local library, making extensive use of their dictionaries.

She discovered it was her grandmother's recipe book, though the recipes sounded hard and often involved things that didn't normally sound like food, and had strange names, that seemed to translate to less tangible things like Blue Luck and Shadow Speed. She'd helped mom cook before, but none of the recipes here seemed to follow mom's rules.

Secretly Moon conspired to cook these strange vittles, securing everything she thought she'd need for several attempts what appeared to be the simplest recipe. She set the largest pot they had over the fire, and started to brew. The first batch came out lumpy and grey, and taste quite foul. The second batch exploded, splattering the room with a pasty yellow. Quite panicked Moon cleaned this up and put everything away before her folks got home.

The next afternoon, she tried again. Her first attempt was once again grey, though not as lumpy, but still disgusting in flavor. But the second, it was a gorgeous light blue, and tasted like fresh alfalfa cupcakes, though it tingled the tongue a bit. She proudly showed her parents when they got home, “I made one of the old recipes from grandma's cookbook... took a couple tries, but I think it was worth it. I guess it's a soup?”

Her parents laughed riotously for a moment, making her feel embarrassed, then her mother placed her hooves on Moon's shoulder's and explained softly, “Honey, that's not a cookbook... it's a potion book!”

“Though it's quite impressive if you ask me,” added her father looking over the contents of the pot. Her mother turned to inspect it, “Yes, I quite agree, is that Blue Luck I see?”

“Isn't that...?” asked her father indistinctly. But her mother knew where his thought were going, “...an incredibly hard potion to brew? Yes, dear, it... is. I never managed to get it right.”

Afterward her mom went to help her clean-up only to find the blue spot on her flank would not come off, seems it was her cutie mark. Since this experience, Moon has forgiven her parents, and even the immature fillies that teased her, and after learning the few potions her mom knew, has set off on a journey of her own, eager to learn about potions and her heritage. At her parents' request has decided to visit other potion brewers in Equestria before heading to their homeland. Her most recent stop is at the home of Zecora, just outside of Ponyville.


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