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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: The Mystery From The Stars

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by DVB, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: It Came From The Stars

    Since my last MLP RP kinda fizzled out (thanks to finals), I thought I'd revive an old favorite and do it my way.


    It was mere months after the defeat of the shadow of the late of King Sombra. The Crystal Empire returned to normal and the ponies moved on with their lives. The young dragon Spike was rewarded for his courage and Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor watch over the Empire. As the Empire reconnected with the frigid northlands and spread out, it seemed as if things were going to last pleasantly.

    In fact, it seemed as if all evil in Equestria had been trapped or defeated or even vanquished. Beyond the borders of Equestria, the kingdoms and other areas are at peace. The ponies of Equestria could go about their merry days and happy nights learning about friendship and love. It was a wonderful time. Unfortunately, all times of peace must come to an end. For while all threats in Equestria may be gone, threats beyond the world were not excluded. In fact that was what happened. One crisp evening, a shooting star landed over in the Everfree Forest...

    Specifically, to the Tree of Harmony... Known only to powerful and old beings like the princesses, it was where the Elements of Harmony were retrieved. The tree did not fall from the strike. The star was no star nor a stone. It withstood the blow of the large isohedron shaped metallic craft. It glowed as light came from several lines and characters and hatches opened. Strange liquid-like metal oozed out as it attempted to cover the tree. However, the tree glowed as the strange metal began building around it and it flooded. The tree's magic influenced their A.I. immensely. The magic gave them... no it... conscious. It has motive now... drive... purpose... it knew what it needed to do. The old robots became modified to fit the aesthic as the liquid metal merged with the landscape and some of the livestocks.

    Several weeks ago, Twilight Sparkle, personal student of Celestia and her friends went into the woods to investigate... unfortunately, they never came out. Hours turned to days which turned to weeks... An official search party was sent but they too visited... Eventually, there was a spotting of Twilight Sparkle... but she looked radically different. She looked like she was made out of a liquid metal. It was mainly chrome colored, but there was a mild tint of her coat. She also had certain segments that glowed. The main part were the eyes, they were glowing and empty. Beyond that, the mane also was metal but with strands of colored light. Her cutie mark was also glowing and where her horns was there was also colored lighted, but brighter than the normal. She teleported across town before she attempted to fetch the Elements. However, Spike the Dragon spotted her and teleported the Elements away upon seeing the changed Twilight Sparkle. The mission compromised, she teleported.

    Since then, ponies have mysteriously been kidnapped from Ponyville and there were sightings beginning to reach out. Meanwhile, some people who escaped these 'metal ponies,' reported radical changing in the wild life, resembling sleek and metallic, converging deeper into the forest. Ponyville is under lockdown and with the town under martial law. The ponies are afraid and the Princesses have been converging with the leaders of other communities to maintain order.

    However, Spike can no longer bear it and so he has hired a detective who dealt with the strange... Fringe Truth. Fringe accepted the case on the terms he could bring others to investigate this phenomena. All parties unaware of what truly laid in the Everfree Forest. Whether you lost someone, you knew someone who lost someone or attracted to the possibility of something new, you join up with Fringe Truth, in hopes you can discover what is going on.


    Hope you like this. Now time for the informational stuff. You will play as a pony, one of several equine races.

    Earth Pony- The naturally strongest of the ponies, they have purely innate magic, allowing them to communcate with nature. This leads to being able to grow food and raise animals. In addition, they are the most physically able. Earth Ponies with mixed hertiage may have subtle touches of their ancestors such as the handling of exotic minerals, plants or animals. Crystal Ponies are virtually the same as Earth Ponies; it's believed the crystalline eye and mane differences are a result of generations growing up to the inherent magic of the crystals. Crytsal Pony traits can show up in the other races if they have lineage of Crystal Pony blood, though it takes prolonged exposure in the Crystal Empire to show up.

    Pegasi- The winged warrior ponies, their innate magic allows them walk on clouds and manipulate them while their wings grant them flight. Usually working in the heavens above, they are a rowdy bunch. Mixed Pegasi tend to have stronger bodies or detecting magical anomalies in weather. Rarely, Pegasi may be born without wings, but because of their innate magic, they can still manipulate clouds and classified as Pegasi. However, these wingless pegasi are pretty rare. Even more rare, there is a supposed forgotten race of pegai, a counterpart to the Crystal ponies. They are said to have long floppy ears and three marks under one of their eyes.

    Unicorns- The magical race, they actively rely on magic, usually of basic and rudimentary skills along with their talent. Very powerful, their horn serves as a weak spot and can be neutralized. Despite this, they are not defenseless. In addition, they still retain their innate talent in magic. In fact, some Unicorns are born with mere stumps or a mark where their horns would be on their heads, only to discover that the magical material in their horns have been transformed into their hooves instead.

    Thestrals- occasionally and affectionally sometimes known as Batponies, they are a scattered and secluded race. However, with the kidnappings occuring, they decided it would be best going into a more public domain so the officials and other good-hearted ponies can help them. They began to mingle with their other brethren. Possessing a mildly thicker coat, sharp eyes, bat wings and mildly dark cloaks, these mountainous ponies were thought to be related to Princess Luna. It was recently discovered that their nocturnal appearance was a evolutionary advantage of their innate magic. Thestrals serve to watch over the magnetic fields of the world, which they can see with their special eyes. The reason for them being mainly active at night is because of the cosmic energy of the stars; it's believes their subconscious preference to mountains is to be closer to the stars while their sharp teeth may to tear the furry or rough skin of whatever fruits grew.

    Zebras- While very uncommon, zebras are not that rare in Equestria. Prefering more wild lands, some zebra families have long been in Equestria. Prefering to speak in rhyme as part of tradition, some of the younger ones have rejected this. They are connected to the land and to the spirits, usually pracitcing through herbology and magical medicine. It is believed zebra shamans achieve an elemental alignment, allowing them to control it, such as the fire zebra shaman criminal Braze. Zebras are always striped, but not always black and white. They too possess cutie marks, but are often more abstract than of their pony relatives.

    Griffins- Eagle/lion hybrids, they live across the seas in the northern lands of the Griffin Kingdoms. Griffins are a strong and proud race with a rich hertiage (think Scandanvia and Northern Europe). Despite possessing the powers over land and sky, their love is of the sea. They are primarily carnivorous and most of their food comes from the sea from shellfish and fish, but mainly sea monster meat. They had complications with ponies in the past, but they are pretty close to them now. Not many Griffins live in Equestria due to the difficulty of obtaining good meat, but some vegetarians are seen. They can breed with ponies and zebras to produce Ponigriffs. Pegasi are usually seen, but sometimes Earth pony and Unicorn mates are seen. Capable of learning magic, but usually through runes and most of their arts were lost to time.

    Minotaurs- Bovine creatures, they possess a bipedal stance and limbs seen only on great apes. One of the oldest race, they once had a mighty empire with the Griffins, but fell over time. They were the first allies of the Pony race and have a friendly rivalry with the Griffins. They usually live in labyrinth-like homes (a remnant of their culture) and vegetarian like ponies. They are affectionate and boisterous, but also very intelligent as some of the best scholars were minotaurs. Like Griffins, they can inter-breed with Ponies to create centaurs, possessing the head, arms and torso of a Minotaur with the bottom hooves of a pony. They can also interbreed with Buffalo. Not many minotaurs in Equestria and even lesser Centaurs. Not uncommon to see them come on vacation.

    Buffalo- A native tribe found in Southern Equestria, they are a spirital people who adhere to their old ways. While there was a brief trouble with a tribe in Appleloosa, things are okay now. They possess their brand of magic not unlike the Zebras, but it remains shrouded in mystery. Some of the younger generation have taken to heading out into the cities to make their fortune. Buffalo-owned arcade casinos have become a good source of income for them.

    So some basic rules:
    -- PLEASE be active. Post at least every few days so we don't get stuck.
    -- Need to be able to fight in some form
    -- Have fun and be cool!

    Sign-Up form

    Name: (Your name and last name. Not all ponies have a last name)
    Age: (As long as you're not a foal or senior citizen, your character's age can be anything else you feel is reasonable. Assume ponies live as long as we do)
    Gender: (This doesn't need to be explained, does it?)

    Description: (Describe your character with as much detail as possible, and include a description of their Mark here. A link to a picture will only be accepted if notes are under it. This needs to be at least 100 words or two large sized paragraphs, whichever you can make longer)

    (How your character behaves. This needs to be at least 100 words or two large sized paragraphs, whichever you can make longer)

    Background/History: (Not asking for a full and detailed life story here, but you should tell your character's history. If a pony, include how your character got their Mark. This needs to be at least 100 words or two large sized paragraphs, whichever you can make longer, but I won't fault you for going into detail)

    Abilities: (What special things can you do? If you're a unicorn, what kind of magic can you do?)

    Equipment: (Anything your character wears at the start of the RP that isn't clothes. Optional. If none, just put None)

    Other: (Want to mention something that has not been put into the Form? Put it here)
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2015
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    C/P's Sign Up, yet again.

    Name: Happy Golucky
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Race: Earth Pony (His mom is a Unicorn)

    Appearance: Happy Golucky has a tall athletic physique, and as expected of an Earth Pony, is quite strong. He has a Crimson colored coat that is smooth and soft to the touch. His mane is messy and fairly short, with the bangs only reaching to his eyebrows, and the back part reaching to the beginning of his neck. Both his mane, hoofs, and his medium length tail are black. His eyes are big and round. Their color being a light shade of blue, and they have a sparkle which conveys his cheery nature. His face has a youthful look to it, which is helped by the constant smile he always seems to have. His cutie mark is a picture of a slice of vanilla cake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles. The mark represents his baking skill, but it could also represent his sweet personality. Like most ponies, he doesn't wear clothes unless it's for a formal occasion. He'll occasionally don a chef's hat and an apron when baking though.


    Personality: As his name would suggest, Happy is a bright, cheerful pony, with an optimistic view on life. He can often be found with a smile on his face, even when things look bleak. He can't stand to see another pony sad, so he tries his best to help them out however he can. He believes there is some good in everypony, and for that, he is very trusting of others. A genuine nice pony, he is always willing to help somepony in need. Often putting the needs of others ahead of his own. Sometimes though, he can be too nice, to the point of gullibility, and people often take advantage of him for it. Happy is very outgoing and social. He likes meeting new ponies, and making new friends. He is not afraid to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Being used to having to watch over his little sisters, he's become accustomed to taking care of people. He is loyal, empathetic, and very protective of those he cares about, making him a good friend to have.

    Happy is very energetic, some would say hyperactive even. So much so, that it is very difficult for him to sit still and concentrate on one thing for long periods of time. Because of this, he likes to actually do stuff, instead of sitting there reading about it. While he is able to think quick on his hooves during intense situations. he often acts impulsively, and jumps to conclusions without thinking first. Happy is the type of stallion who wears his heart on his sleeve, His feelings are there for everyone to see, and he's pretty easy to read. For example he cries openly when something upsets him, and he is affectionate towards close friends. Due to his cheerful nature, it is usually difficult to anger him. Happy is not perfect by any means, is prone to having bad days like everyone else. So when things become too much, he has really bad angry outbursts where he just lashes out at the appropriate target. That said, Happy isn't one to hold grudges for very long, and is very quick to forgive people.

    Happy has an affinity for cute things, as well as other things most would consider fillyish, and he is not ashamed about it at all. He has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, however, he does get defensive if someone makes fun of him for it. He's had bad experiences with bullies as a colt, and he fears having to experience that again. He also likes fantasy and fairy tales, and he developed most of his idealistic beliefs from them. He can also cook well, due to having to make dinner for the family when his mom was working. He particularly enjoys making and eating sweets and desserts. Though, he tries to keep it in moderation.

    History Happy was born in Manehattan. He was the oldest of three siblings, and the only male among the three. His mom is a Unicorn while his Dad is an Earth Pony. His sisters inherited a Unicorn horn, but Happy didn't for some reason. His parents' relationship became strained after his father lost his job shortly after the youngest daughter was born, and the family started experiencing financial troubles. It was not helped his father turning to Cider to drown his sorrows, which worried the rest of the family. He and his wife often argued loudly during the night. While things never escalated to physical violence, but the yelling still made the three foals uncomfortable. Despite the drama, Happy tried to put on a brave face, and hoped things would work out in the end. Eventually, his mother got a promotion at her job that made up for the loss of income, but by then, the damage was done, and his father filed for divorce.

    Happy lived with his mom, and his younger sisters. He is much closer to his mother than with his father. They were not wealthy, but they weren't poor either. Being a single parent, his mom often had to work long hours, leaving Happy responsible for looking after his sisters, and taking care of household things while she worked. Unlike a lot of other Colts though, Happy didn't really mind this, and actually enjoyed doing it. As a result of this, he became accustomed to taking care of people. He also learned a lot of domestic skills, and became very good at cooking. He earned his Cutie Mark when he baked an elaborate cake for his sister's birthday party all by himself. All the guests loved it, and Happy loved making it as much as he did eating it.

    He was a rather scrawny colt, and he was often picked on by bullies who thought he was weaker than them. It did not help that he was a sensitive foal, and he had a taste for things that are usually considered fillyish by others. He would come home with bruises on a regular basis. His father did not help matters by suggesting that living in a house full of Mares was turning him into one. While all the bullying upset him, he kept up a cherful demeanor in front of others, not wanting to burden others with his problems. He believed that if he thinks positively, things would get better.

    Around the time Happy started growing into a stallion, things started to change. His mother announced that her business was transferring her to their new branch in Ponyville, and that the family would be moving there. His situation began to improve when he started High School. Deciding that he no longer wanted to be a wimp, and a constant bullying victim, he started working out and getting into sports, which resulted in him putting on a little muscle, and making new friends. Due to his social personality and the fact that he regularly brought in desserts to share with his fellow ponies, he quickly became quite popular on campus. Particularly with other mares. He also maintained good grades. Things were actually starting to look up. Despite how well things were going, he didn't let it get to his head. He still remained the same sensitive foal he always was on the inside.

    After he finished school, He tried to figure out what to do with his life. Then he heard the Cakes were looking for a temporary assistant until Pinkie Pie comes back. He applied for that job, and thanks to his baking skills, he was hired on the spot. While he loves working at The Sugarcube Corner, he knows Pinkie Pie is the one that truely holds this job, and would happily give it back to her when she returns. He saved up enough money to be able to move out of his family home, and into an apartment nearby so he could be independent.

    Equipment: A pink saddle bag containing boxes of his special magical cupcakes. (See abilities section) As well as a few normal cupcakes.

    Abilities: In addition to the usual Earth Pony traits like being strong and physically able, Happy Golucky is a Baker. As such his Special Talent is baking. He can whip up all kinds of delicious sweets and pastries, which he often does to cheer people up. He can also cook foods that aren't desserts, but those are his favorites. In combat, he often throws baked goods at enemies if he has any on him. If getting hit with a pie in the face doesn't hurt them, they'll surely die of laughter. Due to his mixed heritage, he has the ability to bake treats that have magical properties. (Such as healing wounds and ailments, giving boosts to allies, or less often exploding on impact, among other things...)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Eh, I'm on the fence about joining, I'll probably just recycle one of my old sign-ups. (It hadn't been two months, you could maybe have kicked your last one back to life.)
  4. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    I'd like to reserve a spot for a unicorn, please! I have a sign up on another computer and I'll be able to put it up later.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    With the last version, we were all waiting on CuriousHeartless to post. I don't think we could move on without him because we weren't at a point where we could do that. And with everyone having an Element of Harmony it would kind of be difficult to get rid of him and find a replacement.

    I hope this made sense. I'm too tired to be eloquent. >.<
  6. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Name: Fringe Truth
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Pegasus

    Appearance: Fringe is the size of an average pegasi stallion. However, he is slightly bulkier than the average, being slightly pudgy. His coat is a chilly slate gray while his mane is a dark shade of indigo, resembling a stylistic similarity to black hair. Fringe has rather fine hair that tends to have a somewhat spiky nature, not unlike an anime character. Fringe's tail is smoother than his hair however, but still the quirky shade of black. Fringe has slightly larger than normal eyes and they are a shade of chocolate brown. This is accompanied by his glasses. His cutie mark is a stylized magnifying glass resembling a question mark. Whenever he goes to work, he wears a trench coat along with a fedora.

    Personality:Fringe is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and an adventurous spirit. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help out anyone who needs it. However, he also can act shy and introverted during times of stress or in situations regarding talking about his past. He is often a gentlecolt and acts well-mannered, but his quirks sometimes messing things up. Not used to praise, he acts mildly shy about it. However, when he is in one of his fields of expertise or trying something new, he gets into headfirst and shows more confidence, even having an element of showmanship to it. He is quite smart, albeit also rather eccentric about it. He sees situations in different perspectives and tends to lean toward alternate solutions to problems with ambiguous answers. His reasoning indicates reality is influenced by perspective and tends to view certain matters as arbitrary. During matters of crisis, he is serious and uses his intellect to try and deduce answers for the problems. He also doesn't give up, having an inane level of willpower and hope. He will fight until the bitter end. He is very loyal to his friends and enjoys being around them. Part of this comes from growing up without friends when he was young.

    He has his faults, however. One is his blunt and sarcastic attitude he has when he is impatient. He stands by his opinions and is headstrong and stubborn about them. Another is his laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. Beyond that, he also has moments of self-righteousness, showing frustrated toward some of the less-than-savory characters, but holds his tongue when he needs to. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with everyone else, so he will often unintentionally make matters worse or for the bizarre. He also tends to be clingy with any girls that he likes. More so, he seems to have a dark side, appearing only in his night mares.Ultimately, he doesn't let these qualities stop him from being the best pony he can be.

    Background/History: Fringe was born to a pair of Pegasi. His parents came from Mexicolt (the pony world equivalent of Mexico) and lived for a years on the west before moving to the western side of Equestria. In Equestria, Fringe was born and then later, his younger brother was born. Fringe and his younger brother Silver Tongue were kinda opposites. Fringe was nerdy, intelligent, having problems with social skills and a deep thinker. Silver on the other hand was practical, athletic, charismatic and a fast thinker. Because of this, there was a rift between the brothers while they were growing up, but were still close. Back when Fringe was very young, before entering school, his parents went over east to Cloudsdale. Fringe didn't fit in with the other Pegasi. He didn't fit with how pegasi normally were, regarding how they were athletic and such. Fringe doesn't remember much of his youth. He does remember a bit of flight camp though. Despite being somewhat overweight, he was a decent flier.

    Flight camp was important for two reasons. He earned his cutie mark there. Back then, he noticed there was something strange going on at night. He often saw strange balls of light that would freak a few of the ponies out. It was often over on his side. Many dismissed them or said it was just some ponies with thunderstorm clouds. However, Fringe noticed there was something off and went to investigate. He'd went to the library and would often get the big books. He'd read over them, but they didn't have a lot of info he needed. However, he found what he needed on a single page and proceeded to go forth.

    Not alot of ponies were interested. They just assumed the local 'bad boy' did it. However, Fringe didn't think so. He approached the bad boy, a dark-colored pegasi known as Thunderlane and talked to him. Thunderlane said he didn't do it. Fringe heard of Thunderlane being rather rowdy and strong, but believed him. The two worked together and it wad discovered that Fringe was right. He pointed out to his campers that it was something unusual: ball lightning. A rare and unusual form of lightning, it refers to strange balls of light that appear during thunderstorms. Fringe saw something appear on his flank.

    His cutie mark, symbolizing his need to find the truth, to never give up, no matter what strangeness came at him.

    Fringe ended up on a trip to Manehatten and stayed for a while. He apparently got involved with a mysterious organization of like-minded individuals. Ponies, griffins and the like who wanted to investigate the mysterious and forbidden truths while protecting all sentient beings. Fringe became a member of the 'Hermits' Order of the Golden Horizon' or simply 'The Golden Horizon', Fringe began delving deeper and deeper into the mysteries. What caught the attention of the group was the small sleepy town of Ponyville. Discord's rebirth and defeat was well-known to them. Furthermore, they learned the Elements of Harmony that stopped Nightmare Moon, the Changelings and Sombra originated from there. To that end, they sent Fringe there. Fringe's role in the society was as one of their eyes and ears. So he went over to Ponyville and immersed himself there. He found work helping out between movies or as a private eye.

    Abilities: His special talent was in deduction and investigation, especially in esoteric, obscure or otherwise strange cases. He is also capable in wielding a staff and a crossbow.

    Equipment: A crossbow that he can use with the help of his wings. Can fire small piercing arrows. Sometimes loading with different liquids for effects such as sleeping

    (Want to mention something that has not been put into the Form? Put it here)
  7. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Guess it can't hurt to try again? It looks really similar to your last RP so I'll probably just use the same character. Lemmie read everything over to see what needs changing and I'll post a SU ASAP.

    EDIT: Here you go. Did you want us to include how our characters got involved with Fringe, or is that something that's going to be RP'd out?

    Name: Indigo "Indi" Knight
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Unicorn

    Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/aUVka7o.png

    Cutie Mark: Three chess pieces (a red rook in the middle of a black pawn and a white pawn). Taken from http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/File:ponyMaker_Chess.png

    True to her name, she has a deep indigo coat. Her mane and tail are a soft shade of pink. Her mane is short for a mare, but she has thick bangs that don't quite reach her eyes, but do partially obscure her horn. Her tail is long, but thin. She has steely-grey eyes and wears violet prescription glasses (she is practically blind without them and has had them for most of her life). She rarely smiles or displays outward emotion. She isn't into fashion, and wouldn't bother wearing clothing unless it was for a formal occasion (though she would have no idea what she would wear).

    Personality: Indi is a very serious and focused mare with a calm, seemingly unrattleable demeanor. She spends most of her free time studying or practicing chess, and dislikes going outside as factors such as the sun, rain, and wind make it difficult to read. Most of her friends are chess acquaintances, and she considers their relationship to be more business than casual. Though tone-deaf herself, she does have a soft spot for music and will occasionally take time to see concerts of all genres and is fairly well-versed on most of Canterlot's musicians. She passed her classes with straight As and earns extra money on the side by tutoring young ponies, which she is very good at considering her patient and intelligent nature.

    History: Indi was born into a Canterlot family of royal unicorn guards. They named her 'Indigo Knight' in expectation that she would follow her parents' career paths. She was introverted from foalhood, and though she didn't show any interest in becoming an actual knight, she tolerated private tutoring sessions on the topic until she joined the chess club at her school and earned her cutie mark. Her parents reluctantly allowed her to focus on her special talent, and instead gave their attention to Indi's younger sister, who was much more enthused with the idea of becoming a royal guard and eventually earned a shield for a cutie mark. Indi didn't mind that her parents favoured her younger sister simply because she thought it made sense, but it did distance her relationship with her family and they only barely stay in touch nowadays.

    She moved to Ponyville for a change of scenery, though she travels frequently for chess matches. Her goal in life is to become an Equestria-renowned grandmaster. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment near the center of town by herself. She visited the Ponyville library frequently for chess books *until it was destroyed or *until Twilight vanished ((depending on which continuum we're on)), and was on good terms with both Twilight Sparkle and Spike and has even played chess with Twilight before. She vaguely knows of the other elements of harmony considering they lived in the same town, but has never spoken to them.

    Abilities: Her special talent relates to playing chess. Indi can use her unicorn magic to sense threats to help her plan moves ahead of time. Although illegal in regulated chess matches and therefore useless for that purpose, she will use it for practicing chess and developing strategies. More practically, it allows her to sense opposing foes and other threats before they appear. Her perception of danger is sensitive, and she can be overwhelmed if she's either in constant danger or facing multiple hazards. Otherwise, she can generally sense the direction of the danger facing her. She can also do basic unicorn levitation, illumination, etc. She is very good at precisely manipulating small objects with her horn, but cannot levitate heavy things. Knows basic self-defense spells thanks to her guard-pony parentage, but isn't very good at pulling them off.

    Equipment: None
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
  8. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Hmmm, this character looks familiar XD

    Name: Comet Starfall
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Unicorn

    Description: Comet is around the size of a normal pony, except for the fact that her legs are a little thinner than most. Her bluish silver mane’s ‘bangs’ hang just past her muzzle. The latter part of the mane hangs freely but is smooth like an actual comet's tail except with a fray or two on the end. Comet’s tail is similar; it curves over more but with a fray or two in there. Her irises are a metallic blue-grey color.

    She has a trailing comet along with three stars around it for a cutie mark, which symbolizes her love for the night that surrounds her and the magic that she specializes in. The comet’s nucleus is a bright blue that contrasts with her dark coat, and the tail is a whitish blue. The stars surrounding the comet are white.

    Personality: Comet Starfall is a typical kind hearted pony. She does her best to remain polite and out of conflict or trouble. As such, she’s a ‘goody two-hoofs’ to some of her friends and tries to refrain from bashing other people. Comet also tries to be respectful to her elders and fellow ponies in life, but her patience has a tendency to run out. She can also be subconsciously judgmental; analyzing another pony by appearance or how they carry themselves and then make a quick assumption of who they might be.

    Comet would rather avoid confrontation when possible, but if someone she loves is under fire, she lets them have it. She may be kind and quiet, but she knows how to defend herself when she needs to. Something else Comet has trouble with is anxiety, especially for the future. She tries not to fear for the future, but can let her anxiety get the better of her if she over thinks the situation too much to where it freaks her out. She can also lose confidence pretty easily if scolded or talked down to by someone she values, or just anyone she doesn’t want to disappoint.

    Comet loves to laugh and goof off with the friends she does have and cherishes the times they share together. She loves the world around her and is always glad to share it with other ponies.

    Background/History: Comet Starfall was born in the city of Canterlot where her unicorn parents ran a café. It was her mother’s talent that made the business into what it was; her father helped out where he could, but his talent revolved more around the observatory where he would give tours and help with star charting.

    Comet’s father would often take her out to the observatory at night to watch the stars while drinking his wife’s specially brewed coffee to keep them up. It was there that Comet discovered her love for all things that sparkled in the night. She would often wake her father up on the nights that the observatory was closed, hoping that maybe he could let them both inside and watch what new occurrences were happening in the sky. She would even go so far as to try to replicate them with her magic like her father.

    Eventually, all of this practice with magic convinced her parents to put her into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns when she was 6…and she didn’t pass the test. Comet was devastated and considered never using her magic for anything ‘extraordinary’ again. A few nights later, her father brought her to the observatory to cheer her up with a special sighting: a comet. He was going to try and calculate the distance the comet was covering and create another star chart with his magic that included said foreign body. When he left for a moment, Comet decided to try and replicate the comet and succeeded in doing so. She created her own miniature version which she allowed to dance around the room before firing it off and comically breaking several small hoof telescopes. In doing so, however, an image of a comet surrounded with three stars appeared on her flank. She had earned her cutie mark.

    Her father came back with mixed feelings about the mishap, but was nonetheless overjoyed with Comet’s success in finding her special talent. The pony, now filled with confidence, practiced more than ever and eventually passed the entrance exam the following year to enter the special school. As she grew older, her magic grew as well and she became exceptionally talented in basic magic, but excelled in night related magic. Soon, she was creating star charts for explorers so they wouldn’t lose their way while trekking through the land. Now at 19, she takes requests and makes some money out of this. It goes without saying that she knows her way pretty well.

    Abilities: Comet Starfall is gifted in magic that pertains to the night. As such, she can create and wield comets as well as other astral bodies. She is in tune with the stars and has a very good sense of direction since makes star charts for a living. Aside from her special talent, Comet loves to solve puzzles, though, it may take her a little bit to get started.

    Equipment: None

    Other: (Want to mention something that has not been put into the Form? Put it here)
  9. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    I get what you're saying, but it's just one of those things a GM should have a plan for, so that no one character can break the RPG. But I also don't see anything he could have posted being that imperative at that point as we were all just standing around looking at our shards. Anyways, we should probably move this to PM/VM if we want to discuss it further, instead of derailing this sign-up.
  10. DVB

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    Okay, so I talked with Bron. We're right now discussing the RP since that its heavily inspired of his RP, if he will have a co-GM position or if I should change the plot.
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  11. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Yea, I'm joining up and didn't want to post to call my good friend a thief so we settled on this. It's nice you reused my form word for word too, you thief. Kidding. We're changing a couple of bits, but imma post Lektra for now. She's been updated since the last RP.

    Here's Lektra, formatted for this RP.

    Name: Lektra Bolt (Derived from Electric Bolt)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Race: Unicorn

    Description: [​IMG]

    Lektra has a light orange coat with a yellow mane and tail. It looks like the primary color of the mane and tail are the same color as her coat but looking closely it's possible to tell that the coat is just a brighter orange. Most ponies can't tell the difference, though. There is a streak of gray in her tail and mane. It looks like she got stuck permanently looking like when something gets hit by lighting. So it's all yellow zigzag and gray mixed in. Looks like residual lighting. With her magic affinity being to lightning and electricity, her mane and tail are permanently standing up in zigzagging lightning spikes and grow like that. The front of her mane hangs down in wispy zigzag shaped lightning bangs to just above the eyes and waves when she walks or runs. Speaking of eyes, Lektra's eyes are a light brown color. All four of her legs have gray lightning bolt patterns as part of the way the hair grows.

    Lektra has a cube shaped metallic box with lightning bolts coming out of it like from the Sun as a Mark, with bigger bolts coming out of the top. The pointy ends are pointing at the cube like they're about to hit it. The cube is opened at the top like you'd open a packing box. On the sides of the cube are Caution symbols with a rainbow at the open end of the box. It signifies her thinking outside the box and her electric affinity.

    Personality: Lektra can be absorbed in her inventing for hours or sometimes days on end. She takes the time to make sure everything in the blueprint would work when actually built, so if she's not building something you can often find her in her workshop just sitting at a desk and scribbling furiously to make sure the underlying math is correct. Her thought process is methodical and careful, but when short on time she is prone to coming up with multiple solutions at once and just going by trial and error on which works. Due to being an inventor, she often enjoys the company of non-living constructs more than living entities.

    She is friendly/nice to others, but can turn violent when insulted. She's social when around others, but can also be more than a bit reclusive and prefers indoor activities. This also means she has trouble initially meeting others, due to being absorbed in her work. Lektra feels that going outside just for the sake of going outside is boring and a waste of her life, so if she goes outside it's for a good reason and she needs to have something to do besides stare at a wall or admire the scenery. If you ask her to go outside, expect to give her a reason to do so.

    Lektra can be very tomboyish and doesn't have the usual manners of a mare due to a general lack of socializing. She is an organized pony, but you wouldn't really know it. Her workshop below the hut is seemingly a mess of blueprints, unfinished inventions, finished but rejected inventions, failed inventions that blew up/melted, or just parts lying around. Regardless, she likes what's referred to as a 'clean mess' where she knows where everything is but it looks messy. A real mess where everything is thrown about wouldn't be something she enjoys, especially if it has a bad odor.

    She enjoys helping others, and is proportionately upset when finding out somepony else was upset by her actions. Key word: Finding out. This means that if you're hiding your feelings, don't expect any sympathy. She's not a great judge of character, but can be encouraging and positive. Lektra has very strong opinions and generally regards them as facts, so she tends to have a comment on anything she overhears and feels compelled to comment on.

    Lektra values the friends she has, although there aren't that many and she's prone to being called a crackpot for her ideas. The ones she does have she would basically do anything to keep, including forgiving them for seemingly ridiculous or severely hurtful actions. She is very forgiving and can justify lots of things happening, so it takes a lot to anger her. Typically if you do something she doesn't like she'll just tell you to not do it again, except if you won't stop. In which case she will do her best to ignore you or invent something to make you stop. An invention of this type would likely be dangerous, so it's best not to annoy her to this point.

    Lektra dislikes those intentionally acting stupid or idiotic. She would never intentionally say mean things to the mentally handicapped.

    She doesn't like those in authority roles, and generally doesn't like being given orders or commands. She is prone to unrehearsed sarcasm. (Read: My posts can have sarcasm in them without me knowing or intending it) She is also prone to complaining or otherwise looking for somepony to vent/rant to on topics of interest or whatever is being discussed at the moment.

    Not sure if this is a personality trait, but she has Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD (Like me). This will be RPed out as well as possible, and if you write your emotions out as very visible it shouldn't be a problem. The ADHD just means she gets bored easily and can't pay attention for very long. The only exception is things she actually enjoys, in which case she can do them for many hours on end. She does get bored of everything eventually, though.

    Background/History: Lektra was born in Manehattan to parents who were prominent technology designers and inventors by extension. Her father was named (Booming) Thunder and her mother was named Lightning. Rather famous in the city, actually. Her parents helped to maintain the industrial and technologically advanced city island. When they had their first kid they decided to settle down and let new ponies take over the job, but still mostly kept Bolt Solutions in the family. The company was restructured with them as owners and consultants, but they were less involved in the day to day minutia.

    While out in a storm one day she was literally struck by lightning but miraculously survived. Perhaps it was because of living around machines for so long, or perhaps she was just lucky. Regardless, her Mark showed itself and she finally realized then that she wanted to be a great inventor. She was homeschooled and finished the equivalent of a college education (IRL equivalent, since ponies don't have a standardized college system) by the time she was no longer a filly. After finishing schooling Lektra left home to travel the world and look for a place to quietly invent and patent her ideas. She was seeking her own little fortress of solitude.

    Lektra was without a permanent residence for a long time, moving from city to town to city to city to town to another town every so often. She never stayed in the same place for very long, wanting to see as much of the world as possible after being homeschooled all her life and not stepping outside the city. She just felt like it was time to see what the world was like outside the city, but was also searching out masters in her field to learn from. There had to be others out there who could teach her things that couldn't be taught in school.

    She met many interesting ponies in her travels, but none as influential as this old codger she met while out shopping for useful parts to use for an order. The old stallion had been a resident of Ponyville who decided to move. She questioned him as to why, learning that Ponyville was apparently some kind of center of all weirdness. All the goings on there were taking a toll on his heart and he couldn't take it. His doctor told him he had to move away. Thanking him for his stories, Lektra continued in her travels for a little while longer. During this time she took out patents for the things she invented while traveling, and was able to live off the royalties when the mailponies could find her.

    She did eventually end up making the move to Ponyville, but was called a quack for her rather strange aversion to doing actual work. See, although Lektra works hard designing and building her inventions, she doesn't do much else. Her inventions are usually designed to do things for ponies, and can promote laziness, although she doesn't condone this. She prefers to construct an automatic broom to do the cleaning rather than clean up after herself, enchant a cart to go shopping for her and dispense bits based on the listed prices, or make a stove that cooks food without outside intervention. Her inventions do sometimes malfunction and explode, often rather comically. The town has been resistant to her attempts to modernize it. The rather unstable nature of her inventions which seem dangerous and her seeming lazy at first glance has made her sort of an outcast. Out of places to go, she decided to live in a hut near the outskirts of town. She is in the process of starting Bolt Solutions Ponyville branch.

    Basic Unicorn Telekinesis - Manipulating items with the horn's magic, like picking up a cup to drink, opening a door, or using a tool. Nothing really special or anything. Her magic color is of course bright yellow.

    Engineering Aptitude - Using readily available materials, Lektra is able to design and eventually build useful machines of the kind that passes for technology in Equestria. Requires materials.

    Genius level Intellect - Obviously Lektra is smart. Smart enough to think up inventive solutions to problems or how to optimize things. She's not one of those egghead ponies that all they do is read and study, but she's got pretty high intelligence enough to do what she enjoys and perform complicated calculations that would give the average pony a headache.

    (Primary Ability) Electricity Manipulation - Lektra is able to create and direct electricity from her horn and body, rather violently if needed (But probably not). Due to not being able to store it herself, the lightning is only used on demand. One of her favorite things to do when meeting other ponies is the self powered joy buzzer, where she lightly shocks those she greets as a gag. It's a hit at parties, but those who actually know her personally know to not shake her hoof. Includes being able to temporarily solidify and shape electricity. The more she uses this, the more energy she requires and the sooner she tires out.

    This magic can be grounded, and the hard electricity dissipates if exposed to water.

    This magic is also known as Electrokinesis/Electric Elemental.

    (Primary Ability) Construct Manipulation - Lektra can give a form of sentience to constructs, giving them the permanent or temporary ability to think on their own, including talking if needed. She can temporarily exert her will over non-living things, like pony drawn taxis or her own inventions. Given enough time, she can affect a non-living thing enough that it obeys her, or changes from evil to good if it had some form of sentience. The bigger the construct, the more energy she requires and the sooner she tires out. Includes Metalbending.

    This magic only works on substances that are at least partly metallic, and they must either be conductive or magnetic. A non metallic substance that is also noncunductive and nonmagnetic would be unaffected. She also has a hard time affecting things that are partly organic (So not iron in the blood), and prefers to not bother with those due to the possibility of mangling the organic part in the process of trying to separate out the metal.

    This magic can be classified as Technopathy/Technomancy/
    Technology Manipulation. For Equestria it's based on the Come To Life magic used by Twilight early on in the series in Winter Wrap-up, but adapted for someone who has a talent in inanimate objects.

    Her special talent is creating and/or manipulating non-living things and creating Magitek, so her abilities and magic reflect that.

    Equipment: She wears a tool belt on her neck at all times which contains various tools that can be pulled out as needed (Leaving this ambiguous so we don't have times where she needs to run home/back and waste time), and a pair of magnifying glasses for examining things that can slide up or down from her headband.

    Other: Lektra has a magically animated robotic pet companion named Sparky who looks like this: http://www.a2entertain.com/images/b...acters/millionaires_club_character_starty.jpg He's also in her picture, with matching colors.

    Sparky can magically transform into things she needs, like a flat cart for heavy things or a wingpack (Backpack with wings for flight). He's also stronger than he looks (Think ants) and can do typical robot things like scan things.

    Since programming and circuitry doesn't exist in Equestria, he's 100% mechanical with two spells casted on him. There's nothing electrical or computerized. One gives him his pet-like sentience, and the other allows him to magically transform.

    Sparky's Wingpack Mode isn't as fast as real wings. It's useless for competition and is only used for personal transport. The express is tons faster. It's just for independent travel and doesn't allow waking on clouds or weather control.

    Sparky takes care of Lektra's basic day to day needs. He cooks, he cleans, he dusts, he reminds her to eat and drink, when to wake up, and when she's worked for too long. He keeps her schedule.

    Sparky takes care of Lektra's basic day to day needs. He cooks, he cleans, he dusts, he reminds her to eat and drink, when to wake up, and when she's worked for too long. He keeps her schedule.

    Practically all of her inventions function on 0% electrical, 0% computer code, 85% mechanical, and 15% magic spell. The easiest to understand this is "Enchanted metallic objects" and applies to practically everything she makes, though of course the metal isn't shaped like random lumps. Enchanted objects already exist, like Tank's propeller which clearly has a visible magic spell, so the base for this concept is already in the canon. Except if it's like something simple that she can self power like an electric blanket which is just wire coils inside, or a refrigerator which has been shown to already exist in AJ's house. I'm just using this as an example, not that the two are actually acquainted. Generators and solar panels have not been proven to exist, though.

    Making friends
    Spending time with friends
    Mares (Preferred for any romance RP)
    Stallions (Though not a primary preference for any romance RP, she wouldn't mind stallions)
    Filling commissions for clients
    Working on her inventions

    Those who purposefully act stupid (Excludes Pinkie or Derpy)
    Being insulted
    Going outside
    Socializing with strangers in a public setting (She's shy)
    Doing work that isn't somehow connected to her job
    Grossness or really messy places
    Authority figures (Excludes the Princesses)
    Those who insist they're smarter than her
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  12. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    I'm pretty sure we have everything all right here. I'll start this as soon as I can.
  13. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    You know what, although I'm kind of a newbie to MLP, I just might join this RPG. I'm thinking of playing a thestral, but as I'm not that familiar with them, I have a question before signing up: You mentioned that thestrals have an innate magic - does this refer to the same kind of magic that the unicorns possess (but weaker, I imagine), or does it refer to their ability to see magnetic fields? Or both?
  14. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Innate magic refers to the specific type of magic each race of ponies have. Earth ponies have the most passive, allowing them to grow plants and care for animals and their conenction to nature. Pegasi allow them to walk on and manipulate clouds, with some say it allows them to fly with wings being steering and the trigger. Unicrns magic is their active magic.

    Thestrals are the bat ponies. Only shown in Luna Eclipsed when we see them pull her chariot. No one really knows about the, but Lauren Fausr figures they are their own race and live in the mountains. They abiity to see magentic fields comes from the magic inherent to their race... as well as their ability to fly and feel the stars.

    Also, might add the new sub-group of Pegasi that was revealed in one of the new Daring Do books.

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  15. Kiruria

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    Okay, even though the RPG has started already, here is my signup. And while looking over the other signups, I realize that my character would probably get along very well with Comet Starfall...

    Name: Madame Starshroom (usually just goes by Starshroom)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Thestral

    Description: Starshroom is a bit on the petite side as far as ponies go, being rather light and nimble so as to help maneuver around during flight. Her body is covered with long-ish pistachio-green fur, giving her extra protection on chilly nights. Similarly, her dark purple mane is quite long, and hangs in rather loose curls and runs about 2/3 of the way down her neck. Typically it's tied back with black ribbons into two low pigtails that hang over her shoulders when standing still, but blow back as she flies. On her head, she wears a black pointed hat with a magenta star on the front. The brim flares out into the shape of a four-pointed star, its points hanging down over the sides and back of her head and decorated with tiny golden stars hanging from the ends, her rather large triangular ears sticking out between the points. The hat stays in place by being tied around in a thin black ribbon visible under her chin. Her eyes are also a bright magenta in colour, and have a habit of glistening slightly when she's concentrating on a magnetic field. When she smiles, sometimes her short yet sharp fangs show.

    Starshroom also wears a light and satiny black cape with crimson lining and a high loose collar that just about covers the back of her neck. Part of it drapes forward over her shoulders like her pigtails do, while the rest covers her back and billows over it as she flies. This way it leaves gaps for her batlike wings, which are dark purple like her mane, except with black spikelike protrusions from the tips and spines, and are just a little longer than her body. While not flying, she keeps them folded under her cape. While the cape does cover her back, it still exposes her backside, leaving her cutie mark clearly visible. This consists of a pair of brown mushrooms with a few little stars scattered around them, situated on her right hip. Behind her, her tail, which is just as purple and curly as her mane, sticks out a bit before falling almost to the ground.

    She keeps her belongings in an olive green satchel draped over her shoulders and tucked underneath her cape.

    Personality: Starshroom is very spiritual in nature, well aware of the common essence in all living things, and seeing the heavens as divine protectors of the world. At the core of her spiritual beliefs is the fact that the stars are guardian spirits watching over and guiding each and every pony, and she feels their presence in every moment of her life (as all thestrals do, regardless of whether or not they hold this belief). She often prays to them, or just talks to them in general, for to her, they are like family. Additionally, she has a habit of attributing things that happen in her life - and even in all of Equestria itself - to the stars; for example, if the weather turns stormy, she might say the stars are feeling sad and need some alone time behind the clouds.

    After living alone in the mountains for just about her entire life, Starshroom has grown quite content with her way of life. As she is not used to being around other ponies, and was never really taught how to interact with them properly, she can be rather awkward in social settings. Moreover, she tends to express disdain at ponies who live a different lifestyle, often viewing their mannerisms as silly. It is true that she can be rather selfish - in the past she needed only concern herself with her own endeavors, and prefers to keep it that way. She does have the capacity to help ponies out with things, but she would rather do so her way than their way. As she has no experience with team work, she's very inclined to go off and do her own thing rather than keep the team's interests in mind.

    Despite this, there is a part of her that desires to form meaningful relationships with other ponies, especially after years of merely observing and casually interacting with them. What she really wants is a best friend, someone she could feel especially close to, someone she could share her life with.

    Normally, Starshroom is a rather independent young mare, all too willing to take care of herself, and not having much to fear in the night. However, she seems markedly more tired and depressed during the daytime than at night, likely because the stars are not out and she can't see magnetic fields that well. She can get rather grouchy and irritable during this time too, with a tendency to complain about how bright everything is. During this time, she prefers to stick to dark or shady areas. Her sensitivity to warm temperatures doesn't help matters much.

    Background/History: Like many thestrals, Starshroom lives in the mountains - specifically, Moonfall Mountain, so named for the Moonfall Spring near the small yet steep rocky summit. This spring has a habit of catching moonlight on the night of a full or near-full moon, producing a glow in the spring that can be seen from quite far away. The lower regions of the mountain are covered in a dense and dark forest infamous for being difficult to navigate, so the spring doesn't get too many visitors who cannot fly. Starshroom spends her nights right near this spring, enjoying the company of the stars above, while during the day, she sleeps in the hollow of a great old tree near the upper edge of the forest, one that has been converted into a tiny little house. As far as she's concerned, she's lived on that mountain pretty much her entire life.

    Moonfall Mountain is also located in a chilly yet humid area, getting lots of fog and rainfall. Because of this wet climate, the mountain is home to many species of mushrooms of all shapes and sizes - some delicious, some poisonous, some even medicinal. As her name would suggest, Starshroom knows these mushrooms well. She uses the edible ones in her cooking, and harvests the poisonous ones for use on enemies. Much of this mushroom lore came from her mother, who really liked the taste of mushrooms and wanted to learn about all the different varieties out there. Although she eventually passed away after misidentifying a poisonous mushroom as an edible one, she did give Starshroom a field guide to the mushrooms on Moonfall Mountain. Starshroom uses this little booklet often, taking it everywhere with her as she goes mushroom-picking.

    As a thestral, Starshroom has a sort of job overseeing the magnetic fields of Equestria. Flying to the top of Moonfall Mountain and gazing out over the lands below, she looks for any disturbances in the field, for those usually indicate unrest among ponyfolk. If there are any significant disturbances (as opposed to petty things like a couple of Ponyville residents having an argument over how many berries to bake into a pie), she is to report them to the authorities. The only thing is, since Equestria has been such a peaceful land for much of her life, she never had anything to report.

    On other occasions, she would travel to Ponyville (which Moonfall Mountain is not too far away from), mostly out of boredom. She mostly showed up at whatever festivals occurred at night, setting up a fortune-telling shop. (This is where her title of Madame comes from.) Whenever somepony wanted their fortune told, she would fill a silver bowl full of "star water" (which is obtained by either collecting the water from Moonfall Spring on a clear night when the spring reflects the starlight, or placing any old clear water in the stars' reflection), and using that to scry, like a crystal ball. When she saw the pony's reflection in the bowl, she interpreted the resulting energies as a sort of fortune. However, she hardly ever interacted with other ponies beyond that, out of fear of seeming creepy because of her fangs and glowing eyes. But she did like to observe the ponies in their laughter and merriment, wondering what life in Ponyville might be like.

    Ever since her mother's death, Starshroom has been a bit more careful when gathering mushrooms. Thanks to her innate magic and bond with the stars, though, she was able to set up a sort of identification system where she would soak the mushrooms in the same water she used to scry with, as if she were telling their fortune. One night when she did this, she found a small batch of mushrooms that had some medicinal properties. But rather than simply drying the mushrooms like she did with most medicinal ones, she brewed them with some star water and made a sort of fermented tea out of them, for a change. Over time, she discovered that this "mushroom tea" helped to dull pain and relax the mind and body, and even made it a bit easier to use magic.

    During the next night festival in Ponyville, Starshroom tried offering this mushroom tea in addition to her usual fortune-telling services, and while it proved to be as relaxing and magic-enhancing as she found with herself, many ponies were put off by the bitter and slightly pungent flavour , some so much so that they felt nauseated after drinking it. Although Starshroom was disheartened by the tea's poor reputation among ponyfolk, that tea ended up earning her her cutie mark, since it was such a perfect blend of the energy of the stars and the mysterious and magical properties of mushrooms.

    Then Starshroom's life started to change one night when she saw a shooting star fall from the sky, a rather unusual occurrence. But she could sense in the stars that something was off about this one, and that it might even be dangerous. Sure enough, Starshroom's suspicions were confirmed just a day or two later by the unusual incident with Twilight Sparkle and disappearance of her friends, and by the continued kidnappings and metallic pony sightings in the following weeks. Moreover, whenever she flew near the forest, she saw a powerful magnetic field in there, one that was markedly different than anything the planet or any living organism on it could produce. However, she's been on the fence about investigating it, given the foreseen dangers awaiting in the forest.

    Abilities: A true thestral, Starshroom's magic comes from the stars in the sky and the magnetic fields of the earth. Her innate relationship with the stars is the source of her powers of precognition. While she can't precisely predict future events, she can sometimes get a general idea of what is to come - i.e. if there is danger or peace ahead. She also uses this ability to intuit the location of things - though again, she has trouble determining the precise spot, more the general vicinity.

    With her ability to see magnetic fields, Starshroom always knows which direction is north - it's as if her eyes act as a compass. Additionally, she can see the minute magnetic fields produced by living things. These personal magnetic fields, often called auras, change slightly depending on one's mood, attitude, or general health, and weakens when one is sick or feeling sad. It can't reveal details such as their thoughts or their next actions, but Starshroom still finds herself reading ponies with this ability. She also uses this to navigate when it's very dark outside, even though her eyes are pretty well-adjusted to low light already.

    All aforementioned abilities only work at night. During the day, visible light overwhelms the magnetic fields she's able to see, and while the sun is also a star, since it's much closer than the other stars, its energies overpower the rest.

    Then of course there's Starshroom's knowledge of mushrooms and the relaxing properties of her (not really) famous mushroom tea. The latter also has the effect of temporarily and slightly enhancing one's magical abilities, and makes a decent pain reliever as well.

    As far as physical abilities go, there is Starshroom's sharp teeth, which makes biting her most common form of self-defense. She can actually hold onto things rather well with just her teeth. There's also her wings - she is a pretty strong flier, since she typically does a lot of flying throughout the night.

    Equipment: In her satchel, Starshroom carries around a bottle of star water and another of mushroom tea, plus a bag of dried mushrooms that can be used to make the latter. There's also a vial of poison (derived from mushrooms of course) in there, plus a few little darts to use it with in case of danger. And finally, a silver bowl, used for scrying.
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  16. DVB

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    Everything seems to be the good minus the blood thing as I am certain ponies brains aren't wired that way to be able to enjoy meat in any form, excluding egg and debatebly fish.

    Aside from that, all good.

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