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My Little Pony: The New Elements (Discussion Thread) [PG-13]

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Billy Mays, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Approved by Kamotz.

    My Little Pony: The New Elements



    -The RP is PG-13, but only just so. I want the RP to have a similar feel to the show itself, but still there probably will be more darker things and the like. Still, I'd like it if players regulated cursing and violence to make sure things don't get too graphic.

    -No God modding, bunnying, etc. You guys should know this by now, right?

    -You can be a Supporting Character if you want, but keep in mind that the RP is revolving around the Element Bearers. You'll still have your shining moments of course, though. (Spike would be a good example of the role of a Supporting Character).

    -If your character is a Supporting character, they need a reason for joining. Maybe they're related to or know one of the Element Bearers, or join up along the way. Either way, there needs to be reason why they're with the Element Bearers.

    -Element Bearers don't yet know what their element is yet, nor does anyone else for that matter. Be sure to keep that in mind.

    -Keep in mind I have neither watched Equestria Girls or read the comics, so I'm only going off the show here.

    -Please, please, please be active, especially if you're an Element Bearer. Inactivity is the number one killer of RPs. If you're going to be gone for some time, be sure to let me know.

    -This is an official map of Equestira. I will be using this map for where locations are in the RP; if you want to know where someplace is, use this for reference. That being said though, I will probably be making my own locations as well.


    The Cast:

    Accepted Characters

    Element of Unity: Skyfall, Unicorn - SoulMuse

    Element of Passion: Blaze Racer, Pegasus - Billy Mays

    Element of Honor: Skipper, Earth Pony - Beirut

    Element of Humility: Feather Stormm, Pegasus - TheSketchQueen

    Element of Empathy: Happy Golucky, Earth Pony - Monster Guy

    Element of Tolerance: Lektra Bolt, Unicorn - bronislav84


    Supporting Characters:

    Sleepy Cumulus, Pegasus - Slipomatic
    Lore Specter, Earth Pony - Ysavvryl
    Comet Starlight, Unicorn - Cometstarlight
    Kirin Bolt, Unicorn - Delta Hunter


    Alright people, Discussion Thread is up. Now we can use this to discuss plot stuff and all in all make it a lot easier to alert you guys of anything going on.
  2. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Okay, finally managed to get my unexpected pile of homework done, and posting now.

    Hm...now that I am tying ot come up with ideas, gravity magic is remarkable bland.
  3. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    What's so bland about being able to walk up walls and onto the ceiling because you can change your personal gravity? Or getting stuff to orbit your head, just because? It could be fun!
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Unicorns are magic snobs. :p
  5. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Tsk tsk, this isn't a debate. However, after my next post, you guys will have some free reign on how my character shows up as my character will be passed out.

    My post is up.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  6. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    So who are we waiting on now you guys? Do we all need to post an arrival post who aren't in Canterlot yet?
  7. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    I dunno. I was just waiting on someone to post something, but I can post an arrival in Canterlot wheneve.r
  8. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    I was expecting Billy to assume we all showed up already as he had told me he would once everybody posted once at least, but if he wants everybody to post an arrival he didn't say it.
  9. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    No no, its time for me to post. I just...need to do it. Ehehehe. I'll try to get that up.
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    If this were actually an episode of the show, everyone arriving at the palace would be an elaborate musical number. xD

    But because my name's not Daniel Ingram, I'm not gonna do that...

    Post coming soon.
  11. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    My post is up and I think my pony will most likely be the most reluctant pony of the group, if only because out of all the ponies chosen for the job, she would have the worst qualities for this job. Unless someone beats me to making an even more reluctant accepter of the job offered, which I know is an automatic yes given the situation at hand.
  12. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    I dunno. Maybe Humility element by Sketch will surprise us. IIRC her character is very clumsy and shy. I could be way off base with that one though, but she could end up reluctant for other reasons.

    Did you like how I had Sleepy brought in, Slip? Nobody else was doing it, so I figured I would.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2013
  13. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    yeah, what you did was fine. Now to see what happens next right?
  14. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    I never knew writing with ponies would be so creativity draining... a post should be up soon.
  15. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Are we waiting on somebody, or has Billy just been busy?
  16. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    I think we are waiting for the one post at least from everyone before moving things forward. I think it's about time to start the PMs about if they're really going to be somewhat active in the RPG or kicked for excessive inactivity.
  17. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Beirut is the only one left.

    Although, I've been a bit busy myself this week...
  18. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Oh, somebody wanna poke him? I thought he posted.
  19. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    So... Could we please move forwards with the RPG and move on Billy Mays? I don't mind if we have to bunny inactive players, but this hold up is what kills RPGs badly. I really don't want to see this RPG die.
  20. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Me either. I left a VM for Beirut about element bearers being important and it hasn't had any effect. Maybe if more of us remind Beirut?

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