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My Little Pony: The New Elements (RPG Thread) [PG-13]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Billy Mays, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    My Little Pony: The New Elements


    Blaze Racer
    Skies Above Canterlot

    An amber colored streak blazed across the sky, leaving a trail in its wake. Blaze Racer was returning from making a long distance trip to Phillydelphia to deliver some of his homemade fireworks. Pretty much everypony thought he was crazy going out by himself during a time like this to make deliveries, but there was no place Blaze would rather live than on the edge! Or at least, that's how he would put it. Blaze flew down to the entrance of Canterlot and was let in by a guard; there was a large shield around the city currently, so he couldn't just fly in like he usually did, much to Blaze's dismay.

    It was about midday now, and Blaze didn't really know what to do with himself. No one was having any parties with this huge crisis going on, and there was a night time curfew too. He figured maybe he'd just go home and turn in for the day. As he approched his apartment though, a guard was waiting for him. Hoping the guard was standing there for somepony else, Blaze tried to walk past him; only to be stopped.

    "Are you Blaze Racer?" The guard asked. Despite being made reather uneasy by the guard's presence, Blaze put on a big grin and responded. "The one and only. What'cha need me for?"

    "The princess has requested to see you right away. Come with me." The guard didn't even hesitate; as soon as he finished speaking he immediately started walking off, presumably to the royal palace. The princess? Now Blaze was even more uneasy, and curious too. Whatever this is about, its gotta be important. With that, Blaze followed the guard off to the palace.


    Canterlot Castle

    Princess Celestia paced back in forth inside the throne room, her sister Luna watching from a corner. Celestia couldn't even imagine how she could be so calm during all of this: citizens were turning up missing, everypony was in a panic, and even the Elements of Harmony had failed to solve the problem. Worst of all, she still didn't even know what the problem truly was. Their mysterious enemy, if there even was an actual enemy, was sly, leaving little trace of their actions.

    Perhaps its from all that time she spent by herself... Celestia thought, wondering why Luna could act so calm. Though admittedly, Celestia hated even thinking about the whole Nightmare Moon incident. She was glad to have her sister back, but even with them reunited sometimes Celestia had trouble communicating with Luna; she had been banished for a thousand years, after all.

    Just then, a guard entered the room and bowed. "Your majesty, the ponies you asked for have arrived. Shall we send them in?"

    Celestia put on the best smile she could muster and nodded. "Thank you, please bring them in." The guard saluted then walked back out the door in order to bring the ponies mentioned in. I just hope I wasn't wrong in making this decision...


    GM Notes

    -Sorry if this intro post is lackluster, its late and I'm not feeling too good. I just wanted to hurry and get this up. >.>

    -Your intro post should contain your character being asked to come to the castle by a royal guard. Its midday currently, but if your character lives farther away your intro post might take place earlier, like in the morning or even the night before. The Element Bearers obviously will all be invited, and so will Lore and Comet. Kirin and Cumulus, you two will probably tag along with Lektra when she gets invited (I remember bronislav and Slip talking about making an intro post together, but feel free to have Cumulus tag along with a different character instead if you want Slip.)

    -I'm going to try to get a Discussion Thread up ASAP, so don't you guys worry.

    -I've added themes to locations to give them more atmosphere. Keep in mind though that they'll probably all be video game music. ^^

    -If you have any other questions, VM me or post it on the Discussion Thread once it's up.
  2. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    (Finally it's up! God, I thought I would die before it went up! Well, this throws off my plans a bit. I guess that just means this post will be long, and my character might take more than one post getting there. Meh.

    Actually I had an idea with Mon for an intro post together. Slip and I just talked about possible interactions.

    Naturally, I write in first person. >.<)

    Lektra Bolt
    Bolt Cottage, Ponyville

    "And......finished!" I exclaimed, standing back and wiping my brow of sweat with a floating towel. The workshop was a mess of wires, leftover metal, pipes, and leftover conduction coils. I wondered if Kirin was still asleep or had also stayed up working on something like I did. Seriously I wasn't sleepy.

    I had just finished my new invention, the Automated Stove-Oven. All it would need was the Come to Life spell once assembled, which would endow it with the ability to learn food recipes and do the cooking for it's owner with it's specialized cooking limbs. The appliance was very large, but it could be taken apart for transport. Testing it would be up to the recipient. I just didn't find doing that very exciting. I took it apart into four pieces and boxed it up into cardboard boxes, ready for transport. The Cakes would either like it or not. If the thing even worked. I was sure the insides were all correct, and it just needed to be powered up. The boxes were pretty heavy though, even with it taken apart into four square pieces.

    "Sparky!" I yelled for the automaton. Where was that darn thing? Probably out cleaning. He didn't take too long and rolled out from the basement on his wheels, holding a rag in his pincers.

    "Yes Lektra? Do you require something?" He asked with a voice that sounded barely male. The voice was emotionless, dull, and droll; Enough to put anypony to sleep just hearing it. One of these days I had to upgrade Sparky, but not now. I kept putting it off.

    "Sparky I need you to transport these boxes to Sugarcube Corner. Please transform into a flat cart." I asked him, naming one of his many convenient transformation modes.

    With a flash of light he reshaped himself into a flatbed cart with wheels for transport and lowered the back part like a wheelbarrow for me to load the Stove-Oven onto. I then used my magic to push the boxes onto the cart. When all four were loaded he picked up the ramp and beeped. "Ready for transport." I jumped on top of the boxes. Sparky had no trouble rolling the cargo and me out the door (Which I locked of course) and to the bakery.

    On the way I checked the mail. There was a large bag of Bits delivered from the patent office. I had quite a lot of patents out at the patent office, and anypony who used them had to pay a monthly licensing fee. We could pick it up later. Not like I needed money right now, anyway. Kirin could pick up the money if he felt like it, or I would later if he didn't.

    We continued rolling toward Sugarcube Corner at a brisk pace, past ponies out doing whatever they usually did in the morning. Rolling past the Market, I got quite a few stares and a lot of eye rolls. I could almost hear their thoughts. Oh look, there's Lektra with her new invention that will ultimately fail. No, I had to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they rolled their eyes and stared at something else. Maybe. While I was absorbed in my thoughts, we had arrived at the bakery. I walked over to the door with Sparky following behind with the boxes.

    I knocked on the door with a front hoof, with Sparky ready to roll in with the boxes. "Mr and Mrs Cake, are you up? I've got a surprise for yoooooooou."
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2013
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    (OOC: I know it's short. That tends to happen in posts where your interacting with a PC.)

    Happy Golucky
    Sugarcube corner, Ponyville

    Happy Golucky was standing in front of an oven waiting for his newest cake to finish baking. Once the timer went off, he threw a hoof up. "Yay, it's done!" He pulled a large chocolate cake out of the oven, and sniffed it. "Mmm, This came out great!" He carried it over to the window, and set it down by the windowsill to let cool down a little bit. Once it was it cooled to a more reasonable temperature, he could start applying frosting and other toppings to make this cake really look nice.

    Happy didn't really have much to do today other than bake, and keep the place clean. Business at the Sugarcube corner has been slow after ponies started disappearing. No one was having any parties, which mean few ponies came in ordered any catering or bought any cakes. Ditzy Doo still ordered her usual muffins every day though, so the place wasn't completely desperate for business. Not to mention everyone in town was on edge, and Pinkie Pie wasn't around to make them laugh. Some ponies have become very irritable. He could understand their sentiments though. He'd be scared too if there was a chance myself or my loved ones could disappear. Regardless, he still came in for work like always. When times were tough, there was nothing like sweet treats to lift your spirits.

    As Happy waited for his cake to cool, he heard a knock on the door, followed by a voice. "Mr and Mrs Cake, are you up? I've got a surprise for yoooooooou."

    His bosses were busy in the other room taking care of their twin foals, so Happy decided to answer the door himself so they wouldn't be disturbed. "Don't worry, I got this!" He called out. The Earth Pony was not expecting anyone at all, and so was excited to have someone stopping by. He grabed the handle with his hoof, and opened the door wide, and saw an orange Unicorn he had seen around town a few times before standing there with a cart of boxes. "Hi! Welcome to the Sugarcube Corner!" He said with a smile on his face "The Cakes are kind of busy with their foals at the moment. How can I help you today?"
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2013
  4. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Sleepy Cumulus
    Ponyville Weather Office, Town Hall, Morning

    “The weather for today will be partly cloudy this morning, with the clouds being mostly over the farms. A few clouds will be also placed over the market area and park area. Then during the afternoon, the weather will become cloudy with some rain coming in the late afternoon. When it comes time to put some rain clouds in, I want them to be light rain clouds, make sure you don’t put any thunder clouds or heavy rain clouds in there. Now any questions?” Raincloud asked as she read from the sheet. Ever since Rainbow Dash disappeared, the office started seeing more use since Rainbow Dash was never one for paperwork. She also had a natural knack for what the weather would be and since none of us had that sense for what the weather would be, we had to resort to using what was preplanned by the mayor for the weather, granted some of it had to be modified as why would there be a schedule for a week long heavy rain. Of course, areas got split with pairs of two and today, she was stuck with Flitter with placing clouds over farm areas.

    Sleepy Cumulus shook her head as she yawned on her way out of the office. It was basically prep the white clouds for the morning and then mix in later with the light grey clouds. She wasn’t looking forward to the amount of clouds that had to be pushed into place over the farm areas. She sighed as she spread her wings and took off, straining a bit as her wings struggled a bit with her weight as she ascended. She was panting slightly when she reached the right altitude for placing the clouds. Thankfully, she wasn’t on duty to bring the clouds to other weather ponies as she was sure she wouldn’t last long with the constant strain she would have with ascending. Flitter was soon up beside her as they both waited for some white clouds to push to the farm area

    The wait wasn’t long as the clouds came into view, floating up from dissipating cloud storage boxes. She and Flitter took turns pushing the clouds that came up over to the farm areas, spreading it out as the weather was partly cloudy. It wasn’t really tiring work, just tiring for Sleepy as her overweight body didn’t like working hard. If it weren’t for the fact that she was decent with making clouds, she probably would have been fired a long time ago she mused sadly. Perhaps, that was why she liked Rainbow Dash as the head weather pony as she was even more notorious for sleeping on the job and thus lenient on ponies napping on the job… somewhat. She rested a bit on a cloud she had just placed over the farm, needing a breather. Of course, Flitter would fly by with a dirty look on her face, but carried on. It wasn’t really fair to her, but what could she do, fly till her wings fell out. Sleepy sighed as she stretched her wings, wincing slightly as the wings felt a bit stiff, and took off to finish up the morning prep work.
  5. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Kirin Bolt
    Bolt Cottage, Ponyville

    "I swear, if we weren't related..." grumbled the angry thoughts of a tall tan unicorn, smelling of bronze and iron in his small bed towards the back of the shops. He was low on cigars. Again. It was getting bad, this was his fourth pack of the month gone. "....I should pick up drinking..." Kirin muttered. As much as he loved and cared for little sister Lektra, he secretly hoped for a day to be rid of her to a colt who could protect her. Kirin grumbled, and went to get out, when he stopped. "Oh whoops" he muttered, looking at his hooves. They were lacking their metal covers, taken off for slumber. "Damn it, where did I put them last night...I think I was smoking a lot..." Kirin muttered again, his voice sounding a little horse. He looked towards the back right corner of the house, and leviatated four metal hooves to him.

    Each hoof was made stainless steel, carved in the shape of a pyramid with the top chopped off. He slowly inserted it into the bottom his his real hooves, gritting his teeth as they clicked into his bones and the metal rods inside. "ggr..." he growled, and stood up slowly, putting weight onto the hooves slowly before he was standing in his meager room. He shook out his tranlucent mane a bit, and walked out of the room. "Always leaving her trash out..." he muttered, seeing the mess of her workbench. She also took Sparky, so she was delivering a package. He liked the little machine a lot, it was almost a kid, but he wanted to do a lot more work on it. Maybe make it a real kid. "Why can't I make them more human through tech" Kirin wondered a little, before heading out of the shop.

    As usually, Lektra left stuff in the mailbox. Ditz. Kirin sighed and removed the bits, pocketed ten for his cigerettes, and placed the rest into the safe under the seven gear locked cabinnet. His own creation. "Heh, I'd like to see Lektra try to animate this" he heckled, before going out for a walk. His horn flashed a little. "Damn, I'm almost out. I need more lightning..." he mutters. He walks out for about 100 yards, before he sees a pegassu on some clouds over the pasture of the ranch. "HEY!" he shouts up. He uses a little lightning for a thunder crack to get her attention better. "WHat's the weather going to be?"
  6. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Lektra Bolt
    Sugarcube Corner bakery, Ponyville

    The door opened from the inside, both halves of it together, to reveal a boy pony who let me in. He was red colored with black mane and tail, which seemed to fit him and I felt the colors went together. Maybe I was color challenged, though. Was that just Pinky Pie in a disguise? I had heard that ponies were disappearing, and the great heroes had also disappeared, but paid it no mind and hoped it was just a rumor. If it was Pinky Pie, she sure was doing a good job with a disguise and looking like a boy. All of this took like a second to analyze, and then he spoke.

    "Hi! Welcome to the Sugarcube Corner!" Said the colt with a wide smile on his face "The Cakes are kind of busy with their foals at the moment. How can I help you today?"

    I was so busy with my musings I forgot to introduce myself. I walked in through the door to look the place over. "Thank you for letting me in. Oh, they're busy with their foals huh? Well, that's fine. Glad somepony's up, though." I turned and looked him over again. "Wait, are you Pinkie Pie wearing a disguise? No, couldn't be. It's too elaborate. She'd probably just put on a big poofy mustache, not dress up as a boy."

    Sparky the cart bumped my rear left hoof, making me jump a little. His four wheels squeaked a bit. Right, gotta stay on topic. "Hello, I'm Lektra, and this is Sparky." I said motioning to the cart with my right front hoof, which would probably freak the heck out of Whatshisname. "I'm sorry, but I'm not here to buy anything. I've been working on my latest invention for the past three days off and on, and spent all of last night finishing it. Didn't sleep, but it doesn't bother me." At this Sparky tipped over backwards in cart form and lowered the boxes to the floor with a clang. With a flash of light he transformed into his usual upright form with wheels and pincers, which obviously wasn't designed to move around on all fours. He beeped rather loudly, but otherwise remained quiet.

    I walked over to where they had their stove and oven, measuring distances just by looking it over. "Anyway, it's a gift for the Cakes to liven up business. An Automated Stove-Oven that learns the recipes to food cooked on and in it, then can eventually use it's specialized limbs to do all the cooking for it's owner. How much do you expect to pay? Why, it's completely free of course! I've sent out to file the patent and this is the demo model, so using it will also help me too. If others see this they'll ask where Sugarcube Corner got it, and somepony will want to license my patent. Win-win, assuming it works of course." I paused to take a breath. Wow that was a lot to say all at once, and I couldn't read his expression at all.

    I then moved over to the middle of the shop next to the tables. "I'll just set this up here, and you can have somepony else move it in place of the existing stove and oven. Sparky, lend me a pincer." And we set to work as I said that.

    I opened the boxes with my magic and Sparky pulled each cube piece out with his pincers. They were a bit heavy to move, but I strained myself and eventually arranged them correctly. The four cubes snapped together to form the Automated Stove-Oven and the seams disappeared. It reached just up to a little higher than where my tools hung around my neck, which should be comfortable to cook on top of. I just didn't want to make it too big, though. Not that they'd be doing that for long until it learned, anyway. The special cooking limbs were in the back, hidden in a compartment so as to not be out all the time.

    "Now all it needs is the Come to Life spell to power it up, and remember to never press this button down near the floor on the right labeled D which is the disassemble button." I said more to the colt than Sparky who was just idling.

    I had memorized this and had done it a lot of times, and it usually worked correctly. I sparked up my horn with lightning and magic. "Your purpose is to learn how to cook stovetop and oven recipes cooked on and in you, then learn to make them yourself if the right ingredients are laid out in front of you. You will obey anypony who works at Sugarcube Corner, and me of course." I recited it's purpose, with my horn power directing the spell as designed. "Automated Stove-Oven! Come! To! Life! " Saying the last three words with emphasis, I then shot the spell at the Automated Stove-Oven, eyes glowing white.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  7. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Comet Starlight
    Late morning

    "Comet!" she heard her father call, "It's almost time for lunch!"

    The night blue unicorn turned away from her work and yelled downstairs. "Ok! I'm almost done, just let me finish!"

    After hearing confirmation from her father, Comet went back to work. This star chart wasn't going to finish itself. She sat back at her workbench before zoning out all other distractions that may impede her from her task.

    She quieted her mind and used her magic to bring the parchment closer before getting her paint brush out. She quickly dabbed it into the white paint that sat on her pallet and began to dot over the light tracings from before. She didn't normally wait this long to finally begin the painting process, but she wanted this to be perfect. This chart was going to a famous upcoming explorer, an archaeologist by the name of Ovid, and she couldn't afford to mess up. Ovid was no ordinary pony, in fact, he wasn't even a pony at all. He was a griffon that became popular in Equestria after he discovered several artifacts that became dated to pre-Equestrian times. Nopony really knows about those times, but it was the chance of a lifetime to be doing this kind of service for a griffon of his stature.

    Comet's mind relaxed as the paint dotted and danced across constellations; her eyes taking in the positions that each star held. She continued her work for almost half an hour when she placed the brush down and calmed herself.

    "It's just a simple breeze spell." she murmured. "Nothing is going to go wrong this time." She inhaled before slowly channeling the energy through the horn atop her head. The mystical blue energy cast a summery breeze across the paper, careful not to smear the paint against the night blue surface of the parchment. "Perfect." she smiled before putting away her source of paint.

    Now came the best part. The part that made her charts so special, aside from their startling accuracy. The pony smiled as she channeled magic again, this time creating a small comet from her horn. The little wispy ball flew across the room with the direction of its master before collapsing in on itself. Shimmering dust bloomed from the sphere and dusted the page, leaving twinkling particles before the conformed into the page itself.

    It was Comet's special touch; she would give each star the look as if it were really a star. Each dot twinkled on the page with the wonder of a real star before she used her magic again to close all of the blinds, making the room as dark as possible. The chart gave an unearthly glow as the chart was still distinguishable and now readable with the twinkles making sure that Ovid will be able to read it even in the darkest night.

    She rolled up the chart and began again on another one. She was getting out her paint...

    "Comet!" her father called again.

    She sighed as she gave up on trying to get more of her work done before lunch.

    "I'm coming!" she trotted down the spiral staircase to the floor below. "What's for--

    "Comet," her unicorn father stood by the door. "I believe these colts wish to speak with you."

    He stepped back to reveal two Canterlot guards clad in armor.

    "Comet Starlight?" One of them asked. Comet nodded in response. "The Princess has requested that you be brought to the castle right away."
  8. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Lore Specter
    an inn, Canterlot

    Flower arranging was a relaxing activity. Lore liked to pick out a nice flower for a centerpiece, then add bits of greenery, branches, or other flowers to compliment it. Not overcrowded, but simple and elegant. Here, she didn't have much to work with. But that was fine. She had asked the innkeeper for something to do, as they had let her stay for no cost this time. Had to insist on it; after all, idle hooves trod the road to trouble. So she was allowed to fill vases with fresh flowers for the guest rooms and the dining room.

    But normally, she didn't work on flower arranging with an energetic young pegasus flitting around the room. Lore kept the vase steady while the child kept talking. “And even though they said I couldn't, I made it all the way here myself! But then guards got after me, saying that I had to go back to Cloudsdale. It was tough, but I got away from them even.”

    “You must be skilled to do that,” Lore said, adjusting a fern leaf. There, that looked good. “Why did you come here from Cloudsdale?”

    “I came looking for my mom, cause she was late getting back from an assignment to Phillydelphia. I kept asking dad to go look, but he said no and that I had to stay at home, no flying far. It's not fair! I can take care of myself, and I’m not scared. Well, maybe a little cause of mom, but I won't let that stop me.”

    She's luckier than she knows, Lore thought. But this filly already said that she'd run away from guards, and home apparently, so it wouldn't do to be harsh. Especially since she had no wings to go after the child if she took off through a window, like she had entered. “I see. Have you been to Phillydelphia? Because this isn't it.”

    She drifted back in surprise. “It's... not?”

    “No, this is Canterlot,” she said, shaking her head to get some of her blue-green mane out of her eyes. “Phillydelphia is much further away.”

    “Oh... rats.” She put a hoof over her eyes in embarrassment.

    “Let's leave this room,” Lore said gently, waiting until the pegasus child came out into the hall with her. Then she said, “You know, I think your dad is worried about you.”

    “What, no way!” She shook her head vigorously. “He's been mean lately, saying I can't leave to go see my friends and I have to come straight home after school. He even times it!”

    “He doesn't want you to disappear, so he keeps you close. At these times, it's safest to stick with others.” Although, that didn't always help. But saying so wouldn't help here. “How do you think your mom would feel if she came back home and you weren't there? She'd be sad, right?”

    “Yeah I know she'd really be worried,” the filly said, starting to realize that this hadn't been a good idea.

    “I'm sure your dad will be sad too, maybe even upset at himself for not being able to protect you,” Lore said. “Many ponies are afraid of what's going on; you don't have to be ashamed to admit something like that. We all want to stick with our loved ones. That would be why he seems harsh lately; he's scared of losing you.”

    “Really, you think so?” she asked. When Lore nodded, the pegasus child was sad enough to land on the floor. “But I was just trying to help. I should go home, but, is he gonna be mad at me?”

    Lore nudged her. “Tell him that you're sorry when you get home and explain why you left. But before you take off, let's go find someone who can fly back to Cloudsdale with you.”

    “Okay... um, what's been happening to the ponies that disappear? Is mom coming back?”

    “I don't know that. Let's hope that she's there when you get back,” she said. She would like to know why ponies were disappearing, where they had gone and when they'd come back. From the sounds of things, it wasn't quite as bad here in central Equestria, but ponies were still vanishing without notice. But they had to be alive; Lore believed in that and she wasn't going to give up on them.

    She led the pegasus child to the office where messengers flew letters all throughout Equestria. They found one who was willing to fly with her back to Cloudsdale, although they first had to talk with one of the guards about why she'd flown from them earlier. Fortunately, the one they spoke with was strict but not enough to make the filly cry. Lore wished them a good flight, then started to walk back to the inn.

    But outside the inn, there was another guard, waiting for her. “Lore Specter?” he asked.

    “Yes, that's me,” she said. “Is something the matter?”

    “No... well, come with me. You've been summoned by the princess for a meeting.”

    The princess was calling her? Lore had spoken to various ponies earlier about her hometown, including just yesterday when she had arrived back in Canterlot shortly before sundown. But they hadn't called her back to them. Maybe some news had come in, maybe they had more questions. She nodded. “All right, please lead the way.”
  9. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Happy Golucky
    Sugarcube corner, Ponyville

    Happy stepped aside to allow the Unicorn to enter as she began to talk.

    "Thank you for letting me in. Oh, they're busy with their foals huh? Well, that's fine. Glad somebody's up, though. Wait, are you Pinkie Pie wearing a disguise? No, couldn't be. It's too elaborate. She'd probably just put on a big poofy mustache, not dress up as a boy."

    "Hehe, Sorry, I'm not. I do wish she were here though. Anyway, I'm Happy. No that's how I'm feeling, that's my name. Heh, although, I am in a pretty good mood today."

    "Hello, I'm Lektra, and this is Sparky." She continued, motioning to her cart with her hoof. "I'm sorry, but I'm not here to buy anything."

    Happy was a little disapointed to hear that, but he was still grateful to at least have a visitor and continued smiling.

    "I've been working on my latest invention for the past three days off and on, and spent all of last night finishing it. Didn't sleep, but it doesn't bother me." At this her cart tipped over, and transformed into a robot.

    She walked over to where the stove and oven were, and studied them. "Anyway, it's a gift for the Cakes to liven up business. An Automated Stove-Oven that learns the recipes to food cooked on and in it, then can eventually use it's specialized limbs to do all the cooking for it's owner. How much do you expect to pay? Why, it's completely free of course! I've sent out to file the patent and this is the demo model, so using it will also help me too. If others see this they'll ask where Sugarcube Corner got it, and somepony will want to license my patent. Win-win, assuming it works of course."

    Happy bit his lip nervously. He was sure the Cakes would love this machine. They could spend more time catering events and being with their foals with all the time it would save them. But if this becomes a success, and everypony gets one, would he still be needed? Sure, there was something magical about making something with your own two hooves that a machine just can't replace. But a lot of ponies don't care. They just want their food now. Despite his worries, he put them aside for the moment, and kept on smiling. "That's great! I'm sure the Cakes would love it!"

    Using her magic, she levitated the boxes, and assembled the boxes. Then cast a spell to make it come to life.

    The oven glowed the same shade as her magical aura before whirring to life. Eight mechanical limbs appeared from the back. The arms began to flail around for a bit to signal that it was on and functioning. After that, they folded back into itself as quickly as they had appeared.

    Happy looked at the oven quizzically before turning to Lektra. "Well, that was definitely something! Thank you on behalf of the Cakes. We'll be sure to tell you how it goes once we make something on it."

    Right after he said that, a pair of white Unicorns wearing golden armor that had Celestia's insignia on it suddenly teleported into the kitchen. "We apologize for the intrusion, but this is urgent. We're here for Happy Golucky, and Lektra Bolt. The Princess has requested to speak to the two of you right away!"

    Happy's eyes went wide with shock. This was definitely important. Princess Celestia doesn't have meetings with just any pony. He felt honored to be asked, and excited about what this might involve. "Oh, wow! This is great! I've never been to Canterlot before, let alone the palace! This is so exciting!" He clapped his hooves happily for a second before he remembered this was supposed to be serious. "Oh... um... well, lead the way good sirs."
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2013
  10. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (Holy crap, this is horrible...)

    Feather Stormm
    Weather School
    Between Morning and Midday

    Feather stood at her desk, perfecting a stormcloud, when her friend, Robin, came up to her. "Did'ja hear the weather for today?" she asked, "Partly cloudy this morning, with the clouds being mostly over the farms, market area and park area. Then during the afternoon, the weather will become cloudy with some light rain coming in the late afternoon."

    "That seems like an okay day," Feather replied, tapping the small cloud, "But I don't think Rainbow would give that report."

    Robin sighed. "It hasn't been the same since she disappeared..."

    "Nice work, Feather!" Feather's teacher beamed, looking at the cloud from across the classroom. "I think you've earned yourself an A!" Feather smiled, and was about to reply when there was a knock at the door. The teacher walked over and opened the door. His smile, however, quickly turned into a serious frown. He nodded, then walked over to Feather. "Feather, you have a visitor."

    Feather's jaw quivered. "Who is it? W-what do they want?"

    "I think it would be best if you talked to him," the teacher said. Feather nodded, then slowly walked to the door. In the hallway stood a royal guard.

    "Feather Stormm?" the guard asked. Feather nodded timidly. "Come with me. The princess has requested to see you."

    Feather wobbled alongside the guard as he marched out of the school. "W-why does the princess want m-me?" she stammered, "I didn't do anything wrong..."

    "The princess didn't give me any details. Now hurry, we have to get to Canterlot."

    Feather gulped. I... why would the princess want me, a pegasus who's afraid of heights?
  11. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Sleepy Cumulus
    Skies of Ponyville, Late Morning

    Sleepy wiped a hoof across her head. While slightly behind schedule, mainly because she was slow to set it up, the morning clouds were in place. She was going to puff up one of the clouds near the town hall when a crack of thunder made her spook and leap off of her cloud, causing it to disappate. She grimaced when she saw that she had destroyed the cloud, but whoever had placed a thunder cloud was going to get it. Of course, the voice from below grabbed her attention and she only caught the last bit of whatever the pony below her was asking. She looked down and saw that it was Kirin Bolt. While she sort of knew him, she tended to shy away from him, mostly because he smoked a bit and smoking was pretty much asking for trouble as a pegasus. With how circulation worked with pegasi wings, oxygen was pretty much demanded for flying and anything that hampered that oxygen flow usually resulted in complications of flight and downright cramps that left you wishing you were dead, or at least numb to the pain. She grimaced as she slowly glided down so she was touching the ground before flicking her wings closed.

    She trotted up to him with a grimace and said, “Please don’t use thunder noises to grab our attention. It’s bad enough that we have problems with weather being properly handled, we really don’t need any pony causing issues with thunder-like noises.” She took a moment to compose herself a bit more before continuing on, “As for what I assume was a question about the weather today, it’s going to be partly cloudy till afternoon when it’ll become an overcast with a light rain shower in the late afternoon.” Still, if she had one issue right now, it was the smell of cigars coming off of him that made her want to grab a rain cloud and soak him in it to at least get rid of the smoke smell somewhat.
  12. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Kirin Bolt
    Apple Family Acres, Ponyville

    A Pegasus mare trotted up to him with a grimace and said, “Please don’t use thunder noises to grab our attention. It’s bad enough that we have problems with weather being properly handled, we really don’t need any pony causing issues with thunder-like noises.” She took a moment to compose herself a bit more before continuing on, “As for what I assume was a question about the weather today, it’s going to be partly cloudy till afternoon when it’ll become an overcast with a light rain shower in the late afternoon.” She didn't look too happy, but it might have just been his smell. He forgot to shower that morning, and the night before required the last three sticks of his pack. A lot of tobacco on his body right now. Kirin wasn't in the mood, however.

    "Hmph, a simple weather report would have sufficed, lazy midget" Kirin snapped back, sounding irratable in his hunt for cigars and a lightning buzz. "Now listen, I need a couple of thunderclouds. I'm low on thunderbolts" he snaped to her, and takes out a couple of bits. "Ten bits per cloud sound good enough?" he tried barginning.
  13. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    OOC: I smell burnt feathers coming soon.

    Sleepy Cumulus
    Apple Family Acres, Ponyville

    Sleepy felt her ears lay back as Kirin snapped at her and then demanded that he get some thunderclouds for some bits. She really didn’t need this kind of treatment in the morning. Also, being called a midget was a low blow. She looked at Kirin, vaguely making it out his outline before realizing that she was tearing up and wiped her eyes. She wouldn’t start crying, at least not when there was somepony nearby. She squeaked out a response, her voice wavering and cracking badly. “I-I’m going to have to r-refuse making thunderclouds for you. It is against policy to give clouds from what has been ordered from the Town Hall. You will have to place an order like every other pony does at the Town Hall if you really want some. Sorry, but not even the head weather pony has the right to sell clouds.”

    She really wanted to leave now and calm down somewhere quiet. She felt exhausted, both mentally and physically and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet. Why did today have to suck? She just wanted a quiet day and maybe a massage at the spa. All she wanted now was to go home and cry in her bed. Being tiny wasn’t her fault. She couldn’t help that she was short, nor the fact that she was lazy. Well, she could fix being lazy, but flying took so much energy from her that napping was always a good way to recover energy, even if it meant looking lazy. She didn’t want to look at Kirin right now. She was pretty sure she made him mad and she would be the main reason behind it this time. She hated making others mad, but today had to be that once in the while where she was past caring.
  14. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Kirin Bolt
    Apple Family Acres, Ponyville

    The mare squeaked out a response, her voice wavering and cracking badly. “I-I’m going to have to r-refuse making thunderclouds for you. It is against policy to give clouds from what has been ordered from the Town Hall. You will have to place an order like every other pony does at the Town Hall if you really want some. Sorry, but not even the head weather pony has the right to sell clouds.” Kirin's eyes widened a little, realizing she sounded upset. Freakin cigars. He was still a little jittery, getting the shakes from needing a little jump on is ciggerattes, and he wasn't in the mood to talk it out, as he still needed to find that little sister of his. But, an upset mare, one who upset because of him, couldn't be ignored.

    "I swear to Luna I'm too nice..." Kirin thought. He took an attempt at a relaxing breath, though ti came out short and a little brief. "Sorry about upsetting you miss, I get very on edge when I haven't been able to smoke in a few hours" he apologized, his right front hoof starting to vibrate up and down. "I'll make a report to the hall, I'm so sorry for hurting you like that. I'll have to make it up later, I need to track down little Lekky." he quickly said, before trotting away, the tips of his ears getting a little red. "You literally sounded like a date Kirin, stop it. WORK. WORK. SISTER. CIGARS." Kirin angerly snapped at himself in his head, but the growing pit of shame and guilt began to gnaw at his gut feverishly. The stop at the general store was short, luckily, and he was out with a cheery smile and a lit cigar again. He took a deep breath, before exhaling a row of rings from his mouth. The guilt gnawed deeper into his belly, but at least he was calmer and good think straight. "Okay...okay...now, her last invention was a stove, so...the Cake's-" Kirin said to himself before he saw the Celestia Guard inside. He bolted right for the shop, barging in. "Lektra?!" he shouted, his voice deep with concern.
  15. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    (Oi, sorry. I've been having a bit of writing block lately. This kind of sucks.)

    Golden Oak Library

    Skipper had trotted into Ponyville with the mid-morning sun hanging high over her head. Skipper had wanted to head into Ponyville on this particular day to take out a couple books from the library. She usually preferred to stay on the outskirts, as this is where she was raised. The young mare walked towards the door of the lovely tree and opened it slowly. She was glad she knew exactly what she was looking for, otherwise she probably would've been in that small tree for hours.

    Skipper approached one of the shelves, noticing the books she was looking for quite suddenly. She picked up one that she needed with ease, she had needed a new book about animal care for quite some time. She scooped it up and trotted out of the library, book in a side satchel hatched to her body. She made her way back to her pet shop.


    Skip's Pet Shop, Outskirts of Ponyville.

    Skipper opened the door, greeted by the happy barks of dogs and the attention of all the other animals. She gingerly lifted her hoof and pet one of the dogs on the head with a smile. She then set the book on the counter, lowered her satchel and began to read the book. She was so focused on the book, she hardly hear the bell of the door ring, that is, until someone gently knocked on the counter.

    She looked up, noticing a royal guard standing. She eyed him. "Are you Skipper?" He asked, his tone was rough and commanding.

    "Yes, what are you looking for sir?" She asked in a soft voice.

    "The princess has requested to see you, I would like if you came with me." Replied the guard, Skipper was surprised, but allowed her shock to be concealed.

    "Certainly... did... I do something wrong?" She asked.

    "I'm not sure, Miss. The Princess will tell you once we get there." He replied, beginning to make his way out of the door. Despite her nervousness, Skipper followed the guard.
  16. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Lektra Bolt
    Sugarcube Corner bakery, Ponyville
    Late Morning

    Quite an excitable fellow, this one. I wondered if anything anything ever got him down, but enough about that. The appliance was activated. "You're quite welcome Happy. If you ever need maintenance on it, be sure to call me." I nodded to him, then looked the Stove-Oven over one more time before getting ready to head home. That didn't quite happen, as a pair of Celestia's Unicorn Guards suddenly teleported right into the shop. Seriously? They didn't get tired at all from teleporting to so far away? And Happy's last name was Golucky? Just hilarious, although I couldn't figure out an appropriate way to express it since this seemed to be a serious thing.

    "Sounds good to me. I've been to Canterlot like once only. I'm quite honored to be summoned. I wonder though, what's the occasion?" I asked them, giving the shop another once-over again, calculating if anything else could be upgraded or replaced.

    "Sorry but we were just told to call certain individuals to the palace." Said Guard #2, starting to lead us out of the shop just as Kirin ran in.

    "Oh, hey bro." Then I noticed his tone of urgency. "Um, worried? No, we're not getting arrested, but I do need to leave. Happy here as well." I said motioning to the red colt with my front right hoof. "I'll tell you all about it if or when I return." I made a motion to head to the door of the shop with the Guards leading us out and Sparky rolled behind me, but they suddenly stopped.

    "This is your brother?" Guard #1 moved over to Kirin to look him over. "The Princess would like to see both of the Bolt siblings, actually. We can take you with us as well." He nodded to Kirin.

    I shook my head, lightning shaped bangs going in all directions. "Oh, that won't be necessary. We have our own method of travel, and I don't want you to get tired from your trip. If teleporting here didn't tire you out, going the other way with all of us probably will." I turned to Sparky. "Sparky, Wing Pack mode please."

    He jumped on my back and with a flash of light transformed into a belt with wings. The wings were made of aerodynamic metal that was made for traveling. It was enough to fly around, but couldn't match Pegasus flight in neither maneuverability or speed. Just enough to get around. I jumped up and the Wing Pack started to flap to keep me airborne. I then grabbed Kirin with all fours, keeping him below me as we flew out of the shop and north to the mountain city of Canterlot. We should be able to get there by the afternoon.
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  17. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Army Barracks, Baltimare
    Late Mourning

    I sigh, dropping my head onto my desk in frustration. As usual, we were three weeks behind on new uniforms, never mind new equipment. I had spent the last week writing letters, and yelling at various ponies, griffins, and even one particularly cranky dragon in an attempt to actually outfit my latest batch of recruits effectively.

    Normally all this would be the Colonel’s job, but apparently I was better suited to it. Personally, I thought the Pegasus was simply being lazy. Not that it mattered though, since as my superior officer when he said jump, if rather was my job to say how high.

    Turning back to my work, I sighed. A solid ten inches of papers covered most of my desk, and I was certain the pile was only getting taller. Before I could get started trying to make headway on all the red tape that surrounded my job, someone knocked on my office door.

    I started at all the papers, trying to decide what I wanted to do with all the papers. Finally, I closed my eyes, focusing and summoning up a fairly simple gravity spell. With a hiss, all of the papers, swirled, and crushed into an extremely small orb, which I tossed into the corner. “Enter!” I called out.

    The door creaked open, and a unicorn Royal Guard stepped in and promptly snapped to attention. “Sir!” His voice was crisp and clear, and for and instant I considered shaking my head. As an Army Captain, I had little authority over the Royal Guard, but every single one of them I had ever met not only referred to me as Sir, but also saluted like they would one of their own commanding officers.

    “At ease soldier.” I told him. The guard relaxed a fraction, sliding into an attention position. “I said at ease.” I told him with a slight chuckle. The Guard nodded, relaxing more completely. “Now, what brings you all the way out here?” I asked him.

    “The Princess has requested an audience with you as soon as possible, sir.” The guard replied. I cocked my head the side. The Princess wanted to see me? That really did make much sense to me, as in last I checked neither Celestia or Luna ever took in interest in the Army, so why would they be summoning me out of nowhere.

    “Did they say why?” I asked the guard, standing up from my desk. He shook his head.

    “No sir, I was simply told to bring you to Canterlot as soon as possible.” The Guard replied.

    “Fair enough.” I said with a nod. I paused, pulling on my battlemage robe, checking to make sure all of my things were in the pockets. “I assume you are ready to leave?” I asked. The Guard nodded.

    “Yes sir, we can leave whenever you are ready.” The Guard replied. I nodded.

    “Then we shouldn’t keep the Princess waiting.” I replied. The Guard nodded, closing his eyes. I watched the magic building in his horn with a critical eye, slightly surprised he was planning to teleport us.

    The feeling of teleportation over a long distance was rather unpleasant, like being squeezed through a tube. As the spell took hold, I inhaled sharply, knowing that this little jaunt was going to be absolutely miserable.


    As it turned out, I was right. When the two of us appeared in a flash of light on the train station platform, I stumbled, almost falling over. The Guard beside me chuckled.

    "Quiet you." I groused at him. The Guard just laughed. Shaking off the feeling of being shoved through a tube much to small for my body, I squared my shoulders, nodding for the Guard to take the lead.
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  18. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Sleepy Cumulus
    Apple Family Acres, Ponyville

    Sleepy let out a sigh once she saw Kirin leave, slowly collapsing onto the ground, her legs deciding to bail out now. She sniffed quietly as she decided to have a small breakdown since no one was nearby now. She let the tears quietly roll down as she felt inadequate, both as a pegasus and as a pony in general. Why did she have to be small. Life just wasn’t fair to her. She didn’t know how long she lied there crying, but she stopped sniffling when she heard some leaves crunch near her. Her head whipped up as she looked around and spotted a pegasus royal guard looking at her. She tried to stand up, but soon collapsed back onto the ground, still too emotionally shaken to do anything other than being useless.

    She looked up at the guard and squeaked, “W-w-what d-d-did I-I do w-wrong t-this t-time m-m-mister?”

    The guard could be seen shaking his head as he trotted forward till he was a pony lengths away from Sleepy and replied, “Are you Sleepy Cumulus?”

    Sleepy shakily nodded her head, not trusting herself to speak for her stomach felt queasy. The guard continued after seeing Sleepy nod her head, “You have been summoned by the Princesses and it is my job to escort you there.”

    Sleepy paled slightly and started panicking squeaking out, “I-I-I didn’t d-do a-anything w-wrong. W-w-whatever Lektra w-wants f-from me, I-I’ll p-p-pay it b-b-back, I s-swear!” She continued to panic until she fainted, collapsing onto her side. The guard sighed as he shook his head, taking a few moments to struggle put her on his back before making a brisk trot into town to speak with a unicorn guard.
  19. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    (OOC: Ahem...gentlemen.

    Yeah I know I should've gotten this done sooner but I've felt so tired all the time, I had little energy to do it. >.>))

    Princess Celestia
    Canterlot Castle

    Each of the ponies Celestia had personally requested for had been taken by her guards to the royal castle, where they now waited in a hallway in front of the throne room to meet the princess. The guards went through each of them to make sure all the ponies she had asked for were here (as well as make sure why any pony she hadn't asked for was there). Confirming that they were all there, a guard entered by himself to announce the ponies' arrival to the princess. The guards opened the doors to the throne room, ushering each of the guests into the large, brightly lit room with stain glass windows depicting past events lining the walls. Princess Celestia sat calmly at the end of the room, her sister Luna standing by her side.

    Celestia greeted the guest with a welcoming smile. "Welcome my little ponies, to our castle," she said, gesturing to both herself and her sister. "I could only wish that I would have gotten a chance to meet you all in less stressful times, but it cannot be helped." Celestia surveyed the group, taking note of the fact that many of them stood out from the average pony; it went without saying that they were quite the motley crew. But they were special, and that was precisely why they were here in the first place. "As you all might have guessed, your presence here has to do with the strange occurrences that have been happening recently. Do not fret though, for none of you are in trouble. I have gathered you all here...because I need your help. Equestria needs your help."

    Celestia continued, looking up towards one of the stain glass windows, particularly the one depicting Twilight Sparkle and her friends defeating Discord. "A darkness looms over Equestira, one that neither I or my sister can possibly fathom. Ponies have been going missing, as I'm sure you are all aware of. Even my pupil Twilight Sparkle and her friends have vanished..." Celestia faced towards the group again, now with a more determined expression. "We are at our wits end...me and my sister have been tirelessly looking for a solution to the darkness for a while now. And after many long days and nights of searching and studying, we believe we have finally found a possible solution. Each of you bear a special gift, that I believe is the key to protecting Equestira."

    Princess Luna, who had so far been standing back and letting her sister talk, took a step forward and spoke up. "Before mine sister continues though, we must knoweth if you art willing to assist us. There art many challenges awaiting you, and many hardships to overcome. We shalt not judge you if you decideth that you art not up to the task." Celestia nodded in agreement with her sister; they had to know their guests were actually willing to help before they made any plans for them. It was a hard enough decision for Celestia to even consider putting her subjects in harms way, there was no way she could bear doing so without their consent.

    The amber colored Pegasus wearing an eyepatch spoke up first. "Of course I'll help, I'd do anythin' for a princess!" He gave a wink to Celestia (though it could have just been a blink, considering the princess could only see one eye), that almost suggested that he was trying to flirt with her. Celestia brushed it off, assuming it was likely that it was merely a habit of his to act like that to mares, royalty or otherwise.
  20. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Happy Golucky
    Canterlot Castle

    Happy was escorted to the castle in a fancy golden chariot by a few guards. He couldn't wait to get there, and had a hard time sitting still during the journey. He was fidgeting in his seat the entire way, and happily clapped his hooves once the city was finally in view. Once they arrived at their destination, the red Earth pony stepped off the chariot, and looked around in awe. "Wow, I'm actually in Canterlot. I never thought I'd ever get to come here!" He looked up and admired the large castle in front of him. "Ah, It's everything I imagined it would be! This is awesome!" He didn't get to stick around to admire the scenery for too long. The guards took him into the castle, and asked him to wait in the hallway with a few other ponies.

    "Aw, hey everypony!" Happy said with a smile while waving a hoof. "For those of you that don't know me already, I'm Happy! Yes, happy to be here, but it's also my name! Happy Golucky! I can't believe we actually get to meet the princesses! This might be really serious, but you have no idea how excited I am about this. I never thought a simple baker from Ponyville like me would ever make it all the way here! I wonder what they want to talk to us about?"

    After the guards checked that everything was good and everyone that was supposed to be there was there, they finally let everyone into the brightly lit throne room where Celestia and her sister Luna were waiting for them. Happy did a small bow before the princesses as they explained why they were here. The first part was stuff Happy already knew. That ponies had been disappearing, and bad stuff was going down. Even Pinkie Pie, the one whose job he had taken over, had vanished. She kept Ponyville in good spirits, and everyone in town had become irritable in her absence. It would be nice to have everything back to normal again. Celestia went on to say that they were needed to help because they each possessed a special gift. The Earth Pony looked at his Cutie Mark, then back at the princesses. But, my special gift is baking. How would making cupcakes help save Equestria? He didn't worry about that too much, as surely there was a reason he was here like everyone else. Besides, it's not like anyone wouldn't appreciate some well baked cupcakes. Before Celestia continued her speech, Luna interupted and asked the ponies if they were willing to help in the first place.

    Happy's face lit up with glee. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. Regardless of the hardships they were supposedly going to face, Happy jumped at the chance to help. Quite literally, as he was actually bouncing up and down. After an Amber colored Pegasus with an eyepatch over one of his eyes voiced his approval, Happy was next to speak. "OMIGOSH! YESYESYES!" He exclaimed in a way that probably shocked the princesses. After he calmed down, he continued speaking. "Ahem... If it's for the good of Equestria, then I'm totally in. This is gonna be great! Maybe we'll get to go on an epic adventure to save the world! Maybe when it's all over, we'll get our own stained glass window in the palace. Ooh, I can hardly wait! Haha! So, what do we haffta do?"
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