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My Lovely Ego [PG-13 Franticshipping]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Rider, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    My Lovely Ego [PG-13]

    Okay, the rating is just to be safe, because I can't remember if I cussed or not, and I'm way too lazy to go back and look.

    This is something I'll probably do in my spare time, and it follows the Manga in a sense. Many events from the Ruby/Sapphire manga will be in there, and the personalities will be much the same as well. I will not add weird characters I don't know anything about, (wally's cousin and her boyfriend) but I will add other minor character's, like Professor Cozmo, and Captain Stern.

    If I continue this fic, or get enough reviews, then I will put up a sign-up sheet. I'd love to add your original characters, it'd be extremely fun to read about your own character huh? Thanks to Many Many people for this idea on FF.net

    Anyway, this isn't well edited, so please please please point out any mistakes you see. If I need more description, well. I know I do. But some things I won't describe for a reason, but that doesn't usually include setting. And by the way, I hate describing the layout of houses, so you'll just have to use your imagination unless I'm bored out of my mind.

    Character Criteria at the moment!!


    Need--Doesn't matter which gender


    Pokemon: (And a breif desc. on their personalities, and nicknames are optional)
    Appearance: (Pictures and Descriptions are all okay, but if written out, I'd like a nice one, that I don't have to elaborate too much.)
    Other: (anything else I missed?)

    WOW Sorry for rambling on so much, but gotta delay it you know? XD Here ya'll are.

    --- --- --- --- --- ---

    On a bright early morning, the sun shining brilliantly to a brand new day, a boy is walking toward the start of his adventures, and a girl is walking toward the start of her adventures.

    What more is there to this story?

    “EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Came a yell of surprise, as someone quickly stumbled backward in the trees surrounding Littleroot. A boy with blood red eyes had fallen on the ground, having tripped over his own feet in surprise “Monster!!!”

    He knew he made a mistake the minute he’d opened his mouth. First off, the yell wasn’t really a yell…more like…a girlish scream. Secondly, falling onto the ground was a big mistake, which would be revealed to him later. And third…the ‘monster’ was in fact an extremely offended girl, no older no younger then himself by the looks of it as well.

    “WHAT did you call me?!” She asked in an offended voice.

    Actually, the boy personally really couldn’t blame himself for calling her a monster. She was A. covered in dirt and mud, B. looked like she didn’t even know what a bath was C. Didn’t look like she’d TAKEN a bath in the past few months D. Was dressed in…were those leaves??? And finally, E. Had THE most disgusting and deformed expression on her face. In other words, a female semi-human monster.

    “Oh, sorry, I-I must have mistook you as…as…” The boy stuttered, trailing off and remembering the rustling of leaves that had startled him so quickly. He could’ve sworn it was going to be some kind of mutated pokemon who had it in for him.

    “AS A MONSTER?!” She screeched “DO I LOOK LIKE A MONSTER?!”

    He thought instantly, ‘YEAH, do I look like an idiot?!’ But thought better of saying it aloud “N-no, it was just spur of the moment!” He said sweatdropping “Why are you-“

    “Dressed like this? So I blend with my enviroment.” She snapped, the cuts and bruises on her face didn’t seem to faze her at all. Her hair was combed into two ‘piggytail’ like clumps on either side of her head, unbound by a hair tie and the back, as little as there was, was pulled up into a short ponytail. It was obviously styled to be that way.

    “That’s why you’re dressed like that?! Can’t you wear something else?!” He asked standing up and brushing himself off daintily.

    “Pokemon won’t approach me if I wear synthetic materials!” She said, highly offended by his opinion on her appearance. Then again, it might’ve been like that just because it was just like that. She didn’t seem to think highly of looking good.

    Hey, if she was offended already, he might as well continue to voice his opinions.

    “And come to think of it, you STINK too! Doesn’t hygiene mean ANYTHING to you?!” He asked pinching his nose and waving his other hand back and forth before his nose.

    “What about YOU?!” She asked pointing an accusing finger at him, majorly ticked off “Fancy dyeing YOUR hair white!!!”

    “It’s a hat!” He shot back. She was referring to the hat crammed upon his head, covering all his hair, and most of his forehead.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    “Ah!” Professor Birch said joyfully as I walked through the door after my unpleasant run-in with that girl “Ruby, it’s so nice to see you!”

    “Thanks Professor Birch, it’s nice to see you too.” I said politely.

    “Here to get your first pokemon no doubt?” Professor Birch said pulling three brand new pokeballs from a beat up brown side bag “Well, there’s Treecko,” He released a strange looking green…lizard thing with huge yellow eyes “Torchic,” He then released a chick looking pokemon, orange with yellow tufts around itself, and no apparent…wings? “and last but not least, Mudkip. These are just starters.” He said, finally letting out a blue pokemon, that looked like a fish turned into a land pokemon…it was a hard decision to make, your first pokemon.

    “I’ll take-“

    “Stop right there!” A familiar voice snapped as I cringed “Torchic is mine, and I’m not letting her fall into the hands of the likes of YOU!”

    “Sapphire mind your manners!” Professor Birch said reproachfully.

    “What manners?” I mumbled to myself “I was going to take Mudkip so don’t get your panties in a knot. If you even wear them.” I said rolling my eyes as Professor Birch sweatdropped, handing me Mudkip’s pokeball.

    “WHAT?!” She screeched “I wear underwear thank you very much, AND, they’re NOT in a knot, AND, I have very good manners when I want to show them thanks!” She said snatching up torchic’s pokeball.

    “Please don’t tell me you’re going on your journey dressed like that.” A feminine voice said from behind me and the monster “Sapphire, you know better then that.”

    Sapphire was her name. I must’ve missed it when Professor Birch said her name, because I’m sure he did say it…oh, she’s saying something.

    “I look fine mom!” She said pouting childishly.

    “You won’t wear that tonight you won’t!” Her mother said, seemingly just as stubborn as her daughter. Sapphire had obviously received her deep navy blue eyes from her mother, her tawny yet rich brown hair from her father.

    “Tonight?” Sapphire asked in surprise.

    “Well yes, Ruby here is staying for dinner.” Mrs. Birch said folding her arms.

    “What?!” Both me, Professor Birch, and Sapphire all yelled at once.

    “Laramie just phoned me, and said she wants Ruby to experience a real family for just one night. You know Norman’s never there to eat dinner with them. Let alone he’s never there to BE at home.” Mrs. Birch said wiping her hands off on her light blue apron “No excuses you three.”

    “Where’s he staying then?” Professor Birch asked.

    “Where else?” Mrs. Birch said “Sapphire’s room.”

    “WHAT?!” Sapphire shrieked “I’m gonna get AIDs or something, the next time I sleep in my bed if HE sleeps in it!” She pointed another accusing finger at me.

    “What?!” I retorted “Just what do you think I do in my free time?!”

    “Alright you two!” Mrs. Birch said slamming a yard stick down on Professor Birch’s desk, making papers jump up and settle down in different spots. Professor Birch was wimpering rather pathetically as his freshly cleaned desk was instantly demolished “Quiet down. Sapphire I want you to be NICE to Ruby tonight, or else I’m taking away your privilege to go on a journey! Ruby, I want YOU to be nice to Sapphire, or else I’m going to phone your mother AND your father, YES, young man your FATHER, and I’m going to make sure YOUR privilege is taken away is that clear?”

    “Yes ma’am…” Both me and Sapphire muttered as she glared at me, and I glared at her equally.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    “I can’t believe I have to spend an entire NIGHT with you…” Sapphire grumbled as she rummaged through her closet, tossing out clothes, which mainly comprised of…dresses?

    “Woah, you actually wear dresses?” Ruby asked, examining a rather frilly one she just thrown out.

    “Shut up!” Sapphire yelled snatching the dress away from him “They’re really old, because I don’t wear synthetic materials much!”

    “How about this one?” Ruby asked picking up on that had landed on the ground dejectedly “It looks good.”

    Sapphire glanced up at the dress in Ruby’s hand and flushed, “GIVE ME THAT!”

    “What?!” Ruby asked defensively.

    “I’m never wearing that dress again! First off, it’s too frilly, Secondly, it’s incredibly small, and thirdly, it brings back memories that suck worse then you!” She snapped, thrusting the dress back into the back of her closet. As she continued to rummage for something to wear.

    “I was kidding!” Ruby said as he was pelted by randomly thrown dresses.

    “AHA!” Sapphire shouted triumphantly “This’ll work fine.”

    Ruby sweatdropped “It looks like a potato sack.”

    “Who asked you?!” Sapphire snapped “If you’re so smart find something that’s not too girlish and something that looks okay!”

    “Yes ma’am.” Ruby said sarcastically as he began to sift through the pile of dusty dresses. Almost all of them were much too small for her, and rather…girlish “You know, I don’t think I can match your demands. How about we go shopping for a new outfit for you?”

    “Shopping?!” Sapphire asked, sitting cross legged on her bed, “What kind of Man-woman are you?!”

    Ruby sweatdropped and said “Well let’s go then.”

    “Wait!” Sapphire said “I don’t have any money to go shopping!”

    “I do.” Ruby said as though it was plain to see.

    “I’m not using your money! And I’m not dressed to go into a store!” Sapphire said flushing at the prospect of being bought clothes from a total stranger who was totally offending.

    “Too late for that.” Ruby said shrugging. He faltered and then stopped entirely. Sapphire was prompt to bump into him at his quick and sudden stop, and snapped “Now what?!”

    “Uh, you might want to take a shower first.” Ruby said pointing at the bathroom.

    “What?!” Sapphire said “Do you know how-“

    “Just go!” Ruby said pushing her into the bathroom and closing the door.

    “But I don’t have any clothes to put on afterward!!” She yelled pounding on the door, of which Ruby was keeping shut.

    “I’ll GET you some from your mom or something!” Ruby said, as the pounding died away. Grumbling was still heard as the water began to run, and he smirked. It was time to domesticate this wild cat.

    “She can borrow one of my old T-shirts. I’m sure there’s a pair of shorts somewhere in her room as well.” Professor Birch said, having come to examine the commotion.

    “Okay, I’ll go find the shorts.” Ruby said heading toward her room.

    “I think you should go find a t-shirt instead. I’m not sure she’ll be too excited about the prospect of you being alone in her room.” Professor Birch said walking past Ruby “My room’s further down the hall. Blue closet.”

    “…Oh…” He muttered “Okay then…”

    Sure enough, a few minutes later, Sapphire was yelling for the Ruby to ‘get on with it’.

    “Coming!” Professor Birch said coming quickly with her clothes.

    “Boy am I glad it’s you and not Ruby.” Sapphire muttered as she took the clothes from her father “This is the most horrible experience of my life.”

    Professor Birch sweatdropped “I think it’ll be an interesting experience.”

    “Right, tell that to me after I get some new clothes.” Sapphire said rolling her eyes and slamming the door shut.
    Last edited: May 15, 2006
  2. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    I don't read the manga, but man, do I want to. >> Although from the summaries I've read on Serebii, I know the people you're talking about, etc. and XD! Ruby/Sapphire is such a cute shipping! I especially liked this part:

    Nothing wrong with it so far as that I can see. ^^; Keep it up, and I can't wait for the next chapter! =D
  3. xXFallenButterflyXx

    xXFallenButterflyXx cherry BLOSSOM.

    Daw, I was hoping for some more chapters! Please update soon, FranticShipping is one of my favorite manga shippings! I wanna read the manga so bad now... I think I know what bad memories Sapphire was talking about. ^_^

    ~;196; Fallen
  4. Kojho

    Kojho Well-Known Member

    I love the manga, and this pairing as a matter of fact, is number one on my shipping list. It's great to see some Franticshipping fics now htat it has basically gone canon. Great job, even though it was a little short.
  5. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    The review replies are at the bottom. Just want to get to this chapter as quick as possible.


    Even dressed in an oversized T-shirt and lime green shorts that were much too short she looked better. Her hair was combed, and the ponytail was completely gone, her cuts looked a little less noticeable, and she looked…halfly domesticated. It was still a long way to go though.

    “Well? Let’s go then.” Sapphire said bitterly.

    “Alright then.” I said getting up from the kitchen table, and opening the door “After you.” I said sarcastically.

    “Thank you.” She said tight lipped as she walked into the bright sun of Littleroot.

    “This is where my mom usually shops.” Sapphire said leading me over to a small boutique. Littleroot was certainly as small as it’s name suggested, but this would have to do. She entered the shop before me, as though she was excited.

    But I learned she just wanted to get it over with.

    “How about this?” I asked pulling a tank top and a skirt out from a randomly placed rack.

    “I’m a girl, not a model.” Sapphire replied bitterly as she sifted through the clothes, and shaking her head in disatisfaction every now and then “Besides, I’m going to wear this on my journey as well.”

    I raised my eyebrows, and a great idea popped in my head. But, I’d keep quiet for now “Why don’t we just get you something for tonight, and go to like, Oldale to get a traveling outfit?”

    “What? But that’s just more expensive on your side of the story.” Sapphire said flushing.

    “It’s alright, doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got nothing to spend my allowance on anyway. I’ve been saving up for awhile, and I’m sure I’ve got enough.” I said grinning. Oh yeah, I’d been saving up my allowance since I got my first quarter.

    “F-Fine, but I’ll pay you back!” She said turning away from me and searching through more clothes to hide her blush.

    I nearly laughed, but instead continued to look around. Eventually, she found a plain white spaghetti strap cami and I found a pair of ebony cargo capri’s, that were tough, which she could wear during her crazy expeditions in the forest.

    “You look cute.” I said winking at her when she stepped out of the dressing booth, looking down at herself as though she was wearing a clown suit, before she looked up to glare at me.

    “Let’s just go already. Did you pay?” She asked, no longer guilty at all.

    “Yeah.” I said as we headed out of the store.

    “These tags are killing me.” She grumbled as we walked down the path to the lab.

    “Cut them off when we get back to your house. It’s as simple as that. Not everybody likes to hear others complain you know.” I said, my hands shoved in my pockets.

    “Thanks.” She said sarcastically, pushing me aside playfully as she stuck her tounge out at me and ran ahead to Professor Birch, who was studying some Taillow outside the lab.

    I scoffed in a good, way and slowly caught up to her at my own pace.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    “See? Meeting Ruby has already done you so much good.” Mrs. Birch said as they sat around the dinner table, eating some plain macaroni and cheese, considering Professor Birch didn’t have much time to eat before he had to return to work.

    Ruby examined the yellowish noodles and asked “Mom never cooked this for me…”

    “You serious?” Sapphire asked, her mouth full of macaroni, “Wow, talk about a sad childhood.”

    “Oh yeah, real sad.” Ruby said rolling his eyes “No noodles with cheese on them before! Oh no the world’s gonna end.”

    It was many minutes later in which they’d finished their meal, and argument about…whether never eating macaroni and cheese was sad or not…

    “You two are ridiculous!” Mrs. Birch said picking up her plate and dumping it in the sink to clean later. Sapphire followed suit, as did Ruby, who didn’t toss the plate into the sink like Mrs. Birch and Sapphire, but instead rearranged it neatly, and put his on top.

    Sapphire watched Ruby do this with raised eyebrows “Freak.” She muttered shaking her head as she headed back to her room.

    “What?!” Ruby asked defensively “It’s automatic!”

    “Come here already man-woman!” She called from her room.

    Ruby grumbled and stomped to her room, to find an air mattress, and her own bed, both on either side of the room. Each had blankets and pillows that were…very Hoenn color coordinated. Black Red and white sheets and pillow cases, the air mattress was black, Sapphire’s bed spread was red, and Ruby wanted to puke. Gross. Johto, being his home region, was also a nice place, but you didn’t see him painting his walls gold for ‘Goldenrod’.

    “Why is it all so blinding?” Ruby asked shielding his eyes from the sight.

    “Because my blue sheets are in the wash. Be glad the walls are white, not carnival red.” She said bitterly on her bed.

    For PJ’s, it seemed she merely wore a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. It was a horrible clash.

    “I thought you said you didn’t have any clothes.” Ruby said making sure his hat was on before pulling off his sneakers and plopping down upon the air mattress.

    “You’re going to pop it.” Sapphire said in a muffled voice, the palm of her hand supporting her chin as she studied the effects of different items.

    “Yeah whatever.” Ruby said rolling over to face the wall rather then Sapphire “It’s not mine.”

    “Goodnight Man-woman.”

    “Goodnight Monster.”

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    Ah, but all things must come to an abrupt end.

    “RUBY!!!!!!” Someone screeched at the top of their lungs, making Professor Birch drop the stack of papers he was holding, as well as let the phone in the crook of his shoulder and neck.

    He quickly picked up the phone and apologized quickly “Very sorry Professor Oak, my daughter is, -erm- frustrated at the moment.” He said picking up the papers.

    “Ruby you sick little pervert WHERE did you put my pokedoll??!!” Sapphire screamed pulling the half-asleep boy out of bed by the collar and shaking him violently “It was next to my pillow before I went to bed where did it go?!”

    “Huh?” Asked a groggy Ruby, who’s eyes were starting to droop.

    “ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME???!!!” Sapphire shrieked shaking him ever more violently.

    “Why do I have a headache?” Ruby asked as he finally woke up “Oh. Remind me why you’re face is so close to mine.”

    Sapphire flushed, but moved her face no further from his, before yelling “WHERE’S MY POKEDOLL?!”

    “Oh.” Ruby said boredly, prying himself out of her grasp as he slouched back over to his bed “Dunno.” He plopped down onto the mattress again and snored peacefully. He was obviously not a morning person.

    Sapphire puffed out her cheeks in protest, but quickly gasped when she saw a skitty jump on top of Ruby and begin clawing at his back playfully.

    “Ow Ow Aw Ow! Alright already Sapphire I’m up you don’t have to kill me in the process!!!” Ruby shouted jumping up as the Skitty was sent flying into Sapphire’s arms.

    “Jeez.” Ruby mumbled smoothing out the bed sheets.

    “Hey! That wasn’t me! That was this skitty here!” Sapphire said defensively “I don’t appreciate that rash generalization thank you very much.”

    “Coco!” Ruby scolded “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?!”

    “Myaaaah!” Coco meowed from Sapphire’s arms before settling herself in, ready to be carried around by Sapphire for the rest of the day.

    Sapphire sweatdropped and put Coco on her shoulder before asking the skitty in a baby voice “Do you know where you big bad trainer hid my pretty pokedoll Coco?”

    “Nyah!” Skitty replied jumping off her shoulder and burrowing underneath Sapphire’s pile of dirty laundry.

    “You hid it in there?!” Sapphire yelled at Ruby.

    “I didn’t hide it! Coco did she likes collecting stuff!” Ruby retorted “But if you’re not gonna get it I’ll go do it to rest my case ‘NOT Guilty!’”

    Sapphire grumbled something about ‘pervert’ again, before digging through the clothes to find not only her pokedoll, but many pencils, erasers, and a chewed up stuffed pokeball. Amongst them, sitting in the very middle of the mess, was Coco, smiling proudly at the fact that Sapphire had found her collection. And when Sapphire picked Coco up onto her shoulder, she jumped nearly five feet high.

    Not because of what she saw. Mainly because what she heard. In an abrupt and girlish scream Ruby had pointed and dashed to pick up what looked like…

    Glasses. Chewed, broken, and shattered.

    “Coooocoooo!” Ruby moaned as he held the glasses wet with saliva in between his fore finger and thumb “That’s the third pair this week!”

    Sapphire glanced at Coco, who glanced at her.

    “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Sapphire laughed as she pointed at Ruby with Coco laughing along with her “Good call Coco!”


    “What?!” Ruby said “Who’s side are you on Coco?!”

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    “You big bad trainer is being mean Coco.” Sapphire said shaking her head “Just because you like me better.”

    Ruby grumbled something before saying “Get over yourself.”

    They had been on the path to Oldale for no less then 5 minutes, and Ruby couldn’t stand her already. Professor Birch oh how blind you are, suggesting we travel together for ‘moral’ support. How would SHE boost his moral?! She degraded him every other minute!

    Of course, he had to admit he wasn’t much better, but STILL! She was killing him! He didn’t think he could stand this girl much longer, and they still had the rest of Hoenn to go.

    Sapphire kept quiet afterwards, but still cooed to Skitty. She was obviously a sucker for pokemon, especially cute ones.

    Ruby felt a small smile come to his lips at his realization. She may have been one heck of a tomboy, but inside, she was still just a little girl. He bet that if people could see what was truly inside their hearts, she’d see a little girl wearing that frilly dress she’d thrown at him chasing…butterflies maybe?

    But the smile slid off his face quite fast when he thought about what he’d see in himself. He shook his head and turned around to see Sapphire conversing with Coco and her new torchic.

    “I dunno Coco, Blaze is so stereotypical, besides when Torchic evolves it’ll be a blaziken, and that’ll be weird and all around boring. You’ve got a cool nickname.” Sapphire said examining her torchic who was cheerfully marching beside her.

    “Tor, chic chic!” The unnamed pokemon chirped happily.

    “What do you think Ruby?” Sapphire asked picking up the little bird pokemon in her arms with Coco on her shoulder.

    “Um…” Ruby mumbled, continuing to walk after she’d caught up with him “I dunno. Something cool. Tough to reflect the trainer.”

    Sapphire looked up at the bright skies with a puzzled expression “Cool?”

    Ruby flushed he didn’t even know he’d said ‘cool’ “I-I mean, it’s not like you’re cool, but Torchic’s original trainer was your dad, and he’d pretty cool.”

    “You don’t think I’m cool?” Sapphire asked lightly looking at him side-ways, face still toward the warm sun.

    “Ah, well, yeah, but you’re cool in your own…special way…” Ruby muttered determinedly looking away from the girl walking beside him.

    Sapphire looked back up into the skies and smiled “Thanks…I think…” She added “You’re cool too, in all your man-woman glory.”

    Ruby quickly tripped over his own feet in surprise. “I compliment you and you diss me?!?”

    “Well yeah, I can’t say you’re cool, that’s like social suicide!” Sapphire said looking down at the boy, with torchic looking down as well.

    “I…guess.” Ruby said rubbing the side of his head which had collided with the ground first.

    “Come on! Let’s get to Oldale! Then we might be able to get to Petalburg before dark!” Sapphire said shifting Torchic into one arm and holding out her hand for the Ruby on the ground to take.

    It took a long time of staring for Ruby to finally and reluctantly take Sapphire’s hand. She couldn’t deny she was annoyed, just when she thought they were getting somewhere, but nonetheless she pulled up him.

    “Ow!” Ruby groaned rubbing his shoulder “You pull hard!”

    “Whatever.” Sapphire said shrugging before heading down the beaten path.


    Chelc: Kudos 2 you for being the first reviewer! Man it's been forever since I posted a fanfiction that was based on the manga. I'm glad to see you liked that part, because I liked it too! XD I haven't read the R/S/E saga, though I want to I'd much rather read the FR/LG saga, even though it's not flat printed yet or anything like that. I have the first two volumes, and it was definetly worth my money! ^_^ it also helps, having refrence for the style and looks of items and things like that.

    Atomic Monkey: Thanks! I hope I can keep it up, I'm known to drop a fic in the middle...which is my major issue...

    Fallen Angel: I wouldn't be surprised if you did know which memories she was talking about. Even the non-manga lovers seem to know about it 0_0;; but still, this is only the first chapter, and I can only eek out so much inspirational thoughts and my typing rate is extramly slow...so, my chapter's are never too long...

    Shatoshi: And boy am I GLAD it's canon! It's an awesome ship, and I love Sapphire and Ruby in general!

    Kojho: Ah! Another comment on the shortness. o.- *twitch* I wish I could extend it, but then I'd be giving you all that I've technically written. That wouldn't be smart....

    Ouch. I think my own ego is bruised...I just gave you guys half of what I wrote this entire weekend...and it's so short! 0_0;; The guilt is getting to me! *Run away!!!*
  6. Shatoshi

    Shatoshi Johto Trainer

    ha you call THAT short....my chaps are like 3-6 pages^^ but it was really good...I had to skim it cause of my stupid dad makes me get off @ half past nine...but I'll read it tommorow fully :D...
  7. xXFallenButterflyXx

    xXFallenButterflyXx cherry BLOSSOM.

    Hm, a few mistakes here in there, (Like forgetting to put in a comma etc.) and you forgot the capitalize Pokemon names here and there but I liked it! The bit with Coco was funneh. ^_^

    Man-woman. XD

    ~;196; Fallen
  8. atomicmonkey

    atomicmonkey Highly Radioactive

    Hmm....of to a good start. This is going to be a great fic. Very few grammatical mistakes. I think it would look better if you described the surrounds more. Most of it is just dialog back and forth. Descriptions will make it more interesting.

    Keep it up! ^.^
  9. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    Atomic Monkey: Gaah! *Stabs the beings known as description* Yeah, that's an issue I'm dealing with in mental therepy. XD I've never been good at decribing my surroundings. I'm mainly a roleplayer, and my posts consist of dialog back and forth, but with the occasional description thrown in. You won't see a lot of description in the next chapter, as I've already written it, and as I said to Ama about my very first poster story, I'm always too lazy to edit. -.-

    Fallen Angel:WHAT?!! CAPITALIZATION ERRORS?! Quick! Edit your post before Deoxys Master sees it! XD Jk. I have issue's with capitalizing pokemon names as well. COMMA ERRORS?! *dies* Yeah, I'm a grammar freak, but I'm too lazy to fix any errors, and so I just freak.

    Shatoshi: No prob, I skim a lot too. I actually shouldn't be on the computer right now...-.- but oh wellz. Actually, I think that chapter was about 6 pages long on Microsoft Word...give or take a few pages...I don't count, sorry. Not that into it! XD

    Your guys's reviews rock. They're so much fun to read! Kudo's to you all! I'm working on the chapter after the next one, and so don't expect the third chapter too soon. I need time to work on the fourth before I can post the third.
  10. aquakirbyyoshi

    aquakirbyyoshi ~The Closet Maniac~

    Nyooo. x3! Finally, a franticshipping fic. ^^ Hehehe, this is really turning out great. Hope to see more chappies.

    Coco= Rocks. XD
  11. atomicmonkey

    atomicmonkey Highly Radioactive

    Well, if you're not too good at describing surroundings, you could start by describing the current scene area in the start, move a long with the story and when you reach a new area, repeat.
  12. Kojho

    Kojho Well-Known Member

    Well I liked this chapter better, but I agree with what someone else said, you need more description. But since we all well know what the situation is like from the manga, that lessens in importance. But it makes it more enjoyable to read.

    Keep it up, us Franticshippers are loving it!
  13. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    Just to let ya'll know, from here on out, all my review replies are at the bottom.

    Aaagh. After re-reading it, I realized I changed from First person to Second at one part. i"ll be changing that.

    “Good old Oldale!” Sapphire said when they finally reached the simple sign that said ‘Welcome to Oldale’.

    “Please don’t use that pun.” Ruby said sweatdropping.

    “Too bad.” Sapphire said looking around “Where do you think the pokemon center is?”

    Ruby gave a jerk and said hurriedly “No! Y-you don’t want to stay at the pokemon center in Oldale-“

    “There it is!” Sapphire said ignoring Ruby and running toward it.

    “YOU THERE!” Someone shouted in a high nasally voice.

    Sapphire froze in mid-step as a small geeky man ran up to her “I have seen you, and now you must accept my challenge.” His greasy hair was slicked back to further impose his oily and strangely porpotioned face.

    “Okay!” Sapphire said smirking “But hold on a second.” She ran back over to me, and rummaged through my pockets.

    “H-hey! Who’s the pervert now?!” Ruby shouted, but Sapphire ignored him as she found what she was looking for.

    “Return Coco, I’ve gotta battle.” Sapphire said as the pink kitty disappeared in a flash of red light “Talk about a walking pimpleville.” Sapphire mumbled to me, indicating toward the pokenerd.

    Ruby sweatdropped as Sapphire put her Torchic down, ready for her first battle.

    “Go Metapod!” The nerd said in the same annoyingly nasal voice “Use harden!”

    “Torchic use scratch quick!” Sapphire called out as the torchic ran over to the cocoon pokemon with incredible speed for something that looked so wobbly, slashing at it with one of it’s clawed feet.

    “Metapod harden!” The nerd called.

    “Torchic use scratch again!”



    “This is lame.” Ruby mumbled.


    “Scratch!” Sapphire called out for a final time before-

    “TTTOOOOOOORCHIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!!” Sapphire’s Torchic wailed running around in a circle around the now incredibly shiny metapod. It ran toward it’s trainer to show her it’s injury.

    Ruby sweatdropped and said to Sapphire “It’s a world record! I never thought I’d see a POKEMON break a nail!”

    “Shut up Ruby nobody asked you for your opinion!” Sapphire snapped “Alright Torchic, use ember!”

    Round diskette’s of fire burning orange flew from Torchic’s mouth and onto the glossy surface of the near untouchable Metapod now.

    “Pod…” Metapod said boredly rolling itself over onto it’s back.

    “Wow you’re Metapod is more useless then a Caterpie…” Sapphire said to the nerd, who grit his teeth.

    “Oh yeah?!” He retorted “Just you wait!”

    The nerd’s metapod began to glow in a blindingly white light, and the nerds geeky laugh was heard “See, all I needed to do was to find a simple opponent to level up my Metapod, and here we are!” He said as the light began to dim, the Metapod’s shell cracked and slowly but surely out came a Butterfly looking pokemon “And now I have what I need to eliminate you! Butterfree, Poison Powder!”

    “Uh oh!” Sapphire mumbled “Torchic ember!”

    The fine greenish dust that fell from the Butterfly’s wings landed directly on the Torchic, which had just fired an ember, but being in the air and not immobilized by the attempt to attack, the Butterfree easily dodged the diskettes with a graceful somersault.


    The pokemon in question had a purplish color to it now, and it’s unbalanced stagger meant the poison power had completed it’s job, and the Torchic fell harshly upon the ground, Sapphire running to pick it up and cradle the little bird in her arms.

    “Hahaha! We shall meet again girl, and next time, I will have a deadly arsenal in my keep!” The nerd said running away from the scene like a madman with his Butterfree following him.

    “Hey, I brought along some item’s if you need them.” Ruby mumbled to Sapphire, holding out a syringe that had the bold red letter ‘A’ on the front.

    “It’s okay, we’re in front of a pokemon center anyway.” Sapphire said standing up and walking through the sliding glass doors that were polished to a fault.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    I had lost my very first battle. How wonderful. With Ruby watching no less. But, it wasn’t as though the man-woman would really care, considering he obviously didn’t like battles. But he would never let her live this down. She’d underestimated her opponent, every onlooker knew that.

    “My Torchic is poisoned Nurse Joy, can you heal her?” I asked the pink haired nurse behind the desk that looked like every other Nurse Joy I’d seen.

    “Of course. It won’t take too long, but you’ll want to wait over there, we’re rather busy today.” She said kindly indicating toward the waiting room that was near deserted. No trainer really stayed while their pokemon was being healed unless it was a terrible injury.

    “Hey, nice battle.” Ruby said from behind her.

    “Thanks.” I replied bitterly.

    “No seriously, it was good for a beginner.” He explained.

    “No seriously, I don’t care. It’s not like you’d know, you don’t exactly battle, you told me on our way here.” I shrugged, plopping down onto the couch and releasing Coco.

    “I said I don’t battle.” Ruby said shaking his head before sitting on the couch opposite Coco and me “That doesn’t mean I haven’t before.”

    “Yeah...” I mumbled thoughtfully stroking the kitten “but I still lost.”

    “That…doesn’t matter.” Ruby said, “It just matters that you lost, and you have to accept that. I can’t accept it when I lose, which is why I have trouble with everything I do.”

    I looked up from the coffee table I was attempting to burn a hole through with my angry glare and said “What about contests?”

    “Well, I’ve never really been in a contest…” Ruby mumbled sheepishly.

    “…A whole new low Man-Woman.” I said shaking my head.

    “What?!” Ruby asked “There’s nothing wrong with liking something you’ve never tried! Especially if you don’t like the alternative!”

    “Whatever.” I said standing up as Nurse Joy motioned me over “…Hypocrite.”

    “Hey!” Ruby exclaimed “That makes no sense! Stop using words in the wrong fashion! Sheesh get a vocabulary woman.”

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    Nurse Joy handed Sapphire Torchic’s pokeball and smiled kindly “Your Torchic’s all better now. I think it would help if you spent time with your Torchic, because seeing as that was your first battle, it’s trust in you may have decreased.”

    “Okay.” Sapphire said gripping the pokeball tightly “I’ll be sure to do that.”

    “Let’s get out of here before another nerd challenges us.” Ruby muttered to Sapphire as she nodded quickly.

    Ruby poked his head out cautiously and found that all the nerds had disappeared “I wonder where they went…”

    Sapphire held her nose in between her forefinger and thumb and said nasally “To a highly intellectual presentation on the evolution of pokemon and how it’s related to their leveling rate.”

    Ruby snorted and dragged her out of the Pokemon Center “You’re certainly the most attractive girl I’ve ever met.”

    “I know isn’t it great?” Sapphire asked in her newfound nasally voice.

    “Not much to do here…” Ruby muttered “Let’s get to Petalburg, then we don’t have to stay in a pokemon center.”

    “I’d rather stay in a tent then in YOUR room!” Sapphire said dropping her hand from her nose and stopping in her tracks.

    Ruby sighed and said “We have a GUEST room unlike you. I live in a GYM remember?” He shook his head and grabbed her wrist to pull her forward to keep going.

    “Oh? Do I hear an implied insult?” Sapphire asked reluctantly letting Ruby drag her away from the Pokemon Center.

    “Yes, you do.” Ruby said sarcastically “Not. Let’s go already! I’m not going to carry you all the way to Petalburg!”

    “Aw, why not mommy?” Sapphire asked in a baby voice, promptly laughing at Ruby’s surprised and disturbed face “Who’s the lucky dad?”

    “Shut up!” Ruby said a streak of red dispersing across his face “You are the sickest person I have ever met!” He promptly let go of her wrist and stormed ahead with a disgruntled expression.

    Sapphire faltered and pouted with a raised eyebrow “Well fine. Didn’t know you were so touchy.”

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    “Hello mother.” Ruby muttered as he walked into the back of the gym, bypassing all the tricks and traps in the preliminary rounds of the Petalburg gym.

    “Hi there Ruby! Brought a friend?” Ruby’s mom asked cheerfully.

    “No.” Ruby replied “I brought a monster home.”

    Ruby’s mom was quick to sweatdrop as Ruby came crashing to the ground as a result of a well-aimed punch from the monster.

    “Oh my…” She muttered “I’m Laramie, it’s very nice to see you again Sapphire!”

    Sapphire blinked “Again?” She had no recollection of ever meeting Norman’s family, or Norman himself…

    “Oh, yes, I believe I met you a long time ago at a party for gym leaders?” Laramie said holding out her hand for Sapphire to shake.

    “Oh yeah!” Sapphire said faking a bright smile, all the while she thought Ruby’s mom needed to check in at a mental institute to make sure she was feeling okay. If she couldn’t remember something, how could someone 3 times her age remember something? She took Laramie’s hand and shook it, before Ruby stood up, rubbing his cheek.

    “D*mn I thought I’d be kissed there before I got a slap…” Ruby muttered.

    He received another slap on the other cheek and he whined “That cheek too!”

    “Alright you two, why don’t you go upstairs? Norman’s not home right now, he’s still training at the gym.” Laramie said ushering the two upstairs.

    When the two were finally in Ruby’s room, the color code not really confined to anything except what Ruby wanted at the present moment, Sapphire asked “Isn’t THIS the gym? Your home?”

    Ruby glared and said “The reason we say dad’s not home is because the real gym IS his home.”

    “Oh…” Sapphire said, wondering why Norman never returned to the back of the gym “Then where does he sleep?”

    Ruby cringed “You’re so blind! Of course he comes back at night to SLEEP but he’s not here any other time of the day get it?”

    “Yeah!” Sapphire chirped “Dad’s always been home for dinner, so I guess I just don’t get why your dad wouldn’t want to come back and spend time with his family, but anyway, do you mind showing me to my room? I'm beat, and Torchic is too.”

    “No problem.” Ruby said showing Sapphire out his room and into the room at the very end of the hall. Ruby’s home was merely one elongated hall, with rooms to the side, like one big hotel. The kitchen and living space at the right end of the back gym.

    “Thank you!” Sapphire said cheerfully “Goodnight! See you in the morning kay?”

    “Sure…” Ruby muttered wondering where her suddenly cheerful attitude had appeared “’Night…”

    Sapphire promptly shut the door and locked it, glad that she had been smart enough to keep her items in the beat up side bag she’d received from her dad before she left. So she wouldn't have to face Ruby again. He didn't seem very happy to be in her company anymore...


    aquakirbyyoshi--Aww, thankies, I've been dyin' to put up this story.

    atomic monkey--I ish keeping your, and Encyclopika's words in mind as I write the next few chappies. See if you can see little details I throw in. By the way, sometimes I describe things that pop up a lot, in the next chapter I post. Tis' a habit, as I realize I should've described something in the last chapter and I get too lazy to go back and edit. -.-;;

    Kohjo--w00tz for franticshippers! Description. *Blergh* That issue's never gonna stop popping up is it? ^_^

    Morgri--I'm glad that one of your first three posts was your review here! It makes me feel all special. XD Still, the continuation is only garunteed if I have inspirations.

    So if anybody's got any ideas, PM them to me. Original made-up Characters are cool too, as my imagination is incredibly limited, and I've always found it's fun to put in other people's characters. Make's it more fun to write about someone I don't usually write about. I'd appreciate it! -don't worry, wally's gonna be in here too...eventually....-
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    Its pretty good but you seem to change the person view in a section of the chapter. Try to keep it the same throughout the section.
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    I liked it, it was average, and the length was pretty short. I have a feeling you could do a whole lot better. You have a ton of potential. Just spend an extra day or two for length, and another for editing. It could be improved tenfold. I like the shipping, and I think I'm sensing a slight subplot, especially aroung here.

    Great job, and later in the story I'll give you some ideas for OCs.
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    o.o YAY for new chapters!

    Yeah, I guess you need a little bit more description, but not much. Just add in a few things, like for example, in chapter three, you could've said a little more about Oldale Town (what it looks like, etc), and maybe a sentence or two on what Ruby and Sapphire are thinking before they say something.

    Other than that, I LOVE THIS FIC! I especially love the monster and man-woman nicknames they gave each other. XD and the parts where Sapphire called Ruby a perv. XD Gotta love FranticShipping!
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    atomic monkey: Grr... That happened in another part as well, but I edited it to fit. I'll have to check over. Sometimes I stop in the middle of the section and when I get back I'm blank.

    That made me laugh, SO hard, it's not even funny anymore. Because, personally. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! XD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL It was a last minute thing because I hated the ending and decided to put another one in there. BUT. *ding* Cue the inspirational fanfare! *DUN DUN DUN!!!* Inspirations galore!

    Yeah, potential, but NO time whatsoever. D*mn Math and their daily/nightly homework. See's, all my FF's are just things to do when nobody is replying to my RP posts....so that leave little time. And when I get inspiration, I have the habit of rushing to get to that part, so I don't forget before hand. When I make notes, they're usually crushed in the palms of my father, because he thinks they're unimportant. -.-;; And I can't type the fastest, and when I do type fast my hands cramp up real easily. I'll work real hard on it this weekend you'll see....maybe. ^_^ I'll be eagerly awaiting the PM with your OC on it. OC's are the best, and I'll be needing one soon. Though don't stress on it, I can easily use on of my own old characters.

    Chelc: Yeah, I actually thought I needed nicknames for them to call each other, but you'll find that those nicknames will whittle away soon as I'm finding less and less oppotunities to use them. BUT once we're out of stuffy ol' Petalburg it's a FRESH new start for our heroes. Thankies! It's always nice when someone says they love your fic. I feel so happy now!

    Well, now I know what I should add onto...perhaps I'll describe Rust- OH! *runs off to start writing next chappie*

    *comes back* Oh wait, I have to wrap it up. You guys are awesome. I've got so many ideas now! I'll work on the description, and I'm sure the new GrandFestival Episode's are definetly gonna help my day along! A lot of these things are spur of the moment, which is why they kinda suck. 0_0; but still, I think it turned out pretty well for a first fanfiction on a manga I haven't read.

    Kudo's to all the reviewers of this story! You guys make my day! Reviews make me all warm and fuzzy inside, because they tell me that people are actually reading my work. -.-'' Which is why you see my many prolonged absences from here. I Love U All!
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    Oh... my... god... I'm LATE!! O_O *coughs*

    Anyhoo, that nerdy dude made me... laugh. xD I've never seen a nerdy dude beat a wild girl. o.oU

    But anyways, there were times when I'm like "Huh?" since you switched from one point of view and another and you forgot to capitilize Torchic at times. XP But it was nice! Fwee... Franticshipping! *prances*

    ~;267; Fallen
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    Somewhere my post got deleted or something I donno, but I still am enjoying your story, just a note that you keeps switching in out of peoples perspective. If you need beta reader, I can help you with that. Oh, hopefully thier relationship will get better. Anyways, I'll give you some PM's with some idea's later on. Thanks.
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    Well, I read over the first part, and discovered I changed my point of view a lot again, so i edited those parts. I apologize if there's any more I didn't catch...0_0;;


    “Maybe he’s a little more complicated then I’ve given him credit for…” I muttered, leaning against the closed door “I wonder why his dad doesn’t seem to hang out with his family a lot…”

    I guess it’s just because my dad’s always spent as much time as possible with us, in all of his free time that in the end, it was me who was avoiding him, but I couldn’t blame him, I would want to see the family I worked so hard for once in a while too…

    But from the sound of it, Ruby’s dad, Norman, didn’t seem to be home…ever!

    “I guess I am pretty blind huh Coco?” I asked cheerfully releasing the skitty.

    “Nyah!” the kitten mewed as it looked around a familiar setting, of a room that looked too much like a hotel room to truly be ‘homey’.

    “But it’s certainly not my fault.” I added quickly, scooping up the skitty into my arms and plopping down on the plush quilt covered bed “It’s not my fault he’s emo and depressed whenever his dad is brought up.”

    “Myah!” Skitty tried to paw at my face with little pink paws and I giggled

    “I’ve already got enough scratches and cuts you naughty little kitty!”

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    “Man, I hate girls Nana.” Ruby mumbled as he locked his door, speaking to the poochyena which was burrowed in the very corner of a pile of old blankets and toys.

    Nana barked in response and nodded in agreement.

    “They think they can butt into your business just because they feel like it.” Ruby said throwing himself upon the grey sheets of his metal bed. The creaking springs of an old bed that desperetely needed to be replaced was heard as the bed groaned under Ruby’s weight.

    “Man, I wish mom had taken the time to replace my mattress.” Ruby sighed, poking the no longer fluffy piece of…whatever mattresses were made out of “This really makes home feel like a prison. Not to mention the metal bed in general.”

    Nana shook it’s head with a joyful yip.

    <’All you do is complain.’> It had said to Ruby who raised an eyebrow at his pokemon before stuffing his face into the yellow pillowcase and saying in a muffled voice, “Mit’s a conshpirishy againsht me.”

    Nana snorted before settling into a comfortable position, legs splayed up in the air and stomach facing the ceiling which had glowing stars taped all over it.

    “Night.” Ruby said to his pokemon, dragging his hat off his head and clapping his hands, dropping the white hat off the side of the bed while he did so.

    The light’s dimmed as Ruby realized he hadn’t changed into his pajama’s.

    Meh, who really cared anyway? The door was locked, it wasn’t as though his mom was going to come bursting in saying that it was gross not to change before going to sleep.

    But it was a long time before Ruby got his much needed beauty sleep. He kept thinking about the way Sapphire had battled earlier. Such a novice! Repeating the same move over and over, and not even realizing the plan her opponent was going for! No. Bad Ruby! He was thinking about battling again. He had promised himself he wouldn’t let anyone see him battle unless it was absolutely necessary! That made a lot of potholes in his promise…he had no choice to accept a battle challenged by another trainer, even if he was a coordinator.

    Well, he hadn’t promised himself he wouldn’t think about battling. Besides, Sapphire needed to see an expert do it.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    “Well Coco, I’m ready to challenge Norman, and I’m gonna do it soon and I’m gonna win it all!” Sapphire said confidently as she stood upon the bed, with Coco jumping up and down at her feet “But first, let’s see if there’s anything good to eat.”

    Coco nodded and instantly ran to the door to scratch at it, wanting something to eat as well.

    “Ooh, I just realized how hungry I am…I didn’t get any dinner last night…” Sapphire groaned as she opened the door and walked down the hallway “And I just realized how creepy this place is…it really is like a hotel…”

    In fact, the hallway looked so similar to a hotel, there were even numbers on the doors, and she half-expected to see a lobby at the end of the hall, with it’s cheap couches lined against the wall. But instead she was greeted by Ruby’s mother, lounging on the couch and flipping through a number of television channels. It certainly wasn’t a lobby, but the couch still looked quite cheap. Coco promptly trotted over to where a bandaged poochyena, which Sapphire assumed belonged to Ruby, was eating from a rather large bowl.

    “Where’s Ruby?” Sapphire asked politely.

    “Oh, good morning, Ruby’s probably out in the gym, training with his father. I’d steer clear though, those sessions grow…very verbal and physical.” Ruby’s mom said rolling her eyes.

    “Oh okay…” Sapphire mumbled in a haze of confusion as she timidly pushed the door open to the back room, where the gym leader obviously resided.

    “Alright let’s finish this pitiful training session Slakoth. Slash!” A man with dark hair and peircing red eyes like Ruby, said coldly. His expression sent shiver’s down Sapphire’s spine as she looked into eyes of pure dislike.

    Those eyes were staring at an already exhausted Ruby, who was standing on the opposite side of the battlefield, his Mudkip also looking as tired as his trainer.

    “Sapphire?” Ruby said looking up in surprise, but this moment of distraction left a direct hit to be brutally taken by the mudkip, which soared into the wall behind Ruby.

    “Ah- Mudkip!” Ruby exclaimed, startled that his defeat had been handed to him on a silver platter without him even noticing.

    “Don’t get distracted so easily!” Norman barked, his arms now folded “Not even for impressing someone, like your cheerleaders, your parents, companions tossing you advice, or even a pretty girl!” He jerked his head in notion to Sapphire, who flushed.

    Ruby scowled at his father and picked up the fainted fish pokemon “I was surprised that’s all…”

    “Still upholding your will not to let anyone see you battle?” Norman asked with a disgusted expression on his face, which distorted sharp features “It’s holding you back, and it’ll hold you back in your petty contests too.”

    Ruby muttered something and swiftly walked across the battlefield and past the two onlookers with a glare almost worthy of his father’s.

    “Can I help you?” Norman snapped at Sapphire who jumped, and started to stammer, trying to explain herself.

    “O-oh, I-I was j-just looking f-for R-Ruby, a-and his m-mom just t-told me-“

    “Enough. I get the picture it’s not that hard to figure out.” Norman said sharply, unfolding his arms across his maroon shirt “From your appearance I’d have to say you’re Birch’s issue.”

    ’Issue?!’ Sapphire thought indignantly and said sweetly “If issue mean’s child then yes, I’m-“

    “Sapphire. I look forward to battling you, in the far future.” Norman said turning away from the back gym to face a challenger who’d just come stumbling in “You may leave now.”

    Sapphire bit her upper lip and furrowed her brow before retreating back into the house “Far?”

    “Oh, I suppose he just guessed that you didn’t have three pokemon. You have to have three pokemon to battle Norman you know.” Laramie said with Ruby’s mudkip in her lap, as she sprayed super potions and bandaged up her son’s pokemon.

    “That…would’ve been nice to know.” Sapphire mumbled as Coco skipped over to her to stuff her face into Sapphire’s leg, notioning for the girl to pick the pink pokemon up.

    Letting the skitty hop into her outstretched arms she watched Ruby mutter to himself darkly, sitting on the couch beside his mother, before looking up at her with a bored glare.

    “Oh.” Sapphire said with a start, realizing that she’d been staring, “Sorry about- distracting you and all…”

    “It’s alright. I was losing anyway, and Mudkip couldn’t have dodged that attack anyway. It wasn’t too much of a blow to my ego it’s been deflated quite a bit.” He notioned over to the poochyena, with bandages around it’s left paws and around it’s neck “That’s Nana.”

    “Ah…” Sapphire said looking over to the puppy who glared at her with such intensity that Sapphire began to wonder if it ran in the family.

    “There we go.” Laramie said, tying a knot on the last bandage “Mudkip should be all better by tomorrow.”

    “Tomorrow???” Sapphire almost shrieked “W-we have to stay here till tomorrow?!”

    “Well yes, my husband would like to do a little training with you.” Laramie said folding her hands in her lap now the mudkip had been returned to it’s pokeball.

    “B-but, I-I don’t want my torchic to get all beat up like that!” Sapphire mumbled.

    “I’m sure Norman will hear from mom if he beats up YOUR pokemon.” Ruby said placing mudkip’s pokeball on the counter.

    Sapphire was positive, that had she not eaten in almost an entire day, that she would’ve completely lost her appetite “Um, do you have…something to…eat?” She asked.

    “…Yeah.” Ruby said as though it was obvious “Kitchen over there where Nana is. You can look through the pantry and the fridge. I’m not sure what we have, we usually have a little of everything…expired.” He rolled his eyes and Laramie put her hands on her hips.

    “I’m a busy woman! I can’t spend all my time cleaning out that fridge! Besides, it’s a dangerous place! Can’t go into the very back without a gas mask on!” She said defensively.

    “Why don’t me and Ruby clean it? You know, today while Ruby’s pokemon heal?” Sapphire asked, while Ruby made mad notions behind her mother’s back signaling her to ‘shut up’.

    “Hmm, how about Ruby cleans it? You’ve got training with Norman today after all.” Laramie said.

    “I thought that was tomorrow…but, that works too!”

    Sifting through the second row of the fridge Ruby gagged and nearly screamed in a hysteric “IS THIS FROM SECOND GRADE?!”

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    It ended up that even though Norman was too busy for the day to do any training, Ruby still had to clean the fridge all on his little lonesome.

    He had overexaggerated the event by putting on rubber gloves, a rubber apron, and a gas mask, with Norman’s old goggles.

    “You look like a monster now.” Sapphire said raising an eyebrow at Ruby’s interesting choice of cleaning clothing.

    “Shut up.” He said in a muffled voice as he looked through the stainless steel refridgerator he murmured dates to himself “Hey I remember this. I did a project on it in 3rd grade! Something or other on mold…”

    Laramie sweatdropped as Ruby tossed random objects into the trashcan and said “The fridge really is like our trashcan.”

    “…I…see…” Sapphire said sweatdropping, and fully understanding why Ruby had chosen his attire. The smell of something in a plastic tub Ruby had opened to examine was absolutely rancid. Ruby was of course, uneffected, his mask covering his face.

    Two hours later, Ruby had finished the deed, and had even cleaned off the slime accumulating on the shelves “You owe me.” He said to his mom, tossing all of his equipment into the sink.

    “Indeed I do.” She said, not really listening to her son as she finished sewing a little jacket for her Kirlia “And I’ll probably owe you more after you go to the store to refill the fridge soon.”

    Ruby glanced back at the sparkling clean fridge and realized that really the only thing left in there was…a can of non-perishable peaches “Yeah that might help…a shopping list would too.”

    “I’ve already got one made out.” She said pulling out a roughly folded sheet of paper from the rear of her black denim capri’s “Sapphire you don’t mind going with him? I think a girl would know what the things on the list are more then a guy like Ruby.”

    “O-Okay…” Sapphire mumbled. To be honest, -and blunt- she’d never gone grocery shopping…unless you count that many many years ago when she used to wear those ridiculous dresses in her closet, but to her, those years of her life didn’t count. She took the paper and noticed it was light blue in color. Upon closer examination after opening it up, at each corner there was a pikachu with a surfboard. It was extremely cute!

    “Well let’s go.” Ruby said as he rummaged through his mom’s purse “I’ll just take fifty pokedollars okay?”

    “Oh it’ll cost much more then that Ruby, take another fifty with you just in case. Save the reciept as well, I want to check just how much you spent.” Laramie said as she pulled her wallet from Ruby’s grasp and removed two white pokedollars and handed them to Ruby “And here’s a thirty for lunch.” She said handing him a pink one now.

    “Right.” He said jamming the money into his back pocket as he left through the backdoor, which, Sapphire guessed, acted like a front door. It slammed with a heavy metal bang as it hit the wall again.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    Ruby walked far ahead, so far, that she could only barely see him through the crowds of Petalburg.

    “You’re hungry right?” Ruby asked as he waited for a few moments.

    “If starving my a*s off is hungry to you, then yes!” Sapphire said sarcastically “I for one don’t have as little gut as you do!”

    “Whatever.” Ruby said shrugging it off “Here’s 20 pokedollars. I’m not hungry.”

    “Oh, kay thanks…” Sapphire said taking the bill from him and looking up to where he’d taken her. It seemed to just be a little café, and when she took a closer look through the tinted windows she felt her eyebrow’s rise.

    “Hey, the food is good. There’s a reason I’m not going inside with you.” Ruby said “I’ll be back later, I have to go get something. Be sure not to get molested.” He gave one wave of the hand and disappeared into the depths of Petalburg City.

    Sapphire took a deep breath and opened the door. Oh how wise she’d been to do so. It was so heavily perfumed in the restraunt that Sapphire wanted to throw up. Literally. But that wasn’t the only thing making her want to puke. Of all places, Ruby had decided to toss her to a couple’s coffee café. And he didn’t even have the courtesy to come in with her, which made her feel weird under the many stares for she’d arrived alone. Especially since the back’s of many chairs were shaped the hearts, with heart shaped balloons floating around on the ceiling, and it felt like a darker version of Valentine’s had arrived, the booths color either a hot bold red, or a dirty white. The cast iron tables didn’t seem very comfortable, but they were color coordinated along with the chairs that stood around them. All the tables were two person seating only, and the blinding pink wallpaper was just asking to be burnt to a crisp by Torchic’s ember.

    And then she realized why Ruby had warned her not to get molested.

    “Hey there sweetcakes come to get something to munch on? Because ain’t nothin’ sweeter in here then you.” A big burly, and rather stupid looking teenager said with a wide grin in his face.

    “Are you drunk?” Sapphire asked bluntly, glaring at the man as she passed by him with a refined air that she didn’t normally posess. But her spirits lightened as someone else, who’d apparently come solo as well, began to laugh at the boy’s surprised expression.

    “Hey that was awesome.” A boy no more then three years older then Sapphire said “That guy says that to every solo girl that comes into this place. In fact, said it to me as well.” The boy didn’t seem to care that the exact person he was talking about was standing right next to him “Sit.” He said motioning toward the chair in front of him.

    He didn’t seem like a bad person, and besides, it was the only table that wasn’t close to a french kissing couple. Which, Sapphire had to add, was GOOD.

    “What’s your name?” He asked ordering a sandwich for Sapphire.


    He laughed, his blonde spikes falling into his brilliantly green eyes “Yeah, why tell a guy when some other guy just tried to get the best outta yah huh? Well, I’m Andante, but don’t call me that. Dante’s the name, and surfin’s my game.” He held out a tanned hand for Sapphire to shake, and Sapphire cheerfully obliged.

    He truly did hold unto his surfing interest, at least when it came to his appearance. He wore light blue waterproof swimming trunks that double as cargo shorts, patterned with a cobalt hawaiian print, his white sleeveless muscle shirt complimenting his slim, but well exercised body. His skin was tanned, ever so slightly to the perfect tone, not to light that he looked pale, but not so dark that it looked unnatural with his blonde hair. His emerald eyes had a jovial spark to them, which showed that he was all for fun, the plain black flip flops on his feet hanging off his toes.

    “Well it’s only fair.” Sapphire said shrugging “My name’s Sapphire.”

    “Sapphire huh?” Dante asked leaning back “Nice name. Better then Andante. Crazy people in Petalburg, naming their kids after music.”

    Sapphire laughed and asked “Why are you here?”

    “Me? Mmrhm.” He rolled his eyes “This shop is my sister’s. Over there.” He jerked his head to the side, though didn’t look over.

    Sapphire turned her head and quickly looked back at Dante with a red flush creeping across her face. What she’d seen was a blonde girl, entangled with another boy so tightly it was hard to tell who was who.

    “The *****.” Dante rolled his eyes “That’s gotta be the fifth guy she’s made out with today.”

    “Er…” Sapphire mumbled sweatdropping. How awkward.

    “Anyway, why are you here?” Dante asked.

    “My friend Ruby said the food was good, even though the atmosphere was weird. He said he’d be back later, and that he had to go get something.” Sapphire said shrugging as a waitress with heavy electric blue eyeshadow on placed a turkey sandwich before her.

    “Ruby?” Dante asked as Sapphire took a bite into her sandwich “Gym leader’s kid Ruby?”

    Sapphire nodded, not wanting to be rude around her newfound friend. She would’ve jammed the whole thing down her throat, but decided not too. Not polite. Not lady-like. Not a good impression.

    “Eh, he’s a weird one. I hear everyone at school avoids him. His dad doesn’t help either. Seen his dad yet? Creepy.” Dante said shaking his head.

    “Norman want’s to give me some training tomorrow. See how much I know.” Sapphire said swallowing her half-chewed food.

    “Woah, better live life here on out then girl, Norman kills.” Dante hissed “Man he totally wiped out my Gyrados with one Slash attack! I don’t understand why he’s not the champion.”

    “Wow…” Sapphire murmured “I’d hate to see how good the champion is then…”

    “Steven’s his name by the rumors. Apparently they’ve just had the tournament for the new champion awhile ago.” Dante said “Never met a girl like you who battled before though. All the cute one’s think pokemon are just pet’s.” He winked at Sapphire who flushed.

    She wasn’t cute…according to Ruby anyway, but Ruby was a jerk.

    “Why’re you hangin’ out with Ruby again?” Dante asked.

    Sapphire felt weird, telling Dante all this stuff about herself when she’d only just met him. But he was talking a lot too, and he was so friendly compared to Ruby! With Ruby’s crazy mood swings, it was nice to have someone anchored to one mood.

    “Oh, my dad and his dad want us to travel together. He’s good at keeping a girl safe, but he’s not very easy to get along with…” Sapphire said smiling.

    Dante laughed pulling his fingers through his blonde hair “But no kidding the guys good at battling.”

    “What?” Sapphire asked abruptly, letting her half-eaten sandwich drop from her hand.

    “Haven’t you figured it out?” Dante asked his green eyes widening in surprise “I mean, he’s had to have battled once before you guys getting here right? Especially with all the newbie trainers along these routes.”

    “No, all the battles are mine.” Sapphire said “He only does contests.”

    “Too bad. I was hoping to see Ruby battle. My sister said one of the guys she made-out with was talking about how he saw Ruby battling Norman one day. Said it was the most intense thing he’d seen.” Dante said nodding.

    “Hm…” Sapphire remembered the battle she’d witnessed earlier. Ruby was surprised to see her, and stopped for a second. Norman had taken control of his hesitation and attacked…

    “Hey.” A voice interuppted her thoughts, as she was positive it wasn’t Dante’s voice “After you guys are done talking about my battling skill’s, we have to go to the market.”

    Sapphire flushed. Being caught gossiping about someone was like being a deer caught in the headlights of a car “Oh Okay…”

    “Who’s this?” Ruby asked nodding toward Dante.

    “I’m Dante. Pleasure to meet you.” He said standing up and holding his hand out for Ruby to shake.

    “Oh I’ve heard of you.” Ruby said, shaking his hand, though letting go rather quickly “Andante the ocean shredder.” Ruby didn’t sound impressed, and as Sapphire took a closer look at the expression on his face, it looked as though Ruby was covering his real expression with a passive unreadable face. She couldn’t help but wonder why, but she was already being rude enough already…though it was Ruby…she’d just have to ask him later then.

    “Well, whenever I go the waves tremble in fear you know dude?” Dante asked with a hand behind his head “Anyway, I guess I’ll give you guys your privacy.” He winked at Sapphire who blushed.

    Ruby watched Dante enter the back of the store with a scornful look before looking back at Sapphire “Ready?”

    “Oh, yeah…” She dug through her capri’s pockets and pulled out the dollar bill “Dante paid for me.”

    “Okay.” Ruby said without taking the money “Keep it. God knows you need it you’re so broke.”

    “What’d you say Man-Woman?!”


    xXFallenXx: Yeah, the nerdy guy was originally gonna lose, but then I thought, well, there's an issue, because I've already made the metapod nearly untouchable, so this is sort of like a never ending battle, so I ended it. XD

    Morgri: Maybe their relationship will get better...maybe it won't. It can still be franticshipping if they still act horrible to each other. ^_^ You'll see. As will I! XD Beta Reader....definition equals...???
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