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My NEW Pokemon White Team

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Clampdamp3, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    I know I made one a couple days ago, but I edited it and I like making teams. I promise, this won't be a every week thing. Here's my new and improved team. All comments and improvements are cool with me. I did not decide on the Natures, EV's and Held Items- You can help me on that too.

    1. Jalorda
    Nature: Admant
    Item: Miracle Seed


    Leaf Blade
    Dragon Tail
    Calm Mind

    Why: I just like the grass type. I'm considering importing the game and I don't see myself switching from Jalorda. Leaf Blade for STAB, Coil and Calm Mind for boosts and Dragon Tail as another attack.

    2. Sazandora
    Nature: Lax
    Item: Scope Lens


    Charge Beam

    Why: I had the other Dragon but switched to Saz because he can learnSurf. Looking at his stats, I want to make him a offensive powerhouse. Outrage gets the STAB, everything else? Strong and I believe effective for this powerhouse.

    3. Zuruzukin
    Nature: Bold
    Item: Rugged Helmet


    Focus Punch

    Why: I like his defense and the Dark/Fighting list of moves. Only problem? He doesn't learn assurance. Focus Punch looks to be the best fighting move, but I may settle on Brick Break. Crunch as well for STAB. Facade because alot of trainers love to paralyze and poison in battle and could be effective. I might switch that for a Calm Mind? Protect? Also, Toxic for a shock move.

    4. Waruvial
    Nature: Rash
    Item: Razor Fang


    Level Ground
    Aerial Ace

    Why: High attack and his resistances are good. Earthquake, Trickery and Level Ground all have STAB. Aerial Ace for a mix up move there.

    5. Goruugu
    Item:Focus Sash


    Ice Beam

    Why: I like Dynamicpunch but I know I might have to pick a different move :( because it has 50% acc. I would probably replace it with Shadow Ball. Fly off a flying type is fantastic. Earthquake and Ice Beam to mix it up but I might replace one with a Rest or Rock Polish.

    6. Burungeru
    Item: Focus Band


    Ominous Wind
    Evil Eye

    Why: I like a Water type. A Water/Ghost type is even nicer. I get the Surf on him, Evil Eye hits and gives a random status condition, Ominous Wind attacks and could boast me up. Will-O-Wisp causes burn.

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
  2. Registration

    Registration New Member

    Seems extremely weak to fighting and ghost.
  3. yinandyang

    yinandyang Balance and Equity

    That's my thoughts. Not bad overall, just a few things to change.
  4. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    Seems extremely weak to fighting and ghost.

    Now that I look at it, maybe your right. However, I would be more concerned about the fighting over the ghost part since Fighting has more stronger attack moves.

    I think that could be fixed. Saz could learn Acrobat and I believe Zuzu can as well. It will be a disadvantage if this my final team but I believe there some moves where I can overcome it.
  5. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    Edit the original post to the correct format. Two pokemon with a ghost weakness isn't that much though.
  6. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    Is that better? Yea, I mean: How many people really use Ghost type like that?
  7. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    Is that better? Yea, I mean: How many people really use Ghost type like that?
  8. DeathSDelano

    DeathSDelano Active Member

    For Goruggo you can also go SubPuncher

    which is:
    Iron Fist:
    Focus Punch
    Shadow Punch

    This moveset takes advantage of Goruggo's nice ability which increases his punch moves by 20% meaning set up sub than smash the tar out of enemies with a Focus Punch with 180 power.

    Shadow Punch and Earthquake For STABs and for if you have something focus punch cant hit or not very effective against

    For Jalorda replace Calm mind with either Toxic or Leech Seed

    Toxic if you want to give evil eye a boost plus you can go coil -> toxic -> Dragon tail on your opponents making to where you can posion their entire team.

    And to answer your question on the Ghost pokemon: That would be me i love using Ghost and Dark Pokemon
  9. AzukanAsimbu

    AzukanAsimbu Petal Paladin

    what type is the big ice giant robot guy (cant remember his name)
  10. DeathSDelano

    DeathSDelano Active Member

    ^ Goruggo is a Ghost/Ground type
  11. Kerech

    Kerech Shinigami...CHOP!


    Jalorda, as stated above, needs no Calm Mind. If you can be bothered to breed, I'd highly suggest using Iron Tail > Calm Mind, and Return > Dragon Tail. Toxic is alright, but if you're playing in-game, it's not completely necessary. And it wants Leftovers.

    Charge Beam...is useless on Sazandora. And Lax is the worst nature possible, ever (well, Gentle too, but still). So, you should use either Crunch or Dark Pulse > Charge Beam, as Dark STAB is pretty darn good. As for a nature, well, Hasty/Naive would probably be best. MixDora wants a Life Orb.

    Zuruzukin doesn't want Bold as a nature: it lowers its Atk, which is a no-no. Do:

    Zuruzukin @ Rugged Helmet
    Shed Skin
    -Bulk Up
    -Drain Punch
    -Zen Headbutt/Rock Slide

    I'd say that's a better set. If you really want Focus Punch, replace Drain Punch with it, and the last move with Substitute.

    Waruvial @ Muscle Band
    -Claw Sharpen
    -Stone Edge/Dragon Claw

    Trickery is terrible on the croc, since the move doesn't run off its own Atk stat. Definitely a better set here.

    Shadow Punch > Ice Beam on the automaton. Adamant + Expert Belt on it too.

    Calm is a better nature for Burunkeru (unless you don't want to rely on WoW, in which case Bold is better), and it wants Leftovers as well. Ice Beam > Ominous Wind. Oh, and Evil Eye's power doubles.

    Poor rate on my part, but I have a headache, so meh. Hope it helped.
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