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My new shop (need legendaries from rse)

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Kidbuu543, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Kidbuu543

    Kidbuu543 New Member

    Hi guys im looking for:
    1. Adamant rayquaza preferrably high iv in attack
    2. Modest kyogre
    3. Impish groudon
    4. Adamant ho oh
    5. Timid latias
    6. Timid latios
    7. Phione or manaphy
    8. Bold lugia
    9. Giratina
    10. Kyurem

    I have:

    1. Shiny registeel
    2. Shiny rayquaza lv. 70
    3. Shiny excadrill lv 47
    4. Shiny cobalion
    5. Shony regigigas lv 74
    6. Shiny volcarona lv 70
    7. Shiny haxoros lv 52
    8. Lv 100 japanese reshiram
    9. Shiny terrakion
    10. Shiny marill lv 42
    11. Lv 50 timid zekrom
    12. Pokemon platinum gamestop event celebi

    You can check my pkmn in advance. But my ds date is set to. 2014 i have since changed it though so some pokemon met dates may be incorrect.
  2. Raasikh22

    Raasikh22 I LOVE SHINIES!!!

    I can give you a phione for your shiny terrakion
  3. alexfirefist6

    alexfirefist6 Active Member

    i have s/f timid ut latias for your shiny ut rayquaza?

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