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My Next White 2 Run


Meme Historian
Here's my plan for my next runthrough of white 2. I'm not overly picky about natures, so I'm not going for specific ones. Don't suggest them. Abilities, meh... I'll see about that. I'm not doing EV's. This is just for fun, and for a playthrough. Tell me what you think! All help is appreciated!


Ice Beam

This is the only starter I haven't trained in this game yet, so I'll give it a shot. I need surffer


Wild Charge
Signal Beam

I'm not giving it brick break, it takes too many BP to get. I figured I needed another bug move, and there was nothing else to really give it.


Rock Slide

This one is a favorite of mine. It's strong, and has pretty good coverage. I'm still concerned how I'll beat Burgh though...


Energy Ball
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb

Roserade may not be the best, but I like to always have a fire, water, and grass type on my team, so I chose this. I put toxic down just in case of taunt, but if there's a better option, let me know!


Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

I have not tried this pokemon in-game yet, so I want to see how it goes. It has 2 STAB moves, energy ball for water/rock/ground types, and will-o-wisp in case of taunt or a strong physical opponent.


Head Charge
Wild Charge
Rock Slide

I haven't tried this one either, but it looks really good to me. It's stats a pretty good (minus speed), and I wanted a normal type.

All help is appreciated. I know I'm not the best, but I tried to think this one team through. Please let me know how I did!


Psyched Up
Staff member
....Taunt forces you to use attacking moves, not stopping you from using them.
Why do you think people are worried about Taunt only when they are using a Pokemon with full support moves and no attacking move at all? :p

Ice Punch over Psychic on E-Vire. It's not that hard to get considering you receive 10 red shards for free in Nimbasa Pokemon Center.


Meme Historian
yeah, true. I don't know what I was thinking with taunt. I'll give electivire ice punch, the electric/ice has a lot better coverage than electric/psychic. Thanks!


le quant-à-soi
Go with Giga Drain > Energy Ball on Roserade. The small trade-off in power (Energy Ball has a higher BP by only 5) is well worth the healing effect of Giga Drain. Also, go with Stun Spore > Toxic. Roserade has better ways to deal damage than relying on Poison, and Stun Spore helps out with team support; your team, although not slow, isn't extremely fast, so paralysis could help patch up your team's speed.

Go with Earthquake > Wild Charge on Boufflant. A neutral Head Smash is as powerful as a super effective Wild Charge, and Earthquake is more powerful and gets better coverage, hitting Rock- and Steel-types who resist your STAB move.

Calm Mind could be used > WoW on Chandelure to boost your SpA even further.

Superpower > Revenge on Samurott; you likely won't be using your Fighting-type move that often, but when you do you'd want it to do quite a bit of damage and be reliable in doing said damage. The stat drops due to Superpower aren't too significant because you only have one other physical move on your set and you can just switch if it gets too much.