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My ninja drawing


Guitar Ninja
here's a drawing of my ninja. I hope you like it!


Nice attempt, but I have a few crits :) Pay attention to the dragon's width, because some of it was skinnier, while some is wide.

You should draw a circle/oval fist for the head (Which will be erased of course when you're done) than you draw the hair, so your head would be more head-like and not mutated. The hands should be longer; if you're character is standing with his arms and hands to his side, his middle finger should reach the middle of his thighs. The hand is 1/3 of your arm's length, and you're ankle should be skinnier compared to your calf.

Great job! Keep on drawing :DD

Angelic Elf Ivy

Well-Known Member
Considering your age this is good. I can tell that you'll be really good at anime art if you keep working at it. Now your person's arms were a bit too thin where his sholder's were, and his head was a little large. Then again when I started drawing it was the same for me. My heads are often still a little too large though. Any way, keep it up, and try using white paper like printer paper or some thing. It just makes it look nicer.

*~* Ivy *~*


Bboy Zuloon
What happened to arms? I mean, seriously. And Ninjas don't have swords shaped that way.