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My Pathetic Fallacy [Descending Chaotic Majesty in C minor]


My Pathetic Fallacy [aka Descending Chaotic Majesty in C minor]

There was once a great forest. A forest of which many legends were told.

For various strange things had happened in this forest. People had disappeared never to be seen again. Pokémon were found dead on it's border and an unnatural mist lay constantly around the area. It was clear to see why the local humans had no intentions of ever going in there.

It is however, inside the forest in which the story begins. If one follows the south path long enough, you will find a clearing in which two trees stand. One was a lamented Willow, with it's drooping branches and thick trunk. The other a proud Oak, plentiful and broad leaves dominating the skyline. These two trees stayed on living for centuries, each looking as they did when they first reached maturity, for these trees showed no sign of ageing or physical decay. They just went on living.

One day, under the light of the full moon, a Mightyena appeared into the clearing. This Mightyena, with it's sleek black fur lazily reflecting the moon's light, chose to live in the clearing with the two trees, making a den in the thick roots. From here, the Mightyena enjoyed long life and plentiful supplies of food. It was a relationship which benefited them all. The three, living as one. They just went on living.

Centuries more passed and the Mightyena still lived with the trees, it worked so well, they provided shelter from the rain and shade when it was hot.

But it was one day that the Mightyena strayed from it's den in between the two trees and found a hollow in the base of the Oak. The Mightyena liked it's new den even better than it's previous one; and from that point on, lived within the confines of the Oak.

That night, under the powerful influence of the full moon, the Willow underwent a hideous transformation. It's leaves dropped off and littered the floor of the clearing, the branches hardened and turned a charcoal black which swayed little in the breeze, the thick trunk rotted and died and the roots were dragged from the floor subsequently starving the Willow tree of water. The tree lost it's shape and great wrinkles appeared in the trunk.

Once morning came, the Mightyena popped out of it's home in the base of the Oak and looked across at the gnarled Willow that stood where a rich one once was. The Mightyena shrugged it off and stayed living in it's new home.

One whole millennium passed and the Mightyena and Oak lived in peace, the gnarled Willow stayed forever on, still as broken as that day a thousand years ago.

Humans from the outside learnt of these trees with their unnatural long life and came into the forest with weapons unlike the trees had ever seen before. Small metal things that propelled smaller bits of metal at high speeds, they made short work of the local wildlife.

When they found the clearing, they looked at each tree in turn. The tall Oak with it's proud, broad leaves and the gnarled Willow in it's unmoving blackened state. One of the men, most probably the leader, ordered other men to dig out the Oak and to take it back out the way they came.

The job was long and it was hard, it took several days to pull up all the roots, but when they finished, the leader was pleased. He told his men to use the machinery and move the tree, but when they crossed the border separating clearing and forest, each one of them collapsed in turn, each piece of machinery rusted and disintegrated and the proud Oak, including it's Mightyena inhabitant, perished together.

The leader, dumbfounded by what happened, ran to his men to find out for himself but fell victim to what they did. Instantly he collapsed, and instantly, all the life escaped his body.

The Willow stayed on.

And on. The bodies of the men eventually rotted and the bones were carried away by wild Pokémon. There was nothing around to suggest anyone had been there.

You see, the lamented Willow in which occupies the clearing was blessed long ago by a religious leader, he used all the power he had to infuse his spirit with that of the Willow tree and demanded of his God to provide the tree with eternal life. The God, angered by such a demand, granted the wish, but at a price.

Everything within twenty metres of the Willow tree would die, until such a time came in which life could be restored there, when that happened, everything within twenty metres of the Willow gained eternal life, sharing in the God's will, but as soon as anything crossed the barrier between forest and clearing and then back out again, they would die instantly as if the life was sucked right out of their bodies.

The spirit of the Willow lay alone for millennia, until a singular acorn, dropped by a passing bird landed next to the Willow. They watched it grow and mature until it was a fully fledged Oak tree, and so they lived together as one, each benefiting from the bounty of the God.

With the arrival of the Mightyena, such an odd thing happened, not even the God could have seen it. The spirit of the Mightyena became entangled with that of the Willow after being in such close contact for hundreds of years. When the Mightyena left to live with the Oak, the spirit of the Willow broke in two, corrupting itself and it's entire appearance, gnarling it's branches and splitting it's trunk.

If one got close enough to examine the corpse of the Willow tree, one would see a great rip in the trunk. If one got close enough, one could see inside. And if one dared to look, one would see nothing, only the hollowed out shell of a former tree. Dead inside.

It no longer lived.

Only survived.


I wrote this as a response to stuff happening to me at the moment. I don't at all feel very happy, nor have I for the past year or so, it took me only until now to put pen to paper and write how I feel.

It only took me about two hours, also as a side note. If you replace the words 'Pokemon' and 'Mightyena' with 'animals' and 'wolf' then you'll get the true article. I only pokemon-ized it for you all here.

Thank you for reading.