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My Poetry

How do you like my poems?


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Poetry is the new thing right now, so I thought I might just try to fit into it! Mind you, they aren't metaphorical or anything, and don't have much of a hidden meaning, they're just poems written for fun. Here's three so far:
A Kid Named Joe
Once there was a kid named Joe.
Joe was rather slow.
Then he met a kid name Moe.
Moe taught Joe all that he know.
Joe was slow no moe.

Have you heard about Genwak?
He’s out of wack!
That’s ‘cause he takes tic-tacs!
Tic-Tacs make you out of wack!
They make you break,
And cause you to slack.
So please, unless you want to be like Genwak,
Don’t take any tic-tacs.

Growing Ferns
Have you ever grown ferns?
Let me tell you, ferns burn!
If you want your ferns not to burn,
Be sure to give them three big churns.
So unless burning ferns are things you yearn,
Please, apply to them three big churns.

What do you think?


No avatard plz
Their great! I thought of sum.. But I forgot.
Yours are long but not to long.


Thanks, I thought they would look shabby next to all that deep, thinkful poetry. I was going for a Dr. Seuss approach. Thanks again!