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My Pokémon Comic Strip Lives Again!

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Nothing like a good eye injury joke to cut the treacle after a touching moment...

(For those of you wondering, yes, I'm still doing the whole flock of Spearow. I just altered the storyline a bit so that Ash nobly defends Pikachu first, thus prompting Pikachu to do the same thing for Ash later.)


~Misty Fan~
thats really cool!

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Holy smudge, this comic is really good, both in quality and humor! I thought you only just draw cartoons! Well... I can still see it in the comics. Especially in Pikachu.

I love your adaption to the TV series. Adds more... originality to an otherwise clichéd plot. And more laughs :D. I think I've laughed the hardest on seeing Pikachu in a kennel, having Pikachu disobey orders, and the black-eye joke. Oh, and it's so strange how Ash can only understand Pikachu, though it's all thought-bubbles.

And I don't know why, but I was reminded of Calvin and Hobbes in the first Sunday comic on panel two XD.

Keep it up!