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My Pokémon XD-arts


<--- Destoria
Maseki said:
Looks nice. It has a mysterious feel to it. ^^
I agree. 'Tis a very nice pic, ^^ and it does have a mysterious feel to it, which is awesome, :D


.:Daisy Dancing:.
I like the color theme that you used. The color that you used makes it seem kinda chilling but the expression on his face proves otherwise. I like it ^^


i´m a Manga-ka!
here ava from my pics for everyone!


Romance Lover
*glomps michi-kun* You are one of my fave artists.


silver girl

Well-Known Member
Very nice pics! The green one looks very good, I love it!
And your Avatars are also awesome.
Well done as usually!


<--- Destoria
I love the avvies! They're awesome! =D I like the 3rd one, 'tis cute! =3

Again, glad you're feeling better!


i´m a Manga-ka!
here my new pics^-^
A cute pic of jovi:

here as wallpaper:

and a description of michael^-^:
Jovi looks cute! I already saw the Michael description from the club, but it still is impressive! You've done an awesome job once again. ^^


<--- Destoria
I love the Jovi one, 'tis cute as you said! ^^

And I also already saw the Micheal pic at the club, but it's still awesome =3

Jolteon Jordan

As Fast As a Star...
Both are great as usual. hey, Michael is as tall as my friend. And red is my fav color too. really nice pics this week. but now i can't wait till next week. i guess ill just have to wait. *grabs a chair* *sits down and waits*

Flame Haze SnS

Jovi is waay too kawaii in her two top bikini! ^_^ Perhaps her lower part is bit too graphical for the younger audiences.

Micheal bio is good, might be even better if colored.

Kudos to ya for really good drawing and coloring! ^_^