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My Pokemon 6th Generation :)

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Apharia, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Hi everybody

    It's been a long time since i started drawing
    pokemon sprites, i only did it for fun, and ended
    up drawing a whole generation XD

    i wasn't too good in drawing in the start so
    you may find some of my pokemons so bad
    but i assure you'll like most of 'em :)


    they're 165 pokemons excluding the ones from
    previous generations.
    hope you like em :)
    and tell me what do you think
    and which one you like.​
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2012
  2. VictiniPowns

    VictiniPowns Im a girl, okay?

    Hi Apritha,

    I would love to see your work.
    But most people don't want to download from sites in case of viruses.
    You can easily convert your file into a PNG and host it on ImageShack.
    Please do so not only me, but many other people can see it too.
    Also you might want to google: Converting bmp files (it will help a lot.)
  3. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Thnx for your advice ^^
    i uploaded it in imageshack
    hope you like it
  4. Wartusk

    Wartusk Blaziken FTW!!!

    Those are incredibly awesome. Great job!
  5. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    alright, nice big pokedex, but many problems:

    1. Many pokemon look too big (but I may be wrong)
    2. I see Pinsir evolving into Kuwagari, not vice versa
    3. Crysteel looks a bit similar to Regice
    4. Behemoth isn't a very good name for a pokemon...
    5. pretty much a whole line on the pic is Water pokemon
    6. I can see Snubby being just as strong as Snubbull
    7. Many pokemon, such as Angelio is all outlined in black
    8. Dratu can easily disturb kids...even I was disturbed
    9. eeveelutions all end in "eon"
    10. Whats with the anti-forms of Pikachu, Weezing, Arcanine, Muk, Snorlax, Magneton, Mewtwo, dragonite and Lapras?
    11. Leviathan, also bad like Behemoth, could be rivals with Behemoth
    12. what type is Alpharia?
    13. Where is the pesudeo-legendary, the region Rodent, and the region bird?
  6. Frosty Voltorb

    Frosty Voltorb Well-Known Member

    The mass of this dex seems to be straight scratched, which I applaud. It's no easy task to create so much from scratch, so the venture deserves some applause. Now, on that note, the mass of the dex looks.. off. And what I mean by that is that the basics are there, but there is still much to be worked on.

    The outlines of the sprites, as bobbyjoe put it, are entirely black in some sprites. And what little distinction does happen, it's just of the sprites' darkest color. It has to vary, giving it a more natural look. Given the light source is coming from the left (as traditional sprites show) the shading should follow along with it. Speaking on shading, it's pretty okay for what's shown. Though it seems ragged on most sprites (that meaning that the shading isn't as uniform as it could be.) Speaking of uniformity, the lining on a good amount of these sprites is rigid as well. The natural curve is broken due to it, throwing off the flow of the sprite.

    Speaking on the size, it's all over the place. You have some very small sprites, and then some gigantic ones. The new size limits are 96x96, and I'd suggest you try to keep them into those parameters. Though they are your sprites, so it's your thing, and your call. Conceptually, the ideas are great. Some, though, seem a bit.. outlandish for the whole pokemon style. The ones I say are outlandish are mainly the ones that go far beyond the size limitations.
  7. DarkyWyvern

    DarkyWyvern Reckless Trainer

    I completly agree with Frosty Voltorb. Having almost a whole full custom pokedex sprited is quite stunning!

    My favorite fakemon of your are the eeveelution. I always have a crush on eeveelution.

    Many of your fakemon seems interresting. I like that they aren't just concept, but still look partly like monster. IMO a concept is important, but too much concept and not enough ''monster'' doesn't suit to a pokemon. I think one of the main problem you have is evolved form of many fakemon are too similar to their previous form. For example, Foxia/Nightfox and Chotot/Chitaret, except from the size are too similar.

    Also, try to make your sprites cleaner by refer more with real pokemon. Refer even to a other member's fakemon isn't stealing it's learning what technicly speaking make the sprite looks good (no copy/paste, but seeing how it's done!). With Seaglud/Seagloud, you should look more carefuly how Swablu/Altaria's clouds are made. Pinap/Pnapleon could possibly refer to Pineco, Banlao to Qwilfish, Raigus to Gastly, etc. All your fakemon with flame or fur also need more reference if you want them too appears realistic.

    Your shading also need improvement, but this come with lot time experience. Sometime, it's not only the shading which isn't correct, the difference of color between the unshaded part and shaded part aren't good (Dragonong is an example because the difference between the white and grey is huge, same thing for the blue).

    I think that it mainly sums up what I have to say about your sprite without commenting one at the time. I think you have some good enough base in spriting, but just imagine if you sharpen your skill how your fakedex would really be stunning!
  8. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Thnx ^^ i'm glad you like them
  9. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    1-Well yeah, but they're not gonna be shown in the next game or something, so it doesn't matter.
    2-Pinsir doesn't evolve to Kuwagiri! it's a branched evolution for Beetex.
    3-You can find too many pokemons similar to each other.
    4-Well, i'll be honest and say... i'm not good in coming p with names.
    5-Come on, it's not a whole line, i know there are too many water pokemons, but the 3rd gen
    did about the same.
    6-I expected someone to say so ^^" Snubby wasn't my idea, i made it for someone, so forget
    about it.
    7-Yeah i knew someone'd say so, it's because i wasn't serious when i started drawing, untill
    i made about one third of the whole generation!
    8-I don't actually get it, but hey, it's a fan work, you should expect to see some abnormal ideas.
    9-That was a writing mistake, they're supposed to be called "Cloudeon" and "Ireon".
    10-These are not anti-forms! i didn't explain that before, but the black Detto (Exetto) only
    transforms to specific pokemons, and when it transforms it can't be back to its original form
    they're more like evolutions for it.
    11-Did you mean its name? i know they're not good names, but why does it matter anyway?
    12-Alpharia is a mysterious pokemon like Unoun, but it's more like normal type.
    13-The rodent is Mononga, a momonga pokemon, the bird is Feathernet, i don't need a pseudo legend.

    Thnx for your comment, but You didn't even say whether you like them or not!
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2012
  10. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Yeah i know what you mean... Bronzix, Silvix, Goldix and Platinix are not fit to be pokemons :p
    but as i said before, this is a fan's work, you should expect some abnormal ideas.
    Oh, and thnx for your post :)
  11. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

    "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome Well-Known Member

    Hm. This Pokedex is a good potato.

    To criticize, some of them can be drawn a little bit better, and some of the evolutions look like poor Photoshops. [SUB][SUB][SUB]Better than I couldv'e done..[/SUB][/SUB][/SUB]

    Besides that, good job!
  12. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Thnx a lot ^^ i love Eeveelutions too, and i made a new one called "Eeveon" check it if you like:

    Well, i agree with you in most of what you said, and i already mentioned some points above, in response for the others
    I'll take what you said in consideration.
    About what you said about some evolutions to be similar to their previous forms, you're right but they're still not the same
    besides, even in the real pokemons you can find something like that, for example Rhyhorn/Rhydon, Grimer/Muk, Gloom/Vileploom
    so i don't think it's a big deal, but i'll be more careful if i draw sprites again in the future.

    Thnx for everyone, i'll be sure to learn from you, and i'll try to get better.
  13. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Thnx ^^ lol i know some of them are not good, but i did what i could
  14. iPokemon

    iPokemon Moonlight

    These look amazing! I like how you made evolution's of past generations. The starters also look cool. Ponyta's final evolution looks awesome as well. :D
  15. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Thnx ^^ i'm glad you like them
    yeah, Rapidash's evolution was one of my best works.
  16. MissDigitalis

    MissDigitalis love at first sting

    I don't know if this has already been said but the biggest problem I see is the sizing. Some look way too big. Also, I don't think that "faggi" is a good name.

    My personal opinion is that they look too jagged in their design but I've been told that mine are too "straight" so I don't know.

    Other than that they look pretty good.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2012
  17. RagingStarmie

    RagingStarmie The Pokemon Director

    I really like these!
    Some of my favs were :
    Squidry and its evolution
    Toungil and its evolution
    The three elemental dragons
    & many others
  18. canadiandragon

    canadiandragon Well-Known Member

    these are awesome! i'd be very excited to use these in an actual game. :)
  19. Austin Thomas

    Austin Thomas Member

    Most of these are at least above average, with a couple being even better. but its hard to give ant spefic examples when there's a whole page of them.
  20. PKMNTrainerSaw

    PKMNTrainerSaw Well-Known Member

    Too many dragon types in my opinion. Even the water starter is a dragon type!

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