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my pokemon on emerald

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by jay1996, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. jay1996

    jay1996 New Member

    Marshtomp lvl 34
    Serious nature
    Mud shot
    Take down
    Manectric lvl 30
    Jolly nature
    Quick attack
    Odor sleuth
    Swablu lvl26
    Rash nature
    Fury attack
    I think I will switch to rayqueza just need a flyer for now.
    Kirlia lvl26
    Calm nature
    Calm mind
    Aron lvl26
    Hardy nature
    Rock tomb
    Take down
    Metal claw
    Rock smash
    Ma hop lvl25
    Jolly nature
    Low kick
    Karate chop
    Seismic toss
    I really want to keep kirlia and would like a ninetails but don't know what to remove. Critique away!
  2. oli6

    oli6 Member

    Marshtomp - quiete good i think
    Manetric - i will teach it Shock wave :)
    Swablu - good, but i will change it for bagon (asap) ;)
    Kirlia - teach it some non psychi moves
    Aaron - good
    Machop - will change it for vulpix :)
  3. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    get rid of machop and aron and get a good grass type and fire type

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